tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Witches' Sabbath Ch. 03

The Witches' Sabbath Ch. 03


I thank you, sir, for giving me leave to rest my tormented mind. As you can no doubt imagine, it is most trying to recall deeds of such incomprehensible evil and licentiousness. But I believe I am ready, now, to bring my tale to its close, and to tell you how this most unholy witches' sabbath came to its filthy end.

As I was saying, the four lovely young witches should by all rights have been exhausted, so long and so furiously had they been fucked by the demons. But as soon as they heard that their hellborn paramours were ready to dispense their infernal semen, the witches were filled with renewed vigor and desire, and soon all were once again engaged in the most diverse and shockingly vile acts of fuckery, save that now the demons did nothing to hold back when they found themselves overwhelmed by the incredible pleasures the witches wrought upon them with their exquisite young bodies...

...I remember that the lion-demon and the dog-demon carried the redhead witch over to the table and laid her upon it on her back so that her head hung off the end, and the dog-demon climbed atop the table and knelt before the redhead, spread her legs wide, and began fucking her tight dripping slit, while the lion-demon stood at the end and began fucking her hungry wet throat.

And now the blonde and brunette witches approached, kneeling on the benches on either side of the table and leaning over, their backs arched and their wet asses raised, and took turns licking the redhead witch's clit as the dog-demon's massive cock plunged into her slippery hole, slathering her already sopping slit with their saliva.

Then the boar-demon and the goat-demon, who had been taking turns throatfucking the insatiable nun, led her over to the table and bade her climb atop it, and she straddled the redhead witch's beautiful young body as it was fucked from both ends, and she began to gyrate her luscious form, smearing it with the spit that had poured from her mouth as she was throatfucked, rubbing her juicy labia and calling out all manner of blasphemies and exhorting the other witches to please the demons well, for she hungered for their sperm with an unholy intensity.

Now the boar-demon leapt upon the bench behind the brunette witch, and the lion-demon upon the bench behind the blonde witch, and both squatted down and began fucking the two witches from behind, ramming their juicy cunts and causing their asses to jiggle most delightfully as their pussies were stuffed with demonic cockmeat.

And now the dog-demon, taking his delight in the redhead witch's beautiful pussy, announced his intention to come, and the nun eagerly squatted down over the redhead witch's belly facing the dog-demon, and buried two fingers in her pussy, and begged the dog-demon to drench her with his sperm.

And the dog-demon pulled his massive dripping cock out of the redhead witch, and laid it against her slippery labia, and tooked the blonde and the brunette witches by their hair and pressed their face together around his cock, their wet lips open wide and pressed against the thick shaft on either side, and once all were positioned he began thrusting, the underside of his cock sliding against the redhead witch's juicy pussy and the sides of his shaft between the blonde and brunette witches' mouths and tongues, their spit drenching his already cunt-soaked cock, and the throbbing cockhead pointed right at the nun as she eagerly finger-fucked herself.

And the dog-demon snarled something then in his infernal tongue, and a moment later his mighty cock unleashed a great torrent of glistening white cum. The first massive spurt caught the nun right on her face, some of it shooting into her open mouth, the rest splattering her lovely lips and smearing across her cheeks and pouring down her chin, and at that moment the nun began to come herself, her fingers thrusting in and out of her dripping, clenching cunt as further jets of cum erupted from the dog-demon's cock, drenching the nun's gorgeous tits, spattering her hard nipples, and pouring down in sticky sheets over her belly and into her pubic hair, where the cum was soon intermingled with the nun's own orgasmic juices as she continued to pleasure her quivering, climaxing pussy.

As the dog-demon's ejaculations subsided, his cock dribbling some last small spurts of sperm onto the redhead witch's belly, he pulled the blonde and brunette witches' mouths off the sides of his cock and let them slurp up the last drops of cum from his dick, groaning delightedly as their tongues swirled around his sensitive cockhead.

The cum-drenched nun, her thighs still shaking from her orgasm, now turned to the lion-demon as he continued to face-fuck the redhead witch, and began to beg him for his cum. The lion-demon took a few more thrusts inside the redhead witch's luscious throat, then withdrew his dripping cock and laid his scrotum on her mouth so that she could now suck on his massive balls. The nun then bade the redhead witch squeeze her ripe tits together so that her nipples were touching, and then squatted down and began sliding her pussy against the hard little nubs of flesh, squealing with delight as they rubbed her clit and stimulated her slippery labia.

Then the nun took hold of the lion-demon's great spit-soaked cock, her two hands barely encircling the massive shaft, and began jerking him off, sliding her hands up and down the full length of his slippery red cock as the redhead witch sucked his balls, looking into the lion-demon's bright yellow eyes and inviting him to anoint her with his unholy seed.

He needed little further invitation, for he soon gave a fierce roar, his balls tightening inside the redhead witch's mouth, and the nun felt his cock pulse and throb in her hands, and then it began spraying her already sperm-soaked body with yet more semen, splattering her beautiful face, coating her magnificent tits, splashing onto her juicy thighs, drizzling down her belly and trickling down through her pubic hair to her pussy, and finally onto the nipples of the redhead witch as the nun continued to rub her eager slit against them, and now the nun dropped her mouth onto the lion-demon's still spurting cock, and as his last jets of cum came erupting into her mouth she gulped them down hungrily, and as she felt the warm sperm slathering her body, and sliding down her throat, and continued working her pussy furiously against the redhead witch's hard wet nipples, the nun came again, squealing around the lion-demon's throbbing cockhead as she continued to guzzle the last of his sperm.

Once she had cleaned the tip of his cock with her tongue, the nun sat back atop the redhead witch, whose gorgeous tits were now drenched in a mixture of the nun's vaginal fluid and the demonic sperm that had dripped off her cum-soaked body, and the redhead witch grinned up at the nun as they both caught their breath.

The goat-demon and the boar-demon were still fucking the blonde and brunette witches, who had finished slurping the dog-demon's cum off the redhead witch's belly, and now they lifted their heads and moved around the nun so that they could lick clean the redhead witch's tits, eagerly lapping up the mingled sperm and vaginal juice that coated her delicious breasts.

The dog-demon and the lion-demon had retired to their thrones to recover themselves and observe, and now the boar-demon and the goat-demon, still thrusting vigorously into the witches' pussies, exchanged a few words in their demonic tongue, and seemed to be in agreement. They leaned forward, and each had the witch he was fucking take hold of his horns, and then they hooked their arms under the witches' knees and stood up, holding the witches' legs wide as they continued to powerfully fuck their juicy cunts.

Then the two demons climbed up onto the table, still fucking the witches, and stood on either side of the nun, who now found her face inches away from thrusting demon cocks on both sides, their swinging balls spattering her face with droplets of the cunt juice that was pouring freely from the blonde and brunette witches' thoroughly pleasured pussies. The nun smiled up at them, watching the witches' lovely pink labia stretched around the great thrusting shafts, and their luscious tits bouncing as they were fucked, and their faces bright with pleasure as they anticipated what was to come.

The demons placed their snouts alongside the witches' heads and slid out their long forked tongues, slathering the witches' bouncing breasts with spit and flicking over their hard nipples as they fucked them, and now the witches, who knew what the demons intended, began begging the demons to fill their tight young witch-cunts with sperm.

Again, the demons did not need much invitation, and soon the boar-demon snorted mightily, and buried his cock in the brunette witch, and the nun watched in lustful awe as the boar-demon's balls seized up and his cock began to pulse. And as the first jets of cum erupted into the hot sopping depths of the brunette witch's cunt she came, her glorious pussy clenching around the boar-demon's massive red cock as he slowly lifted her up along its length, his spurting dick filling the space it left behind with more immense jets of demonic cum, his thick shaft forming a seal with the witch's tight, quivering pussy lips, until only his cockhead remained inside, and the brunette witch giggled and moaned, delighting in the sensation of the demon's cum churning hot and thick in her pussy as her orgasm subsided.

Almost as soon as the boar-demon started coming, the goat-demon did too, sinking his great cock into the blonde witch's slippery cunt, the sensation of semen gushing inside her bringing the blonde witch also to orgasm, and the goat-demon brayed raucously as his thick shaft filled the blonde witch with thick, hot spurts of demonic cum.

The nun, almost delirious with arousal as she eagerly watched the witches' cunts being pumped full of sperm, now leaned her head back and opened her mouth, and the redhead witch began rubbing the nun's pussy as the two demons stepped in close, held the blonde and brunette witches close together above the nun's face, and in unison lifted the witches up off their cocks, unleashing two great cascades of cum that gushed from the witches' pussies, covered the nun's face, overflowed her mouth, and poured messily down over her tits, the nun using her hands to scoop up the pouring sperm as it coursed over her belly and spread it again over her gorgeous cum-drenched breasts.

As the cascade slowed to a trickle, the filthy nun buried her cum-covered face in each of the witches' cunts, plunging her tongue into them and sucking as much cum as she could from their well-fucked holes, and finally the demons set the witches down, and retired to join the other demons on their thrones, and watched as the blonde and brunette witches knelt alongside the nun and began licking her clean, slurping up the commingled sperm of the lion and dog-demons, as well as that just freshly released from their own pussies, and all three of them giggling and moaning as they eagerly gulped down the cum they collected, the witches squeezing cum from the nun's black hair like a wet rag, so soaked was she with the demons' unholy sexual effluent.

And yet even then it was not over, for now the redhead witch extricated herself from beneath this mess of writhing, cum-covered bodies, and she stalked up to the demons and presented herself before them as they lounged on their thrones. Once there, she defiantly demanded to know why she, too, had not been honored with her own great blasts of demonic sperm, and announced to the demons how eager her pussy was to feel their demonic cum shooting deep into its hot, wet depths. She squatted, leaned back on one hand, and spread her thighs wide, using her other hand to shamelessly spread her plump, hairy labia, and showed the demons the pink petals of her lovely young pussy, still dripping with desire, and she called upon them, in the name of their Master, the Evil One Himself, to come and defile her cunt with their unholy seed.

Now the lion-demon and the dog-demon rose from their thrones, they having had the longest rest since their ejaculations, and perhaps feeling remorseful (if demons are capable of such a feeling) that they had withdrawn their cocks from the redhead in order to cum on the salacious nun's gorgeous young body. And the redhead witch saw them approach, and her eyes widened in excited anticipation, pleased that her appeal had had its desired effect.

And the lion-demon helped the redhead witch to her feet, and led her to the table, and he took the blonde witch by the hair, and pulled her off the table, and bade her lick every last drop of spilt cum from the redhead witch's body until she glistened clean with the blonde witch's spit, and then he sat on the table at the far end, pulled the blonde witch between his legs to suck his balls, and lifted the redhead witch up so that she stood straddling him. Then he laid back, and in his bizarrely accented speech he instructed her to show him just how badly she wanted his cum.

The redhead witch smiled and squatted down, taking up the lion-demon's great red member in both hands and stroking it as she rubbed her slippery labia against the hard shaft. Then she raised herself up, placed the massive cockhead against her tight, dripping slit, and sank down to the very base of the demon's huge member, groaning with undisguised delight as she filled herself up with throbbing demonic cockmeat.

Then, slowly at first, and soon increasing in speed and vigor, the redhead witch began to ride the lion-demon's dick, her slick pink pussy lips stretched taut around the huge shaft, her luscious ass jiggling exquisitely as it bounced off the demon's thighs when she bottomed out on his dick. Harder and harder she slammed herself down onto him, her sopping cunt pouring its juice down over his scrotum, where the blonde witch eagerly lapped and sucked at the demon's pussy-soaked balls. The redhead witch's squeals of pleasure grew even more ecstatic as the lion-demon took hold of her bouncing tits, squeezing them roughly in his clawed hands as the witch relentlessly rode his cock.

Now the redhead witch began speaking frantically through her heaving breaths and constant squeals, and told the lion-demon that his cock would soon bring her to orgasm, and begged him to inseminate her as she came on his massive demonic dick. The lion-demon assented with a laugh, and the redhead cried out in delight, her orgasm imminent, and moments later she slammed herself down onto him, utterly filling herself with the infernal cock as her beautiful pussy began clenching around the gigantic shaft, her body wracked with spasms of pleasure as she screamed insanely, overcome by the force of her orgasm.

And now the lion-demon threw his head back and roared as he began to come, his massive member pulsing as it erupted with cum deep inside the redhead witch's cunt, the sudden hot sperm-blast inside her bringing on another orgasm immediately atop the first, and as the redhead witch cried out, her eyes rolling back, the piping hot sperm churning and roiling inside her achieved such pressure that it came spraying out through the tight seal between the lion-demon's throbbing cock and the witch's quivering pussy lips, the cum pouring down over his balls, where the blonde witch eagerly lapped it up with her tongue.

And now the blonde witch raised her head, and spread the redhead witch's luscious ass cheeks, and began to slowly lift her up off the lion-demon's cock, her tongue roving over the pulsing shaft as it pumped the last of its immense demonic cumload into the redhead witch's magnificent twat, and when at last the demon's great cockhead finally popped out of the redhead witch's tight pussy the blonde witch slammed her face against the redhead's well-fucked slit, sealing her lips around it and guzzling down the great waves of cum that came gushing straight from her tart pink cunt. Three times she swallowed, full mouthfuls that slid warm and delicious into her belly, and then the blonde witch plunged her tongue into the redhead's pussy, teasing out as much cum as she could, until finally she pulled her cum-smeared lips away, licked them clean, and proceeded to lick clean the lion-demon's cock.

The redhead witch collapsed onto the table alongside the lion-demon, who stroked her hair for a moment with surprising tenderness before climbing to his feet and helping the blonde witch to better clean his dick by plunging it into her slippery throat. The redhead witch stretched out on the table, her body still quivering with pleasure, and had not yet caught her breath when the dog-demon, who had watched all these proceedings with interest, now leapt onto the table, squatted above the redhead witch, pushed her legs back and apart, and sank his massive cock into her still-sensitive pussy.

The redhead witch cried out with delighted surprise, and laughed joyously as the dog-demon began to furiously pound her sopping hole, his cock drawing forth some of the lion-demon's cum from deep inside her slippery pussy, which now began to pour down between her beautiful bouncing butt cheeks. The lion-demon, sated at last, pulled his cock out of the blonde witch's throat and led her over so she could lick up the last of his cum as it came dribbling down the redhead witch's ass crack.

The redhead witch looked up into the dog-demon's glowing eyes, his snout inches from her face, warm saliva dripping from his fangs onto her face as he mashed her tits together, squeezed her nipples between his claws, and continued to ram his powerful cock deep into her still-tight pussy. Her mind deranged by pleasure, the redhead witch proceeded to utter streams of obscenities and blasphemies, eagerly encouraging the demon to thoroughly corrupt her fresh young body with his hellcock, and overflow her holy of holies with his hadean seed. It did not take the demon long to do so, for soon after he somehow increased the intensity of his thrusts even more, and then he leaned down further, planted his horns on the table on either side of the witch's head, and began to howl uncannily as he came.

The rampant demon kept right on thrusting as his cock flowed forth with cum, the hot seed rocketing deep into the redhead witch's wet fuckhole, his still-plunging shaft drawing it right back up and sending it pouring down over her ass and into the mouth of the blonde witch, who now delighted in feasting upon a second load of demonic sperm fresh from the redhead witch's pussy. Finally the dog-demon gave up thrusting and sank his dick deep into the redhead witch, withdrawing slowly as he pumped out his last massive spurts of semen and filled her lovely pussy to the brim.

Then the dog-demon carefully pulled out his cock, raised his hips, and pulled the redhead witch's body up and back, tipping her back so that her weight rested on her shoulders, her feet reached back and touched the edge of the table above her head, and her pussy, now tilting down above her face, began to pour its full load of sperm down over her belly, onto her tits, and into her open mouth as she giggled, delighting in being showered in warm cum fresh from her well-fucked cunt. She scooped it into her mouth with her fingers, drinking it down, and smeared the remainder over her tits until they glistened with infernal sperm, then sank her fingers deep into her finally satisfied pussy to retrieve any last drops of the hellish fuck fluid.

Even after all this foulness, the night of terror was not yet through, for then the boar-demon pulled the nun to her feet. "Your cunt is not yet fully defiled, bride of Christ," he said with an evil smirk, and the nun, her body still smeared with cum despite the other witches' best efforts to lick her clean, now turned, lowered herself to her hands and knees on the ground, and looked back at the boar-demon, presenting her magnificent ass and her beautiful wet pussy, and invited him to complete the corruption of her sanctified cunt.

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