tagSci-Fi & FantasyThree Square Meals Ch. 021

Three Square Meals Ch. 021


John and the girls sat around the dinner table having just finished a nice meal together. Everyone had been famished after working up an appetite in the busy day, but John noticed that Sparks was the exception and had only nibbled at her dinner, not eating much at all.

"Not feeling hungry honey?" he asked her with concern.

"I am," she said coyly. "I'm just leaving plenty of room for later."

She looked at him lustily under hooded eyes and he decided they had waited long enough. He stood up from his chair and held out his hand for her expectantly. The redhead's eyes flashed with excitement and she rose to join him. He looked around the table and saw the other girls watching them with knowing smiles on their faces.

"We'll see you later!" Alyssa said, grinning happily.

Sparks interlaced her fingers with John's and he walked with her out of the lounge and headed for his room. The tension was thick in the air and John couldn't wait to see what the sultry redhead had in mind for him tonight. She stopped at her room and turned around to face him.

"Go and relax, I'll be with you shortly." she promised, her electrifying smile letting him know the wait would be worth it.

"Ok will do." he said with a grin and she blew him a kiss before turning to saunter into her room.

John walked into his own room and decided to have a shower to freshen up. He undressed quickly, eager to get into the soothing warmth of the shower and he closed his eyes as the water sluiced over him. He couldn't wait to see what Sparks had in mind for him tonight, so he showered quickly and dried himself off, so that he would be ready and waiting for her grand entrance. He didn't have long to wait. He had just sat down at the end of the bed when he heard the rhythmic clicking of high heels as his young lover approached his room.

Prepared as he was, his mouth still dropped open in shock as Sparks glided into the room with the poise and grace of a catwalk model. John gasped in wonder, as his eyes feasted on the lascivious delight that had just entered his room.

Sparks was dressed as a schoolgirl, her voluminous auburn hair tied into pigtails, held in place by cute bows. John gazed at her outfit and was fairly certain it wouldn't meet the school board's approval. She was wearing a very short red plaid skirt and a cropped, white, short sleeved shirt that left the bronzed skin of her midriff exposed to his hungry eyes. Over the shirt, she was wearing a grey waistcoat that tightly fitted her chest, hugging her big breasts and forcing them upwards into an impressively indecent display of cleavage. Two letters in red were stitched on the waistcoat, with "JP" emblazoned over the curved side of her right breast, where the material valiantly tried to constrain her boobs. Finally she was wearing thigh high stockings and 4" Stiletto heels, that showcased her long elegant legs to perfection.

Sparks smiled for him coyly and pirouetted gracefully, letting him fill his eyes with the sight of her young body that was dressed so tantalisingly for his pleasure. She walked up to him in a slow, sensual walk and stopped just in front of him.

"Do you like?" she asked with a flirtatious smile.

"I think you're the sexiest thing I've ever seen." John said in amazement.

"I seem to remember you liked the idea of me being a naughty schoolgirl." Sparks said, her eyes sparkling with excitement.

He ran his fingers over her toned stomach, enjoying feeling the deliciously soft young skin under his finger tips. Sparks stood and watched him with a sultry look on her face, clearly enjoying his obvious appreciation of her endeavours. She smiled lustily, knowing exactly what he was thinking as his hands traced over her svelte figure.

"Alyssa told me you stuffed her so full of cum once, you made her belly button pop out." she purred with arousal.

"I'd like you to do the same to me tonight, if you're up to it?" she said with a challenging look to her eyes.

"Honey, you're not even going to be able to move when I'm done with you." John promised, his fingers lightly tracing a circle over her stomach.

His hand rose higher and stroked the JP logo that was stitched carefully onto her outfit and he raised his eyebrow questioningly.

"John's Property." Sparks replied, answering his unspoken question.

"That's a very nice touch." he said appreciatively, pulling her towards him and kissing the letters one after the other.

"You like owning me?" Sparks purred at him, her eyes flashing with lust.

"Oh yes, very much. I have all sorts of plans for your hot little body." he promised the aroused girl, standing smoothly so that she had to look up at him, even with the extra height from her shoes.

Sparks kicked the high heels off, to make herself seem smaller against him and emphasising the arousing size difference between them. She gasped in excitement as he scooped her up in his arms and then carried her over to place her on the middle of the bed. He followed after her, as she watched him with excited eyes.

"What have you got in mind?" She asked softly. "You made me look like this." she teased, stroking one hand along her toned thigh and the other down her slender neck to then cup her full breast. "What would you like to do to me?" she murmured.

"Tonight I'm going to fuck you hard and fill your belly with so much cum, you'll think you're pregnant." he said, his eyes flashing dangerously with lust.

Sparks moaned hungrily, staring up into his eyes and he saw her pupils widen, the golden corona around the pupil dilating.

"You'll need to get used to that feeling, as I have every intention of breeding your hot little ass." he promised with conviction.

Sparks gasped as she surged with elation and her young body desperately craved being used in that way.

"Yes, you want it, don't you?" he asked rhetorically, already knowing the answer.

The redhead bit her lip and nodded at him wantonly.

"It turns you on to think of you and your 'sisters' all knocked up. You probably want me to do you all at the same time." he stated, barely keeping a lid on his burning desire to get started right now.

"Oh my god John..." Sparks groaned. "Fuck the foreplay, I need you inside me!"

John moved confidently between her stocking clad thighs, as she spread her legs for him invitingly. He lifted up the short plaid skirt and saw she wasn't wearing any underwear. Nodding his appreciation, he nuzzled the head of his cock between the lips of her pussy, feeling how wet she was for him. He leaned over her, taking her wrists in his hands and holding them above her head as she lay on the bed in front of him. His eyes were only inches away from hers and he stared into her lovely pale blue orbs. She found being restrained like this tremendously exciting. Her chest heaved as she took in deep breaths and her big breasts brushed his chest as he hovered over her.

"Fuckkkkkk!!" she wailed, as he thrust his length into her, forcing his way in and making her slim young body yield to his massive cock.

He pushed deep inside her, in one pussy stretching lunge, his cock brushing the back of her womb as she took his entire length.

"That's a good girl." he crooned in her ear. "Now flex that tight little pussy and let me know you're happy I'm home."

Sparks moaned with passion and followed his orders, using her internal muscles to grip him tightly as though welcoming his cock with a hug.

"Mmm, that feels amazing." John breathed happily. "She's happy to see him." he said with a smile.

"Very much." Dana purred. "I wish you could stay inside me all the time!"

"You really are a naughty schoolgirl! That's very selfish." John admonished her. "Think about your poor sisters. How am I going to impregnate them if I'm up to my balls in your pussy the whole time?"

Sparks groaned lustily. "I'm sorry John, I've been bad." she said, her eyes twinkling.

"You have, but I'm going to have to punish you another time." he promised. "Tonight is about packing your teenage belly full of spunk!"

"You like that I'm only a teenager, don't you?" she purred perceptively. "You're old enough to be my daddy." she crooned teasingly.

"True, but I have things in mind for you that no father should be thinking about." John said as he stared into her eyes.

He pulled back and then slowly stuffed her full of his cock again, forcing her pussy walls out once again, feeling the rippling flesh making way for him.

"Oh god, that feels amazing." Sparks groaned.

"I know honey, you need a good fucking don't you?" John said, his face only inches from hers.

"I do." she agreed lustily. "Don't hold back, I really want you to give it to me!" she gasped.

John nodded his agreement, pulling back and then thrusting forward again, more forcefully this time. He began to maintain a steady pounding rhythm as he pinned her underneath him, with her arms held tightly above her head. Whenever he was up to his balls inside her, he ground against her clit which made her moan alluringly. She brought her stocking clad legs up to rest her across his back, allowing her to thrust back against him. Sparks panted breathily and used her strong supple body to rock in perfect rhythm with his thrusts, making each pistoning movement feel longer and deeper.

"It looks like I'm really going to have to thank Jade nicely." John said appreciatively.

"Why's that?" Sparks panted breathily as her hips moved sensually beneath him.

"Those dance lessons have made you and Calara fuck like minxes!" He groaned as her athletic young body flexed and bucked underneath him.

The redhead groaned with lust, remembering the gorgeous Latina riding her man so erotically just this morning.

"I love the thought of you fucking them." She gasped as she panted for breath.

"My very own sexy little harem." John agreed. "A perfect selection of tight little teens for me to ride whenever I like!"

"Oh fuck! You're such a bad boy!" Sparks groaned as he held her down. "Fuck me harder!" she pleaded.

Her thighs trembled as they clung tightly to his waist, her muscles aching under the strain as he fucked her mercilessly. A long wail escaped her lips as she cried out her orgasm, her pussy desperately trying to grip the huge cock that was driving into her so vigorously.

John maintained the pace, keeping her body at fever pitch as she came long and hard. He eventually eased back a little just stroking in and out of her as she rode out her orgasm until she began to relax; Then he suddenly rammed in hard and ground his pelvis against her, maintaining the pressure and friction on her clit. Pinned in place, the redhead could only writhe underneath him as he made her responsive young flesh sing for him again.

"That's it baby, cum hard for me." he crooned in her ear as she groaned helplessly, her pussy contracting strongly around his wide girthed cock.

She exploded with another intense orgasm. Waves of pleasure crashed over her, as he whispered a combination of raunchy and loving things in her ear. As she came down from her natural high, she could only sob and whimper with pleasure, as he gave her the powerful fucking he had promised.

Eventually the gasping cries of the climaxing young woman were too much for him to withstand. He pulled out of her abruptly, leaving her pussy shockingly empty and causing her mouth to drop open with surprise. John moved around to her head and fed his burgeoning cock into the welcoming oval of her lips.

The redhead sighed happily as he leaned forward and stuffed his cock into her hot little mouth. Her tongue swabbed the throbbing red head and then she tilted herself back giving him a straight shot down her throat. John felt her eager compliance as she positioned herself perfectly for him and he pushed forward with his hips, steadily stuffing himself down her gullet. He watched her neck bulge out as his unrelenting cock forced its way into her yielding flesh and he was amazed at her ability to receive him like this so effortlessly. He reached down feeling the lewd bulge in her slender neck where she was now wrapped tightly around him, like a beautiful and sexy masturbation device.

"I'm going to use your hot little body to make me cum." he told her unequivocally.

Sparks groaned lustily, the vibrations feeling amazing where her throat quivered around his length. John looked down at her titflesh that threatened to bust out of the tight waistcoat. Her cleavage was a perfect unblemished expanse of bronzed young skin and he ripped open her top so that he could grab a big firm breast in each hand. Using her tits for leverage, he began to fuck her face as she sucked on him enthusiastically, her full lips tightly wrapped around the base of his weapon as he hilted himself inside her. It wasn't long before he could feel his own urgent release rising within him as he used the accommodating young girl shamelessly.

John's quad was topped to the brim with cum, having been teased and tempted relentlessly by the girls the entire day and it swayed above Sparks face in time with his thrusts. His balls trembled, as he looked down at the slim toned stomach of the girl he was going to impregnate one day. Her slender tummy peeked out between the plaid skirt and the cropped white top, reminding him of just how much younger she was than him. The thought of this beautiful young woman eagerly submitting to his every desire was what finally pushed him over the edge.

He threw his head back and yelled out his own orgasm, as she sucked on him lovingly, wordlessly pleading with him to give her every last drop. He looked down at her waistline through slitted eyes as he shot long blasts of his cum down her throat and into her waiting stomach. He could see her tummy bulging out obscenely as he stuffed pints of his spunk into her rapidly filling belly and he thrust eagerly at her soft cushioning lips, excited at seeing her young body forced to carry his load.

Finally his balls stopped flexing and he was spent, Sparks having drained him completely dry. He eased his way backwards, sliding out of the comforting confines of her throat until he had cleared her pouting lips.

"Honey, that was incredible!" he groaned in satisfaction as he lay down by her side.

"You sure know how to push my buttons." Sparks gasped, her flushed face smiling at him lovingly.

She ran her hands over her hugely engorged belly, the thought that she carried millions of his sperm inside her sent a thrill down her spine. John reached over and stroked her spunk swollen abdomen possessively, enjoying the feel of her soft young skin as it was stretched taut to carry his load. His hand traced over her belly button but found it was still concave.

"That was a good start." he said proudly. "Let me recharge and we'll see if we can make you pop out." he said with a smile.

Sparks laughed happily and looked up at him adoringly.

"Did you really mean what you said earlier?" she asked him tentatively. "Do you want to impregnate me too?"

John grinned at her happily. "Of course I did honey, I love you!" he exclaimed passionately. "I think you're a wonderful girl who is going to make a great mother."

Sparks eyes filled up and she sighed a long deep sigh of contentment.

"I love you too John." she said softly, her light blue eyes looking up at him with wonder.

He leaned over and kissed her tenderly and she returned it lovingly. They eventually parted and she lay in his arms as he traced delicate patterns with his fingertips over her rounded tummy, the mood between them feeling very intimate.

"Dana". The redhead said to him softly as he stared into her eyes.

She saw the look of confusion in his eyes as she watched his face.

"I'd like to be called Dana." she whispered self consciously.

"That's a beautiful name that fits a beautiful girl." John said appreciatively.

"Why did you choose that name in particular, Dana?" he asked her, trying out her new name for the first time and finding he liked it.

She reached up to hold out some errant strands of dark auburn hair for his inspection.

"I figured with my genes, I probably have some Celtic ancestry, so I chose my name accordingly." she explained.

"Do you really like it?" she asked him shyly.

"Very much honey. It suits you perfectly." he said honestly.

"It's the name of an ancient Celtic fertility goddess." Dana said, her lovely blue eyes sparkling.

John laughed loudly. "Very appropriate!" he said with a huge grin, as he stroked her swollen belly pointedly.

The redhead grinned up at him happily, overjoyed that he approved of the new name she had chosen.

"Have you chosen a surname too?" he asked curiously.

Dana looked up at him desperate to ask something, but she bit her lip nervously instead, not knowing if she could.

"What is it honey?" he asked, seeing her trepidation. "You know you can ask me anything."

"I can't." She said haltingly. "I need to discuss it with Alyssa first."

"No problem." John said with a smile.

"Shall I call in the other girls now?" He asked Sparks curiously. "You know Alyssa will be dying to talk to you about your new name." John said with a wry smile.

Sparks nodded eagerly, wanting to share something so personal with the girls she considered her sisters.

*Ok honey, you can come in now.* John thought to Alyssa, knowing she would be listening avidly to the entire conversation.

A few moments later they heard the sound of the doors to the officer's lounge crashing open, then the echoing sound of running down the corridor. A blonde haired vision of loveliness burst into the room, followed shortly after by a gorgeous brunette and bewitchingly beautiful green skinned alien girl.

"Ohmigod I love it!!" Alyssa gasped excitedly, bounding over and leaping on to the bed beside her closest friend.

She hugged the redhead happily, who returned the warm embrace joyfully.

"What's your new name?!" Calara pleaded impatiently. "Alyssa wouldn't tell us!" she said plaintively.

"This one would love to know too!" Jade said, smiling fondly at Sparks. "I felt so much better when Alyssa and master chose a new name for me."

"I'd like to be called Dana." the redhead said with a smile, feeling more confident after receiving such a positive reaction from Alyssa and John.

"Oh that's a lovely name!" Calara said smiling happily. "It really suits you!"

"This one agrees, your new name is lovely Dana!" Jade said with a beaming smile.

"Come here you two!" Dana grinned happily; A huge weight was lifted off her, now that she had announced the name she had been thinking over for the last few days.

John and Alyssa moved back to give the two girls room to hug the deliriously happy redhead. The girls eventually leaned back and began to stroke Dana's swollen belly, feeling the solid weight of John's load where it rounded out her waistline. Dana sighed happily as her friends' hands caressed her gently.

"Wow! You really did a number on her." Calara said appreciatively to John.

"Just doing my best to fulfil a request from a beautiful woman." John said with a smile.

"I asked him to try and make my bellybutton pop out by stuffing me with as much cum as he can." Dana explained with a grin.

"That sounds amazing!" Calara said, her eyes flashing with lust. "Can we stay and watch?" she asked eagerly.

"Of course." Dana said with a seductive smile. "We can give John something nice to watch while he gets ready to go again!"

The other girls all chorused their enthusiasm for the plan and they quickly stripped off their clothes before pairing up, moving together eagerly.

Calara moved across the bed and then gracefully moved to sit astride the redhead's face. She moaned her appreciation as Dana began to explore the Latina's pussy with her tongue and then the brunette dipped her own head between the other girl's thighs, eagerly lapping away at her friend.

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