tagGay MaleThreeway with Silver Daddy

Threeway with Silver Daddy


I had been hooking up with this older silver daddy/bear type for a while. He was not very tall, maybe 5'7". Silver hair, a small gut. Shaved 6 inch cock.

He loved to put me in his wife's VERY tiny panties and tongue fuck me, but had never topped me. We would make out a lot, then I would get on my knees and blow him. He was great at licking and sucking my manhole, and a good cocksucker too. We had some good, not-so-clean fun.

The last time we hooked up, he emailed me. Said he had been getting with this hot, hung younger dude, about mid 30s. He said he had a super hot little ass and wanted to get fucked in it. He asked me if I would be interested in fucking this dude in a 3-way.

This is obviously a no-brainer, so I naturally said Hell yes!

The day of the playdate, I put on my favorite panties, tight jeans and a gray t-shirt, and a spritz of the Paul Sebastian cologne my wife bought me. I knew Daddy liked it as much as she does and I love to please Daddy.

We met at Daddy's condo. Sort of expensive, but generic-looking place on a cul-de-sac. Daddy is in his late 50s, and a professional, so his place is very clean with boring art. Almost like a hotel. His wife spends a lot of time in China for some reason, so we have lots of time to hook up.

I got to his place before Playmate, so we started on his couch. Making out. Hands all over each other, rubbing and grabbing our hard cocks over our pants.

Then Playmate arrived, and Daddy was NOT kidding about how hot he was. He stood about 5'10", sandy blonde hair, and what looked to be an AMAZINGLY juicy little ass.

The three of us went upstairs to the bedroom. Daddy and I started making out again next to the king-sized bed and undressing each other, while Playmate took his clothes off on the other side of the spacious room. The generic linens matched the hotel art.

Daddy always wore a pretty conservative button up shirt and I loved to undo each button slowly while I explored his mouth and neck with my tongue, each button revealing more of his hairy chest and stomach. He was a former pilot and flying instructor and probably had a pretty decent dad bod when he was just a little younger.

He still had powerful arms and a muscular chest, along with his little gut. I loved to grab his biceps to push my ass against his face when he put me on my back to suck my cock, lick my shaved balls and tongue my asshole.

Once I got him unbuttoned, I slid my hands around his waist under the shirt and pulled his body against mine as I kissed and licked his shoulders. Then I stepped back a little so I could get at his nipples while I undid his belt and pants.

I took a step back again and he pulled my tight gray v-neck over my head and stepped out of his khakis. Once I was shirtless, exposing my smooth, hairless chest (I'm about 5'8", and hit the gym a few times a week -- no bodybuilder, but pretty tight). I stepped to him again and we started kissing, our naked bodies pressed close against each other.

He undid my belt and jeans, then ran his hands down my back and into the back of my jeans so he could get at my firm, smooth ass (don't skip leg day, bois!). I was wearing my wife's black lacy thong which always gave him a raging hard on (same one I'm wearing in my profile pic).

When he felt the lace, then brushed the sensitive top of my ass cheeks, his breathing went ragged, and he shoved his tongue in my mouth. His fingertips on the skin of my behind gave me that familiar tickle in my stomach and I tried to get even closer to him as we smashed our lips together and I grabbed his 6-inch, hard cock to gently stroke it.

In the meantime, Playmate had gotten undressed and put on a little red panty that Daddy had laid out on the bed for him. It came from his wife's lingerie drawer, and was one of the ones that I usually wear: a triangle of silky material in front, with a little black frill, pretty much just red strings for the hips and the thong.

Daddy gets off hard when I wear his wife's panties, and this set in particular, because it really shows off my ass. Plus he can just pull the thong out from between my cheeks when I'm on my hands and knees so he can lick my pussy.

I took a break from Daddy's mouth and cock to check out Playmate as he came over to join us. He seemed a little nervous and taken aback by how hard Daddy and I were making out. Playmate looked spectacular in those red panties, handsome, with a swimmer's body. Lean, tight and mostly hairless, with a rock hard ass, and abs.

His cock was getting hard from watching Daddy and I kiss, and I could tell it was going to be a nice one. I was already turned on by the thought of me and Daddy double teaming someone, but watching him walk toward us with just the head of his growing dick peeking out over the top of the red silk sent me into overdrive.

Daddy and I continued to passionately kiss, while Playmate got on his knees to suck Daddy's cock. Then I dropped to my knees too, and we worked either side of his cock with our lips and tongues. We got into synch by starting at the base of his cock, and making eye contact as we worked our way together up the shaft to his head, where the tips of our tongues brushed together as we enthusiastically lapped up precum.

Our lips met, and I pulled his face against mine and put my tongue in his mouth, but he didn't really seem to be into it. So I backed off and watched as he started licking that cock again. When he got his mouth around the shaft, I put my hand on the back of his head and entwined my fingers in his sandy hair, and pushed his mouth slowly and gently further onto Daddy's dick, then pulled it back to help Daddy face fuck him.

I looked up. Daddy was staring down at us with a glazed look, as if he couldn't believe his luck to have two hot younger men on their knees, dedicated to pleasing him, showing off their firm, tight asses for him and him alone, and working his cock together in tiny thongs and panties.

After a few moments of helping Playmate take more of Daddy into his hot mouth, I slid my hand slowly down his muscular back to that sensitive little triangle of skin at the top of his ass crack. You know the one I'm talking about. It's the one that triggers your precum when a guy licks it while he's massaging your ass. The spot that makes you moan and lift your ass up to him, to let him know how bad you want his tongue and fingers and cock inside you.

I stroked him there for a moment with my fingertips, then moved to his exposed ass cheeks. And holy God they were so tight. He didn't have like a curvy, bubble butt like mine. No, his was small, shapely and muscular, like the ass of a teenage track star.

I moved on my knees around in back of him, my legs inside his legs so I could move my body against his back. I ran my hands down either side of his torso, revelling in his firm lats, and looked down his back to where about a third of my cock peeked over the black lace thong I was still wearing.

I moved my hands to his chest as he continued to give Daddy his wet, sloppy head, and shoved my partially exposed dick against his ass, between the cheeks and brushed my lips against the back of his neck. He moaned with Daddy's hard rod still in his mouth. At the same time, he reached back and grabbed my ass as he pushed his own ass against my cock.

I moved my hands down his stomach now, and grabbed his hardness with my right hand over the silk panties as I caressed his chest with my left. He moaned a bit with cock in his mouth, and I used his dick for leverage to pull him firmly against my dick. He ground against me.

I have to tell you about his erection now. He was about 7-inches long, and as big around as a roll of quarters. That's my favorite length and girth. Not too big. Not too small. Just right to get my soft, full lips around, and to slide into my twitching, lubed and tight ass!

After a little bit more of this we moved to the bed. Daddy laid on his back, his hard on bouncing a bit. I got to it before Playmate did, and went to town. We had been messing around for awhile, so I knew exactly what he liked. I looked into his eyes as I engulfed his cock with my mouth to let him know that all I wanted at this moment was to take care of his every sexual need.

Then I moved around so that we were in the 69 position with his cock in my mouth, and my legs on either side of his belly. He pulled the front of my panty down and took my hard cock in his mouth. I pumped his throat a couple of times, then he let it out with an audible pop, pulled the thong out of my ass, and licked my bottom of my balls, then my taint.

He knew how to please me too.

He worked his way to my asshole, and spread my cheeks apart with his hands. I moaned as he swirled his tongue in tightening circles around my asshole, then plunged it in as hard and deep as he could.

In the meantime, Playmate had gotten onto the king bed also and was walking on his knees toward me, between Daddy's hairy legs. I let Daddy's cock out of my mouth and with one hand I reached up to pull the red panty off Playmate's beautiful cock.

I guided it to my mouth and bobbed up and down on it. He grabbed both sides of my head, and leaned back a bit, moving my lips up and down his shaft as I shoved my eager asshole onto Daddy's tongue.

I didn't want him to shoot until he got to see me and Playmate fucking for him, so I reluctantly let Playmate's cock out of my mouth and got off Daddy.

I told Playmate, "I'm gonna fuck you now."

Daddy stayed on his back. Playmate got on his hands and knees in a cross shape, so that the tip of Daddy's erection kept poking his tight stomach, and Daddy could jerk him off.

I took off my panties and grabbed a bottle of massage oil from the night stand, and stood at the side of the bed behind Playmate. He still had the red panties on.

If you've fucked a dude from behind, you know the amazing shape of an ass when he spreads himself for you. Like two gleaming luscious globes, with just enough space for your hard dick between them.

I pulled the string out of his ass, then put my hands on each of his cheeks and leaned in, so that my cock was between them. I had to get on my toes a little because of how tall the bed was. I'm about 6 ½ inches hard, and about as big around as a roll of nickels, with a nice little mushroom head. Honestly I love my cock. I'd totally fuck me if I could.

I oiled up my cock and his crack, and he started to squeeze my dick with his cheeks as I rubbed the length of it up and down against him.

Then I leaned back a little, so that I could slap my dick against his crack and pussy a few times. I put the head of my hard cock against his asshole, using my right hand to keep the red string of his panties out of the way.

I put a little more pressure on him by leaning my weight against him with my cock against his asshole. He was so tight! I think he may have been a virgin, because even though he had also been hooking up with Daddy, Daddy didn't like to top.

"Relax," I whispered hoarsely.

I leaned in a bit more and he started to move in little circles, his asshole pressed against the head of my cock. I could feel him starting to open up and he was moaning softly.

I looked down at the amazing view I had laid out before me: Daddy on his back, head thrown back and spaced out with lust, this perfect, athletic ass against my raging erection!

Then I felt Playmate's ass open up for me. My head slid through his sphincter with a soft pop. He gave a gasp and I stopped pushing so he could get used to me.

He rested his head on his forearm and breathed raggedly for a moment, then pushed back against me, slooowly working my shaft up his tight ass, my hands on his hips to guide him. Daddy jerked him off from below.

One of the best feelings when I'm fucking someone's ass is how it seems to totally engulf and envelop the entire length of my cock. It feels like slipping into a warm, tight glove.

"Ah! Ahhhh! Ah! Mmmmm!." Playmate was panting and groaning in ecstasy as I started to pump his ass, first with long, slow strokes, then faster and faster. He pushed back onto my dick as we got into rhythm with each other, slamming harder and harder, and getting louder and louder with each stroke. Sweat was dripping off my face and onto his ass, and trickling down my hairless chest.

Daddy and I made and held eye contact as Playmate came from the combination of me pounding his amazing, tight little ass, and Daddy jerking him off.

Playmate's ass spasmed around my cock when he came, and this sent me over the edge into a frenzy, and I pumped faster and faster. When I was about to cum, I pulled out and grunted as I shot a huge hot load all over his beautiful, muscular back, then rubbed my cum into his skin.

Daddy had already gotten off while I fucked Playmate, and was laying in a daze with a mixture of his and Playmate's cum in the hairs of his belly.

The three of us It took a few moments to collect ourselves, then made awkward small talk as we got dressed. Playmate left first, and I thanked Daddy with a long, deep kiss.

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