tagGay MaleThe Word for Master

The Word for Master


Quick Explanation: Not real, didn't happen. All original. All characters 18 and older.


He stood on the shores of New Orleans, the bayou calling out to him. His body trembled with the effort not to get his mind in faster than his body would allow, and he couldn't help but to revel in the sweet voices that called out in his head. Nathaniel... he was so close, so far, so... willing. The deep, rich smell of earth infused his senses as the bayou wafted through his nose, the slick, full moon echoing out into the sweet plantation, the candle-lights giving a warm, welcomed glow.

The slick, wet earth of the swamp could be felt on his bare feet. His cotton breeches were rolled at the leg so that they would not be held in mud, and to keep them clean of those horrible stenches that they collected in the swamp.

But tonight, oh, tonight it was amazing. Sean, the boy from town whom had no reason to be at the plantation of Scott. Nathaniel Scott was a wealthy man. Beautiful, in his early thirties, a strong, yet lean build, muscles on his arms that could make any man melt, and cunning green eyes that seemed to eat through him like fire through a log, and his light brown hair was cut short so that it didn't get into his face, resting only on the nape of his neck. Sean was only twenty, just coming into his manhood, his family's youngest member, a hard worker that sometimes worked for Mr. Scott in the hopes of getting on his good side. Sean had that lovely, moonlight skin, dark, black hair, and deep, exotic blue eyes. He was skinny, not very strong, and better suited to housework. His mother called him bad names, usually along the lines of Fairy, and things like that. He wasn't that popular amongst his brothers, and his family hated him, but he didn't care about their lost, amazed voices when Mr. Scott offered him a job in cleaning his house.

"What are you doing here?" Sean snapped his head up to look upon the man on the horse. It was Mr. Scott.

"I-I was... kicked out of my home. Mother said that I was useless and had me sent away, I came to the only place I knew." Mr. Scott glared at him from on his horse, staring out at the swamp.

"There are 'gators out there, boy, you are small enough to be mistaken for vittles in this dark light. You had better make your way back with me."

Mr. Scott didn't believe in live in servants, and the few slaves that he had lived in well built cottages and were treated to wonderful meals. He felt his body react to gazing up at his dear, dear Mr. Scott. Steadily he reached his hand up and looked up at the other, being pulled on the horse by the strong hands that held his for a moment, before his hands were around the sir's waist, holding as the horse galloped to the main house, as his Sir kept one hand on the small hands that held to his stomach. It was almost magical for him, and he wanted it to last. But it wouldn't.

The horse stopped when Nathanial pulled the reins, and he pulled himself off, offering his hand to the young servant, allowing himself to help him down. Sean was about to have a fit with all the passion that was flowing though him. He could have placed a kiss upon his lips, but chose against it. He smiled at the innocence in his master's eyes, and looked to him with a nice, pure look.

"You had better get a warm bath, and I will make you something to eat." Sean looked at him, thinking about how much he wanted to just show him what he'd be willing to do, how much he'd wanted to learn, how he would take it. But he had nothing to say to him. He slowly got into a warm bath that had been run by his master, then passed what time he could eating the food that was set before him.

Then he was whisked off to bed down the hall from his master.

It had taken him hours to fall asleep, but he was roused in the night, hearing something odd.

Standing slowly and pulling a white robe around his naked frame he crept out of the bed to see what was happening in the master's room.

Peaking into the room he saw, to his disbelief, a hand, strong and needing, rubbing his master. It was his master's own hand, rubbing himself into a climax, but Sean didn't want to miss a moment. He figured that it was rude to watch his master coax himself that way, but didn't find the power to will himself to look away from the hard, ten inch cock that stood ten feet away from him. Oh, how he wanted to taste that in his mouth. He hadn't realized -until it was too late- that a needing moan had escaped his own lips, stopping the gentle jacking of his master and those brilliant eyes focusing on the male that was peaking through the door way.

"Who's there?!" came an annoyed voice. Sean figured that he had ten seconds to get away before his master reached the door, but he'd wasted time thinking and the master flung open the door, staring down at him, disbelief wiping over his face. Sean looked at him with those innocent eyes, trying to avoid looking him in the eye, because it was hard. He was afraid that there was going to be a judgment in those eyes, that he would be kicked out, but a strong, demanding hand caught his robe and pulled him into the bedroom, the door clicking closed behind him and locking in place. Sean was nervous now as those eyes stared down at him. "What are you doing there?" there was no answer. His voice was caught and there was no feeling in his limbs, except the thick, growing hardness that was in his penis. He blushed and looked at the boy with those eyes scaring him.

"I-I... I..." he looked away and felt a hard, strong hand pushing him against the bed.

"Well, whore, you aren't going to watch without working." his master purred, running his hand over Sean's hard cock under the robe that he wore, swiftly pulling the wool off him and throwing it on the floor. "Now, suck." he commanded, laying back. Sean blushed, but had an idea of what he was talking about.

Slowly he lowered his head and licked up the wondrous piece of meat and began to gently run his tongue over the warm ridges, popping the spongy head into his mouth. It tasted of salty sweet precum and made his own cock hard. There was a moment he didn't know what to do until he felt a hand under his stomach, lifting him up and placing him, gently, to where his master began to suck him. He jerked his head up for a moment, feeling a light moan escape his mouth, then got what to do.

He lowered his head and began to suck as well, getting thoroughly involved in the sexual 69, and enjoying the sounds that his master made. He felt himself cum in his master's mouth with a light yell over the cock in his mouth, and he nearly cried when his master took the warm organ from him and glared at him, kissing his fiercely, their mouths playing a hard game, bruising almost, and the taste of his own cum filled his mouth. Sean moaned quietly, feeling a hand push up between them and soft, almost criminally torturous kisses making their way down his neck, focusing for a moment on his delicate nipple, being lightly bitten as his master's hand worked his penis in a soft motion. He moaned lowly again when his master pushed him back on the bed and stared at him with those beautiful eyes aglow in dark passion by the candlelight. He growled, then felt his master pull his legs apart and lick from his lightly throbbing cock to his pucker, running his moist tongue over the entrance before it began to lightly probe the entrance. He felt a cry catch in his throat as his master added a finger into his ass, lightly massaging the entrance. Another finger was added and Sean sighed, resting his head back on the large, luxurious bed, as the fingers twisted and scissored inside him, stretching the tight, virgin ass. Soon there was a third finger added into him and Sean yelped. He didn't know how he was going to take his master's large, ten inch cock into his anus, but he would do what he could. Soon there were four fingers stretching him and he was bucking and crying, trying to have him stop.

"In a few seconds you're going to take my cock, whether you're ready or not." he said surely, running his fingers into him a few more times, stretching them apart and forcing his anus open, ready to accept him. All he could say was a muttered and hurried "yes master" before his master began kissing up him, stopping at his nipple again, sucking it and barely pressing the head of his hard, wanting cock into his entrance, teasing, playing, and he found himself whimpering, begging, wanting him to take him.

"Please... Master... please." he begged, arching his back to him, wanting him inside before the spit dried, and he moaned lowly when that hard, engorged cock made its way inside his tight virgin hole. He yelled, and the master covered his head with a pillow so that it wouldn't be too loud.

The master pulled back, out of the warmth of Sean's body and glared at him. "On your hands and knees." he barked, watching as the young, twenty year old did as he was told and stuck his warm ass in the air. The master reached down and pulled Sean's arms away from the bed, watching him as he landed on his head. "No, balance on your shoulder and hold yourself for me." he licked the entrance again, placing Sean's hands on the cheeks that he was to hold open and smiled when he did, pressing his cock into him again, just as far as it had been last time, and began to move himself in until he heard tearful chokes and stopped. "Now, boy, when you feel ready, press against me with your ass and take what you can. I'll be patient."

It took a moment for Sean to recover and he pushed back on him, wanting to please him. And that cock felt amazing as it slipped, with time, into his bowels. A moan escaped him when he realized that he was touching his master's pubic hair with his ass, and he felt a gentle tugging as his master pulled out of him. He felt the need to reach back and grab him, to pull him back inside as he slipped out of him, leaving a blank, empty space where his cock had been. He felt there was a moment of elapsed time before his master shoved himself back into the wanting entrance, eradicating a soft, pleading moan from his worker that he couldn't ignore. Sean looked back at him, his master panting as their hips slammed together, meeting in one of the deepest tangles that a virgin night could offer to one so young, one that wracked himself of all the passions and clearness that a mind would allow one to see so blindly in the dark.

But what had started out as pain had become a deep, guttural passion, something that dreams were made of.

The initial ripping of him was painful and had wracked from him great screams, but now, as the air filled with the musky scent of their tangled love making, the smell of sweat and semen mixing bodies and wanton sex that was leaving both virgin and master writing for more.

His master's long, cold fingers wrapped around his stark erection and began to work on coaxing hot semen from him. Sean groaned in his throat as his master pushed him, slamming back into his master and letting him feel the sensual power of his body wrapping cool licking of a soft cock touching his special spot, driving his body insane and allowing himself to clash into him, to press close to him, need him, he looked at moaned, low in his throat and pressed against him playfully, enjoying the feeling of a hard, supple cock inside his soft ass.

Finally the thrusting grew harder, more grinding and Sean felt the hot cock of his master swell further, pulsate, and release hot semen into his wanting ass. He moaned lowly, his own tool erupting hot semen onto the bed. His master pushed off him and Sean, his ass in pain, crawled over him and kissed his shoulder and kissed his lips, their hot muscles tangling and hot breath escaping them both as his master lay Sean over the bed and pushed in from that angle, taking full advantage of the semen slicking up Sean's pucker.

The cock slid in much easier this time and Sean moaned to Mr. Scott's thrusts, arching into him and beginning to meet him against the thrusts, taking him in deep, clenching around him and releasing when he pulled back, letting him feel him. He felt him rubbing his cock against his spot again and he came hard. His master pulled out of him and pressed his cock to his lips.

Sean eagerly opened his mouth to him and began to play the head with his tongue, having never sucked a man off before. "What-" His master smacked his ass for talking to him, so he contented to sucking him, running his tongue over the taste of himself and the taste of semen that was stuck to his hard cock.

"Yeah" his master muttered, trying to press into him, and Sean opened his mouth, accepting the pressing cock and nearly choking when it went down his throat and he coughed, allowing him to press him into deep-throating him, allowing him to press into his mouth, and he mumbled his gratification in his throat, allowing it to vibrate over his lover's penis, and he felt burning jizz slide down his throat, accompanied by a roar of a moan as his master slammed into his mouth one final time.

Sean was a beginner, his body ached and he moaned quietly, looking at him as his master picked him up and lay him on the bed and he felt cold, sticky semen on his ass as his master pulled the blankets over him.

Quickly, he fell asleep, and slept peacefully in his master's arms.

The next morning he awoke, wrapped in his master's blankets, but the master wasn't to be seen. Where was he?

To be continued! (But only if people like it.)

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