tagFetishUnintentionally Wet Vacation Pt. 02

Unintentionally Wet Vacation Pt. 02


Chapter 5


Zoe leaned against the unisex restroom's small sink while Jason used the toilet. Her shorts, now stained dark gray with urine, clung uncomfortably to her equally wet skin. Every few seconds, a drop of pee from her soaked clothing ran down one of her glistening wet legs, leaving an invisible but rather cold streak in its path. Her feet were cold too, she now realized; some pee must have run down her legs and into her shoes when she had crouched down and lost control of her bladder just outside the airport bathroom. Zoe shifted her weight and cringed at the squelching sound her shoes made when she moved.

As Jason finished up, Zoe settled into a sullen state of shock. She now faced the prospect of walking through the busy airport soaked from the waist down. Jason looked over at her, and she saw him sweep his gaze from her face to her toes. Blood rushed to her face, and she felt heat radiate from her cheeks. She turned her head to the side, looking away from Jason, but then found herself looking in the mirror at a blushing, disheveled, and frightened girl. Immediately, she moved her eyes to the floor.

"I'm so sorry... please, I don't want to leave..." she whimpered, barely loud enough for Jason to hear.

"We can't stay here, Zoe, it would take hours for your clothes to dry... And just imagine what the other chaperons and your parents would think if we stayed together in the airport bathroom for hours?"

"Please, there are too many people out there..." she whimpered again, not caring that her position was irrational.

"I have a hoodie in my carry-on, you could wrap that around yourself if you want. Would you leave the bathroom then?" Jason asked.

"OK... yeah," she said, still not looking up.

"The only problem is, you dragged me off the plane before I could grab my carry-on... so we'll have to go back and get it."

Now Zoe looked up with eyes wide, "can't I just wait here?" she pleaded.

"Let me check..." Jason said as he cracked the door open and peaked out.

"No," he said, pulling on her arm, "there's a line of people and they just saw me open the door, we have to go now."

Jason yanked the door open, giving Zoe no option but to follow him out. She walked as closely as she dared to him, trying to shield herself from the eyes of those in the line. She felt a million pairs of eyes drilling into her; observing her brilliant red face and soaked clothing. Not a single breath left her lungs until the two arrived back at the gate.

Zoe sat down in the nearly deserted waiting area while Jason retrieved his carry-on bag from the plane. When he emerged from the jetway, he handed her a large hoodie. The dark blue hoodie had his hockey team's logo across the front, and his name and number on the back. She wrapped it around her damp shorts, unsure whether she felt more embarrassment about wearing Jason's name across her ass or about desecrating his team's logo with urine.

Jason and Zoe proceeded through the airport to the baggage claim, where they rejoined the rest of the group. Fortunately, only Amber commented on her and Jason's absence.

"The hell have you been?" she asked Zoe.

"It's a long story, I'll tell you about it later." Zoe replied tiredly.

Chapter 6


After a thirty minute bus ride, the group arrived at a wide swath of flawless beach. The white sand stretched pure for 200 feet in front of them, until it merged with the sparkling blue waves of the ocean. Nearby, the sand gradually faded into sparse grass, with clumps of tropical trees sprinkled along the edge of the beach at random. Small cabins, which the school had rented for the week, sat nestled among the trees.

Eager for an excuse to change clothes, Zoe exclaimed, "First to the water wins!"

Grabbing her suitcase, she immediately took off sprinting towards one of the cabins. Amber followed close behind.

The two girls lay claim to one of the first cabins in the group. Upon entering the small cabin, Zoe observed a familiar hotel-style bedroom layout: two single beds on opposite sides of the room, with a bathroom tucked in one corner.

Zoe set her suitcase on one of the beds and dug around for her new swimsuit. She had purchased the bright yellow two-piece a few days before the trip but had conveniently forgotten to show it to her mother before leaving. Zoe fiddled around with her suitcase until Amber closed the door to the bathroom, then she quickly peeled off Jason's hoodie. She cringed at the large wet spot on the cloth and hung it on a chair in one corner of the room.

Zoe removed her shoes and wet socks. Shivers ran down her spine as she bent over to push her wet shorts and panties off. She slid the sopping pile of clothing under the bed, then donned her suit bottoms and tied off each of the side ties. Zoe had just finished slipping on her halter top when Amber emerged from the bathroom, ready to swim.

"Let's do this!" she yelled, giving Zoe a high-five.

They bolted out of the door and down the shaded dirt path to the beach. The prickly grass underfoot soon gave way to burning hot sand and then cool refreshing water. The rest of their group arrived shortly thereafter and joined the girls in the water. Throughout the late afternoon, Zoe kept a strategic eye on Jason. Every time he looked over at her, she quickly found an excuse to bend over, both to avoid eye contact and, she hoped, to give him an enticing view of her.

Soon the students began to trickle out of the water and assume positions sunning themselves on the beach. Zoe plodded through the dense white sand to an empty section of beach and stretched out on her back. She immediately regretted that decision, as her smooth skin was instantly coated with a thick layer of sand. Running her hand down her leg, she tried to brush it off, but the damp sand clung like glue. Abandoning the idea of getting it off, she decided to just lie back and let it dry. Swimming for so long had exhausted her, and soon she closed her eyes to the setting sun.

Her thoughts wondered to Jason; shirtless Jason, whose swimsuit kept riding low in the water. Discretely, Zoe fashioned a small mound of sand between her legs and began slowly rubbing herself on it as she drifted to sleep.

Zoe smiled at Jason across the busy terminal and he smiled back. She sat in the terminal with her legs crossed, not knowing what to do. She felt only one feeling, an intense need to pee. She started towards the bathroom, but then saw one of the flight attendants arrive and board the plane. Zoe sat back down; she couldn't miss this plane. She fidgeted as minutes passed; tapping both feet urgently to the beat of a song only she could hear.

Eventually, she decided she had time to go to the bathroom before the plane left. She walked to the restrooms, entered a stall, sat down on the toilet and began peeing furiously. After many seconds of peeing she still had to go badly, but the final boarding call for her plane forced her to stop abruptly and rush out of the bathroom. She ran to the gate and made it onto the plane just as the doors were shutting.

She sprinted down the immensely long aisle of the plane towards the bathroom. She felt herself almost lose control, and she stopped running and crouched down, trying to avoid making a mess. But she managed to hold on and soon found herself running towards the bathroom again.

After having run past hundreds of rows of seats, she finally arrived at the restroom. She stood outside it in confusion; the bathroom was empty, but had no door. But she really had to go, so she went in anyway. She sat on the toilet and peed, but before she felt any relief, the pilot announced that the plane was landing. She jumped up and rushed back to her seat.

Suddenly, she was at the baggage claim looking for her bag. A strong urge to pee tugged at her mind, but she felt it imperative that she claim her luggage first. She raced around the carousel frantically, trying to locate it. Jason came up behind her and swooped her up, carrying her across the airport with one hand under her back and one under her knees. She protested, demanding that she be allowed to retrieve her bag immediately, but he just smiled, held her close, and kept walking.

She quickly forgot about her baggage as the need to pee intensified. She felt herself about to lose control, and she struggled to get out of Jason's arms, but he held her fast. She stopped struggling and held extremely still, knowing that she was holding on by a single thread. Any movement now would mean the end of her dry clothing.

True relief washed over her for the first time as she felt pee begin to trickle out. It ran down her bottom, over Jason's hands, and then dripped to the floor. The falling drip soon turned to a constant flow, but still Jason carried her across the crowded airport. She looked back and saw a trail in the pair's wake, but the other travelers didn't notice; Jason held her tight, protecting her from them.

Then a flash of heat ran through Zoe and she awoke in a start, still leisurely emptying her bladder into her swimsuit. Reflexively she stopped peeing immediately and looked around with embarrassment, but she saw no one else on the beach. She stood up and used her feet to cover the wet patch of sand where she had been laying. Then she headed off towards the cabins.

As she walked along the path, she saw Jason sitting on a bench sipping a drink.

"Go for a roll in the sand?" he asked.

Looking down at herself, Zoe noticed sand still coating her skin. Initially, no good response came to her mind as she stumbled over a reply, "yeah, I guess so... the sand is really sticky I guess..."

But then an idea struck her, "the sand's kind of uncomfortable though, could you help get it off my back?"

"uh, ok," he said as he stood up awkwardly, clearly not sure exactly what to do next.

Zoe skipped over, appearing more confident than she felt, and took a seat on the bench.

Jason vaulted over the back of the bench and started rubbing the sand off her back. As Jason's hands lightly brushed her back, she reflected on her request for his assistance. To an outside observer, the request for help might seem innocent enough, but in her heart, Zoe knew it was anything but. It was, perhaps, the most forward request Zoe had ever made of anyone. It almost made her feel dirty inside, she thought, blushing a bit and feeling heat rise in her chest. However, at the same time, his hands felt glorious on her skin. She knew she was falling for Jason, but his hesitant response to her advances worried her.

Jason's hands kept snagging on the back of her top, pulling it tight against her chest. The fabric slid against her nipples and tugged on her breasts, and she felt her nipples start to harden and stick into her top; amplifying the sensations even more.

After a minute she realized Jason was confining his hands solely to her back; sand still coated her arms, legs and sides, but Jason made no move to touch her there. Zoe extended her arms in a T, and Jason took the hint. His large hands ran up and down her dainty arms, brushing away the sand.

"Can you get my sides and legs too," she asked, standing up.

Jason jumped back over the bench to stand directly behind her. He gripped her around the waist, fingers on her stomach and thumbs on her back, and began sliding his hands up and down. His fingers tickled her and she let out a giggle.

Jason froze immediately, "sorry, what's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing, it just tickled, keep going."

Jason continued rubbing. From his position behind her, he couldn't determine exactly how high his hands slid up, and several times his fingers swept over the bottom of her breasts; each time, sending a wave of pleasure through her.

Zoe felt him push her bottoms down a little and slide his fingers slightly inside to brush away some sand. Excitement raced through her as she wondered if Jason had finally decided to make a move, but she also panicked. Quickly she requested,

"Could you do my legs now please."

"Sure thing," he replied.

Jason crouched down and began rubbing the sand from her legs. She got over her initial panic as his hands rose higher towards her thighs. Now she longed to feel his fingers under the cloth of her bikini again; she only hoped she hadn't scared him off the first time.

His hands lingered at the bottom edge of her bikini, pretending to rub away sand that was no longer present. Then, with joy and excitement, she felt his fingers slip, just a little ways, under the damp cloth covering her bottom. Jason started to squeeze a bit, but then the shrill ring of his phone startled them both. Coming back to his senses, he immediately pulled back.

"Oops, sorry, I think you're all set now," he said, reaching for his phone.

"Hey," Jason said into the phone, as Zoe looked on with curiosity.

"OK... yeah... we'll, I mean I'll be right up," he said to conclude his conversion.

"What was that about," Zoe asked

"Time for dinner, we're going to one of the nicer restaurants in town so you might want to head back to your cabin and get changed."

Chapter 7


At one AM, Zoe finally crawled beneath the cool sheets of her bed and shut her eyes. A few minutes later, Amber emerged from the bathroom, killed the lights, and crawled into her own bed. The moon cast its light through the open window, but darkness owned the room beyond that. Barely a minute passed before Amber interrupted the soft buzzing of insects,

"So, now are you going to tell me what happened today?"

"Uh sure, I guess, but this has to stay between just us, OK?"

"Ha, of course," Amber dismissed her concern with a little laugh.

Zoe recounted the events of the day; highlighting her interaction with Jason, but omitting her adventure on the beach.

When she finished, the insects again filled the silence in the room. This time, however, it was Zoe who broke the silence.

"So, you know guys pretty well, do you think I've fucked my chances with him?"

"HA! Not at all you silly virgin, he totally wants to tap that."

Zoe sat up in bed and looked over at Amber, responding in surprise, "What? Then why has he been practically avoiding me all day?"

"Because his job is to make sure we don't get laid on this trip, and you're threatening to make him fail spectacularly. Plus, imagine what would happen if anyone ever found out... His training probably drilled into him time and time again that he should never ever touch his students."

"I guess so, so what would you do then?"

"Fuck him or forget him. He's not gonna make the first move, but I'm pretty damn sure he wouldn't say no if you offered it. If you're not gonna do it, just stop thinking about him, because he's sure as hell not gonna come to you."

"I should ask him if he wants to fuck? How would you even word that? 'hey Jason, nice sandals...'"

Amber sighed, "No, don't ask him, it's too easy to reject a verbal request. His training will win out for sure if you just ask him. Literally go to him, seduce him, be irresistible."

"So you're saying I should climb into his bed, ignore his verbal protests, and throw myself on his penis? Rape much?"

Amber laughed, "He's a college jock in a position of power over you, and you're an innocent high school girl; even if he did tell someone, it would be your word against his, and I can guaran-damn-tee you that no one who mattered would believe his side of it."

Zoe struggled to come up with a counter argument as silent seconds dragged into silent minutes. Eventually, she replied quietly with a weak argument about it still being morally wrong; but Amber had long since fallen asleep, so Zoe received no reply.

In reality, Zoe had objections to Amber's idea, but not moral ones. She was just scared, but she still considered taking Amber's advice that very night. The more she thought about Jason the more she wanted to know if he really liked her. Finally, after what felt like hours of internal deliberation, she swung her feet off the edge of the bed and sat up. She slipped out quietly and padded softly towards the door. When she reached the handle, she looked over her shoulder and made sure Amber hadn't moved. Then she quietly ventured out into the deep night.

Zoe walked timidly down the dirt path, her bare feet kicking up swirls of cool dust with each step. Every sound of the night made her freeze and cower; a rustling in the bushes, the hoot of an owl, a car horn honking in the distance. But eventually she reached Jason's cabin and crept carefully up to the door. She paused and thought for a minute, steeling her nerves, then she grabbed the door knob and tried to turn it as lightly and quietly as she could. When the knob didn't budge, she applied more force, but still it did not turn. Using both hands, she twisted as hard as she could, but still the door remained firmly closed. Finally, her sleepy brain realized the obvious fact that the cabin door was locked.

She stood still, unsure of what to do next. Suddenly she felt exposed, standing in the clearing around the cabin wearing nothing but some short shorts and a night shirt. A noise from within Jason's cabin spooked her, and she fled, sprinting at top speed back towards her own room; not looking back for fear that someone may have seen her.

When she finally made it back to the safety of her cabin she first checked to make sure Amber was still asleep, then she made a bee-line for the bathroom. She stood in front of the mirror, bracing herself with her hands on the counter. She felt a trembling through her entire body as pure adrenaline coursed through her veins. She met her eyes in the mirror and stared at her face, flushed red from excitement, fear and exertion. When she finally stopped panting, she gulped down several glasses of water, then retired to her bed.

Chapter 8


Zoe's eyes flickered open to the warm early morning sunlight splashing across her face. She sighed contentedly and looked over to see Amber still fast asleep in the other bed. Zoe's thoughts wondered directly to Jason. She stealthily stretched her hand down between her legs and began rubbing herself through the cotton fabric of her sleeping shorts. Mentally, she promised herself she wouldn't masturbate with Amber still in the room; she just wanted to touch herself briefly and then she would stop. But after a minute of gradually intensifying friction on the outside of her shorts, she was too hot to hold back.

She felt a wet spot forming on her shorts as pulled the cotton fabric at the crotch to the side and began stimulating herself directly. As she slid her fingers in for the third stroke, she arched her back slightly, causing her forearm to press against her abdomen. The pressure on her full bladder stimulated her G-Spot from one side, as her fingers met it simultaneously on the other. The miraculous sensation left her seeing stars for a brief second as she slapped her free hand to her face to stifle a moan of pleasure.

She froze for a moment, fearful that the slap or the moan may have awoken Amber. She lay frozen, fingers still buried within, and turned her head to the side to look at Amber. She closed her eyes as far as she could without actually shutting them and pretended to sleep while she watched Amber for any sign of movement.

Zoe relaxed as the seconds passed with no response from Amber. She still felt her fingers inside her, and wondered if she could climax from thought alone. She focused as hard as she could on those fingers; pretending it was Jason exerting the firm pressure she felt. She pictured his face and mentally ran her hands over his chest. The minute or two of fantasy made her even hotter, but it didn't bring her to a climax.

Zoe returned to fingering herself, but now on each in-stroke she pressed her forearm down against her abdomen, applying pressure to her full bladder and G-Spot. As she felt herself building towards climax, she also felt a growing need to urinate. Her swollen bladder cried out as she repeatedly applied pressure to it, but she didn't care; she banished its pleas to the back of her mind as her pleasure took center stage.

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