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Towards Happiness


He knocked on the door, and her heart started beating rapidly in her chest. After a quick glance at her reflection in the mirror, she hurried down the stairs to let him in. He wasn’t exceptionally handsome, just a little taller than her with mousy brown hair, but his smile was infectious and his eyes twinkled when he laughed. Her breath caught in her throat as she opened the door and watched his face light up.

They went through the usual small talk, sorted out drinks and snacks, and settled down on the couch to watch the movie he had brought with him. Each was exactly aware of the other’s body, careful not to accidentally brush up against a leg or graze an arm. Neither was really watching the movie, only pretending too. She could smell the faint tang of his aftershave, as well as the more subtle but infinitely more intoxicating scent of his body. They both snatched quick glances at each other, blushing and looking quickly away if caught, a faint blush rising in her face while he just smiled and drank in her face. He was amazed at the paleness of her skin, her face like pure alabaster, translucent and beautiful. He couldn’t tear his eyes away, and his heart leapt each time her eyes met his.

The movie ended, with neither of them the wiser to its plot or ultimate ending. A silence which should have been awkward but somehow wasn’t ensued, as they both wondered how next to proceed. The real purpose of the evening was still to come, although both were nervous about what was to happen. Justifying it to themselves, saying it was just because they were lonely, that they needed the human company and physical contact, and besides, it wasn’t as if they were going to have sex, just sleep in each other’s arms. As she brushed her teeth, he undressed, leaving only silky boxers on, and climbed into her bed.

Again, a blush rose in her cheeks as she saw him propped on the pillows, watching her enter the room with a small smile on his face. Giggling, she demanded he close his eyes as she undressed, and he did so, marvelling at her innocence and purity, longing to be close to her, hold her against his body and fall asleep breathing in the scent of her hair.

He opened his eyes as she got underneath the covers, dressed in a boxer and camisole pj set that left an expanse of that smooth alabaster skin exposed. She settled as far from him as the queen-sized bed allowed, the gulf between them almost sparking with their combined energies. He turned the lamp off and pulled the duvet up over both their shoulders, slowly moving closer to her.

She felt the bed move as he slowly inched his way towards her, feeling the heat of his body warm the smooth cotton sheets between them. He stopped moving while there was still a gap between them, and she cursed herself for not being bold enough to move herself and close the few inches between their bodies.

“Can I hold you?” he finally hesitantly asked, for the first time sounding unsure of himself. She jumped when he spoke, and looked deep into his eyes, filled with as much longing as she was sure her own were. Slowly, she turned herself over so her back was to him, then moved towards him, stopping only when her body was firmly pressed against his, back to chest. Both remained still like that for several moments, their muscles tight and almost thrumming with tension. Slowly he moved his arm until it was resting on her hip, wriggling his body until her butt fit comfortably in the hollow formed by his pelvis. He could feel her heart beating madly in her chest, just as she could feel his too-rapid breathing. Shyly she entwined her fingers with his, then moved his arm until it was encircling her, his hand coming to rest in the valley between her breasts. She sighed with pleasure, and felt his body relax against hers, as he gently brushed his lips against the bare skin of her back and shoulders.

They didn’t even say good night as their bodies melded into the others, each lulled to sleep by the gentle breathing of the other.

* * * * * *

He woke several hours later, not realising at first where he was, but as he felt the warm soft body pressed against his own, he remembered the previous evening. He couldn’t believe he was actually here, in bed with the amazing girl. From the first moment he saw her, he knew there was something special about her. The way her eyes crinkled when she smiled, the way she listened so completely to people that she was totally oblivious to anything around her, he had spent hours just watching her before he even got up the courage to introduce himself and ask her out. And then he was amazed all over again by her immediate shyness, her reluctance to believe that someone could see something worthwhile in her. He had immediately made it his goal to make her see just how special she was, no matter what it took.

Shifting slightly in the bed, he suddenly realised his cock was semi-erect and pressing into her back. Horrified, he drew away from her completely, hating the sudden rush of cold air on his bare chest but not wanting her to wake up and feel him against her and think he was taking advantage. She was already so important to him, he wanted to do nothing to destroy the fragile new relationship they had.

Turning onto his back, he tried to go back to sleep, but his mind was filled with images of her, and he imagined what it would be like to kiss her deeply, to taste each and every part of her, and to finally sink himself deep inside of her. Slowly he began to stroke himself, being exceptionally careful not to wake her up. Imagining each movement of his hand was a thrust into her willing body, he was about to climax when she made a sleepy mumble and turned over into him, wrapping her arm around his chest and twining her legs around his.

Stunned into immobility, he filtered the sensations of having her so close to him. Her full round breasts pushed into his arm and chest, the warm heat at the centre of her pushed insistently into his leg, even slowly, gently grinding against him as she dreamed her dreams, perhaps thinking of some imaginary lover. He longed to touch her, to take her nipples in his mouth and taste her sweet flesh, but he could do none of what he wished. He didn’t dare even touch her any more than he was, lest she wake up and hate him for it, banishing him from her life forever. He didn’t think he would survive that, already she was such a huge part of his life, if he couldn’t see her, if he wasn’t able to touch her again, he thought he would die.

Gently stroking her hair, he tried to move away again, knowing that if he didn’t put some distance between their bodies he would not be able to control himself and would ruin this relationship irrevocably.

He knew immediately by the sudden tension in her limbs that she has woken, and he was scared to meet her eyes, worried he would see condemnation and disappointment there. Finally he looked at her, and instead of condemnation he saw longing, and a touch of amusement in her face.

“Kiss me” she whispered, and as his eyes widened she moved her body up his, touching her soft lips to his. Her eyes closed as the kiss deepened, and he tasted her strawberry lip balm as their tongues explored each other’s mouths. His body responded to the added stimulus, as his hands buried themselves in her silky blonde hair, and his nipples hardened as she rubbed her long artist’s fingers across his chest.

“We have to stop” he suddenly gasped, breaking the kiss and turning his head away from her questioning eyes. “If. . . if I don’t stop now, I won’t be able to, and I don’t want to make you do something you aren’t ok with. I don’t want to lose you.”

She could see the intense longing in his eyes, mingled with anguish, worry that he was forcing her to do something she wasn’t ready for, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

“I want you” she said simply, while sliding the camisole over her head, and placing his trembling hands on her now bare breasts. He saw the truth and the need in her face, and leant up to kiss her deeply, revelling in the feeling of her bare skin against his, marvelling at how different she felt, so soft and smooth and firm. She straddled him, and he felt the wetness at her crotch and realised she did indeed want him as much as he wanted her.

Flipping her onto her back, he raised her hips to slide of the boxers she was still wearing, bending down to smell her sensual muskiness, inhaling deeply of the heady aroma. Sliding his hands up her thighs, he bent down again to kiss her deeply, feeling as though sparks of electricity were running through his body anywhere his skin touched hers. Stopping to remove his own boxers, he positioned himself between her open legs, and looking into her eyes, into her heart, he gently thrust himself inside her. She gasped and arched her back upwards, and he froze, afraid he had hurt her.

Clasping his face in her hands she drew him down towards her, kissing him and reassuring him. They began moving together, and the world disappeared. There was only the two of them, sparking off each other, never breaking eye contact. Their tempo increased, and she grasped his shoulders and wrapped her legs around his waist, drawing him even more deeply inside of her. Time seemed to stop as they came together, trembling and gasping, their limbs locked around each other and their eyes never blinking.

He collapsed down into her, her hands drawing his head down to her breasts, cradling as his trembling subsided and their breathing evened out. Both knew that there would be many many more opportunities to explore each other, to taste each other and to discover the other’s most tender places, but for now they were happy to hold each other, and fall back asleep. Never again would either be lonely or alone, for now and for ever after they would be together.

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