tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTracy's Ordeal

Tracy's Ordeal


The bus seemed to be taking forever to get to the city, Tracy thought, it was only 30 miles from her home town but to her she seemed to have been on it for ages. Even though it was past 6pm the sun through the windows was still hot enough to make her feel slightly uncomfortable in the school-uniform she was wearing under her long coat.

Her mind drifted back a couple of days to that moment at school when she had finally decided to sort out the problem she had been wrestling with for weeks. It is perfectly normal for 18 year old girls like Tracy to have feelings for boys, but unfortunately for Tracy not all 18 year old girls attend such a hard-line Christian fundamentalist school as her. Plus having parents also with very strict Christian believes. And this was the root of the problem, how could a girl get good advice on such things without incurring the, metaphorical, wrath of God on her head.

The only bright spot on the horizon was Miss Baxter, her English teacher; although she was close to twice Tracy's age she always seemed not quite as hard-line as the other teachers and, Tracy eventually decided, would probably be sympathetic to her problem. So it was that at the end of English two days before the bus ride that Tracy hung around after class to talk to Miss Baxter.

Miss Baxter was jotting down notes for her next class when she became aware that one of the girls had stayed behind, looking up she saw it was Tracy, she smiled at the clearly nervous teenager.

"Yes, Tracy, how can I help?" Miss Baxter asked, sensing the question would not be about Hamlet.

"Um, Miss Baxter, can I talk to you about a personal problem?"

"Well, you should really try your Counsellor first," she responded.

"I can't Miss Baxter; I don't really feel I can open up to her."

Sensing an opportunity, Miss Baxter said, "Well, this isn't how things should normally be done, but as long as you know any advice I give you is only my opinion it should be OK," she smiled again at Tracy to help her relax. "If this is going to be really personal perhaps you'd like to shut the door."

Tracy nodded and walked over to the door, Miss Baxter watched her as she went, taking in the auburn hair touching her shoulders, her slim frame, the bra straps showing through her white blouse and her bare legs mostly hidden by her regulation school-skirt which ended just above the knee which Miss Baxter fervently wished was a lot shorter. She felt a familiar and welcome tingling in her pussy as she watched Tracy close the door; she had detected vulnerability in the girl which had already set her mind racing.

Bringing herself back to the matter in hand she leaned back in her chair and gestured for Tracy sit opposite her.

"OK, Tracy, what's the problem."

"Well, it's a bit embarrassing," Tracy started to go red as she tried to explain her predicament to the older woman, although Miss Baxter had always seemed the most approachable of the teachers, there was suddenly something vaguely intimidating about her.

Miss Baxter smiled again, "Take your time, Tracy,"

"Um, it's this boy who lives on my street, I really like him and I think he likes me and a couple of weeks back we kissed and made out some, and I don't know what to do." It all came out in a jumble.

Miss Baxter's eyes widened in shock "Tracy, you're not pregnant are you?"

It was Tracy's turn to look shocked now, "No, I've never done that."

Miss Baxter relaxed and mentally filed away Tracy's admission of virginity."So, how can I help?"

Tracy looked down at the floor. "I was sort of wondering if you could give me advice on how not to get pregnant."

"Can't you just ask your parents?"

"No, I can't, no way, if they even found out about me even kissing Jason, they'd go mad, as far as they're concerned the answer to everything is in the Bible."

Inside Miss Baxter's mind a very wicked plan was beginning to form, but it would take a lot of luck. She frowned at Tracy. "You've put me in a very difficult position here, Tracy, school rules say that if any pupil asks any teacher for advice about contraception then the teacher has to report it immediately to the Principal."

Tracy looked terrified and Miss Baxter knew the first part of her plan had worked.

"Don't worry, I won't do that. As it happens I may be able to sort this out for you, but it'll take a couple of days, reckon you and Jason can wait that long?" She asked teasingly, but Tracy did not seem in the mood to appreciate it.

"He just left on vacation with his family for two weeks, so yeah, I guess."

"That's good, now this is what you'll have to do."

Miss Baxter told Tracy of a friend in the nearby city, a Doctor, who would be happy to supply her with the contraceptive she wanted, but that she would need to see Tracy in person to prescribe it. Because of the delicacy of Tracy's situation it would take about 2 days to arrange an after hour's appointment. In the meantime Tracy was not to talk to anyone about it, not another teacher or another pupil, it would be best too if she did not even write about it in her diary if she kept one. The list of instructions went on and on and Tracy found it hard to keep up with them. The length of the list also obscured the one thing Miss Baxter was most concerned about; absolutely no-one was to know where Tracy was going.

Tracy thought some of the instructions were a bit unnecessary but if it meant she could get some contraception at the end it would be worth it.

Tracy walked out of school that day on a high, Miss Baxter had been really kind to her and seemed genuinely concerned with her welfare. Miss Baxter too walked out of school on a high, Tracy was totally unaware of the impending trap, and the whole scenario she was developing seemed too good to be true.

Miss Baxter went home that night and spent an hour on the phone to a few friends to make the required arrangements, then went to bed and fantasized about her plans for Tracy.

Two days later, at first break Miss Baxter summoned Tracy to her office and after a few pleasantries got down to the matter in hand.

"OK, Tracy, you haven't told anyone about our talk the other day?"

"No Miss Baxter, no one at all."

"Good, now I've spoken to my friend and she's very sympathetic to your plight and is very willing to help. Because of the huge risk that I'm taking with both mine and her careers there are a few more instructions you need to follow, are you OK with that?"

"Yes, Miss Baxter, I'll do anything, I really appreciate the help you've given me."

Miss Baxter smiled at her. "Oh, it's no trouble really, Tracy, I'd do anything to help one of my girls, that's the trouble with this place it may be a good place academically but it stops you girls becoming what you should be."

She carried on before Tracy got a chance to ask what that meant. "You'll have to get the bus to the city, I can't give you a lift there in case we're seen together, here's $10 for the fare. I'll be able to give you a lift back because it'll be dark, we should be back by 9 at the latest. It's important that you're folks don't even know you're going out so sneak out in time for the 5:30 bus. When I drop you off just tell them that I was giving you extra help on your course-work after school so you'll have to wear your school uniform. Just wear a coat over your uniform, is that OK?"

Tracy suddenly realised she didn't have a long coat and looked a bit worried.

Miss Baxter understood instantly. "That's OK, before you leave school today, dump all your books in your locker and come here, you can take my coat home in your bag. When you arrive at the bus depot in the city, leave by the main entrance and head for the car-park, I'll pick you up there and we'll go and get you sorted out. Is that OK?"

Tracy nodded and smiled "Thank you, Miss Baxter"

"It's my pleasure, Tracy, I think you're incredibly brave as it is, after all you had no idea how I'd react."

"I was pretty sure I was safe, Miss Baxter, you always seemed to be so kind to us girls."

Miss Baxter smiled back, if only you knew, she thought.

The hiss of the brakes on the bus jolted Tracy out of her reverie, startled momentarily she looked around before realising she was at her destination, hurriedly she moved down the aisle and off the bus.

Suddenly Tracy felt very vulnerable, she knew what she was doing was wrong and she felt everyone around her knew too, quickly she headed for the entrance and the car-park beyond. For a few frantic seconds she looked around trying to find Miss Baxter's car, before she saw her teacher waving to her from across the car-park.

Miss Baxter had actually seen Tracy long before she waved, but seeing the worry on the young girl's face had given her a strange sexual thrill, and it was only the need to get the girl into the car as quickly as possible that made her act.

"Hi Tracy, you OK?"

"Sure, Miss Baxter" Tracy grinned back at her.

"Good, now there's been a slight change of plan, my friend just called and said it's easier of we see her at her house instead of her office, it's just out of town, is that OK?"

"Yeah, that's OK."

Miss Baxter smoothly moved the car out of the car-park and headed towards the Interstate out of town, she felt as if she was on fire with the excitement of what was about to happen, she only had one last thing to check.

"Are you sure no-one knows you're here now?"

Tracy nodded. "No-one, my Mom was home when I left, but she didn't see me."

A brief flash of alarm crossed Miss Baxter's mind.

"You're sure?" Her voice betrayed a bit of her alarm, but Tracy, busy watching the scenery didn't pick up on it.

"Sure, she was in the bath"

Miss Baxter relaxed, the trap had worked.

Soon the city gave way to the countryside and Miss Baxter was turning right and left down various back roads until Tracy was quite lost.

Miss Baxter made one last turn and the car was on a sweeping driveway, at the end of which stood a very large house.

Tracy couldn't contain herself. "Wow, that's some house."

Miss Baxter grinned. "There's a lot of money in medicine, certainly more than in teaching."

The car scrunched to a halt on the gravel and they both got out and walked towards the door, Miss Baxter rang the bell and they waited.

The door was opened by a blonde woman about the same age as Miss Baxter. "Hi Christine" the new woman said in a heavy Eastern European accent. Tracy was temporarily perplexed by this use of Miss Baxter's first name. Then she said, "And you must be Tracy; Christine has told me all about your little problem."

"Hi" was all Tracy could manage, there was something intimidating about this woman who was now stepping back to invite them in.

"Let's get your coat off, shall we?" the woman demanded rather than asked and started to open the buttons before Tracy could help. As soon as it was open Miss Baxter slipped it from Tracy's shoulders and walked to the coat-rack to hang it up.

The house owner took a step back and Tracy felt herself blush as the woman clearly looked her up and down.

"Hmm, Christine, she's just as pretty as you said."

Miss Baxter taking mock offence at this comment said,"As if I'd lie to you, Meleana."

Tracy now began to feel a distinct unease at the way the conversation was going, she'd never heard a doctor talk that way before. She shuffled from one foot to the other as Meleana's gaze continued to take in the school-girl in front of her, Tracy's hair in its pig-tails made her look younger than her 18 years, and feeling very self-conscious in her uniform she was unable to meet Meleana's gazing and looked down, her hands reaching for the hem of her skirt as if to pull it lower to cover the bare flesh on show above her knee.

"How delightfully submissive," Meleana laughed, increasing Tracy's discomfort, just what was going on here she wondered. In her confusion she looked towards Miss Baxter and was re-assured to see her teacher smiling at her as if nothing was wrong. Tracy failed to notice that Christine's hand was slowly opening the zipper of the bag she carried over her shoulder.

Before Tracy could say anything Meleana took her hand.

"OK, young lady, shall we see if we can sort out your little problem for you."

Again Tracy was surprised to hear a doctor talk in this way, but let herself be led towards one of the doors along the hallway, she felt Miss Baxter's hand in the small of her back guiding her almost as if to prevent her having second thoughts.

Meleana opened the door and led Tracy in, for a second she hesitated in the doorway but felt herself being literally shoved into the room by Miss Baxter's hand.

What had caused Tracy to hesitate was what she saw in the room; 4 women in the room, two sitting in chairs and two others sitting together on a sofa between them. All were watching her as she entered the room. Tracy guessed there ages to range between thirty to almost fifty. The two who looked the youngest both had brown hair, the oldest looking close to fifty had black hair. Another heavy set woman who looked to be in her mid forties and had short wavy dirty blonde hair.

Tracy's arrival caused a noticeable reaction among the women. They all began looking her up and down just like Meleana had done at the front door. One of the brown haired women softly spoke to another, "Hey, wow. She's a real pretty one."

The other brown haired woman said, "I bet she looks even better down on her knees."

The heavy set woman added, "Bet she'd look even better tied up."

Tracy's jaw dropped, she may have been a bit sheltered for an 18 year old, but she knew sexual talk when she heard it, and she was hearing it now. She stiffened and tried to back out of the room but felt Miss Baxter grip her shoulders and prevent her from moving. And now Meleana's grip on Tracy's right hand was now as tight as a vice. She tried to turn round to run but Miss Baxter now had a firm grip on her arms and was drawing them back behind her, she struggled as much as she could against the older woman's fierce grip.

"Please, let me go," with the sound of fear creeping into her voice as she writhed in Miss Baxter's grasp, the fingers of her captors hands were tight on her forearm now, the nails digging into her flesh through her thin school blouse. "Miss Baxter, you're hurting me."

During all this Tracy had not noticed that Meleana had let go of her wrist, but suddenly she felt something cold and metallic on one of her wrists, without seeing it she knew it was a handcuff, with a strength born of desperation she made one last wild bid for freedom from which was now a very terrifying situation she was in but she was powerless against the two stronger women and with a sickening feeling in her stomach she felt the other bracelet clip onto her other wrist and she knew she was caught.

Miss Baxter now pushed her forward into the room and she stumbled to the floor in front of the semi-circle of women. Tears filled her eyes and she started sobbing as she half raised herself. She turned to look at Miss Baxter with a wounded, fearful look, but all she got in return was the teacher's lustful gaze.

Meleana walked over to her and gripped her hair and started pulling her to her feet. "Get up, bitch," she barked in a harsh voice.

Tracy tried to comply but with her arms cuffed behind her was unable to stop herself from being hauled up sharply by her hair. The pain and shock made her burst into tears; instinctively she knew she was in real trouble.

Meleana stared at her for a minute waiting for the tears and wailing to stop, and when they didn't she nodded to Christine who moved over and once more gripped Tracy's shoulders as Meleana started to undo her school tie, pulling it quickly from its collar, then passing it to Christine who swiftly tied it round Tracy's head, pulling it into her mouth, gagging her sobs.

In a few minutes Tracy's crying stopped and Meleana stood next to her and faced the group of women. Through her tears Tracy looked at the women, trying to find a sympathetic face, she glanced from one to next but, like Miss Baxter, all she found was lust. One or two blew kisses at her, but they were not out of kindness.

Meleana finally spoke, one arm around Tracy's waist.

"Well, now that our little slut has finally calmed down, I'd like to thank you all for coming to my little party tonight. Christine has graciously provide the entertainment. First though we are going to start off the night with a little auction."

The word 'auction' hit Tracy like a slap in the face, an auction was something they did to cattle not school-girls like her, her head started spinning. This simply could not be happening.

"Our prize today has been very specially donated by our good friend Christine, and I'm sure you'd all like to thank her for supplying such a delightful young thing."

There were various murmurs of agreement with this.

"Good work, Christine."

"She's a real treat, can't wait to get my hands on her."

Miss Baxter smiled and nodded at the congratulations thrown her way, and then raised her hand to still the talkers as she spoke.

"She is a beauty, isn't she, I've been watching this one for years, but never thought I'd be getting the chance to do this. Now I just need to add two things before Meleana starts the bidding. One, she's a guaranteed virgin. So who ever the highest bidder is gets to break her in for one hour. Then after the hour is up you have to bring her back down stairs for the rest of us to enjoy for the evening.

One of the two brown haired women, raised her hand.

"Yes, Jennifer."

"Does she have any sexual experience at all?"

"Just a bit of kissing with boys, as I understand it, isn't that right Tracy?"

Tracy stared at the floor, she realised now why Miss Baxter had been so explicit with her instructions about not letting anyone know what was going on, and the worst thing was she had gone along with it, effectively she had helped to abducted herself.

Then the other brown haired woman asked, "Any experience with girls?"

Miss Baxter shrugged. "I doubt it Emily, her family is very strict Christian, and I've never heard any rumours at school about her. So whoever the highest bidder is will have to break her into the pleasures of our world. Hell, she might enjoy it, but frankly, do we care?" She laughed as she said this, and the others joined in.

Meleana waited for the laughter to subside. "OK, now as you all know, the rules for our little auctions never change, highest bidder wins the bitch for one hour and can do with her as she pleases. Nothing permanent though. We would not want any one to damage Christine's new property. When the hour is up the slut is to be brought back down stairs for the rest of us to enjoy for the remainder of the night."

Tracy's throat was dry behind her gag, two words kept bouncing round in her head; 'property' and 'auction', a horrid idea was now screaming in her head. None of the women were making any attempt to hide their faces, Miss Baxter was really relaxed about the whole situation, in other words none of them seemed at all scared of any consequences. This could only mean one thing to Tracy; she was never going to get out of this.

Meleana's voice broke into Tracy's panic stricken thoughts again. "So if you'd all like to examine tonight's offering for a few minutes, and then we can begin."

The four women almost as one rose from their seats and crowded around Tracy, who shrank from their touches as best as she could, much to their amusement, until Meleana yanked her head back by the hair and ordered her to stay still.

Tracy felt fingers grabbing at the buttons on her shirt, undoing them from underneath her neck right down to her belly, then a rush of air on her stomach as her blouse was pushed open, showing her flat belly, she felt women's fingers on her skin trying to squeeze her lean flesh, with her eyes clamped shut she could not see which of the women was leaning forward to kiss and nuzzle her neck, but she heard their words.

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