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Twin Sex


It was such a peaceful dream. So vivid and real. What could have woken me? Then I heard it again, the familiar creak in the hinge of my bedroom door. I slit my eyes so it looks like I'm still sleeping and sneak a quick peak at the clock. Six seventeen in the morning. I switch my view to the door and watch a shadowed form slip into my room and lightly tip-toe towards my bed. It could only be my twin sister. Even encased in early morning shadows, her form is unmistakable. Ever since she started to physically change I've had a crush on her, and its only gotten stronger as we grew. Now we're both 19 years old and home from college on Christmas break.

I seem to be getting ahead of myself. My name is John and my sister is Amanda. I was born 23 minutes after she was, but I have always been protective of her. I'm 6'1" 198 lbs black hair, and gray eyes. I exercise regularly, and have been told I'm "perfectly proportioned." I've never had trouble finding a date on any friday night, but never had anyone special in my life. Amanda, is 5'6" 110 lbs long and thick black hair, and dark brown-black eyes that I've always found to be very exotic. Her pants size is 2, and in the past 7 years she's filled out her shirt and now has perfect curves in all the right places. She's dated the same guy from when she was 15 years old until just before college started. She was going to a college 1500 miles away and he worked in the autoshop in the next town over, I'm sure you can figure out why they broke up. I was accepted into my school of choice which was 500 miles from home-the other way.

I knew what she was doing-sneaking into my room like this. It's Christmas morning, and every year she jumps on my bed-and me, and wakes me up. As she's tip toeing across the floor of my room, I realize that she didn't know I was awake. I quickly form a plan and when she jumps up into the air aiming to land on my chest, I reach up and wrap my hands around her waist in mid-air. She squeals in surprise as I toss her on the bed to the far side of me, pinning her hands and legs with my own.

"MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!" I yell in her ear as she squirms to get away.

"That wasn't fair Johnnie! You scared the hell out of me!"

"Paybacks a blast, isn't it?" I reply, still not letting her go.

She keeps trying to get free, but I have her legs scissor locked with my own, and my arms rapped around her holding her hands in the small of her back. After a few seconds of holding her there, I realize just how close she is to me. Her body pressed up to mine, her breasts squished against my bare chest. Almost instantly, I'm fully aroused and my member, covered only by my boxers, is pressing up against her abdomen. She stops trying to break free and whips her head around to look at me. She's wearing a smirk and has a look in her eyes I've never seen before. We stare at each other for a few seconds until I come to my senses and release her, almost throwing her off the bed in the process. "Merry Christmas." she whispers, still with that little smirk playing across her lips. I open my mouth to say something, anything, to break this uncomfortable silence when my alarm goes off. Amanda pulls herself up and over me. She pauses while partially on me to turn off the alarm. I feel every inch of our contact. The skin of her stomach sliding slowly on mine, the fabric of her shorts and mini-tanktop send shivers down my spine. God I wanted her...

I was so taken by the feeling of skin, that I didn't even realize that she had straddled my waist and that my dick was nestled nicely in the crack of her ass. She spends a few seconds there moving up and down, letting my cock slide in her ass crack. She gets up, as if she knew that I was about to cum. She walks towards my door and halfway across my room she bends at the waist to pick something up. A small wet spot is quite visible on her shorts, and I realize that she must have been turned on also. She stands back up and tosses something at me that hits me in the chest and falls into my lap.

"Hurry up, I want to find out what you got me for Christmas." She says as she walks out of my room. After she's gone and closed the door, I decide I have to relieve the ache I have in my groin. I look down to see what she threw, and an surprised to find a sock laying there. Did I mention she had a sense of humor?

I tossed the sock into my hamper and jumped into my shower. In need of relief, I lean back against the shower wall and run over what happened not even 10 minutes before in my bed. As I slowly stroke myself, I go over in my mind the feel of my dick wedged between her ass cheeks and quickly finish myself off. I finish up in the shower, dry off and get dressed. I head downstairs to find Amanda curled up on the love seat and our parents sitting in their recliners. I tried to act as normal as possible, and must have succeeded. My parents didn't seem to think anything was different, but my sister kept stealing glances at me with that look in her eyes. It looked so familiar, but I just couldn't place it.

We all open our presents together. My mother got a diamond necklace from my father, and my father got a new laptop and a set of torque wrenches. My parents got Amanda and me new cell phones. Amanda had gotten me a new digital camera that must have cost her everything she earned the whole semester at college while working in a campus bistro. Feeling really ashamed, I hand her her present and she opens it to find a copy of Poe's complete unabridged works. Since she's going to college for an English major, I thought it would be perfect. I mean, she knew I was going for a major in photography, and instead of getting just a batch of developing paper, she got me the newest camera on the market. The one I was saving up to buy by the end of the spring semester.

"Thank you, Johnnie. It perfect. I'm taking a class next semester that focus's on Poe, and this is the book I need for the class. How did you know?"

"I didn't, but I know you enjoyed a few of his stories when we were in high school, and I figured you'd like to own a copy."

"I do, thank you." She says with a smile that shows how much she appreciates the gift. That look is still in her eyes, and it comes to me. I've seen that look on the faces of a few girls from school who had crushes on me. All this time that I've had feelings for her, it never occurred that they might be reciprocated. This realization completely blew my mind. My mind was racing, trying to come up with ways to develop this into something more.

As a family, we ate a huge breakfast. I figured we'd spend the day lounging around relaxing, but our parents had different plans. "Okay kids," mom says, "go get a change of clothes together, we're spending the night at my sister Ellen's house." We go up and pack overnight bags and pile into the car for the 4 hour drive to our Aunt Ellen's house. The heater in the car broke after an hour on the road and the car started to get chilly. Amanda scoots across the back seat and sits right next to me, with out thighs touching.

"Oooh, it's so cold!" She says, her teeth chattering. I put my arm around her to hug her close, hoping that some of my body heat would help warm her alittle. After 15 minutes, I jump at the touch of her hand on my thigh. Our parents didn't see anything, and I wasn't sure I could've stopped myself anyway. Only minutes go by until she's rubbing my thigh up and down slowly, building alittle friction and heating up her hand and my leg as well as getting me hard. My dick grew to full length down my left pant leg, and on one of her strokes of my thigh, she accidentally rubbed a finger against it. She pulled back and continued stroking my thigh. Every few strokes, she'd rub a finger against my dick and make it twitch. I was getting really horny during this, and drop my arm under her jacket and around her back so my hand rested on her side. I start rubbing her ribs, gently massaging her through her sweater. I start rubbing in circles that grew ever wider, until I rub my index finger along the bottom edge of her left breast. Amanda moans softly, and starts to rub one finger along my length repeatedly now. I start rubbing the side and underneath of her breast. I realize she isn't wearing a bra, and slip my thumb and forefinger up and twist her nipple alittle.

Amanda moans loud this time, and mom heard her. "What was that honey?"

"Oh! Nothing mom, its just so cold. Isn't there anything that could be done, daddy?" Amanda asks as she moves a few inches away from me.

"I don't think so honey, but i guess I could check under the hood." Their father tells them. He pulls over to the side of the road. He gets out and opens the hood. He's out there for 5 minutes or so, and then closes the hood and gets back in. "All fixed!" He exclaims has he starts the car and pulls back onto the highway.

"Yay..." Amanda says with little enthusiasm as she goes back to her side of the back seat, taking off her sweater but leaving her cotton tanktop. She pulls out her new book and starts to read. After awhile I start to get bored, so I pull out my new camera and start learning how to use it. Doesn't take long and I glance over at Amanda. She's still reading her book, but I notice that she's idly running a finger along the curve of her breast. I rest the camera on my leg and start to take some pictures of her. After I take 4 or 5 shots of her, she adjusts how shes sitting in her seat and settles down pretty much facing me. She continues reading her book, but she uses a finger on her free hand to gently trace the curve of her breast and prominent nipple pushing at the thin fabric of her top. I glance at our parents, but they're in a heated discussion about which route is the fastest. I continue taking photos of Amanda as she trails her finger across her shirt and gingerly pinches a nipple between two fingers and lightly twists it. She looks up at me and grins. She stops touching herself and goes back to reading her book.

I look at the photos I had taken. I'm pretty impressed with the clarity of the pictures, but even more so by the subject of the photos. She truly is simply amazing. After flipping through them for a few minutes, I put the camera down and close my eyes thinking I'd doze for a few minutes.

"Time to wake up little brother." Amanda says as she shakes my shoulder. I must have slept the rest of the trip, because here we were at our Aunt Ellen's house. I get out of the car and stretch. My father throws me half of the bags and we start walking up to the house.

"Welcome! Welcome!" yells our aunt as we walk up the porch steps and she bustles out of the house. "I'm so happy to see all of you! Johnnie, Amanda, how grown up you two look after your first semester in college!" Aunt Ellen takes our jackets after we get in the house and we hear voices coming from the livingroom.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Jack and his wife are here to visit this year also. And that means we'll be alittle tight in living quarters tonight. Sorry kids, but it looks like you're going to have to share a room for the night, okay?"

"Sure," I say trying to look as put out as possible, while inside I felt like I would float off the ground.

We all head into the livingroom and catch up since the last we were together. Gifts are handed around, as well as some eggnogg and appetizers. Amanda and I lounge out and watch a few movies that afternoon, aways sitting far enough apart because of everyone around us. I don't remember what we watched since all I could think about was that night and my sister's hand rubbing my... thigh.

After dinner, my father, uncles and I head to the den to watch whatever sports game we could find on the tv. After the game, it was getting alittle late so everyone decided to call it a night. Amanda had gone up to shower already, so I went to check out the room while I waited for my turn. We were given the spare guest bedroom. The one with a single bed big enough for one person. I heard the bathroom door open and I grabbed my towel and headed for the shower. Amanda and I smiled at each other as we passed in the hall. She was wearing a towel and nothing else, aasy to figure out when the front blew open giving me the barest glimpse of alot of bare skin. I took the worlds quickest shower, dried off and headed back to the room. Amanda was laying in bed reading her book again, the covers pulled up to her armpits, 2 thin straps curving around her shoulders.

"Everyone asleep yet?" she asks me.

"Yeah, all the lights are off and its quiet. Its been a long day." I said, not knowing where this was going or how to get it to where I wanted it.

"Good." She said as she put down her book. "Johnnie, we need to talk."

"I know, I just didn't know how to bring it up. I'm not completely sure how you feel, or if you're just messing with my head, or what. I do know how I feel and what I want, but I don't think you feel the same."

"Thats just it, I do feel it. All day especially, but I have for a very long time. I love you Johnnie, as my brother, and as more. I can't help it even though its wrong, and I don't know if I can hold back how I feel any longer."

Music to my ears! All this time she felt the same about me as I felt for her. "I can't help it either, Amanda. Lets play it by ear, and see where it leads us."

She laughs at that, a sultry, erotic laugh that starts to send blood down to my groin. "Oh, I know exactly where its going to lead. Now come to bed. Its been a long day."

I take off my shirt and climb into bed in only my boxers, noticing that she's wearing a teddie. I turn off the light and settle down. Its a tight fit with the two of us in the bed, yet very comfortable. I turn my head to ask her a question, I don't remember what it was because all I got out was, "Hey Aman..." and her lips were on mine. Kissing me slowly. I kiss her back, enjoying the way her lips feel against mine. Our kissing becomes more animated and passionate, her tongue slips into my mouth and rubs against mine. I dart my tongue into her mouth as my arm encircles her back and pulls her closer to me. Her breasts press into my chest and she places one of her petite hands on my side and squeezes my waist. After what seemed like an eternity of this, we break apart, breathing hard and staring into each others eyes hungrily.

As we catch our breath, I caress her neck and shoulders with my fingers. She closes her eyes and lays her head down, enjoying the feeling. I lean over and gently lick her earlobe, sucking it into my mouth and gently nibbling on it. She moans lightly into my ear as she wraps her arms around my back and digs her nails into my skin. I kiss a trail down her neck and shoulder, lifting the strap to her teddy down and off her shoulder. I kissed the top of her breasts and made my way up to her mouth and kissed her deeply and passionately. She moaned against my lips and pushed me away from her. In one fluid motion she pulled her teddy up and over her head and gave me my first view of her naked. The sight has been burned into my memory and will be something that will never be forgotten. She was perfect. Her breast were round, full, perky. She had small dark pink nipples that were hardened in arousal. Her waist curved down and back up to her hips and tapered into toned flawless legs. Her bush was completely shaved save for a thin line of a bush just above pussy, wetness glistening along her slit.

She reaches up with one hand and draws my face to her breasts, just as eager as I am to have my mouth sucking on her nipples. I take one into my mouth and gentle suck and nibble on it. Her body shivers and she digs her fingernails into the back of my neck. She lays down on her back, wrapping her legs around me as I go back and forth, mesmerized by the taste of her flesh in my mouth. She pulls my head up and passionately kisses me. A hand snakes down and strokes my cock through the thin fabric of my boxers. She reach down with her other hand and pushes my boxers down and off me. We roll over and she straddles my dick. She slowly humps the length of my member, drenching my cock in her juices.

The feel of her velvety wetness rubbing against my cock brings me close orgasm, so I lift her in the air and spin her around so her pussy is right over my face. As she engulfs my cock with her mouth, I start licking her pussy from top to bottom. I rub her clit with my thumb, while I fuck her with my tongue. She moans again, the vibrations sending me over the edge and I stiffen as I start cumming her her mouth. She swallows every drop, and lets my deflating member fall from her mouth. She starts grinding my face with her pussy, using my chin, lips and nose like a sybian. She cums hard with my tongue shoved as far into her pussy as I could get it, my thumb and forefinger gently rolling her clit between them. As she comes down from her orgasm she climbs off me and lays down next to me, cuddling up to my side.

"Wow," she sighs.

"Yeah, I know what you mean."

"Mmmm..." she says, slipping into sleep. I turn us onto our sides so we're spooning with me behind her. With a hand on her hip, I fall asleep with a smile on my face.

To Be Continued...

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