To those thinking this story is about love it isn't, this is about straight out revenge and fucking. If that isn't your cup of tea then I suggest reading a different story so read at your own discretion.

All characters are over 18+


Lyle Conner lived in a little rundown town, in a little grey house, in an area away from everyone and everything. His sister's high pitched annoying voice rattled inside his head, 'No one wants you here, why don't you just leave! It would have been better if you weren't born.' As long as he could remember she told him once if not more every single day until he finally took the hint. His mother didn't care she had even joined in on occasion when she wasn't in her bed servicing whomever was the favor of the day. His two sisters soon followed suit after their mother. He lost count of the number of men he had caught trying to sneak out of his childhood home.

Not that Lyle cared they could have stayed for all he cared. During his highschool years he worked once the school day was done and on the weekends. He did whatever he could to save and save that he did. Once highschool was over he was gone slipping away in the middle of the night. He left no address, no phone number, no other means of reaching him. All his childhood they made his life hell. Lyle saw no need to inform his family that he was leaving, though in truth, he doubted they cared. Doing an internet search for the most remote rural town on the east coast as he sat at the bus stop. He didn't care about money, his family never saw fit to provide him the things that made people materialistic. His mother only gave him the minimum so child services wouldn't pay her a visit. Whatever money she had to spare always went to his sisters. Lyle was only an after thought.

Three days it took to transverse across the country to the town he had chosen to be free from his family or so he thought. Where he hoped he could find a nice paying job, and a place that actually felt like a home. The first few days into his escape from his prison his family bombarded his phone. Asking where he was, why did he leave, where was the money he should have left for food? Lyle just smile at the screen before his phone fell into the trash. A new life awaited him one that didn't require old bitchy relatives.

Lyle rolled over in his full size bed as he reminisce about what brought him to that town. Five years he had worked in that slow, homily town. Ever since he had arrived he was always welcomed with warm smiles and kind eyes. While his two bedroom one bath house might not be anyone's paradise, yet to him the hell he went through his home felt like heaven to him. That was until his house line rung on the nightstand beside him. Lyle knew only one person had his home number, and that was his grandfather. He wouldn't have called unless it was important. Lyle's grandfather wanted to allow him to be on his own as much as possible. Yet he did check-in every Sunday to see how his life was going. Yet he never once told his mother and sisters were he had moved to. For that Lyle would be forever grateful to him.

"Hello grandpa," Lyle said groggily into his phone.

"I need you to come home Lyle. You're grandmother isn't doing so good, and I could use a hand a hand around the house."

"What?! What happened?" Lyle asked throwing his covers off bolting upright in his bed.

"She fell in the shower bumped her head pretty good, I'm thankful that nothing was broken, but she'll be in the hospital for a few days for observation. So I was hoping you could come home and help get the house ready and do a little work around here while I take care of her. Two weeks at most is all I ask Lyle."

"Of course, grandpa! Just let me call my work and I'll get on the first plane there," Lyle said looking around for his suitcase.

"Thank you," Lyle could hear the relief in his voice, "Let me know when your flight leaves and I'll make sure to pick you up."

"Sure thing," Lyle said hanging up his phone after they said their goodbyes. He had been saving his vacation days since he never went anywhere. So when he called in to his boss. He was all the more willing and understanding as to why he needed the month off. He wanted to make sure that his grandmother was at least better if not healed before he came back home. However, he just didn't know how he was going to avoid his mother and sisters. Lyle never asked about them when he and his grandparents spoke every weekend. So he didn't know if they were still living in that town or not he so hoped they didn't. Making his last rounds around his home making sure everything was locked up as his cab pulled up to the curb.

Lyle saw his grandfather first pacing outside of the security gate then he saw her. His mother. Instantly, he felt his hatred flare. Lyle was tempted to turn back around and board the plane and head home. Yet he had given his word to his grandfather, and Lyle was a man of his word.

"I'm sorry Lyle. Once she learned I was coming to the airport she put two and two together," his grandfather said hanging his head.

"Why should you keep him secret from me. His mother!"

"Because I told him to," Lyle sneered at his mother, "You ever think why you haven't heard a word from me in five years," he said spitefully moving pass her hugging his grandfather. "Hows grandma? Is she doing better?" Lyle said ignoring his mother straightening out the strap of his bag.

"I don't know yet, they were taking her for an MRI when I came to get you," Brad said placing a hand on his grandson's shoulder.

"Well, you drop me off at your place and tell me what you need done and you get back to grandma," Lyle said feeling his mother's eyes burning holes into his back.

"Then I'll help you, Lyle," Marsha said moving up to his side. Lyle eyed his mother out the corner of his eye. She had cleaned up since the last time he saw her. He guessed taking every man in town to her bed had kept her fit.

"Hmph. Whatever," Lyle said brushing her off. Which to his ever enjoyment irked her to no end. He knew since she thought that since she had a body all the men in town were falling over to get that he -- her son -- would be enamored by it as well.

"Right now all I need you to do for now Lyle is split the logs that's been piling up since my gas powered splitter broke down. I'm to old to split all those logs myself," Brad said pulling into the gravel roundabout driveway.

"Sure thing," Lyle said grabbing his bag, "Do you want me to pigpen them too?"

"If you don't mind, and put the tarp over them since they're calling for rain later today," Brad said looking back at him.

"Don't worry about it I'll get it sorted for you," Lyle said smiling warmly at the one man he cared about in his family. Lyle whistled as he saw the task that awaited him. He knew his grandfather would burn through the entire stack that rose to chest high during the harsh winters. Not that he could blame his grandfather for staying in that northern most climate it was a beautiful country. It was the reason he had chosen to live in the mountains when he left home. It was the only place that reminded him of this place as he looked out upon those towering shadows in the far distance. However, it was summer and even that far north it could get rather hot in the daytime and chilly at night. So when Lyle's axe split his seventh log his shirt was showing the signs of the laborious work. Over the five years away working in the lumber mill Lyle's chest had filled out. So when his mother stood in the doorway of the basement sliding glass doorway. He didn't hear her curse as his shirt rose up his chest.

"Oh my! Fuck, when he get those!" Marsha cooed her eyes running down her son's scalped chest, as she held the the cool glasses of lemonade. "Lyle!" she called out as the door slid open. She watched as each muscle moved on it's own as the axe arched through the air. "I brought you something to drink," Marsha said hold out his drink for him. Lodging the axe head into the splitting stump before he reached out for his glass. Lyle stood with his back to her as his hazel eyes gazed out upon the landscape. He turned his head as he heard car doors slamming shut on the other side of the house.

"Mom!" Lyle scowled as he heard the voice of his eldest sister. "Mom!" Lyle huffed as he set down his glass he didn't see why now they cared they never have before when it came to their grandparents. The last he remembered they were to busy spreading their legs like their mother to notice them.

"Back here Darcie!" Marsha said walking towards the carport.

"So where is he?" Luice asked her aulburn hair held in a high bun due to her work at the local diner.

"Yeah, where's Lyle and who's that?" Darcie asked licking her lips as her eyes ran down the strangers muscular back.

"Right there," Marsha said pointing at Lyle as he placed another log on the stump.

"You're fucking with me that's can't be Lyle," Lucie said dumbfounded, "He's was a skiny brat when he ran away."

"I didn't run away that would imply I had a place to call home. You all made it a prison. So unlike you I took charge of my life and got the hell away from you," Lyle spat as he looked back at them. Luice and Darcie both gasped as their eyes ran down his chest. "So if you came here out of some twisted sense of family obligation. Thinking we'd get together and smile and drink tea. You can shove that somewhere I don't want to touch."

"I can still kic..." Darcie stopped in her tracks at his smirk and the strange ominous glint in his eye.

"Why don't the two of you go get mom's room sorted for when she comes home," Marsha said trying to quiet her daughters' anger, "Lyle, you may not like us, but we are still family," she said as the half log split into quarters.

"The moment we're family is the moment you all get down on your knees and suck me off like you've done for every man in town." The slap that followed echoed across the land as he turned to look at her.

"You. Do. Not. Speak. To. Me. Like. That!" Marsha said her chest swelled with her rage.

"Oh, am I suppose to pay you first before..." Lyle staggered to his right as his mother's fist landed on his jaw. Lyly didn't know his mother could throw a punch that well. "Oh, did I touch a nerve," Lyle said dodging another punch.

"I am not a proustite!" Marsha growled angrily.

"Oh, is that so," Lyle said wondering if he kept on if they would flee the house and leave him in peace. "Then why was it I saw every Tom, Dick and Harry fleeing our home, hmm? I know it wasn't for your baked goods." Marsha shoved him and shoved him until his back was forced up against the dried aged wood pile.

"You listen here!" Marsha said poking him in his taut pectoral muscle. She wouldn't admit it then but she could feel her slickness growing. "I am your mother you will speak in a pleasant manner or not at all. Mom, has had it rough the last few years and I don't need you adding to her stress."

"I always speak to grandma sweetly. Do you ever wonder why she never spoke to you about me? That she would keep my location secret from his own mother, hmm? They know about your and their assorted affairs with every man here. So don't speak to me as if you have some moral high ground with me," Lyle said brushing off her hand, "So unless you know," he said his eyes dipping down to his waist. "Then I think we have nothing more to say to one another."

"You can't be serious!" Marsha said aghast, yet the thought was so sinful it wouldn't leave her mind.

"Do or don't I don't care. I got work to do and you're slowing me down." Marsha looked deeply into her son's eyes seeing the seriousness of his words.

"You're not joking," Marsha said astonished that he would even think of a thing, "To feel my lips wrapped around your hard cock, is that what you want son?"

"Like I've said I don't care what you do Marsha," Lyle said his nose milometers away from hers, "Get to sucking or go bother your other children."

"Hmph!" Marsha snorted spinning on her heel marching towards her parents house.

"Good riddance," Lyle said loud enough for his mother to hear. Her auburn hair whipped to the side as her head snapped towards him. Her blue eyes narrowing as he shooed her off. She has never been spoken to so rudely before, to have her own son speak so ill of her. Then what if she did what he had suggested. Then he would have to speak more friendly to her wouldn't he? She may have done some things in his youth she wasn't about to suck her son off. She wasn't that horny to taste his manhood.

"You know," Marsha said as the split pieces of wood flew off the stump, "I don't suck tiny cocks like you got stuffed in those pants."

"Oh, is that what you think," Lyle said, "You'd be surprise by the monster I have," he said ominously with a smirk as he looked at his mother. How he took delight as she struggled to speak. "Now leave you're wasting daylight," Lyle said setting another log onto the stump.

Lyle breathed heavily as he looked at the wood pile, smiling to himself when he had worked through half of the logs his grandfather had cut. His chest and back glistened in sweat as he set about to pigpen the cut pieces of wood. As the tarp fluttered over the three towers of wood so they could dry out before being added to the main pile of seasoned wood. Glad he had got a good sold afternoon in to take care of the first hurdle. Tomorrow he knew was going to leave him sore. Unaware of the six pairs of eyes that stared down at him from the windows of the kitchen.

"You sure about this Mom?" Lucie asked unsure if what her mother had purposed was a bright idea.

"That boy has already opened the door telling me to drop and suck his cock. The audacity to think he would even suggest something like that to me! So here's what's going to happen," Marsha growled as the storm clouds rolled in.

Steam rolled over the top of the shower rail as Lyle washed himself clean of that sticky satly sweat. However, as he looked down scowling at what he was going to do with the ten inch protrusion before him. He didn't want them to think he was doing something in the bathroom. Lyle didn't want that in their minds. Yet he also didn't want them to see his tented up towel when he left the guest bathroom either. So there was only one thing he could do. Masturbate.

"Aha!" Darcie yelled surprising Lyle while her mother and Lucie stood beside her. "Dear God!"

"Holy! Fucking! Shit!" Lucie stared at her brother's cock.

"Sweet mother of Jesus!" Marsha said in awe. Well, since they thought to interrupt his shower Lyle thought it was only right they get punished for it. Turning to them Lyle smirked evilly shooting his load across his mother's and sister's chests.

"Maybe that will teach you not to intrude upon me when I'm in the shower," Lyle said snatching the curtain closed as his spunk soaked into their shirts.

"Did you see that thing?!" Lucie asked in wonder as the three of them stood in their bras in the basement wanting for the washer to stop.

"It was so big!" Darcie said drooling. Marsha didn't say a word she knew what she was going to do. She was going to suck that cock. A cock that she has never seen the likes of before. She had already contemplated on it before they surprised her son in the shower. Now it was a definite that cock would sit in her mouth, maybe she could get him to let her sit on it. Shaking her head at the thought that would probably be pushing it.

Darcie and Lucie were to caught up admiring there brother's cock to notice that Marsha had snuck up the stairs. Her 36B breasts bounced as she walked softly towards the guest bedroom Lyle had commandeered. She knew her daughters would have figured out by now where she had gotten to. She didn't care she wanted that cock. Lyle turned arcing an eyebrow as his mother opened his door. Marsha didn't say a word as the door closed behind her. Marsha placed a finger on her son's lips as she sank down the length of his naked body. Marsha glanced up at her son hating that smirk on his lips.

"If I do this you'll speak kinder to me, yes?" Marsha said staring at her son's soft cock.

"If you're asking if I won't call you a whore, then yes," Lyle said his eyes flashed devilishly, "But that is the extent of it, so it's your choice Marsha to suck or not to suck," he said standing there tossing his damp towel onto the bed.

"What of your sisters?"

"The same thing applies to them," Lyle said wishing to get this over with, "Well, it's not going to suck itself."

"Fine, no more of this calling me a proustite," Marsha said reaching out grasping his cock. She could feel her heart in her throat. She didn't know where Lyle got such a big cock from, seeing how she couldn't remember who his father was. Actually, she couldn't remember who the father of each of her children were. Yet she would have remembered sleeping with someone with such a large tool. No matter how many men she had took to her bed. Marsha fought herself from salivating as his cock heated open in her hand. She licked her lips as his crown near her awaiting mouth. Her tongue twirled around his soft rod as her head rocked back and forth. Slowly, her son's cock started to grow in her mouth. Marsha had to place her hands on his hips to steady herself as that ten inch rod fully extended itself. 'God! This cock, I fucking love it!', she thought to herself as it poked the back of her throat. Marsha glanced down as three inch had remained untouched by her mouth. How she wanted those last three inches down her throat, yet she was never a good deepthroater. Whenever she tried her gag reflex kicked in, however, that was with a dildo not a lovely cock like Lyle's. "So... how is your mother's blow job?" Marsha asked looking up at him as she licked up the back of his cock.

"I've had better," Lyle said shrugging his shoulders. He knew it would piss her off.

"If I get you off, then you have to fuck me," Marsha said narrowing her eyes. She could already feel her soaked panties saturating her pants. "And you'll have to call me Mom. I don't like how you say my name."

"Oh, since when has this been open to negotiation?"

"Since I have your cock in my mouth, and I'll bite the damn thing off! However, you could just agree and fuck me and be done with it," Marsha growled she desperately wanted to feel that cock deep within her cunt.

"Or not," Lyle said slipping his cock out of his mother's grip, "However, you did suck it so I keep my word," he said wiping her saliva off of his appendage.

"No!" Marsha said rushing to her feet and pushing her son backwards onto the bed, "I'm going to get you off!" she said causing Lyle to arch an eyebrow at her eagerness. She didn't give her son a chance to object as she swallowed his root. It was true what he had said about her, she had mostly slept her way through the town; and she wasn't about to allow this chance to ride such a rarity to pass her by. She didn't care if they were related it wasn't like she could get pregnant anymore. She had that taken care of that when she had Lyle. Marsha knew he was lying about her blow job. She could feel his cock twitching ready to release his load. Her blue eyes flashed hungrily knowing she was going to taste a man's cum for the first time in five years. Since word had spread about her reputation she hasn't had a partner since Lyle moved away. It was the same with her daughters. Marsha wasn't about to allow his cock to get away from her. "Mmm!" Marsha moaned around his shaft as his seed flooded her mouth.

"Mom!" Lucie cried out holding Marsha's shirt in her hand. How her jealousy roared as her brother's big thick cock left her mother's lips. Luice growled as she saw the drop of cum hanging off the corner of Marsha's lip.

"Lucie!" Marsha raced down the hall after her daughter the taste of her son's sperm still on her tongue.

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