tagNovels and NovellasTotal Woman Requests 03

Total Woman Requests 03


Mrs. Rush reviewed the TWR Final Request Voucher. It looked to be in order: the Pledge Contributor's Requested Scenario, TWA Security's Clearances for Scenario Participants, Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization and the Confirmed Venue Schedule.

All Total Woman Academy Pledge Contributors (PC's) had discretionary use of the Total Woman Academy Graduate Network. TWA graduates donated their time and talents to events that contributed their earnings to the TWA Alumni Fund. The graduates volunteered for assignments at exclusive TWA Health Clinics and Resorts. Total Woman Requests offered the graduates additional volunteer assignments in unusual places and settings. All assignments offered abundant opportunities for graduates to refine their unique talents.

This Pledge Contributor had achieved a spectacular professional football career whereas his college roommate had contributed to society as a community college history teacher. His professional specialty was economic development of the old American West. A mountain resort town's pioneer museum was holding a costume pageant fund raiser. The PC would sponsor his old friend's outing and had requested some post-pageant carousing.

Mrs. Rush scrawled her approval on the Voucher form and handed it to her secretary. The fantasy was underway.....


Calvin tugged the high starched collar of his costume business suit where it irritated his neck. It was amusing playing dress up and he loved the venue. The Rocky Mountains Pioneer Museum was having its Annual Vintage Costume Fair and Fundraiser. The museum was dedicated to authentic displays of the rough and tumble mining, timber and ranching days of the late 19th century. Calvin's college roommate had given Calvin his ticket and a generous amount for expense money so he could attend in his stead and present the roommate's generous donation.

Calvin wandered through the main museum rooms. Dioramas displayed various skills for daily life in the mountains and open ranges. Cattle ranching had branding and fence mending, timber operations with its human powered tree cutting equipment and power driven sawmills, mining industries showing drills, explosives and hydraulic excavation.

Calvin's strolls brought him to a rear area of the museum and a full-size diorama of a typical ranch station house. The front entrance room, kitchen and a bedroom of the private quarters had been re- created with antique replicas of the era's furniture and fittings.

After inspecting the main room and kitchen, Calvin entered the bedroom. It contained a four poster bed, lace curtains, chest of drawers, and claw foot iron bathtub. There was a large sepia photo on the wall showing the ranch manager and his family.

Calvin knew that many of the ranches, mines and timber tracts were founded by British financiers who placed their trustworthy manager/agents onsite to oversee the operations. The London based owners supplied investment capital and industrial equipment to the remote sites, sold the enterprises' products and reinvested the profits.

Calvin looked closely at the sepia photo of the onsite agent. He was standing, wearing the period fashionable high starched collar shirt but he wore no pants. His arms were draped across the shoulders of two young women and each hand grasped the outer tit of the lasses above their cupless bustiers. Both girls were also naked below the waist and each had a hand tucked under the agent's shirt tail at his groin. Everyone was smiling.

Calvin understood the nature of the photograph. In addition to capital and equipment, the absentee London owners were called upon to supply relief and comfort to their isolated agents. Concurrent to the expansion of the American West, Ireland was suffering the potato famine. There were many orphans, particularly nubile young females, who could be 'rescued' and sent to better living conditions in the hinterlands. Most transportees were impressive of body and impressionable of mind. It really worked out well for all parties.

Calvin's musings were interrupted by a petite redhead. She was dressed in the museum's security guard uniform.

"Sir, the museum will be closing in ten minutes. We ask that you make your way to the front entrance, please."

"Yes, of course, thank you."

The redhead went away and Calvin dawdled in the area for a few moments and lazed towards the front. The museum seemed empty and the front hallway was deserted. He pushed the entrance door to leave but it was locked. He heard someone and turned to find the security guard walking towards him.

"Sir? Are you still here? We thought you had left with the others."

The guard tried the door. It was locked.

"Sir, I don't have the key to this one. I will let you out the backdoor. Please follow me."

Calvin enjoyed the journey as he followed the uniformed redhead through the hallways, taking the opportunity to admire her tight little ass in the tailored uniform. As they approached the ranch station diorama, she went through the display to a door near the back. It was also locked. She guided Calvin to the bedroom display and motioned for him to sit.

"Okay, why don't you have a seat in here and I'll get the key. I won't be long."

Calvin waited somewhat impatiently for her return. Finally, he heard footsteps and rose from his seat. Through the bedroom door walked, not one redhead, but twin redheads and they were definitely out-of-uniform. Each wore a cupless bustier and panties, pretty similar to the girls in the sepia photo. Their shoes were period button-ups with mid height heels.

Calvin stared while the twins stood quietly and waited with their eyes lowered and their hands clasped across their groins. Calvin finally found his voice and spoke.

"Are you dressed like that for a reason?"

The twins exchanged quick glances before one said "Sir, don't you remember that you gave us house-rules when we arrived last summer? You said we must wear panties in the house unless you wanted them off and then, only you could take them off. Otherwise you would spank our bottoms until there were redder than our hair. Don't you remember that?"

Calvin quickly recovered and now understood the way of things. His roommate had said there would be special events during the weekend and Calvin should let go of his inhibitions and play along.

"Of course, I remember. I was referring to the shoes. I don't like you wearing shoes in the bedroom. Take them off."

The twins leaned forward at the waist in unison and struggled with the tight shoe buttons. Their exertions bobbled their dangling boobs for Calvin's enjoyment. They removed and tossed aside the footwear before standing up. The twins resumed their poses but a few inches shorter.

Calvin walked forward and around the lasses. He plucked at the side panty ties and, facing them again, performed his role as the obligatory panty remover.

"Who helps me out of my clothes?"

"We do" they said in unison.

"Okay, then...go ahead."

Each hugging an arm, the twins steered Calvin to the middle of the room. They methodically removed his boots, coat, vest, pants and underwear, each taking one article to the closet as the other worked the next item until Calvin was naked. They sat him in his chair.

"Do you want us to get you ready for playtime?"

Calvin nodded and the twins kneeled before him. They fondled and kissed his limp tube and soft knob in unison. In time, they took turns sucking the erect shaft and its engorged head until each had experienced Calvin's full length in their mouths and throats.

Calvin watched a long time as the cascading rosy tresses surged and bounced around the underlying heads bobbing on his cock. It was not long enough before he felt the tingling and groaned out his ejaculate into one of the twin's mouth. She did not back-off but remained locked on and swallowed vigorously. When Calvin calmed to lucidity, he gently lifted her head up and off his deflated prick.

Calvin tilted her face up with his palms on her cheeks. She smiled after she swiped her lips with her tongue.

Calvin asked "So...what's your name?"

She smiled and said "I'm Erin. My sister is Irene."

Calvin looked from Erin over to Irene, who gave a cozy little 'cupping' wave with a raised palm near her cheek. Calvin released Erin who stood and rejoined her sister. The twins stood holding hands and meekly gazing at Calvin. He rose and sat on the edge of the bed, before flopping on his back, arms out-stretched. He closed his eyes.


Calvin's eyes popped open. He had dozed. Tucked beside him and each resting her head on an arm were Irene and Erin, which arm load was which he wasn't able to tell. Their loose straight hair splayed around their heads, on the bed and on Calvin's naked torso. He must have stirred for both girls were now alert and watching his face. He moved his hands to each girl's chest and twirled finger pad circles around the nipple available at hand.

"Whichever of you is Erin: Thanks. That was wonderful. I think Irene should get her turn now."

The luscious redhead on the left arm smiled wide while the other sulked. Calvin decided 'lefty' must be Irene. He rolled his arm, bringing her in for a kiss. They kissed long and deep and playfully. Erin remained still to give them uninterrupted focus. Calvin stopped, lifted his head and pulled his arm from underneath Erin. He pushed Irene off the side of the bed and moved to sit in the chair.

"Irene, straddle me."

Irene swung her leg across and sat on Calvin's thighs. Erin stood to the pair's side and steadied Irene whose feet didn't touch the floor. Calvin palmed Irene's ass cheeks and pulled her towards his groin. He reached under and fingered her clitoris. She was wet and oily, ready for the upcoming ride. He re-palmed her ass and lifted her upright body over his ready erection. Erin was helpfully holding his cock upright at a proper angle. Calvin positioned Irene and let her cunt descend over his hardened rod. It was heavenly.

Irene's feet still could not touch the floor. She hugged Calvin's neck and braced herself against him. Irene levered her butt using hips, thighs and arms, stroking Calvin's erection with her pussy. Her nipples brushed Calvin's chest on the upstroke, then rolled between them as she fell. At the bottom, Calvin could feel his tip slit strike her cervix.

Erin caressed Irene's and Calvin's backs and scalps, cooing whispered assurances to the paramours.

"Oh...that's looks so good...I can feel your little shudders at the bottom....Is he tickling your core?...Yes?...I wish it were mine...Ohhh, sir...your breathing is getting louder...Are you close?....Ease back a little...make it last longer..."

But it couldn't last much longer. Calvin gusted out a cry and pumped his milky juice deep into Irene.

Irene felt the discharges and slowed her strokes, trying to match the pace to the signals of Calvin's body language. She wanted to stimulate him beyond the first pulse but not irritate his newly hyper-sensitized cock skin. Calvin finally pressed her hips down tight against his groin and she stopped all motion.

Calvin and Irene untangled form each other's arms and Erin helped Irene dismount from a satiated Calvin.

The twins returned to stand side by side. Calvin pointed out his cum leaking from Irene's cunt and dribbling down her leg. Erin used some standby towels to wipe up the mess.

Calvin was spent and wouldn't recover for the immediate future. He lounged on the bed and inquired about the giant claw foot iron bathtub along one wall. In days past, the water would be heated elsewhere and carried to the room in buckets. But, as a replica assembled in modern times, hidden taps filled the tub with bathwater. The girls puttered with soaps and perfumed oils while the water rose until the room took on a floral aroma. The scents help revive Calvin's vigor. The girls approached unbidden and stood by the bed using their hands to caress his manhood to hardness.

Calvin stood and motioned the girls to mount the bed.

"Hands and knees now, lassies. Back up to the edge and let me see those juicy pussies offered for my pleasure. And this time, what with all my recent endeavors, I will take a lot longer to cum. This is your opportunity to multi-gasm. Try for all you can get. I'll alternate between your holes so use your fingers to stay hot until I rotate back."

Again, Calvin couldn't tell who was who so simply started on the left. He lined up and sank his hard cock all the way in. Slow mid-length thrusts were controlled by hands on her hips. After twenty strokes he pulled out, moved right and entered her sister's welcoming warmth. Twenty thrusts there drew out harmonizing sounds and motions from the sex players. Then he moved back left. This time, after ten thrusts, the redhead drew a big breath and moaned loudly as Calvin felt her tube pulsate along his rod. She let the breath out and relaxed her stance.

Calvin returned for round two on the right. As he entered he felt her flick her finger on their two connected organs. She was maintaining the heat and anticipated an orgasm that would replicate her sister's a moment ago. Calvin slowed his speed to let the finger press a furrow along his length as he pushed. He liked the unusual contact, a firm spot amongst the softness. His current fuck partner was jerking her hips to add a unsteadiness to the stroke which Calvin usually found unsettling but here he found it to be a nice touch.

Calvin pulled out after a few minutes in order to relocate to the other available cunt. The air put a coolness on his wet prick and he rammed quickly home again to regain the heat. A sudden intake of breath by the recipient told him he was being effectively vigorous and it raised his ardor. This might be it. And it was. The wave washed across his brain as he pumped his essence into the redhead's pussy. The lass took it all and mewed for more. Calvin gave her all he could before shrinking and falling out. He braced himself against the bed as he caught his breath.

"Let's get him cleaned up" one said to the other. They helped Calvin into the tub of scented bathwater. The tub was big. One sat behind him while the other kneeled straddled across his calves. They scrubbed him front and back, playfully tweaking his erogenous areas. But Calvin was spent and the twins gave into reality and finished the bathing. They arose and wrapped a squeaky clean Calvin in terry robes. Somehow, Calvin's street clothes were laid out and waiting on the bed. The twins helped him dress and led him to the chair.

"Wait here, please." The twins leaned over and planted kisses on his cheeks as they each took one of Calvin's hands and placed it on a boob. They encouraged him to squeeze and fondle at will.

After a time, the twins departed the bedroom. Calvin waited until some moments later, the door reopened and the two, now as security uniformed redheads, appeared.

"We found the keys, Sir, and will escort you out the front door. Follow us, please." Calvin followed the pair of trim asses that, moments before, he had enthusiastically fucked to satisfaction. They led him through the museum to the front entrance. They unlocked the door and stood aside as Calvin hesitated.

"The museum opens tomorrow at 10 AM. There are several conferences and exhibitions scheduled. We hope you have enjoyed your tour today and will enjoy the rest of your weekend. Good night."

Calvin reluctantly passed outside and the door closed and clicked behind him. He headed for his hotel. Calvin mused about his new admiration for the lonely station agents isolated on the bonanza operations in the Old West.

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