tagExhibitionist & VoyeurVal Shows an Old Friend Something

Val Shows an Old Friend Something


Val Shows an Old Friend Something He Has Never Seen

Last weekend an old neighbor friend Valerie grew up with came by our house for an unexpected fun filled visit.

It all started about 4 months ago when my wife was talking to her sister from back in her old hometown. Some how the two girls started talking about old friends and neighbors when Shirley told my wife that Buck, an old neighbor kid, about 5 years younger than them, and according to his brother, supposedly had just recently moved down to St. Augustine, Fla. This excited my wife, an old friend reportedly had just moved about 35 miles from us and she was interested in seeing and talking to him.

Over the next couple of days, she managed to get his phone number and contacted him. Valerie said he was surprised to hear from her and she made arrangements for us to go over that very next Saturday to visit him. Things went well, they were happy to see each other. Val was a good girl that day and dressed conservatively for their first meeting, if you can call braless under a green t-shirt conservative, but for her it was. They made arrangements for him to come over to our place next weekend for a home-cooked meal, something he said he really missed. His wife died about 5 years ago and he now lived alone and said all he could cook was warming up pre-made meals.

He showed up just after Val had to run to the store to get a couple things she had forgotten to pick up for our big meal. I was in the computer room reading stories on 'Literotica' when the doorbell rang. I showed him around the house and when we came to our computer room, my screensaver was running. The screensaver on my computer consist of some of the many pictures I have taken of Valerie since we first met. The pictures currently being shown were my 'G' and 'PG' screensaver. I have two other screensavers, 'R' and 'X'. I also have another file with nothing but 'XXX' pictures of my sexy, really naughty wife having sexual type fun.

We sat down and discussed the pictures; in many he recognized the backgrounds from around their hometown and I brought to his attention that Valerie was braless in most of them. Something he said he had already noticed. I told him Valerie hardly ever wore a bra back then, then again most of the girls didn't in the early 70's. Being braless was the fad back then. The pictures were set for a 15 second rotation and we had seen many when Valerie returned. Some of the first words from her mouth were, "Are those the clean pictures or the naughty ones."

Buck's eyes got big. "Naughty ones?" he asked.

"Yea", Val said. "He has some naughty of me in there and some really naughty ones too."

I told Val that these were my just my screensaver ones we were looking at and that I hadn't even thought of showing him the others but since you mentioned them and by his reactions, he looks like he might be interested in seeing them, that is if you and Buck didn't care, I would be glad to show them to him. Val said, "You know I don't care if you show him those pictures of me partially or completely naked. You know how I like being looked at." With that she turned and returned to the kitchen to get back to our dinner.

I turned and looked at Buck, who still had a surprised look on his face, and said, "Well, since we've seen all these. Would you like to see some more pictures of Valerie? Those of course she will be wearing less and more revealing clothing and some she will be completely naked in."

He smiled and said, "Sure I would like to but only if you are sure you won't get upset with me seeing her that way."

I then told him that neither Valerie nor I wouldn't mind him looking at pictures of her naked. I went on to explain that Valerie was and exhibitionist and had been since I met her. She had just discovered her enjoyment of men checking her out when I met her and with a little persuasion on my part. She slowly blossomed into a full blown exhibitionist over the years and that she and I have spent may days at a nudist resort nearby, but over the last few years she has lost some of her passion for it but she still wears whatever she wants in public and doesn't care what people see or think about what she wears.

"Just like today, did you notice what she was wearing?" Buck shook his head. I called out for Val to come back to the room for a minute. When she walked in saying, "What", I told her I just wanted Buck to see what she was wearing. She smiled and did a slow 360 and said, "Is that enough, I need to get back to dinner." I said "Yes, and thanks." "No problem" she said as she walked out of the room.

Val was wearing 'only' a light blue tank-top, she was braless and her areolas were showing through the material and black stretch exercise shorts. Buck asked if I minded her being dressed like that out in public. I told him I didn't mind and in fact I loved it when she dressed like that especially when I was around so I could see other peoples' reactions. I then asked him, "She doesn't look bad at all for a 55 year old woman does she?"

"55? That's right. She is only 5 years older than me." he said. "She does look good for a woman her age. If I didn't know any better I would have swore she was only 45."

With that I asked him if he was ready to see some pictures of Val's tits. He smiled and said anytime I was ready, so I pulled up my "R' picture file and set it up and gave Buck the mouse so he could advance it one picture at a time when ever he was ready to see the next. Buck was surprised at some of the locations I took her pictures. In one of the he proclaimed, "That's my house there behind her."

I remember taking that picture. Val and I had been walking down the sidewalk back to her house from a picture taking session at a stream near her house, where I got many pictures of her nude and semi-nude. Val was wearing just a short smock-top that just covered her braless tits and some very short cut-offs. We got to this house and she told me she wanted one more picture. She ran up the sidewalk to the front-door and removed her top and acted like she was knocking on the door as I took the picture. Buck then said, "I wonder if I was home when she did that." He seen many pictures of Valerie exposing her tits all around his hometown and remarked on how brave she was. I told him it wasn't just bravery, it made her horny when she exposed herself in public places which only made her hornier and then she just had to expose herself even more. Just wait until you see the pictures of where she got completely naked in public.

I told Buck to keep looking at the pictures as I needed to go the bathroom. I did what I needed to do and quietly checked in on Buck. He was stroking his large bulge in his pants as he drooled over the pictures. I had arranged them from mild see-thru to almost naked in public and he was now looking at Val walking topless on a public beach in a pair of string bikini panties. I quickly and quietly went to Val and told her what he was doing and she just had to see, so we sneaked back to the room and she got behind him and asked loudly, "What are you doing?"

Buck jumped almost two-feet when she spoke. He must have been really been deeply engrossed in the pictures not to hear Val come up behind him. She then touched the top of his head as she said, "Well, what ever it is, if you make a mess, you'll have to clean it up. I'm not cleaning up your mess. Oh, and by the way, dinner is almost ready." And she walked out smiling at me and I whispered in her ear, "Before dinner, how about putting on that low-cut red top I like and your short black swing-skirt with some sexy panties, that is, if you still have any." Val hardly ever wears bras or panties anymore.

I went back in with Buck and told him I didn't know she was coming back here but not to worry about it, she has seen a lot worse that you rubbing yourself. I noticed that he was at the last picture in the file and I asked if he was ready and if he could handle the totally naked pictures of Val in the 'X' file. We had gone through almost half the file when Val walked in the room saying dinner was ready. She then said, as she looked at the picture on the monitor, "I remember that day. I had a lot of fun that day. Are you going to show him those pictures too?"

Maybe later, if we have time, but right now I'm hungry and want to eat. I put the computer in 'sleep mode' and we all went to eat.

We had a delicious dinner. Valerie had a lot of fun bending over serving us in her red top. Every time she bent over, Buck and I could look down inside her top and see one or both of her tits and when she bent away from us, we could see the bottom lobes of her bare ass cheeks. Buck never said a word but Val whispered in my ear once that he was touching himself again. I smiled at her and said I couldn't blame him as I reached down and rubbed myself too.

After dinner we sat around the table and talked as Val cleaned the dirty dishes from the table. Val then asked Buck how he liked the nude pictures of her. He said he loved them but never knew she was such a naughty girl back then and that he wished he had known.

Valerie found out he hadn't seen any real tits since before his wife died. Val then asked, "You said you loved them. I know you seen them down my top while I was serving dinner. How would you like to see them now? Up close and personal. I would enjoy taking my top off and letting you see and even touch them if you'd like. I haven't let a man get a good close look at them in years and I truly want to show them to you tonight. I've so missed showing them off."

Buck looked at me and I told him it was fine with me. I've always enjoyed watching Val show off to other men. The only condition was I wanted to take pictures of the event for my memories. Val said she loved the idea because she loved having pictures taken of her while she was being naughty. Buck said it was fine with him, so I went and got my new digital movie camera which I can take stills from for my collection.

Val had Buck turn the chair he was in to facing away from the table. She then stood three feet in front of him and slowly, oh so slowly, lifted her red top until her tits were bare then she whipped the top off and tossed it to me. She them stepped up in between his legs and shook them inches from his face. She then put a nipple up to his mouth and of course he wrapped his lips around it as his hands came up and grabbed hold of those 38C's.

After a couple minutes of Buck enjoying his self on my wife's tits, she stepped back and said, "If you liked that, you'll love this." She turned away and bent way over while spreading her legs. We then found out she was wearing a white g-string under her very short black skirt. She stood and wiggled her ass at us then slowly pulled the skirt down and off. Now standing in front of us in just her sheer white g-string, she walked over and put her ass in Buck's face. His hands quickly rubbed and massaged that ass right in front of him then he surprised me and Val when he reached down and between her legs and grabbed a hand full of panty covered pussy. Val went, "Oooh that feels good. Why don't you go ahead and take them off. I don't like wearing panties anyway." He did just that. Valerie then stepped away and bent way over again giving Buck a great pussy shot.

Val then walked back to him and pushed his legs together and sat naked in his lap. She then reached down into his lap and grabbed his crotch saying, "My goodness, what do we have here. I haven't seen or felt one this hard in years." While she groped him, I explained to him because of my blood pressure and diabetes medicine I was taken, I hadn't been able to get a good hard-on in about three years. I said I could still cum and since Valerie loved cum, she was more than happy to suck me off and since I could only get semi-hard, it was easier for her to get all of me in her mouth as she sucked me off. He said he knew other men with the same problem as me but I was luck to have a wife that loved to suck cock.

Valerie then stood up and said, "You know what Buck? I now want to see and play with your cock. So how about you standing up and letting me undress you. And when I'm done, if you'll allow me, I'll suck your cock too." Buck was standing in no time at all. Valerie quickly undressed him and knelled in front of him. He looked to be almost 8 inches long and about 2 inches thick. Valerie was oooh'in and aaah'in as she examined Buck's cock. She told him it would be best if he sat in the chair as she sucked him off. She didn't want him to collapse on top of her when he came. His bare ass had no more than touched the chair before Val had her mouth around him.

He came in her mouth in less than a minute. I'm sure it was because he was so worked up because of the pictures and the teasing Val had given to him tonight plus it had been such a long time since he had had sex. Val told him not to worry about it because she wasn't done with him yet. She told him we had all weekend to get naughty plus she now wanted that big cock of his in her cock starved pussy and she was sure he would last longer the next time. Val did get to fuck Buck a couple times that weekend, once while she sucked me off. We have a large King size bed large enough for all three of us and Valerie was happy to sleep between us. One or both of us played with her all night.

She has already told me that she still very much loves me but that she may need to make use of Buck's cock once in awhile and hope I didn't mind. I told her I loved her so much, and that since I couldn't give her the hard cock she deserves, she could make use of Buck's cock whenever she needed. She's already making plans to go visit him Saturday while I do my yard work and come back home Sunday. She said he wanted to take her out for dinner that night and that's why she was coming home Sunday. "Plus," she said as she smiled at me, "I'll probably be too tired to drive home after I thank him properly for dinner. And just wait until he sees what I'm planning on wearing out to dinner that night. I'm going to show him how much of an exhibitionist I really am. Remember that sheer purple halter dress I wore a few years ago to the Erickson's party?"

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