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Venice Vacation MF


After a glorious day of wandering through the calles of San Marco and Academia, and a delicious dinner along a quaint canal we returned to the hotel. As I asked the concierge for the room key, he and I were both distracted as you sat on the steps and removed your new Italian sandals, exposing your sweet thighs and fanning yourself in the humid summer air. With a less than discrete cough I regained the concierge's attention and retrieved the key, as you ran off up the stairs.

As I chased you up the stairs I was met with your sandals in the hallway, naturally I picked them up, and continued my pursuit. Around the corner, your wrap, it held the scent of your tantalizing perfume. At this point I calculated that you had only three more garments, and at this rate you would be naked just before getting to the room on the third floor. As I expected/hoped at the foot of the next staircase was your dress. I don't imagine anyone would be surprised to see a woman running through the halls in her lingerie, they'd enjoy it, but not be surprised, this is Italy after all. At the foot of the next flight of steps was your lacy thong, I expected it would have been your bra, but I enjoyed the fragrance imparted upon the cotton liner nonetheless. Alas there was your matching demi-cup brassiere at the top of the stair.

Down the hall you stood before our door, naked, holding yourself, giving me teasing little flashes of your erect nipples and pubis. I took my time sauntering down the hall enjoying your tease. Then it finally dawned on me I need to get naked too! I untucked and unbuttoned my shirt, undid my belt and kicked my loafers down the hall, landing near your feet. Holding all of your garments in one hand I stopped unzipped my trousers and let them fall to the floor, taking my boxers with them. I stepped out of them, picked them up and continued towards your tempting body, my erection targeted right at you.

I pin you at the door your back pressed up against the cool wood, my hot body pressed up against you, my turgid shaft protruding into your abdomen. I dropped everything and held your face as I deeply kiss you, our lips melting together. Our hands race all over each other's bodies, pulling each other closer, squeezing, caressing.

We hear a some one in the room across the hall and I swiftly bend down to pick up our room key, but I am deviously distracted by your fingers and the way they are spreading your lips to expose your hot swollen clit. I had to taste. I brought my tongue to your thigh, and traced it to the crease and down to your fingertip. I licked the flavor off your fingers then went for the source. My tongue darting between your moist lips, and then plunging into your juicy vagina.

Just as I was getting into it we hear the handle and latch on the door across the hall click, I began to pull away, but you held my head in place. The door opens and then I hear an enthusiastic, "Yavol!" followed by a scolding, "Nine, Nine, Nine!" I couldn't look because of your grip, but I knew it was the older German couple I saw in the lobby earlier today. I heard the wife hitting her husband pushing him down the hall still muttering, "Nine, Nine, Nine"

As they turned the corner you burst out laughing and loosened your grip on my head. I snatched up the key and swiftly ushered you in the opening door by your ass, as you began to lead me by my stiff member. I tackle you on the ancient iron bed, and our impact making a great squeaky noise that echoed off the building opposite our open balcony doors.

As I cleared the bed of shopping bags from the day, I came across a thin bag that had four Italian silk ties, I thought to my self, "Perfect". I kept the bag near by and returned to my favorite spot, right between your thighs. While you laid back and enjoyed my tongue swirling across your clit, I prepared the ties to restrain you with slipknots.

I kiss my way around your wet lips and then along your thigh. You go along, raising your leg to making your tender flesh more accessible. I continue kissing and nibbling down to the nape of your knee, where I tongue you firmly. I nibble your calf, down your Achilles tendon, kissing the top of your foot, and tickling your toes with my tongue. You conveniently raise your other foot so that it may receive the same attention.

I take this as the opportunity to capture your ankles. I softly slip the ties around your ankles, tighten them quickly and then fasten the free ends to the bed corners, before you realize what I have done. I climb on top of you and lasso your wrists despite your physical protest. I get your right arm secured to the bed frame, and you break your left arm free and give a mighty buck with your hips throwing me to the floor.

After we regain our breath from laughing, I go silent and gaze hypnotically into your beautiful eyes. You offer your silk tie clad wrist to me, and I secure it so that you are now spread to the four corners of the bed. I kiss you softly on the forehead, the tip of your nose, your wonderful lips. Kissing you deeply and caressing your sweet breasts, I slowly work my mouth down your neck, tonguing firmly like on the nape of your knee. Sliding my hands all over your naked body. Cupping your breasts, rolling your nipples in my fingertips. Squeezing your ass. I suck and tease your nipples, getting them wet and blowing lightly upon them, making them very cool.

I kiss your navel and soft abdomen seeking your heat with my face. I return to your lovely vagina. I hover above your parted, glistening, lips, look at your face of anticipation. Then I swiftly descend upon your clitoris the way a vampire would a pulsing vein. My tongue whirling in a vibrant flutter across your sensitive clit, producing erotic moans and coos out of your mouth. I suck your clit up into my mouth and work my tongue tip delicately against your swollen nub. Your moans and coos turn to squeaks and squeals as your body begins to shudder in orgasm.

You flail helplessly against your restraints, as your body writhes with orgasmic rapture. I grip your ass cheeks firmly to hold you still so that I can keep my tongue working on your clit. I delve my tongue in side your vagina to keep your clit well lubed as I press my tongue firmly against your button, like I had to your neck. My efforts prolong your orgasm for so minutes, I can't tell if it is a series of many or one enduring climax. Your body floundering like a fish with waves of orgasmic energy.

Not until after you screamed, "Stop!" its sound echoing outside, did I relent from loving your vagina with my mouth. Your body collapsed on the bed, as you lay there gasping for breaths between aftershocks. I release you from your leg restraints and you curl your legs up. I release your arms and you lovingly wrap them around me squeezing very tight, pulling our bodies into one. Showering me with kisses and rolling me onto my back you deceptively capture my right wrist. I mock resistance to you restraining my left wrist and ankles. Now our positions are reversed.

I lay naked with my erection leaning like the Tower of Pisa, my arms and legs stretched out to the corners of the bed. You kiss your way down to my nipples, nibbling on them and running your fingertips all over my body. Dragging your stiff nipples along my body, down to my dripping tip. Your warm tongue replaces your nipples, tracing down my shaft, licking around my base and under my balls. I moan in pleasure as you suck my sac into your mouth.

You sloppily lick back up my shaft and engulf my helmet, your hand encircling my cock applying pressure and sliding it around, lubricated by your saliva and my pre-cum. You continue to stroke and suck, moving your whole body in unison. As I start to raise my hips to meet your receding lips you pull away your face, and firmly grip my cock around the base and give me a scolding look.

A knock at the door, it is your girlfriends you are traveling with, you tiptoe to the door and crack it open. I can only make out that they need you to go to the front desk. You grab a robe and actually leave me there, with the door un-latched! I am stuck splayed out on this ancient iron bed beneath an intricate Venetian chandelier, I had time to notice a lot about the room. I hear footsteps in the hall, but it is the German couple again, unmistakably. Then I heard the familiar, "Nine, Nine, Nine", that means you must be coming down the hall.

You slip thought the door and drop your robe. You step over to the bedside and are briefly disappointed at my now only chubby penis, but quickly go into action to revive my erection. You drag your nails along my balls and penis; the tingling sensation is stimulating the blood flow. I stiffen more and more with each pulse of my heartbeat. You flick your tongue across my head and up and down my rod.

Now that you have resurrected my tool, you straddle my hips, and grind down on my cock. You slide up and down dragging your clit along my length, almost letting my head enter your velvety wet lips. Then you catch my head between your lips raising it perpendicular to me hovering above it, with a swift motion you impale yourself upon my turgid shaft. The feeling is hot, wet, incredible. My body melts into yours, we feel as one while you grind down on me, inching more of my stiff rod into your hot tight pussy.

You lean forward and dangle your nipples against my chest, dragging them round in circles. Your hips gyrating back and forth, sliding your juicy vagina up and down my thick cock. You rise up and arch your back so that your headed to the foot of the bed, as your hips roll back you pull my turgid penis up hard against your G spot. Immediately your convulse in rapturous orgasm, arching further back and slamming your hips into me as you groan in pleasure.

You curl up back to be face to face with me and you kiss my chest, neck face, then you abruptly stop, look me in the eye and proceed to clench your vaginal muscles around my tingling hard on. You smoothly, with long slow motion, slide down my pole, while clenching very hard. When I am in to the hilt you release your pressure, tighten again and pull up off me in the same slow long stroke. Four cycles of your skillful muscle control has me bucking and screaming as I erupt hot cum deep inside of you. My explosion deep inside with your concentration on muscle control brings on another earthshaking orgasm rippling throughout your body. You collapse on top of me, we both exhausted after such a wonderful session.

After a while you come to your senses, which seemed like a blissful eternity, and remember my helpless situation. You carefully slip off my softening penis, holding all my cum in. You straddle my face and tell me that, "You cannot touch my clit." You then grind your sloppy pussy against my mouth, my cum mixed with your nectar drooling and bubbling out onto my probing tongue. We taste wonderful together. I lap at your lips and opening, regaining my erection from how sexy your creampie is. You rotate around and sixty-nine with me sucking and stroking my tender hard on as you squeeze out all of our love juice into my mouth. You raise your hips and climb down to face me as you suck my cock. Your sweet eyes tear up as you try to deep throat my cock, but your efforts are quickly rewarded as my balls tighten up and pump spurts of my slick cum into your mouth. I groan and sigh with pleasure as I let my body totally go limp.

You undo my ankles and my wrists, and then lay down next to me. We kiss deeply sharing each other's flavors; wrapped in one another's arms we drift off to sleep in the warmth of our passion and this Venetian summer night.

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