My dad turned around and called back to us.

"Hey you two, pick it up a little, you're falling behind."

I smiled up at Jake.

"See, I told you if we fell back he would say something about it."

We increased our pace to catch back up with my parents and Jake's younger brother.

Unfortunately, thanks to my older sister, my relationship with Jake was a pretty contentious point between my parents and I. When Jenna was 18 she had fallen in with the wrong crowd and ended up getting pregnant right before graduation. That shook my parents pretty badly (premarital sex was against their religion), but when she told them she was getting an abortion they totally snapped. My parents were bound and determined that I wouldn't end up like Jenna. Their overbearing attitude had steadily increased as I grew older; now I was just a couple months older than she had been, and they were worse than ever when it came to boys.

Jake and I had met at the beginning of the summer while helping out at a church lunch for the elderly members of the congregation. We had hit it off really well over the past few months. I was pretty sure the only reason my parents allowed us to be together was because he went to our church, and it helped a lot that our parents got along well too.

My mom was not at all thrilled when she learned that Jake's family had signed up for the church's annual family camping trip too, and even less thrilled to learn that our campsites were right next to each other. She would have tried to pull some strings to get the sites reassigned if Jake's parents hadn't found out about it first and gushed to my mom about how excited they were that we would be located right next to each other.

As Jake and I caught up with the others, I saw Jake's brother finish off the last of a water bottle, which reminded me that I was pretty thirsty from the long hike.

"Is there anymore water?" I asked.

"Sorry honey, Joe just finished the last bottle," my mom responded.

I licked my dry lips.

"Are we almost back?"

"Should be about...," she paused to look at her watch, "20 more minutes I think."

"OK, that's not too bad I guess."


My lips were cracked and my mouth tasted of dust when we finally made it back to our camp, 40 minutes later. The sun had shone intensely on us the whole way back, and there hadn't been a single drop of water left.

I really didn't want to deal with a headache from dehydration, so I headed straight to the drink coolers to grab a coke. Drink in hand, I headed over to a shaded area of the campsite and sat down in a camp chair next to Jake. We sat talking idly while my parents worked on preparing dinner.

An hour and three cokes later, and I felt confident that I had successfully warded off any ill effects from the hike; I did have to pee pretty badly though - since the camp's bathrooms were a few minutes walk away, I tended to put off going a bit longer than usual.

"Dinner in five!" my mom called over to us.

I stood up and stretched.

"I'm gonna run to the bathroom, I'll catch you after dinner," I told Jake.


After dinner I helped my mom clean up the dishes while my dad started building up a fire in the firepit.

"Honey, why don't you run over to Jake's and see if his family wants to join us around the fire for some hot chocolate?" my mom requested.

"Sure," I responded, drying off my hands and heading off through the thin line of underbrush separating the camp sites.

Oddly, Jake's camp site seemed to be deserted. The food from their dinner had already been cleaned off their table and his parents' minivan wasn't parked on the car pad anymore. I wandered over to Jake's tent and saw that the tent's zipper lay partially open.

"Jake?" I called out, sticking my head into the tent.

Jake looked up in surprise from a book he lay reading.

"Oh hey, Emily, come in."

I crawled into the tent on hands and knees and plopped down next to him.

"No one can see us here can they," he asked rhetorically as he put his arm around me and pulled me close.

"Ha, true, but that's not why I'm here. Where is everyone?" I asked.

"My brother felt pretty sick after the hike so my parents took him into town to stay at a hotel for the night."

He leaned closer and I felt his warm lips nudging against my cheek, "That means I'll have the tent to myself tonight."

I stuck my tongue out at him as his cool fingers grazed the skin under my t-shirt. His hands had started to creep up my stomach when I heard my mom call out.

"EMILL-EEE! Where'd you go?"

I sighed, "Do you want to come over to our fire for hot chocolate?"

"Sure, sounds like fun"

I scrambled out of the tent, adjusted my shirt and called back, "Yeah mom! I'm on my way now!"

We sat around the fire sipping on hot chocolate until Jake's parents got back. They joined us around the fire, but by that time it was starting to get pretty late. Hoping to encourage my parents to head to bed early, I stood up from my camp chair and yawned.

"I'm pretty exhausted from our hike, I think I'm going to head over to the bathrooms and then go to bed early tonight."

Jake stood up as well, "Me too, I'll come along with you."

"OK, just don't take too long you two," my mom cautioned.

I walked over to my tent and grabbed my toothbrush, a washcloth, a towel, shampoo, conditioner, a brush and my pajamas. Jake was already standing outside my tent by the time I got back out.

"How did you get your stuff so fast?"

He held up a toothbrush in one hand and spread the fingers on his other to show it was empty, "I don't bring a whole bathroom with me when I go camping."

"It's just cause I'm taking a shower," I said, giving him a pretend pouting face.

Jake placed his arm around my shoulder and we walked together in silence along the dimly lit roadway to the campground's restrooms. Outside the building he gave me a light kiss on the forehead.

"See you soon," he said as we headed to opposite ends of the structure.

"I'll be a while, you don't need to wait," I called out after him.

Stripping off my clothes, filthy from the dirt of the trails, felt wonderous. The shower's warm water rehydrated my skin and released the tension from my tired muscles.

After finishing with my shower, I slipped on a fancy pair of black panties. These were my special panties; the only piece of my clothing that my parents didn't know I owned, and the only piece I painstakingly washed by hand and air dried in my closet overnight. On top of them I pulled on some pink fleece pajamas and a white t-shirt.

I walked back to the campsite alone, and retired to my tent for the night. I lay awake listening to my parents and Jake's parents talking around the campfire. Eventually the voices fell quiet and I heard the thud of car doors as they prepared for bed.

After laying still for another 15-20 minutes to give them ample time to fall asleep, I peaked out of the tent to make sure the coast was clear. The fire smoldered dimly and all of the chairs around it were empty.

A slight urge to pee tugged at my bladder as I left my tent, but I didn't plan to be at Jake's site for long, and I didn't want to have to walk all the way to the restrooms right now. I carefully made my way over to Jake's tent, treading as quietly as I could over the gravel and broken twigs on the ground.

Jake lay waiting for me when I crawled into his tent. I snuggled against him, and he wasted no time in getting down to business.

I slid one fleece-covered leg between his, and he started lightly massaging my chest through my thin shirt as we kissed.

Soon I started rubbing my leg against his package and was rewarded with a moan as he squeezed his legs tightly around mine.

I felt his hands slip away from my breasts and drop lower; fingers hooked under the elastic of my pajama bottoms, and I felt the fabric start sliding down my navel.

The waistband of my pajamas had reached my knees when suddenly a chilling sound rang out in the night air.

thud thud.. thud

I jolted in surprise at the sound of car doors closing. Low voices carried through the night air and into the tent shortly afterwards.

"Shit, I guess they weren't in bed after all," Jake noted.

Sitting up, I pulled up my pajamas and scooted over to the tent's zipper. Silently I raised it a few inches. Through the slit I saw my dad throwing wood onto the dwindling fire, while my mom and Jake's parents took seats around the fire and opened up beers.

Suddenly feeling trapped and somewhat claustrophobic, I look back over my shoulder at Jake.

"Looks like they'll be here awhile..."

Jake, apparently not seeing any problem with that, wrapped his arms around me and pulled me back against him.

"Guess we'll just have to snuggle a while," he said, pressing his lips against my cheek.

I made it clear that I didn't want to mess around much anymore; the thought of my parents finding us weighed too heavily on my mind. I didn't want to think about what would happen if they decided to check on me in my tent before they went to bed.

I slid into his sleeping bag and we lay there for a while, just cuddling together and listening to the hum of voices from outside.

I have no idea how quickly time passed while we lay there. After a while, I couldn't think of anything except needing to pee. It felt like an eternity had passed, but still I could hear voices from the campfire.

I didn't want to make my situation obvious, but eventually I had no choice. I tried to discretely shift one of my hands from around Jake to between my legs, but no sooner had I done so when I felt Jake's hand press against mine and rub it against my panties.

"Jake!" I hissed, pushing his hand away.

"Whoa, sorry," he responded, in obvious surprise.

"I have to pee. Really bad." I told him flatly as I felt my face grow flush in embarrassment.

"Oh, sorry, I thought... nevermind," he said.

I knew what he had thought, but I definitely wasn't in the mood for anything at the moment.

"I have a plastic bag in my suitcase, you know, if you end up needing that," he offered.

I tried to laugh off his suggestion, "No, I'll be fine. They can't be up that much later."

I decided to simply push my need to go as far back in my mind as I could. I lay snuggling with Jake as the crackle of the fire mixed with the sound of our parents talking.


Our van stood still, completely stuck in the traffic jam. I sat on the bench seat in the back, knees locked together and hands thrust between my legs.

"Mommm, Emily has to pee," my little brother told my parents in front.

My mom looked back at me, "do you have to go Emily?"

Annoyed, I tried to sit still, but I had to go so badly I couldn't help but bob up and down on the seat.

"No mom, not that badly, I can wait," I lied; in truth, I was on the verge of losing control completely.

"I'm just a little cold I said," as I reached into the back and pulled a blanket over myself.

Even under the blanket I was hopping up and down on the seat. They were all staring at me.

And then it happened, I just couldn't hold on any longer. I pressed my butt hard against the seat as I started to wet myself.

I stopped bobbing and sat still. They were all still staring at me. I looked out the window, and suddenly the traffic had cleared.

"I can pull over now Emily, do you still need a rest stop?" my dad asked.

"No, I'm fine," I replied, looking away from his face as I answered; even though I was covered by the blanket, they obviously knew what had happened.

"Are you sure you don't need to go pee-pee Emily? I can pull over now," my dad asked again.

"No, I don't have to pee," I said, annoyed at him for treating me like a child.

To my horror, my brother reached over and started to pull back the blanket that covered my lap.


I woke up suddenly in a hot sweat. I jabbed a hand between my legs, but to my relief I was dry. Boy did I ever need to pee I thought as I drifted back to sleep.


I stood outside the camp's bathroom facilities pushing against the door to the women's room, but it wouldn't budge. I was desperate to pee.

"Why is the door locked!" I screamed.

In desperation I ran around to the men's side. Thankfully the door opened, but Jake was standing inside.

"Hi Emily!" he greeted me.

Embarrassed at being caught in the men's room I ran back out.


I ran down a hiking path, trying desperately to find somewhere I could squat down and go, but the trails were busy today and other hikers kept walking past just as I was about to squat down.

Eventually the other traffic cleared, and I settled down to pee in a small pile of leaves. Just as I started peeing, I heard more voices coming from around a bend in the path. I quickly pulled up my clothing.

I stood by the side of the path and greeted the people nonchalantly as they walked past. When they were gone, I squatted down again. I peed for ages, but it didn't seem to be helping; I still had to pee.


I was riding along in our family car, on the way to the campground. It felt like I had been holding myself for days, and I was really starting to get tired of it. I begged my dad to pull over, but when I looked in the drivers seat no one was there.

The absurdity of riding down the highway without a driver at the wheel finally made me realize I was dreaming. I decided I wasn't going to play along with my mind's attempts to torture me any longer, so I started peeing defiantly in the seat.


Now I was sitting at the picnic table eating dinner with Jake. I looked down at my pants and saw they were totally dry, but I still had to pee, so I did. I peed and peed and peed. I peed as hard as I could. And still it seemed to have no effect on my need to go.


Then I was laying in a dark tent next to Jake, but I still had to go badly, so I peed again. I had more trouble getting started this time than before, but going felt much better now. The relief was almost orgasmic, so I pushed harder. A sudden burst of real pee leaving my urethra shocked me to full alertness. I stopped peeing immediately and wiggled my hand under my hip bone, afraid of what I would find. Although the sleeping bag was a little damp under my butt, it wasn't soaked. With my fingers I explored my panties; a wet trail, about an inch wide, ran down the back, but overall they were in OK shape.

Actually peeing my pants, albeit only a very little, came as a bit of a shock, but drowsiness clouded my mind, and I thought I could still hear my parents outside, so I rolled over and did my best to ignore the urgency of my situation as I drifted back to sleep.


I awoke from a night of hell to a soft light penetrating the tent and the chirp of early morning birds in the trees overhead. I hadn't meant to stay the night with Jake, and what should have been a romantic evening had been ruined by my need to pee. It felt like I had spent the entire night dreaming of either peeing endlessly without relief or peeing my pants, but I hadn't woken up enough to actually get up and go to the bathroom.

Now though, I had to get to the camp's outhouses ASAP; and I had to do it without being seen, or I'd be grounded the rest of the summer for sure.

I managed to slip out of the sleeping bag without waking Jake up, then I crawled on hands and knees over to the tent's zipper. The movement awoke my - apparently dormant - bladder, and I recklessly unzipped the tent and stuck my head out in great haste.

I was just about to run headlong out into the camp when I spotted my mom unloading food from the back of the car. I recoiled into the tent abruptly and slammed the zipper closed.

Groaning, I lay down on my side next to Jake, not sure what to do next.

I tried rolling onto my back to see if that would make it easier to hold, but it didn't. In fact, as soon as I was on my back I felt myself losing control. I quickly rolled back onto my side, but not before a small dribble came out.

I rested my fingers tight against my crotch, feeling the wet spot on the fabric.

Jake shifted next to me, and his elbow brushed against my stomach. I felt warmth against my fingers and a trickle running over my leg.

I couldn't remember ever having been this desperate to pee before. I had never experienced being on the verge of wetting myself, but I knew I was there now. Technically I'd already wet myself, I mused; but I still hoped to get through the situation without anybody else knowing that.

I shifted slightly, trying to drive my hand deeper into my crevice, but I felt renewed warmth against my hand and another trickle tickled my leg as I moved. My bladder was completely numb to the feeling; it felt so strange to know I was peeing, but at the same time not be able to actually feel myself going - it was almost an out of body experience.

I had no time to delay now. Swallowing my pride, I nudged Jake's shoulder and whispered as loud as I dared, "Jake. Wake up, I need to pee, literally right now, I need to pee."

Jake's eyes popped open, and he stared at me in momentary confusion.

"Jake, my mom's outside the tent," that really got him alert, "I need you to distract her, or I'm literally going to pee right here, please."

I tugged on his arm as he started to move.

"Sure, no problem," he said as he crawled to the tent's opening. Initially he ran headlong into the tent wall, not realizing the door was still zipped, but he quickly corrected the mistake and got out.

"Oh hey, Mrs. Hunter... ha yeah, I hadn't unzipped the tent far enough."


"Oh yeah, I slept well. Hey, do you think we could move the picnic table to the other side of the campfire for breakfast?"


"Great, could you give me a quick hand moving it?"


"Here, why don't you get this other side, the ground looks a bit rough on your side."

I peaked out the tent door and saw my mom's back to me as she and Jake struggled to carry the heavy wood picnic table across the camp. Never had such a clear and golden opportunity presented itself to me.

My bladder screamed for me to race straight to the bathrooms, but I knew I would never make it there before my mom turned around and saw me running down the road. To my body's angst I instead headed in the opposite direction, back towards my tent.

At inhuman speed, I unzipped the tent and dove inside. I turned and glanced through the crack just in time to see them set down the picnic table. I felt distinctly damp between the legs now, so I grabbed a pair of spare panties, scrunched them up as small as I could in my hand, and then ran back out the tent.

"Whoa, good morning dear," I heard my startled mother say as I bolted past.

"Sorry mom, I gotta pee right now," I said, not even looking back.

I ran down the road, but had to slow down after just a few yards - the jolting of a full out run was just too much to handle. I could feel an odd pulsing sensation in my abdomen, like my bladder was making an effort to push the urine out, only to be momentarily reined in again by sheer will power.

A hundred yards from the bathroom I started to feel pee leaking out with every pulse. A little more dribbled out with every step. I knew I was actively peeing myself at this point, but I also realized that the faster I ran the faster I would be peeing. Walking slowly and steadily at this point represented my only hope. Every few steps, enough pee accumulated that a chilling drip ran down one leg or the other.

With just a few yards to go I felt a sharp pain in my navel. I pressed my hand to the pain, but that proved to be a costly mistake. Immediately my bladder let go, and suddenly I was peeing myself hard enough to actually feel it through the numbness. My body ignored my brain's urgent commands to stop peeing, and I took off running towards the bathroom as an unrestrained stream ran down both legs.

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