tagExhibitionist & VoyeurUnexpected Nude Week Ch. 06

Unexpected Nude Week Ch. 06


When Liz and I walked up the steps to our bungalow we found that our luggage had been delivered. Finally, we had our own dive gear. My wife did say she was looking forward to wearing something different to dinner since that was the only time of day when we wore anything. I was pleased to see when she dressed for the meal that she continued to go with out bra and panties even though she now had these available.

Our fellow guests were quick to note that we now had changes of clothes but we all agreed that we enjoyed our daytime dress code of nudity and would continue the rest of the week. Later that night, snuggling in bed before falling asleep, we reflected on the days activities. "You know," started Liz, "I never thought I'd ever be so comfortable being undressed, particularly meeting people and talking to strangers."

"I'm like you. It had been liberating and, on top of that, you seem so much more at ease with your sexuality. I mean, its nice having a vacation without the kids and we always enjoy more intimacy when we're not worried about someone barging in, but gosh, you've been a regular cougar these last couple day."

"Maybe it's the nudity, maybe it's the exotic island location. One way or the other it's been fun doing things unconventionally. You'd better be careful bud, I might just try something really out of the ordinary tomorrow."

It took me a while to fall asleep after that warning. My mind was racing at the possibilities. The morning sun rose to another gorgeous day without a cloud in the sky. During my morning swim I was glad to see that the early yoga session at the end of the pier continued to be a naked class with four of the female guests joining Ana and Brigitte. They all ended up taking a dip in the water with me after they finished. The heat of the day had them all glistening with perspiration.

As breakfast wound down, Brigitte stood to give a briefing about the morning dive. "We'll be back to our regular morning schedule with two small dive boats going out. My group today will be Carol, Brad, Jack, Liz, Josh and Peg. We're headed to a dive site called The Aquarium. It's named that because of the abundance of reef fish and the incredible coral formations. Ana's group is starting at a site named Snapper Hole. Both are above the wall edge with maximum depth of 50 feet unless you decide to go out and over the wall. I think you'll find both areas to be easily navigable and we do this dive either guided or unguided. That means you can either follow the divemaster or go off as a buddy pair. After the first dive we'll swap spots so everyone will get to both sites."

Liz and I went back to the cabana to get our sunscreen and to collect our personal dive gear. It would be nice have stuff that we knew fit just right.

Getting back to the boat dock Hector met us I a flash to load our gear and set up our scuba units. I was watching Liz's face as he jumped down onto the boat with gear, his naked cock swinging back and forth with the movement. Her eyes, though behind her sunglasses, seemed to follow his bouncing member as he moved up and down the boat. After he had set our gear up we moved in to finish setting up.

"Have you seen something interesting this morning," I joked.

Caught, she seemed a little embarrassed. "You know, I've seen more dicks in the last few days that ever before in my life. I just have never seen one that was uncircumcised. It really has a different look. It's actually made me realize that I prefer yours. I know that I like the way yours feels!"

"Are you trying to excite me into embarrassment again?" I asked. "I felt a little uncomfortable the other day when you got me hard then made me turn over in front of the others."

"Sorry," she smiled with a wink. "I was just showing off to Brenda what it is that can get me off. I'd already told her how you are with your tongue."

I was glad the motor had roared to life. If she had continued to tease me that way I'm not sure I'd be able to keep things under control.

The other 2 couples were setting their gear up and after untying the boat, Brigitte stepped aboard and we pulled away for our first dive site. Brad and Carol and embraced the clothing optional lifestyle. While first reluctant participants it seemed that Carol was now fully involved. In fact she had shown up for dinner the night before carrying her sarong over her shoulder. "I wasn't sure if we were eating outside again," she remarked. "I thought clothes were just for inside meals."

Peg and Josh were so dark after these few days in the sun. They both had dark tans from the outset, the advantage of living in Florida and having a private property where they would sunbathe nude. The only white skin I could see on either of them was the "winkie", that flash of white skin where the back of the leg meets the butt. I'd noticed this on others, including my wife. The natural crease keeps this spot from getting the same amount of exposure.

I stood at the back of the boat as we made our way our of the cut and into the open water. Liz and Peg were stretched out on the benches and I appreciated the way each bounce of the boat was translated through the deck and resonated through their bodies. Liz's luscious tits swayed provocatively with the motion. Peg's had a similar movement although less prominent given their smaller size. Peg had commented on how she wished she had larger breasts but Liz was quick to point out the downside in terms of finding clothing that felt comfortable and difficulty in some activities like running.

"One of the reasons I enjoy diving is because everything feels weightless. It can be uncomfortable having to deal with all the weight up front but more than that it's the binding by my bras. I've really enjoyed this week without having to feel like I've got to strap myself in." The water was a blue and clear as every other day we'd been out. Because the islands of the atoll are low and coral, and because there had been no rain for the last couple of weeks, the visibility was exceptional. It was easy to see all the way to the bottom and as the boat came to a stop and we tied up to a mooring pin, we all gazed over the side to check out the view. Brigitte started with the dive briefing.

"This dive site is great for checking out active reef life. It's well protected so there should be little current. As you can see just looking through the water there is a reef plate at about 30 feet. Between these coral heads are several grooves that extend down to about 50 feet with sandy bottom. Our dive profile will be 50 minutes at max depth of 55 feet. I'll be jumping in and anyone or everyone is free to follow on a little tour. This is an easy dive site so if you would prefer you and your buddy can go off by yourselves. Just keep an eye on your depth and time as well as air consumption. If your navigation is uncertain it is easy to make a slow safe ascent to the surface, check our where the boat is and then descend to make your way back. Because the reef plate is at such a shallow depth it's a great way to do a safety stop and still have something to look at. So who's going on a tour?"

The other two couples said that they would follow along but Liz spoke up before me saying that we'd go do our own thing. I looked at her quizzically. She usually is one to want to stay with the group. A quick wink and a smile told me she had plans for our dive.

Everyone geared up quickly and Liz and I ended up being last in the water. I guessed that this was her plan since she waited to see what direction the other divers were headed then signaled me to follow her in the opposite direction. She seemed to be on a mission with an intentioned pace toward the far edge of the coral head. I enjoyed following behind her seductive bare ass as she kicked, appreciative of the modified frog kick that made her spread her legs displaying her closely shaved pussy.

Rounding the coral head at the bottom she settled down on her knees in a sandy patch and motioned for me to come to her. As I floated down her hand reached our and grabbed hold of my soft cock. Between the exertion of the swim and the chill of the water it was feeling a bit reluctant but the tug and pull of her hands had the rapid effect of causing an uprising. I watched her take a breath from her regulator then remove it from her mouth, lean down to my crotch then expel the air from her lungs. The rush of bubbles were incredibly stimulating as they flowed around my balls and the now hard shaft of my penis. She performed this maneuver a couple more times while using her hand to pump the shaft.

She had already unclipped the upper strap of her BC and her tits floated lightly in the water, their hardened nipples jutting outward. She then motioned me to lean back, a bit challenging considering the scuba tank on my back, and moved herself to straddle my waist. Her hand held my cock as she lowered herself down guiding it into her pussy. I was afraid that the natural lubrication would be missing since we were 50 feet underwater but I guess she was as turned on as I was and my cock slipped in without too much difficulty. I think that the idea of fucking each other while diving as well as the possibility of having the others swim around and discover us made both of us extremely horny and, given the rapidity of Liz's breathing I could tell she was about to cum. Her groans were clearly audible through her regulator as she was overcome with the sensation. As my still hard dick slipped from her pussy I reached down to stroke it myself and it took only moments before I too began to orgasm. I couldn't believe that we'd just had sex 50 feet under water. I remember Liz saying the night before that she had something out of the ordinary planned and this would certainly count as that.

We checked our air supply. Clearly we'd had used air a bit faster than we ordinarily would and decided to move up to the reef plate at 20 feet to do our safety stop and move closer to the boat. As I turned to look for the boat I saw the other 5 divers rounding the coral head coming our way maybe 10 feet away. I realized that I was still sporting hard wood and trying to hide it would have only brought more attention to it. Oh well, I thought. It's too late to do anything now.

Peg and Josh gave us both big OK sign as they swam past and I saw Peg give Liz a thumbs up. Something made me think that someone else knew what was planned for this dive...

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Diving is great fun


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sure am looking forward to the rest of your vacation memories!!

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Looking forward to next chapter

Great story, looking forward to the chapters covering the rest of the diving vacation.

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Looking forward to ch 7! Please!

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Good story

As a scuba divemaster, and card carrying nudist, I can verify the accuracy of the diving, and naturist, activity. Well done! I just hope all those bare butts were sitting on towels. As a previous readermore...

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