Before I begin this story, let me start off by saying that I don't follow labels. Only a few close friends know about my secret life and at times I do say I'm bisexual. I'm a dominant man and with both men and women, that's the role I play.

It was a long, stressful day. I was finally off work and didn't have to go in for the next two days. Relieved was an understatement. I don't have a social life so I usually spend my days off relaxing, watching movies, or watching porn. I usually stick to straight porn but I do get these urges to look at some nice cocks or some tight white twink getting his ass plowed. Those urges usually last until I find someone to meet up with and get that urge satisfied.

Tonight was a different urge...tonight, I wanted some dick. I successfully trained my ass to take a dildo that was 6 inches and I was excited about it. I logged onto the app and went hunting. I knew exactly what I wanted; I wanted a white twink with a smaller cock to be my bitch. I love being in control and I need a submissive little bitch. I messaged one dude I thought fit my criteria and we started talking it up a bit. He was more of a top, but very oral. For tonight's purposes...perfect. He didn't have a spot and I knew I'd have to invite him over. I like to keep my secret life away from my apartment but tonight I had to get that urge satisfied. I gave him my address and told him exactly where to enter so no one would see him.

I left the door unlocked and had my ass in the air ready for him as soon as he opened the door. He came in and got to work on my ass, licking it, sucking it, slowly sliding a finger in. I turned and told him to suck my dick and he got right on it. His mouth wrapped around my cock perfectly and he took it nice and deep down his throat. His tongue flicked against my balls while he kept his finger inside me. The feeling was exhilarating. I threw him on his back and positioned myself so we were in the 69 position. I shoved my dick down his throat and started to fuck it. At the same time I went down to see his perfect sized cock. I knew this was the one that I was going to sit on and eagerly took it into my mouth. I sucked as hard as I could with my expert mouth while playing with him balls. I wanted to get him to the point of cumming and stopping at the right time to get him worked up.

I got up and slipped a condom on his perfect small cock and lubed it up nice. I positioned myself on top of him and slowly started to take it in. I felt all five inches slide into me and knew I could take it. I slowly started to ride him, picking up my pace once the small amount of pain subsided. I told him he's my bitch and he's going to cum when I say so. He responded, "yes daddy", and that through me over the edge. I rode his cock harder and faster until he begged me to cum. "No', I replied, "you cum when I say so Bitch". I got down on all fours and told him to take my ass as hard as he could. The feeling of getting fucked was amazing and I wanted more. He got behind me and shoved his cock inside of me, hitting my prostate in the most perfect way. With every thrust, I threw my ass back as hard as I could. The sound of his balls slapping my taint turned me of even more and I reached back and grabbed his ass and made sure he pumped harder. I could feel him start to tense up and I knew my prize was cumming. I was ready for it. I pushed him back, got on my knees, and ripped the condom off. I told him to give me a nice load on my face. He kept jacking until the moment had come. I eagerly held open my mouth and stuck my tongue out right ass the long, thick ropes of man juice shot out. The warm feeling on my face was amazing and it was exactly what I needed.

When he was done, I pushed him back down and kept sucking. I wanted another load, but this one I was going to have to work harder for. I kept my mouth around the head of his cock and sucked on it like my life depended on it. After what seemed like forever, I finally felt the pulsation in his cock. Finally, I thought, just as more heavy ropes of cum shot into my mouth. I swallowed every drop I could and stood up. "My turn, bitch", I said as I held my cock out for him. He got right down on his knees and took my cock in. He sucked on my tip, moving his tongue in circles around the slit and begged me for cum. I felt the cum start to rise from my balls and with a PLOP, I pulled my cock out and started jacking it until my warm cum shot on his face. I told him to clean my dick up and to lick his cum off my face, which he eagerly did.

After cleaning up, that urge of getting fucked had finally subsided, but as he lay there I looked at his tight ass and knew that I could get him to take my cock. After some talking, eventually he let me and I gave him the fuck of his life. To this day, he is 100% my bitch, doing whatever I ask of him sexually. From time to time I take his cock, but mostly he takes mine and takes few at a time if I please. It's crazy how these urges can send you over the top and above your boundaries.

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