Tommy Lawrie leaned back against the tree and took a long drag on his cigarette. The ember glowed brightly in the darkness, illuminating his jowled face and lopsided spectacles.

She's late getting home tonight, he thought. He'd gotten used to her normal hours. Usually he could predict her movements pretty well.

Where would she have gone tonight? he wondered. There were, to be sure, a range of bars and clubs in town, ones drawing students from the university.

He'd watched her driving away an hour and a half ago. Normally, she'd be back in less than an hour, her latest catch riding beside her.

Occasionally, she took the heavy motorcycle from its place in the carport, returning with the prize of the day riding behind her. Motorcycle mama in leathers -- it never failed to draw the boys.

The last time she'd taken the bike, the figure behind her was holding on by her breasts as they entered the cul-de-sac her house was on. From where he watched in the darkness, Tommy hadn't seen any attempt on her part to move the boy's hands.

But tonight it was the blue E-Class Mercedes, her usual meat wagon. He smiled to himself. Good bait for the boys!

Maybe she'd gone to a dance club? he thought. Legs like hers always benefitted from being on the dance floor and what woman didn't enjoy dancing? Probably some really slow dancing, too, he mused, giving her a chance to rub her boobs up against some kid. And get her ass fondled, too.

He shook his cigarette package. There were still a few left. Knowing he'd be unable to smoke after she'd returned, he knocked one out on the back of his other hand, grasped the filter in his lips and pulled it loose. The lighter's flame showed that what hair was left was primarily grey.

Tommy reached down and shifted his balls, scratched the inside of one thigh. What's taking her? he wondered. Let's get this show started, girl -- Daddy's waiting!

Up where the boulevard entered the neighbourhood, he saw car lights brighten on the other side of the canyon rim, pop into view, then dim as they angled downwards. He raised his eyebrows in hope. Was it her?

He began mentally counting. When his count reached 30 seconds, he could hear the motor and then, a second or two later, saw the lights of the car as it slowed to turn into the cul-de-sac.

As it passed under the streetlight at the corner, Tommy saw that it was indeed the Mercedes. As it turned under the corner streetlight, he was surprised to see her blonde hair on the passenger side.

She must have really been hot for this kid! he grinned. Letting a stranger drive her baby!

The sedan slowed, made a hesitant turn before entering the driveway and stopping. The brake lights glowed brightly for a moment before going off. From his hiding spot 25 yards away, Tommy could see the two heads come together, backlit by the front door light.

The two heads locked together for a moment, then the dome light came on as one door and then the other opened.

The driver, when he got out, proved to be a foot taller than the woman. He walked around to the passenger side of the car and Tommy could see him passing her the car keys.

She tucked them into her purse before pulling his head down for another long, lingering kiss. His hands grasped her by the waist before sliding lower.

Her purse strap slid slowly through her fingers. When it reached the bottom, she let it fall the remaining few inches to the ground before her now-free hand joined the other in clutching his head.

Even from where Tommy was, he could see her grind her hips, forcing her groin against his leg. Tommy grinned with anticipation.

For his part, the man's hands began running up and down over her thin dress, lingering over her bum, caressing and fondling her buttocks.

Good show tonight, Tommy thought to himself. She obviously doesn't care much who sees her.

Then, grinning widely, Just as well!

The woman broke the embrace and, taking the tall figure by the hand, led him around to the side of the house, opened the iron gate. While she passed from view, the man stopped half-way through the gate, as if blocked by her not moving further.

De-arming the security system, Tommy thought to himself. He knew the place well, had been through that gate himself many times.

A moment later, the tall figure stepped forward. The gate closed behind him.

Ahhh! Tommy thought. I wonder if she'll take him skinny-dipping in the pool? It would be a long walk to where he could watch in safety if she did, he knew.

He listened carefully. He knew this woman, knew her habits. When she swam, she always -- always - turned on the sound system.

Tonight, there was no music, ergo, no pool. Elementary, my dear Watson.

Tommy waited a minute before stepping out of the shadows and walking quietly but quickly across the road. Dressed in dark jeans and a black hoodie, he was barely visible except when passing through the cones of light from the widely-spaced streetlights. Approaching the driveway entrance, he pulled up the hood to his hoodie.

Loose gravel crunched softly as careful feet walked up beside the car. Approaching the side gate, he paused, listened. Hearing nothing, he eased the gate open slowly. It opened silently.

Tommy himself had oiled the hinges last week.

He was familiar with the layout of the back yard and stepped confidently but gently. There was still the possibility that one or both of the couple would be outside.

Peering around the corner, he satisfied himself that he was alone outdoors and eased his way between the wall of a shed and a chest-high hedge.

With a few more steps, Tommy was able to see into both master bedroom and the living room next door to it. The doors to the latter were open, but only one dim light was visible from the kitchen beyond. As he watched, the bedroom was suddenly lit by low, clear light as the woman and her stud for the evening entered. The latter was carrying a bottle of something. From the empty flutes the woman carried, it was no doubt sparkling wine of some sort, maybe even champagne.

She set the glasses down on the bureau. Moving to where he stood, she laughed, kissed the boy lightly and deftly opened the bottle before pouring each of them a glass.

Tommy's view was clear enough that he could make out the label on the bottle, a high-end north-coast sparkling rosé. She must really like the kid, he mused.

He watched as the couple touched glasses. She set her glass down again and began running light fingertips down his chest.

Tommy looked around and, as he remembered, there was a plastic deck chair between the shed and the hedge. He reached out, pulled it towards him and swivelled it around before sitting down in it. His eyes were now just high enough to see over the hedge.

When his eyes returned to the bedroom in front of him, the boy's shirt was off and tossed to one side. Her blouse lay crumpled on top of it and his hands were running over her flawless skin.

Very shortly, his large hands were fumbling at her bra clasp. After a moment, impatiently, her hands came up behind her, brushed his aside. A moment later, the brassiere was falling to the ground.

In rapid succession, garments were shed until the two stood naked under Tommy's eyes. He felt the first stirring in his groin.

The woman was short, with a figure that was lush while still well short of being plump. She half-turned and he could for the first time see full breasts just starting to show their age.

Well, Tommy thought, it wasn't as if she was still 20 years old. Still damned hot. Doesn't matter how many times I see them, they still turn me on.

The boy on the other hand was almost young enough to be her son. Tall, slender, he had tousled brown hair and was clean-shaven but for a skimpy would-be beard on his chin. Give it a few years, champ! Tommy smirked.

Surprisingly graceful, the woman knelt in front of the boy and took his rapidly-growing manhood in her hands. She looked up, almost towards the open door, and turned slightly. Obediently, his cock in her hand, the boy turned with her.

Thanks, sweety! Tommy thought. I couldn't have gotten a better angle if I'd asked for it.

In front of him, separated only by the width of the pool, Tommy watched entranced as the woman bent her head and licked the boy's length from base to tip. It twitched in her hand. Tommy could see her giggle.

From under his jeans, he felt his own cock beginning to harden. He breathed deeply.

Damn, but he wanted a cigarette now!

The young man's eyes were closed, a smile on his face. His hands rested on her head as it bobbed back and forth over his length. She pulled back, a string of saliva between his crown and her lips. Leaning back, she slowly pumped the loose skin on his rigid shaft with one hand while rolling the boy's balls with the other.

His eyes clenched tightly, the boy moved as if to thrust into her mouth. Instead, the woman grabbed his hands and pushed them away from her head. His eyes opened and there was a disappointed look on his face.

Even through the window, Tommy heard her laughter this time, saw her shaking her head. With a wicked smile, she leaned back towards his groin ; the very tip of her tongue tracing a slow path from the base of his cock to the very tip.

Apparently pleased with herself, she leaned back to look up at her lover.

Rising, she led the young man by the hand to the four-poster bed Tommy could see on the other side of the room. Climbing up onto it, she pulled him down beside her. The youth got on the bed and moved to get on top of her, but her hands pushed him away, led him to lie down beside her.

She likes to take her time. Tommy reflected. This kid'll learn a lot from her if he's willing.

The bed was arranged to that Tommy was nearest its foot. From where he sat outside, he had a perfect view of their bodies, of every motion, every expression.

It was a vantage point Tommy was particularly fond of.

The woman reached out behind her, found a glass of bubbly and passed it to the boy, who sipped from it before passing it back. She twisted so as to be able to reach the side table, put the glass down and rolled back to him.

Settling in beside him with her head on her shoulder, she began to play lightly with the young man's rigid cock, stroking it gently from top to bottom with her fingertips. It twitched in response.

The boy paused before he began to caress and fondle her opulent breasts. From her smile, Tommy could see she clearly enjoyed his attentions.

She continued to tease and excite the youth's stiffness, thumbing its head, pumping lightly, but lifted her head to his from time to time for a long, hot kiss.

Tommy wanted those kisses for himself. He dreamed of them, often.

The boy rolled her over onto her back and, shifting his mouth to worship her hard, dark nipples. The woman's eyes closed to slits, her smile broadened. She gasped as his hand slid slowly down over her chest, her stomach and entered between her firm thighs.

She didn't however stop playing with his cock. Even from where he was, Tommy could see the boy's swollen balls, so softly polished by her slim fingers.

The two figures shifted, moved slowly through an exquisite dance of foreplay. From where he stood, Tommy could see her nip the boy's nipples with white, perfectly even teeth. The young man squirmed, but smiled at the sensation. Tommy approved; he too liked it when women did that to him.

His fingers probed more deeply into her sex, moving more quickly now. Instinctively, her thighs tightened on his hand, but the boy's motions didn't slow down.

Tommy was determined that those thighs would be around his waist sometime soon.

The woman pulled away from his caresses, reached beside her to open the drawer on a side table and began to fumble inside it. Her hand emerged with a foil package. Tearing at one corner with her teeth, she took the condom into her mouth and bent again to the boy's cock.

Tommy leaned forward, fascinated and tormented by the spectacle in front of him. He watched as the woman's head bobbed further and further onto the boy's pole, finally backing away leaving the entire length of the rubber sheath unrolled over it. Leaning back, she smiled triumphantly at the boy. His hand in return swept softly over her head.

Tommy lusted for that mouth on his own meat, those lush lips sweeping up and down his shaft, his crown prodding the back of her throat as the boy's was now.

Patience, he told himself. The woman was his tonight, once the boy had left, and tonight would last a long, long time if he had anything to say about it.

Backing off his covered organ, she reached up and again pulled the boy's face to hers for a prolonged kiss before turning, kneeling and grasping one of the uprights, her glistening sex aimed at both lover and secret spectator.

Tommy could see her wiggle her bottom at the boy, liquids from her sex shining on perfect inner thighs. Her smiling face was visible over one shoulder.

Perfect angle, Tommy thought. I almost want to call out and say thanks.

The youth needed no more encouragement. Stepping forward, he seized her hips with both hands. His hips moved forwards, back, forwards again before one hand left her hips to reach between them, guiding him home into her depths.

Tommy had seen many a man in her bedroom. The boy's member was about average in size. He was however, Tommy judged, using it with more-than-average skill.

To Tommy's surprise, the boy didn't start pounding away as so many other men his age would have. Instead, the young man's hips moved slowly, easing his pole in and out of the woman. And he swayed slightly from side to side, varying his angle as he entered her.

Looking at the woman's face, Tommy could see she was enjoying herself. Her breasts swayed gently under her with the motion imparted by the tall boy's enthusiastic thrusts.

Tommy was enjoying himself, too. It was a good night -- not too hot, not too cold, a good view, no bugs. On impulse, he rose slightly up from the chair, unzipped his jeans, fumbled inside and extracted his half-hard penis and his scrotum.

He rose briefly before sitting back in the chair again, jeans pooled around his ankles.

Tommy never wore underwear on nights like this.

They might get in the way of something important.

Gently, he rolled his balls in his left hand while thumbing his cockhead with his right. He felt himself stiffening. Nothing like a good show to help there -- and this gal always puts on a good show!

Inside the house, the boy had gradually increased his speed and force. Tommy could see ripples in the skin of her buttocks when his stomach slapped her ass, again and again. Her boobs were swaying faster too. He could hear her cries through the glass windows, distantly, as if hundreds of yards away.

I'd like to watch her outside sometime, he thought. The pool deck didn't count - he wanted seriously outside, maybe in a forest or a field or something.

Tommy began to stroke himself to the rhythm of the boy's hips. He could feel the pressure, the initial heat building within him, but knew he wouldn't allow himself to cum yet. He wanted to save that for later, for when the young man had gone.

When she was alone.

The boy was pumping frantically now. Tommy wondered if she was going to be able to cum first. In a way, he sometimes felt sorry for his night-time actress, for she didn't always get what she wanted.

The boy's hands suddenly clutched hard. Tommy could see his fingers whiten. He sagged forward a little, breathing hard.

There was a slight frown of disappointment on the woman's face, instantly replaced by a fixed smile. Tommy watched as she slid her behind away from the man, leaning up to kiss him briefly before helping him lie down on the bed.

Tommy watched as she slipped into the bathroom, reappearing with a cloth in her hands. Kneeling on the bed beside him, she removed the condom, discarded it and then gently cleaned up the boy's organ.

Dropping the cloth, she lay down beside the boy, her head on his shoulder. The boy's hand came up and cradled her head. Tommy could see him saying something to her. Perhaps in response, her free hand slid down his chest, across his stomach, coming to rest with slender fingers grasping his flacidness.

They moved gently and slowly along its length, stretching it again and again before fondling the balls hanging beneath it. Her head rolled to his, her tongue began licking his neck and ears before she moved into a lengthy and grinding kiss.

Tommy had watched those fingers in action before and was hardly surprised when, under their skilled and practised ministrations, the boy's organ began to regain its former size. He should be good for a couple of more, Tommy thought to himself. He'd spent enough nights watching young men through this particular window to fancy himself a proper judge.

He smiled from behind the hedge as the woman spun on the bed, kneeling on either side of his chest to present her sex to his face and taking his half-hardened cock in both hands. Her head descended on it. Tommy could see her cheeks grow hollow with suction as her hands stroked her lover's thighs, fondled and pulled gently on his balls.

The boy on the other hand simply lay there, merely absorbed in his own pleasure. That's prime pussy, kid, Tommy smirked. Don't ignore it!

As if the woman had heard his thoughts, her head pulled off the erection in front of her. Tommy could see her say something and could easily imagine what it would be.

The boy's hands clasped each of her bum cheeks and his head rose to between them. The woman gave a silent gasp and her eyes closed before she returned to the velvet-covered steel still resting in her hands.

Tommy began to work his own cock again at the sight. Not too fast, not too slow, he thought. Just build up some steam - for later. His fingers slid over his balls, pulled the soft skin back and forth over the hard core of his shaft, manipulated and teased the swollen head.

The couple in the bedroom became more and more energetic in their lovemaking. The woman froze, lifted her head off the young rod. This time, even through the window, Tommy could hear her cries clearly. To his credit, the man between her legs didn't stop but continued to lick and suck her sex. The cries became louder until she wiggled out of his grasp. Tommy could see her panting. Tommy slowed down his own strokes, smiled at the flushed look on her face.

Good job, kid!

The boy was clearly not finished, his organ red, swollen and glistening with her saliva. He rolled the woman onto her back and was moving to kneel between her legs when her hand came up to his chest to push him away. She said something, still panting and her eyes closed.

The young man looked around until his eyes fell on the side table. He shuffled over to it and opened the drawer. After a moment's fumbling, he emerged with another foil-wrapped condom.

There would be no help from the woman this time, but the boy apparently knew that. Tearing the package with his teeth, he extracted its contents. In a few seconds, the condom was rolled down over his penis and he was darting back to her welcoming sex.

Tommy watched as he down on top of her, one hand reaching between them to seek her opening. His hips moved forward as his arm emerged. In turn, her arms came up to wrap around his waist.

The boy began thrusting into the woman, harder and faster. In response, she began to raise her hips, rolling and rocking them in time with his lunges.

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