tagIncest/TabooTwin Sisters

Twin Sisters


Kirk Pearson was laying in the tub soaking in the delicious hot water slowly massaging his large cock. It was just over 11 inches hard. He was 19 years old that June day in 1955. Kirk had just finished his freshman year at college. He had 2 identical twin sisters 18 years old; Krista and Kimberly. They had just graduated from high school. The only way he could tell them apart was Krista had a tiny mole on her neck. They had always been pests, always in the way. Like today when Linda Reynolds had kissed and welcomed him home at hamburger stand Linda Reynolds who was a very pretty 20 with big tits had kissed him. He lay back in the tub thinking how nice it would be to suck and play with those big tits of Linda's as he slowly jacked himself off.

"Kirk, hurry up. I've got to pee," one of his sisters yelled pounding on the door.

"Use the other bathroom. I'm in the tub," he yelled.

"I can't. Kimberly is in there. Hurry up I can't wait much longer," Krista yelled.

Suddenly the door burst open and Krista raced into the bathroom struggling to get her shorts off. There was a dark spot on her blue shorts where she had already leaked. By the time she got her cute ass over the toilet, urine was running down her slender thighs onto the floor. "Krista, what are you doing?" Kirk shrieked trying to cover his hard cock.

"Taking a pee, what do you think? What did you want me to do? Go on the floor in the hall. You were probably in here daydreaming about that slutty Linda Reynolds and her big tits. Look at the mess you made me make. You can just clean it up. Now I need fresh clothes," Krista said as she stood up and pulled off her top her firm 18 year old tits wobbling. Her shaved pussy was right in front of Kirk as she said, "I'm going to get in the tub with you and rinse my legs off. I don't want to have pee on them all day."

"Krista, no," Kirk yelled as she stepped into the tub. His cock was harder than it had been before Krista came in the bathroom.

Krista sat down in the tub with a devilish grin on her face. "You were jacking off thinking about that slut weren't you? I can see your hard cock even if you are trying to hide it." Krista was soaping her thighs and legs as she talked flashing her bare pussy so Kirk could see it. "Jack it off for me while I watch."

"Krista, Mom would wash your mouth out with soap and Dad would probably tan your ass if they heard you talk like that," Kirk said.

"They'd probably do the same thing to you if they knew you jacked off 3 or 4 times everyday," Krista shot back.

"How do you know I jack off everyday?" Kirk asked.

"Kim and I have watched you lots of times through your door," Krista said. "All that Jizz you shoot would be enough to fill a water glass! You've got the biggest cock either one of us has ever seen. It's even bigger than Dads."

"Jesus Krista, a little nosy aren't you?" Kirk asked as he slowly started to masturbate. "How do you know how big Dads cock is?'

"Kim and I have watched Mom and Dad lots of times. Kirk, I've never touched a cock," Krista said. "Can I touch yours?"

"Uh huh, if you really want to," Kirk said. Krista reached out with her hand and wrapped her fingers around Kirk's cock. Her fingers wouldn't go all the way around the almost 9 inch girth of his cock and he watched as the red nail polish on her fingers moved gently up and down. "Aaaaahhh damn Krista, you're going to make me cum."

"I bet I'm better than that slut Linda Reynolds and her big tits," Krista said as she reached for his ball sack with her other hand squeezing gently as she masturbated his cock slowly. Krista had leaned down close to watch. Her tongue licked the head of Kirk's cock. That did it. The Jizz raced out of Kirk's tight balls and exploded out the head of his cock catching Krista full in the face. "Oh neat," Krista cried as his cock continued to spurt Jizz. Jizz splashed onto her tits and stomach. When he had finished she leaned forward and sucked the head of his still hard cock into her mouth running her tongue over the head. "Next time I want it in my mouth when you shoot Jizz, it tastes good," Krista said.

"Does it really Krista," Kimberly said standing there with her shorts at her ankles with a finger in her shaved pussy to the first knuckle.

"Here, try some," Krista said scraping Jizz from her tits to her fingers holding them up for Kimberly. "Good huh," Krista said.

"Uuuuummm yummy," Kimberly said after sucking the fingers. "Let's go in on the bed and see if we can suck some more out of him. Dad and Mom won't be home for a couple of hours yet. Have you ever had a blowjob Kirk?"

"No. Where the hell did my baby sisters learn about all this?" Kirk asked as he cleaned himself up and got out of the tub.

"Well it was better than dreaming about the big tits of that Linda Reynolds wasn't it?" Krista said hands on her hips.

Kirk stood staring at his twin sisters. The twins were maybe 5 feet 7 inches, 120 pounds. They had their mothers deep blue eyes and long wavy natural blond hair, 36B breasts with large aureoles and long thick nipples. Damn Kirk thought they've turned into real beauties. He reached out and pulled her 18 year old body to him saying, "Yes baby sister, it was way better. We better clean up this mess though before we do any more fooling around or we'll all be in trouble."

There is more if you want it. Let me know. I'm also working on the next Chapter of Suzanne Labor Day. Thanks for reading.

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