tagFetishUnintentionally Wet Vacation Pt. 03

Unintentionally Wet Vacation Pt. 03


Chapter 9


Zoe let out a long, slow breath as she lay her head back against the pillow. She felt her cheeks flush and a dull tingly sensation still pulsed faintly in her stomach. Turning her head, she stared over at Amber, who, fortunately, still lay sleeping. Zoe began sliding carefully out from under the covers. The soaked sheets clung to her bare legs as she tried to wiggle over to the edge of the bed. Finally, she slid one leg off the side and stood up, holding her breath as the movement pushed a large puddle of pee off the bed and onto the floor. Zoe stood frozen, weight resting heavily on one leg, watching Amber for any sign of movement. When none came, she resumed breathing and turned around to survey the damage to the bed.

Upon her egress, the top sheet had fallen upon the flooded bed and now sported a large wet spot gradually spreading out from its center. Internally, Zoe debated whether to clean the bed or herself first; she found the cooling wetness of her clothing unpleasant, but, unlike her clothes, she couldn't hide the bed, so she resolved to clean it first.

Having made her decision, Zoe now found herself at loss for how to actually go about cleaning up the bed. She didn't have long before Amber woke up; certainly not long enough for the sheets to dry, and she didn't have any spare sheets with which she could replace the wet ones. But, she thought to herself, the bed didn't actually need to be made up normally, it just needed to look normal...

Working as quickly as she could, while keeping a close eye on Amber's sleeping form, Zoe stripped the bed down to the mattress. She then remade the bed with only the less-damaged top sheet. The rest of the bedding she set temporarily in a pile between the bed and the far wall. Next, Zoe lifted her suitcase onto the bed and began laying out some of her shirts to strategically cover wet patches on the top sheet. When she had finished, nothing short of a fairly detailed inspection would reveal the deception.

With the first stage of cleanup complete, Zoe stood in front of the window staring down at the soaked pile of cloth laying next to the bed. In her mind, she had expected the deception to buy her the time needed to dry it; except, now she was unsure how she had ever expected to accomplish that, given she really had nowhere to hang it up to dry. As she stood staring, she heard Amber's bed creak, and her head whipped up in alarm.

"Morning Zoe," Amber said groggily from her bed, supporting herself on her elbows as she looked over inquisitively at Zoe.

"Oh, hey Amber," she replied as innocently as she could manage, "I was just trying to decide what to wear today."

Amber nodded, fell back on her bed, and stretched. As Zoe watched Amber begin to get up, her hand brushed against her shorts, reminding her they were still soaking wet along with pretty much her entire back side. Quickly Zoe dropped down onto her knees behind the bed and pretended to inspect a blue tank top.

Amber trudged off to the bathroom, and Zoe sprung into action the moment the door closed. Pulling off her shorts, she threw them into the pile at her feet then rummaged through her suitcase for something to wear. Zoe searched frantically for her swimsuit bottoms, but she couldn't find them anywhere in her suitcase. When she heard Amber begin to pee into the toilet she knew time was running out. She pulled a pair of lightweight capris out of her suitcase and struggled to pull them on as quickly as possible. When the fabric gave her a rough wedgy she realized she had forgotten panties, but at the same time she heard Amber's stream slow to a trickle and knew she didn't have time for them now. She whipped off her nightshirt and pulled the first top she could find out of her suitcase, a thin lacy white top. As Amber finished washing her hands and began to open the door, Zoe quickly kicked all of her wet sheets and clothes under the bed and stood up.

A puzzled smirk came over Amber's face when she left the bathroom and looked over at Zoe. Zoe's heart sank, but she couldn't figure out what had given her away. She prepared to tell Amber a story about how she had dreamed she was using the bathroom, but before she could start, Amber laughed.

"Unless you're on your way to visit Jason, you might want to wear something under that top."

"What?" Zoe gasped, caught totally by surprise.

"At least wear your swimsuit under it!"

Zoe looked down to see the sheer material revealing the contours of her chest.

"Whoops, I didn't realize it was so... transparent..." Zoe murmured as she bent over to rummage through her suitcase again. This time she extracted a light blue tank top and a white bra and then retreated to the bathroom as quickly as she could.

The events of the past several minutes caught up with Zoe as she dressed. As it turned out, she still needed to pee rather badly. When she pulled down her capris she cursed under her breath, realizing she had forgotten to bring panties with her to the bathroom.

After relieving herself, she met up with Amber in the main bedroom, and the two headed off to find some breakfast.

Chapter 10


Early that afternoon, the entire group gathered on the beach to discuss the day's plan. Dave, the trip's senior chaperon, covered the details.

"This afternoon we'll be hiking through the heart of the island to a plantation left by early settlers of the island. It's a few hours away on foot, and the terrain is pretty rough at points, so we're going to break into three groups. Jason will lead one group along the most difficult, but also the most interesting, path. I'll lead one group along an easier path. And anyone who doesn't feel like walking can wait around and take the bus."

As Dave finished speaking, people began shifting around and congregating into the groups Dave had described.

Amber put a hand on Zoe's arm, "I'm not sure if I'm up for really rough terrain, you wanna go with Dave?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm not either... but I want to go with Jason. Look, it's fine if you want to go with Dave without me though."

Amber pursed her lips, "no, you need my support or you won't get anywhere," she joked, converting her frown into a sly smile.

The pair made off towards Jason, around whom only Alexa and Eric had gathered.

"Looks like not too many people feel like taking a treacherous hike this afternoon," Jason said with a smile.

"Anyway," he continued, "we've got some rented gear back at my cabin, so let's go pick that up and be on our way."

At Jason's cabin, the group donned rented hiking boots and backpacks, already filled with an assortment of bottled water, snacks, ropes, bandages and other miscellaneous accessories.

At first the going was easy and the trees provided a great deal of shade from the scorching sun. But after 20 minutes, the ground began to rise and the trees thinned out. Soon they arrived at a small creek running along the path, and Jason called for a break.

"God damn is it hot," Zoe bitched to Amber, stretching out on some moss next to the creek as she spoke.

"Yes, well, whose fault is this again?" Amber retorted jovially as she handed Zoe a half empty water bottle.

"Aww, aren't they cute," Zoe said, changing the subject abruptly and pointing across the path.

Alexa lay with her head in Eric's lap as he poured cool water into her mouth like a waterfall. It remained cute up until Eric began pouring a little too quickly and Alexa choked, sending a geyser of water into his face.

Amber took a cheerful jab at her friend, "Guess you need a little more practice with having your throat full, Alexa."

Jason struggled to maintain a straight face while the others broke out laughing. Zoe's thoughts were driven straight to him, but she did her best to force a laugh. This would be a stressful walk if every sexual innuendo kept making her think of Jason, especially with Amber constantly teasing her.

"Well, we really need to be going, we don't have a lot of time to spare if we want to meet the others on time," Jason prompted.

"OK, justa sec I gotta pee. Alexa, Zoe, either of you coming?" Amber asked.

"I'm good," Alexa replied.

"Me too," Zoe echoed.

In fact, Zoe did have to pee, but she didn't want Amber to see that she wasn't wearing panties. Her capris had been intimately reminding her of that fact every step of the hike, and she didn't need Amber teasing her about that too.

When Amber returned she took one last jab at Alexa, "come on, we have to get moving before Eric tries to put something else down your throat."

Alexa responded with a friendly tap on the arm, "Don't be jealous because you haven't found a boyfriend of the week yet."

"Touché," Amber replied, as Jason and Eric led the group down the path and the three girls followed closely behind.

The vegetation remained relatively sparse, and the sun remained absolutely hot, so the group took frequent water breaks as they walked along the stream. About 90 minutes, later they stopped for a rest at a bend in the path. An old wooden bridge crossed the stream and took the path on a course perpendicular to the flowing water.

Before sitting down, Zoe looked around impatiently for somewhere to relieve herself. Unfortunately, the thin tree cover offered few sheltered spots; as had been the case at the last two stops. On the up side, she thought, they were more than halfway there and the exercise helped distract her from the need to go. She sipped from her water bottle, willing to trade some discomfort in her bladder now for relief from dehydration later in the day.

Jason kept glancing at his watch with concern as the group rested.

"Hey guys, we're running a bit behind cause of all of the stops. Drink up now, we're going to need to push it a bit longer between stops to get there in time."

Zoe took a long draw from the bottle, strapped her backpack on, and joined the group as they resumed their trek.

Once they had cleared the bridge, the undergrowth began to thicken and block out more of the sun. The ground also became rockier as they moved towards a series of valleys that characterized the central region of the island. Within 30 minutes, no sign of the sky remained visible; green sunlight filtered through the leaves above, casting an odd tint on everything below.

Mentally Zoe noted that the undergrowth provided plenty of cover for her now, but Jason made no indication that he planned to stop anytime soon, and the exercise no longer provided much distraction from her need to go. She, Amber, and Alexa had dropped back just beyond earshot from the boys and walked along chatting idly.

"I have to pee," Alexa commented to no one in particular.

"So do I, you should ask Jason to stop," Zoe prompted.

"How about you ask him?"

"I don't really have to go that bad," Zoe lied.

"Me neither," Alexa said, much to Zoe's dismay.

Alexa didn't know whether she could actually wait, but she also didn't want to be the sole reason for the group to take a break. She could feel moisture between her legs but told herself it was only sweat.

The girls walked on in silence, but several minutes later Alexa felt a drop of liquid caress her inner thigh on its way to the ground. She still wanted to believe it was just sweat, but she was so numb from holding that she wasn't sure.

"Sorry guys, I've gotta call for a break," she told the other two.

Neither had time to respond before Alexa dashed up the path towards the boys, who had disappeared around a bend in the trail.

Zoe sighed internally with relief, for she had nearly reached that point herself. Her bladder began to rouse itself as she prepared for the opportunity to go.

Alexa came to an abrupt stop when she saw Jason and Eric picking their way gingerly along a narrow rock ledge overlooking a steep, rocky drop to the ground below. The ledge projected only about a foot out from a nearly vertical rock face that stretched up and away. The boys were shuffling along sideways, their faces to the wall with their backpacks sticking out over the ravine. Carefully they moved along from one hand-hold to the next, but both stopped when they saw Alexa round the corner.

"Alexa," Jason called out, as Zoe and Amber rounded the bend too, "it looks like this part of the trail got washed out. It's only about 20 feet to the other side, but it gets really narrow here in the middle for a couple feet."

"Could we just take a quick break?" Alexa yelled back, struggling to keep her voice calm as she felt another drip run down her leg, less certain than ever that it was just sweat.

"We'll take a break on the other side, I want us all to cross together, and it's too dangerous for Eric and me to come back now."

Grimacing and praying she could hold it, Alexa stepped cautiously out onto the ledge. She began shuffling along, barely cognizant of her surroundings as she struggled to hold both the rock wall and her bladder.

Zoe followed Alexa onto the ledge. She wasn't faring much better; the narrow rock shelf forced her body into an uncomfortable upright position, and the immense dropoff behind her severely limited her ability to squirm or hold herself. The shuffling motion required to move forward tortured her bladder as her legs slid apart and then back together.

Halfway to the boys she felt herself losing control as she slid her leading foot forward and spread her legs. Muscles tightened in her abdomen as they tried to force pee out of her bladder. Zoe stopped moving forward immediately and cupped herself between her spread legs with one hand, while the other held the rock in a death grip. Her hand warmed as she grabbed herself, and as her fingers compressed the fabric she felt droplets of liquid squeeze through and drip off. She shivered, having not even realized she had already wet a little. Zoe looked up sheepishly at the others, certain her odd behavior must have been noticed, but thankfully their eyes were glued intently on Alexa as she crossed the rock face.

Jason and Eric stood waiting patiently near the middle of the span when the girls finally arrived. As Jason had said, the already skinny path narrowed even more at this point. Jason reached out his hand and Alexa took it thankfully. She slid her right foot further down the path to shuffle through the treacherous spot. As she shifted her weight from left to right she accidentally bumped her shoulder against the rock face. Feeling herself losing balance, she instinctively slid her right foot backwards in an attempt to bring it under her shifting center of mass, but her foot met nothing but air. Her left leg buckled under the expected weight, and she let out a shrill scream as she began sliding down the steep cliff face.

Zoe reacted instantly, managing to grab Alexa's flailing left hand as she slipped. Zoe would have easily been dragged from the edge too, had Jason not already been holding Alexa's other hand. But Zoe and Jason still stood facing the rock wall, unable to turn fully around and pull Alexa up due to the bulk of their backpacks sticking out behind them.

For the next few seconds everyone stood motionless. Adrenaline coursed through Zoe's blood, and she momentarily tuned out her desperation as she held Alexa with one hand and the rock with the other. The shrill scream had turned into soft sobs of shock, underscored by a low hissing noise and the echoing plip of liquid dripping onto stone.

Initially Zoe feared she had lost control, but a quick glance over her shoulder at the waterfall cascading from between Alexa's legs sent such a pang of tension through her own bladder that she knew she still had at least temporary control. That was of little consolation though, for the sound and sight of Alexa wetting herself was almost too much for Zoe to stand. Again she felt her muscles preparing to constrict, but with both hands occupied in a life and death struggle she could not possibly hold herself this time. She engaged in a mental struggle with her body; she felt herself on the verge of an intense spasm and did her absolute best not to move lest she trigger it.

Jason interrupted in a shaky voice, "Zoe, on the count of three let's pull her up carefully."

The interruption banished the impending spasm. On the count of three she would have a free hand with which to hold herself; what good that would do she wasn't sure, but mentally she clung to it as an escape.

Jason continued, "OK. On three. One... Two... THREE."

Lifting with all their might, Zoe and Jason pulled Alexa back to the relative safety of the ledge. The group stood in embarrassed silence as Alexa hugged the rock wall while a stream continued running down her legs and over the precipice to the ground far below.

The moment Zoe's hand was freed she sunk it between her legs. Not able to help it, she turned her head discretely to look at Alexa, but the vision of the spreading wet patch on Alexa's clothes proved too much, and a dribble of pee slipped from Zoe as she quickly looked away.

"OK," Alexa whispered timidly when she had finished.

Although still shaking, she managed to make it past the narrowest part of the path this time.

Now, Zoe realized with dread, it was her turn; but even with her hand between her legs she could feel herself getting slowly wetter by the second. She looked over at Jason. His face was as white as hers felt, but he couldn't hold her hand because Alexa stood between them on the path.

"Here, let me take your hand," Amber offered.

Zoe kept her hand in place, unsure what to say, but Jason saved her from having to explain the reason, "No, if she slips you won't be able to hold her by yourself, she'll just pull you down too."

Amber hesitated.

"It's OK Amber, he's right," Zoe said.

Zoe continued to stand still on the ledge, unable to shuffle effectively with one hand between her legs. After several seconds of waiting, Jason spoke up.

"Come on Zoe, you can do it, what's wrong?"

"I... I have to pee," she said.

Jason looked up at the sky with his eyes closed.

"Please... God, just go," he begged.

Zoe remained frozen against the rock. The others stood motionless as well.

Jason swallowed loudly, "I can't catch if you fall... just... go enough so you won't knock yourself over."

Too terrified to argue and too desperate to hold longer anyway, she leaned her cheek against the cool rock, closed her eyes, removed her hand and imagined herself sitting safely at home on a toilet. The spasm she had been holding back came unimpeded now, sending a rushing jet of pee straight down her leg. With great relief she milked the spasm, blushing while the urine saturated her socks and pooled in her boots, conscious that everyone was listening to her.

Zoe didn't stop going until she had completely finished. When she opened her eyes, she found herself staring into Jason's, and immediately averted her gaze back to the rock. Feeling much steadier now, she made it across the narrow gap without further incident.

Amber followed with no difficulties of her own, and soon the entire group stood safely at the far side, where a short waterfall cascade down into a deep rock pool in the middle of a little clearing.

Amber went off in one direction to relieve herself behind some bushes, while Eric immediately began comforting Alexa. Alexa's denim shorts had a dark inverted V stain at the crotch, and her legs had numerous cuts and scratches, but she wasn't seriously hurt; just shocked by the ordeal.

Zoe noticed Jason staring at her; the direction of his gaze, unmistakably right at her wet pants, made her uncomfortable. Looking down she saw more than just her wet capris had attracted his attention. Discretely she tried to pull back the soaked fabric plastered against her bare skin. Her movement snapped Jason from his trance.

Putting his hand on Zoe's shoulder, he spoke quietly, "Thanks, I'm glad you're OK."

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