tagLoving WivesVanessa and I - Ch 15: The Client

Vanessa and I - Ch 15: The Client


I had been trying to land a prospective client at work for months. Finally I got a meeting with him - he was going to visit my house for the afternoon for lunch, and to talk. Landing this client would be a huge catch, and I made sure to tell V how important it was. She promised she would put on her best good wife show.

V was finishing up with lunch prep when I heard the knock. I strode confidently to the door and answered, smiling as I greeted our guest.

"I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me today, Mr. Thomas," I say, shaking his hand. "Welcome to our home."

"Dax, call me Jordan. And I am confident you'll make it worth my while," my guest says, smiling.

"Let me introduce you to my wife, Vanessa." As we walk into the kitchen, V is bent over, getting the steaks out of the oven. She is stunning in a short, but not scandalously short, absolutely skin tight black dress. We wait patiently for her to set the steaks down.

"V, this is Jordan Thomas. Jordan, this is my wife Vanessa."

V smiles and says "Please, call me V."

Jordan takes V's extended hand and kisses it softly as he looks down at her. "It's absolutely my pleasure, V."

A little time passes and we get down to lunch and small talk. V is the perfect hostess - an absolute pleasure and incredibly attentive.

After lunch, as V is clearing the table, Jordan asks "So what do two normally do on a beautiful day like today?"

"Well normally, we would go for a swim." I reply. "But I know we have business to discuss.

"You know... A swim sounds excellent, and we can discuss business after."

I smile and agree. "It is too nice outside not to swim."

"I don't normally carry around my swimsuit, so I hope it won't be awkward if I just swim in my boxers?" Jordan asks.

"Not a problem at all. You can change in there." I reply, pointing toward the bathroom.

Jordan returns a few minutes later wearing only a pair of light grey boxer briefs. He obviously makes use of the gym, as he is in good shape. I notice that V can't help but sneak a few looks.

I change next, into my red bikini-style suit, which doesn't get a reaction at all from Jordan. I tell him to head out and we would be right there. After he's outside, I gently grab V's arm.

"You're doing great, but you need to wear a decent bikini. Not your white one."

"I know."

"And you better be wearing a bikini *top* when you come outside."

V rolls her eyes. "Fine. Decent bikini. With a top."

Satisfied, I join our guest out back.

Ten minutes later, V emerges from the house with a cooler full of beers. She's wearing a bikini I haven't seen before, but I know the style well. It was bright red to match my own. The top was just like the top of her black bikini - tiny triangles that only barely cover her nipples and little more. Her small breast tattoo stood out. The bottoms were similar to her white bikini - absolutely tiny bottoms, and thin strings with ties along the side. I knew the back was a G-string without looking. The bottoms struggled to contain her enormous labia, which formed a large bikini bulge. Her other Q tattoo was prominent, directly above her barely covered pussy.

We are both rendered speechless as she walks toward us. Near a little table by the chairs, V turns away from us and bends to set the cooler down. Her entire perfect ass on is view for my hopeful client. The red string disappeared between her perfect, almost unmarred cheeks. The large Q spade tattoo was her ass' only flaw.

Finally one of us found a voice, as V reached down to hand us each a beer.

"So you're a Queen of Spades. I never would have guessed."

V smiled innocently. "I guess I am a Queen of Spades... My... Husband insisted I get them. He thinks they're sexy."

"I hope you don't mind my saying so," Jordan said, not taking his eyes off my wife, "But they are. You are the loveliest woman I've ever seen."

V pretended to be shy, but I knew she eats that kind of talk up. She proceeded to saunter over to our diving board, turned her back to us, waiting an excessive amount of time to show off her perfect rear form before executing a perfect backflip into the water.

A few hours pass as we talk, listen to music, laugh, swim, and most of all, drink. We drank. We drank a lot. V refilled the cooler several times. She was plastered. I was long past the point of reasonable decisions. Jordan appeared to be right there with me.

The sun was getting low in the sky, and we all decided to take a break. Jordan and I sat down in chairs. As V was climbing out of the pool, "Low" by Flo-rida came on. V just loves this song, and can't help but to dance to it. As she walks toward us, she begins shaking her hips and moving to the music. When Flo-Rida talked about shorty getting low, low, low, V got low, low low. We both cheered her on.

Jordan is in awe. "Are you... a dancer?" It was a nice way of asking if my wife was a stripper.

V laughed as she continued to dance to the next song. "No. But sometimes I wonder if I would like it."

"You would be incredible at it." Jordan says. "I hope you don't mind me saying that." That was directed at me. I decide to play along.

"I keep telling her she is the best dancer I've ever seen. I would let her, too."

"Dax!" V admonished me, but she continued to dance suggestively.

"Lap Dance" came on next, and V continued to dance to our encouragement, getting closer and closer. Finally she turned and lowered herself onto my lap. I would have pushed her off, but I could hear Jordan cheering her on. She feels amazing grinding against me. I grasp her around her tiny waist.

"Tsk tsk. Customers aren't allowed to touch." V sets the tone, removing my hands. I keep them where they are as she grinds away.

"My God, you are the luckiest man alive."

I say nothing and enjoy my dance, until V finally rises. She takes a few steps to Jordan, and dances near him. When she received only enthusiastic encouragement, she actually lowered herself onto his lap, grinding her tight round ass against him. Soon, she reached behind her and slowly, seductively, untied her tiny bikini top, letting it fall gently away. She continued to grind against him, now topless, though her breasts remained hidden from him.

To his credit, he keeps his hands directly at his side.

As one song flipped to the next, V rose, spun around, and straddled Jordan. She brushed her perfect breasts against his face as she lowered herself, bringing her barely covered pussy against his barely covered cock. He was loving every second, and watching my wife this way drove me wild.

V rose again, rubbed her tits in his face, and whispered something in his ear.

"Are you sure?" He asked, incredulous.

"I am sure. If you are."

Jordan reached down and slid his boxers down, and his large dark brown cock spring out, hard as stone.

V lowered herself once more, grinding her barely-covered womanhood against his bare manhood, teasing, tormenting him. Somehow, he did not reach out and grab her.

V reached down to one of the tie sides of her last remaining item of clothing. She gently pulled until it gave way, then she did the same to the other side. The strings fell, but her bottom did not fall completely away until she rose and pulled them off.

Once more she lowered herself, careful to keep Jordan's cock on the outside. Her pussy was dripping, covering him with her delicious nectar as she ground against him.

"V you had best be careful."

This comment from Jordan only made her intensify her grinding. Before any of us knew it, he was groaning as he found his release, my wife's massive labia rubbing his shaft.

V slowed her grinding, and after Jordan's high started to recede, he says "I feel I should slip a couple hundreds in your G string, but..." He trailed off as his gaze when to V's discarded bikini bottoms on the ground.

V rises, once again pressing her tiny, perfect tits into his face. Climbing off fully, she haltingly apologizes, realizing she went from being the perfect wife to an incredibly slutty stripper wife very quickly. She slides her G string back on, carefully stuffing her labia back inside, to once again form a massive bikini bulge. She doesn't bother to put on her top - years of wearing a one piece bikini make it feel normal to her.

"More drinks?" I ask everyone, not sure where to go from here. Both V and Jordan can't nod quickly enough, and I get another round for everyone.

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