The horizon was glowing as fire after the sun made its decent towards the other side of the world. As the land went to sleep, with the majority of the civilized population seeking the sanctuary of their homes, another breed of life was emerging into the darkness. Some were those who felt confined in their existence as a mortal human being, wanting another way to live. Most would never find that which they sought.

Bars and clubs began to fill with these people dressed in black clothing, artificially pale skin in an attempt to appear as some sort of demonic specter walking out of the shadows. In some cases the attempt to appear different worked against the stated ideal to make them look enough alike to be classified into a group. These groups often spent the nights with loud music and flashing lights, a mixture of drugs and alcohol to blur the events of the evenings.

Once the fiery rays of the sun gave way completely to the oncoming twilight, another form of creature rose from what some would call the realm of death itself. With a grace no mortal would be capable of, Michelle rose from her black casket in the safety of her townhouse. There was no need for her to stretch her limbs, the blood she had feasted on the night before gave her a sustenance like no vitamin could ever give.

With her long blonde hair flowing in stark golden contrast to the black lace which hung on her body, Michelle lifted her arm into the air after pushing open the lid and rising gracefully as if out of the grave. By day she had slept in this place acquired by riches which came easily to one who walked the night seemingly forever. The room was dark, pitch black even, though her preternatural vision allowed her to penetrate just enough to know nothing had been disturbed while she had slept.

It was another night for her, one in which she would blend with these self proclaimed children of the night, letting them stand next to that which they desire without having even the slightest notion. More often than not she would seduce one or several of the most enticing mortals she could find, sometimes selecting them merely because of the scent coming out of their glands.

The dark kiss was not one which was always fatal. If the victim was inebriated the effects of the intoxication would be passed slightly to Michelle, though her body could readily absorb such a thing and render it powerless in her undead flesh. If done properly, which was not a hard task in the least, one would remember little more than a sensuous encounter with an alluring woman who left no trace of her presence behind. A small drop of her own blood would easily heal the wounds from her sharp fangs, eliminating all evidence. It was only when the passion became unbearable did life become lost, when there would be no more blood to sustain the body.

Through years of walking the night in search of prey, one would easily dispatch the lives of mortals as generally meaningless. It was not that there was no compassion, rather that the beast which resided in a being such as this would come to the forefront, causing one to simply view humans as prey. It was something that these eternal creatures of the night battled within constantly, some more than others.

In the modern age of identification numbers and forensic science, there had to be extra precaution taken in order to conceal the existence of the myth. One could not allow the normal world to learn of the reality. No one knows for sure exactly what would happen, but as history shows, mankind seldom is very accepting of that which is different, especially if they become the hunted.

On the outskirts of town in a slightly secluded area, the earth began to writhe as if in agony. If there happened to be anyone there to witness this sight it would be the last thing they ever laid eyes upon. As the ground gave way, Daniel arose with clods of dirt clinging to the clothing he had taken the night before from his victim. There was no grace or ritual aside from the fact he had been doing it every night for longer than he cared to contemplate.

As was the case with other beings of this nature, Daniel had become frustrated with the ever changing world around him. Lifetimes pass as well as people, companionship rare and hardly enough to satisfy a mind which has lived for centuries. There were other vampires, though it was common practice for all to keep themselves hidden. Just like with mortals as they can grow to despise ones they love over time, it was magnified when the curse of immortality was thrown into the mix.

This left Daniel traveling, using the Earth itself to shield his body from the dreadful rays of sunlight when there was no strength left in him to continue each night. He would arise from his new grave each evening, finding the edge of civilization nearby in order to select his victim. Mortal lives had long ago lost importance to this one.

Through the darkness Daniel moved like something from nightmares. Effortlessly his feet would pass without crunching grass underfoot, preternatural eyes scanning as nostrils flared in search of fresh blood. Ironically he had chosen a spot behind a cemetery as his place of rest the night before. This was for seclusion as well as a reminder as to what he was, a torture he had to apply to himself as often as possible. It was through pain that one could feel truly alive.

Most of the time a place like that would have been deserted at such an hour, leaving no living and breathing body around for him to feed. This night though there was an older man kneeling near the grave of his wife. He had always dressed for her, an act that brought him comfort in still showing his affections. This man ( Alexander was his name as Daniel later found out from his wallet ) was only 53 years old and in quite good health. He wore a black suit, by chance it happened to be the one he had worn at his wife's funeral. The memory of the event was fresh in his mind, running through his head so that he had not the slightest warning of the creature coming up behind him.

For Daniel the death was never swift. He preferred to keep them alive just long enough to heal the wound, removing evidence aside from a body with a significant blood loss and no puddle to show for it. Oftentimes he would snap the neck to throw the forensics off course. In many cases the bodies were left hidden to be found later to make it even harder to determine the actual cause of death.

The suit was slightly loose but a good fit, and there was enough money in the wallet to make for a decent evening if he chose to patronize some local establishment. A well kept Chevy Caprice provided for more standard means of transportation, as Daniels fingerprints were barely detectable and would be on no public records.

In the metropolis of South Florida there was much nightlife to experience. Michelle often put this to use, sometimes seeking a new place to use as her haven. More often than not she would come to a place called by some of the raver’s “The Coven”. It was really a small club recently purchased by new ownership and no sign had been erected. For whatever reason those who would call themselves gothic frequented there on a nightly basis.

This served Michelle well, though she would not go there every night. Once or twice a week was about the maximum for preying within those walls. Recognition was not particularly a good thing. With smooth skin and flowing blonde hair, coupled with eyes that can pierce a mans soul with a mere glance she was not one easily forgotten. Her preternatural body gave her a beauty a mortal woman would kill for, and this was without adding in her own radiant aura.

The little bite was one that could easily be taken from one easily susceptible to her methods of seduction, appearing only to be necking for the bystanders if they happened to notice. Such a dark environment made it easy to conceal ones activities. Michelle had great choice in who it was that she chose to drink from, making this task all the more easier.

She engaged little in conversation, passing through the growing mass of flesh as a wraith, both grace and beauty allowing her complete freedom in actions. It was the night, her element, and there was nothing which would tie her down. Time was hers to do with as she pleased. This lifestyle was somewhat new in forming, vastly different from half a century before. The novelty had still not yet worn out. There was also satisfaction in moving without wearing the masque in her nightly outings. The need to smear a drop of blood on ones skin to bring the face to blush was unnecessary.

Daniel rolled into the heart of the city with the radio turned off. As he did on most nights in which he traveled through a well populated area he was intending to take in the local nightlife. It always provided with ample food and sometimes even some good entertainment. There was never a need for him to shave or groom, as before his creation his sire had been sure to make him a creature that would benefit from the dieing of the body. This afforded him with an easy time of going amongst the masses and pretending occasionally to be one of them.

Just as Michelle did, Daniel made use of the darker styles that formed in modern society. There were times when he could even flash his fangs and they would be though to be mere caps on his existing teeth. That was a rare circumstance that he did not often risk. There had been many long nights of traveling, sometimes going for weeks without encountering a city such as this. What it was that he sought was not immediately known. There were women in his travels, though the lust for blood overpowered all of the fleshes desire for sexual contact. This of course did not stop him from attracting and seducing his victims, giving them what they wanted in order to bring them closer.

It was mere fate that caused Daniel to park the stolen Caprice in the section of the city where Michelle was making her haven for the night. He left the keys in the ignition, leaving it as bait for another to take and possibly catch the heat for the murder which took place recently. Sure they would find the body stripped near to naked as Daniel now wore the suit, but those little details did not matter when investigators were desperate for lead.

There were a good deal of people walking the streets at this time, some looking for their fix others seeking a night of adventure. Daniel walked among them, idly scanning the area for an ideal spot. There was one place in particular that caught his eye as many of the Goth type were entering. The night was still young, especially for him. A place which would allow for more openness as to what he was would be perfect. It was a luxury he had not had as of late.

The overwhelming sensations of the fresh blood flowing through her veins had begun to wear off in Michelle’s undead body. Time had passed and it was indeed only a little bite. Just a snack, if you will. It was just another way for her to pass the time until she found something to more completely satisfy her cravings. There had been times when a series of small bites would be what she used to sustain herself, though that was sometimes not practical.

Michelle could not help but notice as Daniel began moving around the edge of the crowd after coming in. She stood there, pausing for a moment in the seductive movements of her hips as she swayed slightly in and out of time with the techno dancers around her. It was one of the ways in which she attracted attention.

There was no doubt in her mind when she laid eyes upon him as to what he was. The skin was pale, looking almost like that of a statue with pliability. Though others of their kind had been around it had been quite sometime. There was a thought that he might have been there for reasons which were not benign, though that did not come to the forefront. In most cases they were all just as hungry for interaction with one who would understand them.

Daniel did not notice her at first as the smell of human blood assailed his senses for the first few moments. His eyes took on a beastly quality as he watched the throats pass by him as the rest of their bodies moved this way and that. The attire in which he presented himself was not too out of place, though more formal than one would ever expect to see in a place like this. With his head near bald and his beard trimmed short, he looked as modern as he did two hundred years ago when he still felt a desire to live among the mortals and be recognized by them.

While Michelle gazed and resumed her motions to mingle with the crowd, Daniel began gaining control of himself, naturally glancing around as he moved further back into the club. It was when he scanned the crowd on the dance floor that he noticed the piercing blue eyes staring back at his own, stunning him for a second as he realized what it was that he was looking at.

Michelle’s long blonde hair flow about her shoulders, as she deliberately moved in a way that would be more enticing to all around her. The movements were done with such grace that none of the mortals in the building would have been able to mimic with anywhere near the beauty she exuded from herself. There was little doubt that Daniel would have taken notice of this woman even if she did not possess the magic of immortality, there was a sensuous beauty in her manners that could drive even the most stable hearts completely mad.

The path which Daniel had chosen to travel through this somewhat crowded club was abruptly changed as he made his way towards the alluring woman amongst the mortals. His prior feeding made it easier for him to shut out the longing for the blood which was now all around him. With his eyes set on his target most moved out of his way to let him pass. There was a determination in his stride that would make most mortals choose to not take their chances.

Though Michelle’s eyes never left the man as he approached, she did not cease to entertain those who were around her. She moved as if she was one of them, though only a fool would put her on such a low scale. When Daniel arrived his hands went onto her waist as he leaned in, putting his face close to hers. He stared at her, letting his fangs slip through his lips as his jaw parted, showing carnal desire that those around them would not understand.

He stared at Michelle’s lips with his eyes downcast before moving his head in beside hers, letting his cold breath flow over her exposed neck after using his nose to brush it aside. Daniel soon felt the same reciprocated from Michelle, her desire increased by the scent of blood within his veins.

Michelle pressed against him, moving her hips in a manner that would be inviting to one who still felt the carnal lust for pleasures of the flesh. He did not know whether it was to fit in with the crowd or if it was the desire which filled both of their hearts at that moment. Either way, it made no difference.

In response to the movements made, Daniel slid his hand down her spine, stopping at the small of her back to push them both together. Just as contact was made he willed himself to fill his member with blood, letting it feel as a mortals would in the heat of passion. Michelle was obviously excited by all the prospects that this encounter had to offer, as Daniel soon felt the prick of just the tip of her blood fangs against his flesh.

Though he had the blood in him from before, there was an overwhelming desire to pierce this woman’s flesh and share with her in this sensual delight. This though was not the place. Pulling back, Daniel stared into the blood crazed eyes of Michelle, letting her see in his own eyes the desire that resided there. Nothing needed to be said in order to begin the motion of events.

They walked, moving towards the back of the club where a hall led to the V.I.P. lounge. Occasionally they would stop, approaching one another in that graceful manner in which they did the first time, teasing one another’s senses with the promise of blood. It was something only they could understand, a dance which meant more to them than what those who stared could fathom. At this point they were drawing an audience, as both characters moved with such fluidity that is was almost as if it was a choreographed dance.

Even the bouncer which kept the run of the mill people in the crowds did little to impede their progress towards those rooms. What little the man did do was put to an abrupt halt as Daniel placed a hand to his chest, without taking his eyes from Michelle’s, and pushed him carefully against the wall with such strength that it stunned him from the mere feel of it.

The lounge itself was filled with leather furniture and a bar that was not attended to, and no one in sight as the night was still young. Those who used this place had not yet come in to make use of its privacy.

Thus began the exchange of carnal desire, with Daniel forcing Michelle’s face from his neck to meet his lips, sliding his cold tongue between hers. She bit, sending her left canine through his tongue. The slight flow of blood which started was intoxicating to them both, with Daniel being able to taste it even as she sucked greedily on his tongue. Even if there had been a warm body in the room with them that was ripe for the picking, they would not have been broken of this desire for one another.

Above the loud music which played out in the dance hall through the overly large speakers, Daniels preternatural hearing was able to discern the footsteps as they came closer to the room. This caused him to break the passionate kiss, leading the entangled pair towards the fire escape. Outside the chill air did nothing to cool the heat which they both felt in their hearts. With one hand trailing over Michelle’s luscious body, Daniel’s other hand gripped the railing to the emergency stairs overhead to begin his accent to the roof.

Effortlessly, Michelle followed suit, coming over the wall to stand before Daniel where he gazed upon her form as the light breeze made the black lace which she wore flow in the air as if it was suspended by magic. If either would have blinked they would have missed it, instantly they were in each others arms with a speed no human could have done. There was no kiss, nor was there the anything to mimic that of a human. Both sets of fangs were out, with two dark and deep gazes meeting for only an instant before Daniel felt the prick of Michelle’s teeth.

This time there was no holding back, he could feel her fangs sink into his flesh. There was a moment of rapture, and he wondered if perhaps that is what his victims felt when he gave them the kiss of death. Daniel could feel the warmth being drained from him slow, though deliberately. This ignited within him his own hunger, jaw parting before putting his hand to the back of Michelle’s head, forcing it to the side just enough for him to bite, only lower towards the base of her neck.

If one could look on the night sky, they would see the silhouette of a man and a woman locked in a lovers embrace. In that moment they shared an ecstasy that very few before them had ever known existed. Coursing through each others veins was one feeling of pleasure, a sensation that could only be compared to orgasm. Perpetually locked in this embrace, a give and take of the blood they both need to survive.

At first Michelle had drank more greedily, not having enough in her to sate her desires. After some very long moments, it had even out. They drank from one another as if it was a holy fount which would give them heavenly sensations for the rest of eternity. In this state of being there was no time, the night moved on, people came and went on the streets below. Very seldom did the two lovers move as they shared in this. It was something neither of them expected though instinctually knew how to bring about.

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