tagErotic CouplingsTrenoweth House Ch. 04

Trenoweth House Ch. 04


The next day was a little cooler, a thin layer of hazy cloud softening the sun's harsh glare. Amber's mind wandered as she sorted through another batch of the old photos. Ben had sent her another photo earlier, a selfie taken on the coast path. He looked tanned and healthy as he grinned into his phone's camera lens, the morning sun shining on his flushed face, a fine sheen on his smooth skin, the coast path winding away behind him between the grey granite cliffs and azure sea.

She missed Ben, and was looking forward to him coming home tomorrow. She didn't really feel comfortable around his brother, the way he looked at her with those dark, hungry eyes as if he could see inside her head, see all her dark thoughts. There was something wolfish and intense about him, that was unsettling and quite a contrast to boyish Ben. She didn't like to admit it, but in her quieter moments, she had to confess she found it intriguing, and wondered if she wanted Ben back simply because she didn't trust herself to resist his advances for too much longer.

She spent longer than was really necessary composing a picture to send back, fussing over her hair, holding her mobile at arm's length, angling it down as she arched her back, emphasizing her cleavage, her perky boobs bulging against her baggy grey t-shirt and revealing a hint of her lacy black bra. Flirty without being slutty, or so she hoped. She wondered if he'd share it with his friends, boasting about his hot new girlfriend. She'd added the message "Thinking of you, hurry back babe! x", and felt a pang of guilt as she'd hit the Send button.

Although she hadn't actually done anything to encourage his brother, she couldn't help feeling she'd somehow cheated, if only in her head. She felt a little ashamed when she thought about how she'd spied on Callum and fantasized about him later in bed. But just because you fantasized about something, it didn't mean you wanted it to happen in real life, she reasoned. She fantasized about a lot of wild things in the heat of the moment, things that she sometimes found shocking in the cold light of day. Surely everyone did that, didn't they?

Anyway, there was plenty of time for self-analysis later; she had work to get on with. Only this morning, she'd found something interesting at the bottom of one of the chests, some vintage magazines, part of a series called "Gentleman's Relish".

She picked up a copy and examined it in the sunlight streaming in from the window behind her. The pages were in surprisingly good condition; a little dry and faded but the pictures and accompanying text still reasonably clear. It resembled an Edwardian pornographic magazine, each page featuring an erotic illustration with a caption beneath.

She opened it at random to find a colourful illustration of a voluptuous middle-aged lady draped over a chaise longue in a well-appointed boudoir, her body angled towards the viewer, her cheeks flushed, a look of contentment etched on her face. Her tasteful sapphire blue silk dress gaped open at the front revealing plump, pale breasts, her voluminous skirts hitched up over her thighs, bare above her white silk stockings. Behind her, a young well-dressed man lay pressed against her back, kissing her neck and looping an arm beneath her knee, spreading her thighs wide as he penetrated her from behind, his sizeable cock protruding from his dark grey breeches. Underneath, a caption read: "Whatever her ailment, Lady H. always felt better after a visit from her young doctor".

Amber flipped the page over, being careful not to damage the fragile paper. A smartly dressed, middle-aged man with a bushy black moustache reclined in a wing back chair as he puffed at a cigar. He stared at a young maid standing before him, an anxious expression clouding her pretty face as she held her black skirts up over her stomach. Her white drawers had been pulled down to the tops of her black silk stockings, revealing a lush triangle of silky chestnut-coloured hair, dark against her milky skin. The caption read: "Lord H. always liked to personally vet any new female members of the household staff."

She'd never seen anything like this before, so she got out her camera and started taking pictures of each page. All of the scenes seemed to be set in the same household, and with the same characters: here was the lady of the house spanking the young maid, her smooth, alabaster buttocks contrasting with her dark skirts. And on the next page the butler watched from the shadows as the lady of the house undressed in front of an old-fashioned bath.

It all seemed pretty tame by today's standards but she imagined in its day, it was quite scandalous. She pictured it discretely being passed from hand-to-hand in gentlemen's clubs, with a sly nudge and wink.

A knock on the door made her look up, and without waiting for her to say "Come in", Callum entered the room.

"Oh, hi," she said, brightly. "What are you doing up here?"

"I just came to see what all the fuss was about," he said, glancing around the black-and-white pictures scattered around the floor.

"Well, as you can see, I've got my work cut out," Amber said, her arm sweeping around the dozens of pictures.

"So this is what you do all day, eh? Up here on your own, looking at dirty pictures," he said, with a crooked, knowing grin.

"Well, that's my job, I guess."

There was something about him that really rubbed her up the wrong way; unlike Ben, he just seemed so cocky and conceited.

"So do you think they're worth anything?" he asked, as he strolled around the room, looking at the pictures.

"Well, it's not really my area of expertise, but I think the museum will be interested in the ones that are in good condition. I haven't seen anything like these magazines before, so they could also be of interest," she replied, watching as he stepped closer to her.

"Oh yes, he looks like he's having a good time, eh?" he said, leaning over to examine the copy of Gentleman's Relish. Glancing down, she saw that the image she'd been about to photograph was of the young maid on her knees, looking up at the butler, her pale hands extracting his lengthy cock from his dark pin-striped trousers.

She felt herself blush, as she quickly flipped the page over.

"Yes, well, anyway, I'm just here to document the pictures, the decision to buy or not is above my pay-grade," she said, looking up. He'd edged closer to her, and she shifted uncomfortably as she looked up at his face, trying to avoid glancing at his navy and grey shorts that were level with her face. The same shorts she'd last seen around his ankles as he energetically fucked Tilly in the study.

"Anyway, as you're here, there's something I wanted to ask you," Amber said, eager to change the subject as she sprung to her feet. "I found some old photos in a shoebox in the wardrobe in my room. I think they're pictures of your parent's wedding."

She'd found the shoebox the evening before and had spent some time looking through them. She was pretty sure she recognised Carl, the man that she'd seen in Carmen's bedroom the week before. He looked a lot younger, of course, and didn't have the goatee but she was sure he was one of the guests. And there was another thing: he looked just like Callum. She'd been planning to ask Carmen about them, but it would be interesting to see what Callum knew as well.

"Oh yes?" he said, following her over to the window.

"These are your parents, right?" she said, handing him the top photo in the box, its colours looking faded and washed out. It didn't look like an official photo, it looked like it had been taken by one of the guests, perhaps a keen amateur. A young, obviously pregnant Carmen in an elaborate white wedding dress sipped from a glass of water, and grinned at the photographer over her shoulder. Beside her, her new husband, handsome in a smart dark navy suit, smiled as he held a champagne flute and someone shook his hand. Behind Carmen, and off to one side was a man that looked familiar to her. He was younger (of course) and clean-shaven, but she was sure it was "Carl", the man she'd seen the first night in Carmen's room.

"Oh yes, that's them alright, they must have been about our age," he said. "That must have been shortly before I was born."

"Carmen looks beautiful, and that's your father of course. And these are your family I guess," she prompted, trying to be subtle.

"Yes, everyone looks a lot younger but this is my Uncle Pete, and Auntie Jackie..." he said, running a finger over the glossy surface as he picked out faces he recognised.

"And, um, who's this?" Amber asked, casually tapping the familiar face.

"Oh, that's Uncle Carl. Why do you ask about him?"

"Oh nothing, I just thought I saw someone who looked like him. In the village, I mean," Amber said.

"Really? I heard he lives around here somewhere but I haven't seen him in years."

"I have," Amber thought to herself, but said nothing.

She glanced at his face but it wasn't clear if he saw what she saw. To Amber he looked just like his Uncle Carl who must have been a similar age in the photo: same dark brown hair swept back over his forehead, same darkly intense eyes, same wiry build. It seemed clear to her, that Callum looked a lot more like Carl than he did his father. Her mind raced: had Carmen been cheating on Douglas with Carl? Or maybe Carl didn't want to get married at such a young age, and reliable Douglas had stepped in. Her thoughts were interrupted by the noisy sound of hammering from downstairs.

"They're noisy, huh? Hope they finish soon," she said, as she watched Callum flick through the old photos.

"Yeah. Hey, have you heard what they say about you?" he said, smirking.

"The workmen? No, what?"

"Well, I really shouldn't say..." he said, although Amber sensed he was keen to share.

"No, come on," she prompted.

"They think you're a bit of a flirt. They see you sunbathing in your bikini and those tight shorts, or flitting around in those flimsy summery dresses, and they think you're a bit of a tease," he said, his eyes sliding over her body, taking in her long, bare legs, her faded denim shorts, the swell of her breasts beneath her loose grey t-shirt.

"Well, it's not on purpose, it's just been so bloody hot," she said defensively, feeling a little uncomfortable and creating some space between them by stepping over to the window. She looked out at the tennis court, somehow hoping that she'd see the reassuring image of Ben out there, practicing his serve.

"I think you like it though, don't you? You enjoy the attention," he said, his voice suddenly close behind her.

"No, I'm not like that, and besides I've become very fond of your brother," she protested, trying to turn around but suddenly finding him pressed up against her back, the window ledge digging into her stomach.

"Ah yes, my little brother. I don't think I'd have gone off hiking if I had a girl like you waiting for me," he said, his breath hot against her neck, the sandpaper stubble of his chin rough against her skin.

"Don't. Callum, stop," she said firmly as she felt his arm snake around her trim waist, his lips brushing the bare skin of her shoulder.

"I thought you'd be grateful for a little company now my brother's away. I bet you're desperate for someone to keep you warm at night," he whispered, sliding a hand up over the grey cotton of her t-shirt and crudely squeezing one of her cupcake boobs.

"No, stop that! I thought you were dating Tilly," she protested, trying to squirm away. As she wriggled against him, she could feel the hard ridge in his shorts rubbing against her bottom.

"Tilly? No, she's a fun girl but just someone I hook up with when I'm down here," he muttered as he eased the loose t-shirt down over her shoulder and his lips left a trail of hot kisses along the bare skin.

"Come on Callum, this isn't right," Amber mewed, trying to ignore how good his lips felt, her fingers wrapped around his wrist as he roughly tugged at the stubborn brass button of her denim shorts and she felt the rough seam slipping between her thighs, rubbing against her cleft through her knickers.

"Come on, you know you want it, you little tease," he insisted, sliding a hand beneath her t-shirt and despite herself she felt her nipple respond, tingling and hardening as he fondled her breast through her thin bra.

"Please," she mewed as she struggled to break free. She felt the heat of his body pressing against her as he roughly tugged at her bra and shorts.

"Come on, you tease," he grunted, and Amber knew he meant to have her right here, bent over the ledge, her head poking out of the window.

"Please," she gasped, as his teeth nipped hungrily at her neck, and she felt herself surrendering to his rough caresses.

Just as she felt her resolve beginning to weaken, Callum froze, then stepped away and a second later she heard the footsteps outside then a knock on the door.

Amber let out a sigh of relief as she straightened her t-shirt and hoped she didn't look as flustered as she felt. She looked up as Carmen entered carrying a cup of tea, like a fairy godmother sent to preserve her virtue (such as it was!)

"Oh Callum! I didn't know you were up here," she said.

"I was just seeing what all the fuss was about," he said, nodding towards the photos that littered the floor.

"I was just saying I've got to get on, so he was just going," Amber said, fixing him with a glare.

"Yes, well, perhaps I'll see more of you later," he said as he exited, managing to look both triumphant and sheepish.

"Oh, I've been looking for those!" Carmen said, spying the shoebox as Callum brushed past her.

"I found them in my wardrobe. They're your wedding photos right?"

"Yes. Oh, don't I look plump! Even under that wedding dress, there was no disguising the fact that I was six months pregnant, was there?" Carmen said, laughing softly as she examined the top photo.

"You look lovely though. You were pregnant with Callum, right?"

"Yes, I hated being surrounded by all that champagne and not able to drink a drop," she said, wistfully.

"Callum, was pointing out some of your relatives. Uncle Pete, Auntie Jackie. Uncle Carl..." Amber said, letting the name hand in the air.

"Yes, Carl, we were quite close once."

"You know, I can't help noticing he looks an awful lot like Callum, don't you think?"

"I suppose," Carmen said, holding the photo a little close, then looking up at Amber, waiting for her to continue.

"I mean, when I first met him I couldn't help noticing how different Callum and Ben look. I don't mean to pry, it's just..."

"Anyway, I'm sure you've got a lot of work to finish off. So I'll let you get on," Carmen said, interrupting her.

And Amber could only stand and watch as she gathered up the box, and swept out.


"Keep it together, one more evening before Ben comes back," Amber muttered to herself as she slipped a bright green, floral print dress over her head and wriggled it down over her slim hips. After her encounter with Callum earlier, she'd decided to wear something more modest to dinner this evening, despite the lingering heat as the sun lingered behind the trees outside her window. She hummed to herself as she wriggled the hem down over her knees, and fastened the small olive-green buttons on the front up to her neck.

Her low heel sandals, some matching emerald stud earrings and a touch of English rose lipstick completed the look, and soon she was skipping down the stairs, looking forward to dinner.

The others were already in the dining room, and were just starting to eat. Tilly and Carmen on one side of the table, Callum on the other. Amber reluctantly took the only place left, next to him, determined to ignore him if she could. Just one more evening, she thought to herself, as she slid onto the chair, feeling the cool, hard wooden seat through her thin dress.

"Have you heard from Ben?" Carmen asked as she spooned some of the chicken Caesar salad onto Amber's plate.

"Thanks, Yes, he sent me a lovely picture this morning," she replied, sitting back down.

"It'll be good to have him home; I expect you'll be happy to see him,"

"Yes, I bet you'll be glad to see my little brother again," Callum added.

It always annoyed her when he referred to Ben as his 'little brother', it was so patronising! She wanted to say something like "There's nothing little about Ben" but it just wouldn't be appropriate in front of Carmen.

"Yes, although it's only a couple of days till I go back," she said.

As she talked, Amber felt Callum's hand against her leg beneath the table. At first, she thought he'd brushed against her accidentally and shifted a little away from him. Soon though, he rested his hand on her leg, just above her knee, squeezing it in an over-familiar way.

"So how's your work going? Nearly finished?" Carmen asked.

"Yes, I've only got a few dozen of the good quality photos left to catalogue," she replied, shooting Callum what she hoped was a frosty look and she slid her fingers around his wrist and tried to prise his hand away.

"And you're definitely going back on Saturday?"

"Yes, I called Dr Rogers to try and persuade him to give me a couple of extra days, but he insisted he needs me back on Monday," Amber said, trying to maintain her composure as they chatted, but beneath the table there was an invisible tug-of-war going on. Instinctively, she didn't want to make a scene, as it was clear that Tilly was very fond of Callum and Ben was due back tomorrow so she quietly squeezed her knees together and tried to pull his hand away.

"Well, that's a shame, we've enjoyed having you here," Carmen replied.

Callum was persistent and surprisingly strong, quickly slipping the hem of her skirt up and slipping his hand between her bare knees. She didn't want to admit it to herself, but she could feel her body responding to his touch, her thighs tingling as he eased his hand higher. She ate quickly, squeezing her thighs together and trying to ignore the gathering heat between her thighs. She felt relieved when she'd finished her food, and Tilly and Carmen started to clear the plates.

"Stop it!" she whispered angrily, leaning close to him as the two women briefly disappeared into the kitchen. She grasped his hand and firmly placed it back on his leg.

"Come on, you've been teasing me for days, I'm just getting my own back," he said, shooting her one of his annoying grins. "Tell you what: I'll stop fooling around if I can come up to your room later."

"In your dreams," she hissed.

She was wondering whether to escape upstairs when Tilly returned from the kitchen carrying a large bowl of chocolate trifle. It looked delicious, a wicked, decadent mixture of chocolate brownies, raspberry jelly and whipped cream, the top covered with chocolate shavings.

"Ta da!" she said, setting in the centre of the table proudly.

"Wow, that looks great!" Carmen exclaimed.

"Yes, well done Tilly," Callum added, and Amber felt his hand return, slowly but surely easing her summery skirt back up, then sliding smoothly between the tanned skin of her thighs.

"Mmm, it looks deliciously decadent," Carmen exclaimed excitedly.

"Gosh, that looks really rich. You know, I think I've had enough," Amber said, shooting a meaningful glance at Callum as she squeezed her thighs together trapping his hand.

"Come on Amber, don't make us feel guilty, live a little," Tilly said, standing up and scooping a large spoonful of chocolate brownie, double cream and raspberry jelly into her bowl.

"Well, I'm going to have some. Come on, you know you want it," Callum said, winking at her. She watched as he slid his bowl towards the centre of the table with one hand, whilst under the table the slender fingers of his other hand continued to wriggle between her clenched legs.

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