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Train Yards


1970's. Another hot day in May. A high school senior just past my 18th birthday, I decided to skip school because it sucked and Karen was ignoring me again. Instead I went home, changed into a t-shirt and trunks, grabbed my surfboard and headed towards the beach.

The path I always used went through the train yards. That day they were deserted like every other day, only a few rail cars here and there. It was silent as usual and I started across without a thought.

Until I heard a yell, "Hey you - hold it!"

Running in my flip-flops with a surfboard would never work; I stopped in my tracks. Two men quickly approached; both were larger than me. The same one addressed me.

"Where do you think you're going?" he demanded. His even bigger friend closed around behind me.

"I'm going surfing," with as much 'fuck you' attitude as I could muster. They both just laughed.

"Not today, little man," the one in front sneered. "You're trespassing on private property. I might have to turn you over to the cops."

I hated anyone referring to my size. I was small in stature, not having grown much in my teen years. No amount of running or swimming changed it. The other guys always made fun of my small, slim physique and that I had almost zero body hair. They said I looked like a girl.

I looked at the two men. The one in front was in charge, at least 6 inches taller than me and 40 pounds meatier. The one behind me was darker, even larger. He didn't say anything and when I turned I caught him looking at my ass; he just met my eyes and smiled sideways.

"Come on, man," I started. "I'm just going surfing. I won't come through here again."

The first one looked at me closely. "Maybe... Let's get a statement from you. Over there."

He pointed at the small shack by the tracks. I always figured it was for the train crews to sleep or something. I glanced around; there was no way to escape. Resigned, I trudged towards the shack.

"I'm Mark," the first one said, then pointed to his friend. "That's Doug."

I just nodded. It's not like I wanted to be friends with these guys.

I leaned my board against the shack, Mark opened the door and told Doug to stand guard outside in case I made any trouble. Doug leered at me and leaned against the wall, lit a cigarette. "Have fun," he rasped to Mark.

Mark waved me inside, then followed closely.

Mark pointed to a chair. "Have a seat, I'll get the forms." I took the moment to look around. Inside was different than I expected. There was a tiny cooking area, a table with two chairs and a neatly made twin bed. Everything was kept up and given the circumstances, pretty clean.

Mark rustled around in a cabinet, then threw a small stack of magazines on the table. They were Playboys, Penthouses, other girlie mags. My eyes went big, this was long before the internet and pictures of naked girls were hard to come by. Mark saw my interest, smiled.

"We got some good ones," he said easily. "Have a look, this'll take awhile." He pulled out a lengthy form, sat in the other chair and began slowly writing.

After a few minutes I couldn't help it. I opened the first one and looked at the pictures. The girls were beautiful, alluring, incredibly sexual. I flipped through one, then two as Mark slowly wrote, glancing at me occasionally.

"What's your name?" Mark asked.

"Pat," I stammered. It was the first name that came to mind. He just smirked and kept writing.

I flipped through the magazines. The room felt closer, warmer. My cock was responding to what I was seeing and I could not resist squirming a bit in the chair as it started getting hard. I heard a creak from his chair and saw Mark glancing over, a slight smile crossing his face.

One of the girls in the magazine caught my eye. She was so beautiful, with lovely breasts and large nipples. I must have been staring at her for a while when Mark spoke again.

"You like that one?" he drawled. He pulled the magazine from me and looked. "Yeah, she's a good one."

He laid the magazine back down, open to her picture. "Imagine what it would be like, sucking on one'a them titties. I bet they get hard as a rock. You like big nipples?"

I was speechless. Only a nod came from me. I'd never talked about girls with any older man, especially not about a girl's breasts. He just leaned back in the chair, looking at the picture.

"They're a little big for my tastes," he said, looking closely. "I like 'em small. Small and hard." His eyes went to my chest and my heart skipped a beat as I realized he was looking at me, appraising my body; unconsciously I sat up straighter in the chair. With a smile, he looked back to the picture.

We both looked at the picture for a moment, then he reached down and straightened his cock through his jeans.

"I'd definitely give this to her," he said. He held his cock for a moment, then his eyes went to mine. "Would you let her suck on yours?"

A woman sucking on my cock? Wanting to suck on my cock? My virgin brain could barely conceive the idea.

Mark leaned in. "You ever have a girl suck on your cock?"

"Yeah," I lied. "A couple of times."

He just laughed.

"You're a liar," Mark said. "You trespass here and you lie to me? Better change your tone if you want to go home tonight."

My stomach sank like a rock. Mark here and Doug standing guard outside, I had no cards.

Mark looked at me; down to my hard cock, clearly visible straining against my trunks.

"I get it," his voice was understanding. "Young guy like you, probably has to jack off 3, maybe 4 times a day. Right?"

That last was not so much a question as an affirmation. I glanced down and saw his hand, again squeezing his cock through his jeans. He was touching his cock; he was older, he must know about masturbating. How badly a young man needed release.

"Maybe," I whispered.

"Well, maybe we can work a deal," he said quietly. I began to understand what he meant and began to shake slightly.

"Tell you what. Why don't you go ahead. We're just two guys. Hell, I'll start. OK?" Mark leaned back in the chair and his hand went into his pants, wrapping around his cock.

I didn't say yes. I didn't say no. I didn't say anything and after watching me with that smile for a moment, he unzipped his jeans and took out his cock.

It was big. Much bigger than mine. It was hard and I could see the veins running under the skin up to the pink head. He squeezed it and a drop of precum formed on the tip.

"Huh," he breathed. "You ever taste it?"

My breathing was heavy and I was shaking harder. I could not turn away. I watched as Mark took his finger and brought the drop from the tip of his cock to his lips, his tongue reaching out to taste. "Mmmm.." he said softly.

Cock still out, he leaned over towards me. "Your turn, Pat," he mocked, stressing the name he knew to be false. "You're hard. I can tell. Let's see what you got."

I could never explain why I did it. I reached into my trunks and pulled out my cock. It was hard as a rock and throbbing painfully. Precum was leaking out. I held it straight as his eyes took it in.

Mark looked for a few more moments, sighed "Nice," then sat back and slowly stroked his cock. He looked at the magazine on the table, then at me, then at my cock. I sat like an idiot and stared at him, then at the picture. Of it's own accord my hand began to mimic him and stroke softly along my length. Mark smiled, his hand slowly milking up, then down.

I was terrified of these two men, but at the same time felt painfully aroused and wanted- no, needed release. My cock was dripping. But I was only 18, a virgin and underdeveloped; I had never stroked myself to orgasm. The only way I could cum was to lie on my stomach and grind my cock against the heel of my hand. I looked around to the bed.

Mark looked at me, calculating. "You're looking to lie down, aren't you. You cum lying down."

I managed a nod towards his big hand stroking his big cock. "I do it differently."

"I'm always interested in learning," he said, his tone now warming. "Why don't you show me.

I stood, my cock still out. I was standing before this man, my cock, desperate to cum, sticking straight towards him. I hesitated and Mark took the moment to pull me close, his eyes devouring me.

He slowly reached his hands to glide along my stomach, across my hips and ass, stroking and squeezing me. I couldn't catch my breath.

His hands slid up beneath my shirt, cupping and squeezing my chest, his fingers finding my nipples, circling them. He smiled into my eyes as his fingers rubbed and pulled on my nipples. "Small and hard..." he whispered. Then his attention went downwards.

"That's a nice hard cock, Pat," he said, his voice heavy with lust. His fingers brushed the length of me, so light it almost tickled. I jerked in response to this first touch, then held myself still, silently pleading for more.

He leaned closer, the sudden thought came that he might suck on it; my mind reeled, I felt dizzy, I had to steady myself on his shoulders. He liked that. He held my cock, the first person to ever touch it. It jumped in his hand.

After a moment, he took his finger and touched the head, catching a drop of precum, then he brought it to my mouth, rubbed it on my lips. I licked them automatically, tasting it.

"You like that?" he watched my tongue touch my lips. I had tasted it before. It was light, sweet. I nodded.

He let go, pointed towards the bed. "Show me how you do it."

I pulled up my trunks, took the magazine and moved to the bed. I put the picture of the girl by the pillow, lay on my stomach and put my hand under my cock, pressing my hips down, pushing my cock into my hand through the fabric of my trunks. It was the only way I knew how to cum.

I looked at the girl's breasts as I began to grind my hand against my cock. It felt amazing and in the state I was in, would not take long before I came. My hips started to move and a small sound escaped my lips.

"Oh, yeah... You like that." Mark's voice was now low, gentle. "You cum like that."

He watched as I kept grinding against my hand, my breathing getting ragged. I was getting close, masturbating myself in front of this man who was watching my every move, touching his own cock while my muscles tensed and I was losing control.

"Wait," Mark said, moving over to me. "Don't cum yet. I want to learn how you do it."

Gasping for air I stopped, unsure what he wanted. Mark lay on the bed next to me, his weight shifting me, his arm wrapped around my hip, pushed my hand away. "Let me do it."

He put his hand under my cock and pressed himself against my back, our combined weight pushing me harder into his hand. He started moving his hand. "Like this?"

It wasn't quite right. I moved his hand into the perfect spot, showing him how to do it with my hand. It only took a few seconds before he understood and the feelings he created started to overtake me. Another, lower sound came from deep in my throat.

"Ahh.. there it is. Like that. Maybe some more pressure?" He moved his body more on top of me, his weight pressing my cock more firmly into his hand which started to grind harder.

A long, tortured sound came from me. It all felt so good. I was close to something much stronger than I'd ever felt before. Mark was going to make me cum. Hard. Somewhere my mind was aware that his cock was pressed against my thigh. As my hips moved I felt it push, warm and hard against my skin.

Suddenly he stopped, flipped me onto my back. He pulled my trunks down and off, exposing my cock with precum smeared all around. There was so much precum.

"It seems to be working," Mark smiled and without any warning he took my dripping cock tight into one hand, bent down and began to lick the precum off my stomach, my pubic bone; his tongue was warm, soft and slick, he was taking his time, licking me, getting it all. My eyes closed, letting the sensations take me.

Then very slowly, deliberately, he dragged his tongue across my skin and up along the length of my cock. I moaned and opened my eyes to look down and see Mark licking my cock. He looked up at me, smiled and sucked it into his mouth, then started moving his head up and down.

"Oh my God that feels good," the words came pouring out, followed by sounds I had never heard coming out of my mouth. No-one had ever touched me or held me before, much less sucked me. It was beyond incredible, my thighs were beginning to spasm but before I could cum Mark pulled his mouth off and stood up.

"Not yet. It's my turn, little Patty," as he pulled off his jeans and shirt. "Time for a ride." He was quickly naked, strong and fit and his cock was so hard.

I stared at that hard cock, standing straight out, wanting, ready. I'd never seen a man's cock before, much less one in a state like that. Virgin that I was, the look in his eyes, everything he was doing, instinct told me he was going to fuck me. He was going to push that big hard cock into me. He was going to fuck me until he pumped his cum into my body.

I didn't say no. I may have spread my legs wider.

Mark reached to a jar and took something slick from it onto his fingers; he smeared it all over his cock. He grabbed my legs and split them wide open, his stiff cock now pointing directly at me. He kneeled and closed in until it was touching between my legs, then he put my legs on his shoulders and I felt the head of his cock slide in to press against my hole.

I was shaking, scared, open, vulnerable, completely under his control. I was ready to feel it. I wanted it. I wanted him to push it into me.

He pressed his hips forward. I felt the pressure build as his cock began to push in as he began to take me. My shaking hands reached to steady myself on his arms.

He paused and his eyes raked across me, he leaned down and kissed me gently, softly. He tasted like whiskey. His tongue slid across my lips. He breathed in my ear.

"Open. Open for me... you know how. Let it in. Let it happen..." he cooed softly as he slowly pushed. It felt like a pressure, I tried to relax my hole and it hurt as the first inches slid in. He stopped, pulled out a tiny bit; he kissed me hard, then bit my neck, grabbed my hair and pushed.

It hurt, I squirmed, I moved, I wanted it so fucking bad.

"Take it, baby. I'm inside you now." His cock slid further in, I could feel it going inside, deeper, deeper. I couldn't believe how deep his cock was going, the feeling pushing so far into me kept going and going until his hips pushed against mine and I knew he was all the way in.

"There we go. All there. I'm inside my little Patty." he breathed into my neck as he paused for a moment, letting me adjust, then he started moving slowly back and forth. He was fucking me and I was letting him do it. I wrapped my legs around him and moved my hips, something inside me exploded in fireworks with every stroke of his cock into me. It was an electric jolt with every push and I could not stop the soft moans coming out.

He pulled my shirt up, exposing my chest. His hands went there and squeezed, his eyes glazed with animal lust. He licked and pulled and pinched and sucked on my nipples, his hands holding my chest tight as he sawed his cock in and out of me.

"You're going to love this. My cock fucking you. You won't stop thinking about it. You're going to come back every day, strip your clothes and beg me to fuck you." He grabbed my hair. "Aren't you?" he demanded.

"Uh... yes, yes, please, please just fuck me..." came unbidden out of my mouth. The idea of returning, stripping, offering myself to him every day set me on fire.

Then he started to fuck me in earnest. His hands on my chest held me down easily as he pumped me, fucking me so hard. He leaned down and kissed me again, my eyes closing as his tongue pushed into my mouth. I opened that to him too, giving him everything.

A chair creaked as Mark was fucking me and my eyes opened to see Doug sitting there, his meaty cock in his hand, stroking it. Watching us. Watching me.

"Don't worry," Mark panted as he kept pumping me. "We won't hurt you, Patty. My baby's going to be just fine."

Doug's big hand stroked faster as Mark's thrusts continued. Doug moved and stood by the bed, his hand flying on his cock. I watched open mouthed as he started to squirt cum onto me, onto my face and neck. He aimed and some splashed into my mouth. There was so much. I could taste it, smell it. I swallowed, feeling it slide down my throat.

Mark saw this, he leaned in and kissed me again, his tongue pushing inside my mouth, tasting Doug's cum there. His hand went to my cock, began to stroke it fast and hard as he pumped my ass in short, quick strokes. A long cry came out of me as he took me, took my body, pulling my cock like no-one ever had. A feeling started deep inside and I knew this time he was going to pull it out of me.

"Let it go baby," he whispered urgently. "Give it to me. Gimme that cum. Don't hold back, gimme that cum..."

I surrendered to him. My legs opened, my hips bucked, the orgasm built and built then everything went dark as it hit me. It spread from the root of my cock along my back and out to my entire body. It was too much, too big as I involuntarily twisted and the cum sprayed from me, splash after splash of hot teenage cum onto my chest and hair and covering Mark's tight hand.

I must have fainted for a moment. I woke up to Mark's urgent thrusting into me, licking the cum from my chest, then he held me in an iron grip and called out as he came. His whole body convulsed, taking me with it as I felt the first twitches and spasms of his cock. I could feel each throbbing pulse, every squirt of cum into me as he held me tight and came.

His thrusts finally slowed as his cock thumped and twitched inside me. He kissed me again and with one last, deep lingering push he let his cock slide out. A lot of cum slipped out with it. I was very messy down there. Mark went to the tiny closet of a bathroom as I lay there spent, used, a little sore, not at all sure what would happen next.

Doug wet a towel at the sink and sat by me, gently wiping the cum and sweat from my skin. His hands were hard and calloused but he was tender, making sure to clean me everywhere. He took extra time as he cleaned between my legs, opening me up, he looked at and stroked everything with the warm towel.

I was all cleaned up by the time Mark came back from the shower. Doug's big hand encircled the base of my cock, started a soft rhythmic squeezing. It made blood flow all around my cock.

"He ain't finished yet," Doug said in his deep voice.

Mark sat beside me too, his hands now caressing my face and chest, gently pulling on a nipple as Doug's hand kept massaging the base of my cock. I felt myself start to grow again in Doug's big hand.

"Yeah, we're gonna enjoy this," Mark agreed. "Ain't we?"

I looked at them. I made a decision.

I reached down and my fingers wrapped around Doug's meaty cock. It was warm, beating. It filled my hand. I squeezed it and felt it start to grow. With my other hand I reached for Mark's cock, still wet and smelling like soap.

I looked at them. I squeezed them. If I was going to try this, I was really going to try it.

"I want both."

"You struck gold, buddy," Doug grinned to Mark.

"I knew as soon as I seen it," Mark answered cockily.

Doug picked me up like a rag doll, like I weighed nothing, flipped me over and put me on hands and knees. He stood before me, his cock inches from my lips. His big hands guided my head closer.

I licked the length of Doug's cock, then ran my tongue around the tip. I tasted more of his cum and it made me want more. Without thinking I ducked my head and took it into my mouth, then moved forward to get as much as I could fit.

It was warm, it was big, it filled my mouth and I still could not fit it all in. I tried to move my tongue along it as it grew and hardened. He held my head still and moved his hips, beginning a slow rocking motion. I realized he was fucking my mouth.

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