tagRomanceVenture in Vegas

Venture in Vegas


Carrie was a beautiful woman who married young. Only 16 when she met her future husband, Sean. Having no idea what life would be like, only rushing to do what all the other girlfriends did in her home town. Their sex life was always initiated by her all the time. She had no idea that wasn't normal for him to cum so quickly.

Loving to give him head it always made their lovemaking sessions longer. Many times through the night she had given him head just to make him hard again. He was the first man to give her an orgasm just by having sex missionary style. Most of the time he came much earlier and she never came, leaving her wanting more and more. Even when she did have an orgasm it only left her with a thirst for more.

After time, she began to lose interest in her sex life with Sean. He was becoming so boring sex was always the same. She had to initiate sex when she wanted it and if she wanted to have an orgasm, well, she had to take care of it herself. This meant masturbating or using a vibrator or dildos. She didn't mind using them, but she always felt neglected by him sexually. By this time she thought that it was normal and that all men came within minutes after inserting their penis's into a vagina. Still very naive.

One day her husband asked her is she would be interested in taking a drive to Las Vegas. Just the two of them, she thought. "Yes, I'd love to go." She said. Making all the plans herself and getting ready, she wanted to make this drive one to remember.

As they packed the car, a car drove up into their driveway. There was a very nice looking man at the two of them as they sat in the car. Sean walked up and extended his hand and introduced him to Carrie.

"Carrie, I'd like you to meet Todd, he's the reason were driving to Vegas." Shocked Carrie looked at Sean and thought to herself, it figures he'd have someone else along just so we wouldn't be by ourselves.

Smiling at Todd, then shaking his hand and telling him it was her pleasure to meet him. Then she told him that her husband Sean neglected to tell her he would be coming along.

When she touched his hands she felt the electricity from his finger tips. Smiling at him again, they began to talk while Sean finished packing Todd's things. Todd told Carrie that he was picking up a truck down there and was so glad that Sean had agreed to drive him. Carrie admitted that she was looking forward to a little time alone with Sean, but welcomed him with open arms.

As they drove off in the truck Todd was in the back-seat sitting directly behind Carrie. They had a large truck with a back-seat and it was very comfortable. Todd began talking, telling Carrie he just broke up with his girlfriend that he had caught her with another man. Carrie felt awful for Todd, almost forgetting that Sean was even in the car. The two hit it off immediately, the drive was long, but they were already half way there and stopped at a restaurant for a bite to eat.

Walking into the restaurant, Todd opened the door and was very much the gentleman to Carrie. Sean thought nothing of it, he walked straight passed the two of them into the restroom. The hostess seated them at a booth, Carrie sat next to Todd then they waited for Sean to get to the table before ordering.

While they ate, Carrie got really quiet and listened, while Sean and Todd began discussing the trucks and the deal he made.

Sean knew Todd from work. He was an accountant and met Todd at a luncheon he attended with his associate. Todd wasn't an accountant, but was a wizard at finance. He was a financial advisor and made great money and often helped others make money also.

Once they began talking about work, they lost Carrie. While the two talked about work and finance, Carrie began to think about her stimulating conversations with Todd. Not realizing it what was happening, but as they talked she began to get really hot and wet. Carrie had originally planned have some type of sex with her husband on the drive to Vegas. Now she wondered if it would be possible to do so now.

They finished up their dinner and returned back to the truck. Todd made a stretching motion and yawned he said that he was so tired now after eating all that food. He lay down in the back his head was lying down on the back seat.

Carrie could see his face if she turned back. Once it had gotten dark enough and when he was fast asleep, Carrie leaned over and whispered in Sean's ear. "I want to suck your cock while your driving."

Sean smiled and looked down at his short which were bulging by now. As she leaned over Sean pinched her nipples through her little tank top. Then feeling them with his entire hand, pulling up her shirt reveal them in their entirety.

Leaning over she began unbuttoning his pants while he pushed her top up and played with her breasts. Cupping them and smoothing his rough hands over her nipples then pinching.

Carrie unzipped his pants and slid them down a bit then took out his now throbbing cock. He flicked her nipples and kept them erect. His cock was so erect as he felt her lips kiss the head. He lifted up the steering wheel and allowed her go at his throbbing cock. Taking her lips she began to kiss his cock head, moving her opening mouth over the head. She moved her lips continuously around the head of his cock. Then she'd lick the under ridge making it swirl around in circles. She'd take her hand a firm grip around his thick shaft and jacking him off into her mouth.

She worked his cock into her mouth deep and feeling every bit with her tongue. She felt him continuing to play with her nipples, this time he was only playing with the tips and flicking them like it was her clit. Becoming even more aroused by this flicking, she was more enthralled to make him cum hard into her mouth. Finally, sucking his cock so hard, he came in four thrusts. Although he was finished she kept on sucking on him.

Feeling the breeze on her exposed nipples he was still playing with them, she felt a slimy ooze over them and then the fingertips massaging it on her nipples. Realizing that it wasn't Sean playing with her nipples at all, she pulled her head off of his cock and saw Todd's cock in his hand. Smiling at him letting him know that it was okay she took her hand and brushed it over her breasts and got some of his cum on her fingers and put them in her mouth.

Sean drove on while they sat in quiet for the remaining part of the drive. He was very content having gotten a blow job. They only had an hour left to drive, when Carrie asked Sean if he would stop, she needed to go to the restroom.
Sean pulled up to a gass station and as he stopped she got out of the truck and walked to the restroom. Todd sat up and said what a great rest he had gotten. He excused himself and went to the restroom also. While Sean gassed up the truck, Carrie and Todd went into the store to use the restroom.

Feeling a little awkward, he smiled at Carrie.

Carrie said. "Todd, you are a very attractive man and you make me feel very hot."

He said, "I couldn't help himself when I saw your breasts sitting out there and no one was touching them. At first I thought it was a dream waking up with beautiful shaped breasts in front of my face, but as I realized I was awake you gave me a hard on hearing you give Sean head. I couldn't resist I had to release myself. It's been too long since I was that close to a beautiful woman and her breasts."

Confessing to him. "Sean sexually frustrates me, he only thinks of himself sexually. I don't mind that you did at all. In fact I rather enjoyed it and it will be our little secret to keep."

They parted and walked their separate ways into the restrooms. Carrie sat in the stall in the bathroom seeing Todd's cock in his hand. The sight of his cock was consuming her every thought. It was so large and thick, much bigger than Sean's. Sean had a nice sized cock, but she had never really seen another that close before. Sean was the only man she had ever been with, why was she letting this man whom she hardly known cum on her tits. She knew she was very attracted to him and wanted to fuck him bad. She had to shake this feeling that was coming over her.

Washing her hands and walking back to the car, she saw him climbing into the back-seat. The breeze blew back her hair and the smell of the desert was enchanting. Stopping to look up at the black sky she saw a star fall from the sky. She made a wish then stepping back into the truck for the remaining drive to Vegas.

The talk was very minimal as she stared out the window watching the stars follow her as they drove. They all seemed to be in a trance quietly thinking to themselves. It seemed like it took hours from the last stop when they saw the lights of Vegas against the black sky above.

Just at they approached the lights of Vegas, the conversation began again. You could feel the energy of the lights effect each of them, the excitement. Sean asked which hotel they would like to stay, both shrugging their shoulders, not caring.

"Okay we'll stay at the one that had all the signs on the way here. Does the Stardust hotel sound okay?" He asked.

"Yes, sounds fine" said Carrie.

He pulled into the parking lot and everyone got out and stretched their legs. Taking their baggage out of the back to the truck and setting it down, the Valet gathered their baggage and put it on a cart.

They walked inside and stood in line to get their rooms. Sean asked Todd if he would like to stay with them in their room. Carrie gasped, when Sean said this.

Todd smiled and said "no that's quite all right. The two of you have done enough already by driving me. Let me pick up the rooms," said Todd.

He handed the room key to Sean and said "are you going to the roo and rest for a bit?"

"No way, I'm going to the casino." Sean replied. He looked at Carrie and asked "are you going with me to the casino?"

She replied, "No, I'm not much of a gambler, I hate to lose money."

Sean said, "then you go up and get some rest and I'll be back up in a couple of hours to wake you and we'll go out for breakfast."

Todd told Sean he would be more than happy to assist Carrie to her room. The bellhop was holding the opening to the elevator for them. They walked in and smiled at one another.

Todd asked Carrie. "You don't mind him leaving you alone?"

Carried replied. "Not at all, in fact I welcome some time alone." Then she doesn't know what came over her she pressed her breast against his shoulder and smiled.

The elevator door opened on the sixteenth floor. Carrie always got a little dizzy on elevators. She leaned against Todd for a second. He asked "are you okay? Let me help you into her room."

Doing just as he said, the bellhop left after getting his tip. Again, he asked if she was okay?

She replied. "No, I'm not okay. I've been thinking about you since you came on my breasts. I have to be honest with you and let you know how much it turned me on. I've never seen another man's cock before. Yours is beautiful and I can't get it out of my head."

He was dumbstruck and his mouth was hanging open. He too had been thinking of her since he saw her breasts and heard the sucking noises while she gave Sean head. She told him to "take your baggage to your room and let me freshen up. "

He nodded and left with the bellhop.

He entered his room and began to unpack his suitcase. He went into the bathroom and washed his face to wake him up. He heard a knock at the door and opened it. There she was standing there in a sun dress.

She couldn't believe she was standing there with nothing on but the sun dress, still wet from the drive earlier.

He opened the door and let her in and shut the door. The lights were dim and the room had the smell of musty cologne it came from his suitcase. Carried loved the smell it was intoxicating her like the image of him in the backseat stroking his cock.

He again apologized to her about the car incident and wanted to make amends to her. She asked him. "Are you really sorry?"

He replied with hesitance. "Yes, I'm sorry I couldn't help make you cum like I did."
She told him. "Here's your chance now Todd."

He moved toward her and kissed her bare neck that smelled of peaches. She smelled so good he began to lick her neck up to her ear. He whispered in her ear. "I want you to cum for me Carrie not just once over and over."

His whispers sent shivers down her spine and again her nipples were erect. He pressed his body against hers and felt her nipples through the dress. He lifted the dress over her head and dropped it to the floor, gazing at her body and erected nipples he took one in his mouth while he flicked the other one.

Grabbing his shirt and pulling it off of him, she moved her hands to his pants. Slowly unbuttoning them and unzipping the zipper to his pants. She moved her hands against his firm ass pushing them down, as she did this she felt his beautiful thick cock rub against her.

His mouth moved up and ravished her mouth. He began to moan and tasted her sweet mouth. She too, moaned it had been so long since she was kissed this way. It was long over due and every movement was welcomed and pursued back.

He moved his mouth down her body licking her delicious body, tickling her when he reached her tummy. He moved his hand down between her legs and felt the warmth coming from her sweetest spot, spreading her legs she welcomed him inside.

He kneeled before her and pressed her against the wall while he took his fingers and spread her even further. Moving his fingertips to her clit and spreading her juices all over her, he began to lick and flick her clit wildly.

As he did this to her, she tried to grab a hold of something so she wouldn't scream when he began flicking her clit. She was already climaxing for him. Sean hadn't eaten her pussy for almost a year now. Pressing her fingers into the walls scratching to get a better hold of anything, she let loose and began her moans of pleasure. He could feel her waves hit her and the moans became louder and louder, he was relentless, he wasn't going to stop even if she pleaded with him.

Finally, she begged him to let her lie on the bed. He allowed her only by picking her up and moving her over himself. He continued to ravish her juices by sucking every drop out of her. As she lay her head back and let him have his ways with her, she moved her feet to feel his hard cock throbbing. She wanted to feel this beautiful cock inside her, what would he do to make this even better than it already was?

He asked her if she ever tasted her own juices, she confessed only when she masturbated alone. Never had she done it in front of anyone. He took his finger and dipped it inside of her dripping pussy and brought it to her mouth.

She opened it up and tasted herself. Todd asked, "how do you like the taste of yourself?"

Carrie said. "It would like it much better with both of our cum together."

Smiling at her he asked. " What's your favorite position?"

Not knowing how to respond to him, he turned her over onto her stomach and kissed her ass then took a small bite of it.

He told her. "I want you to cum like you never have before."

He took her juices and spread them all over from her clit to her ass. He took the tip of his head and inserted it into her pussy. He took out his cock and moved it over her clit and back up to her ass. He continued doing this, for a long time. Taking his time, he could feel her breaths coming more frequent. He told her to let him know when she was close to cumming again.

Spreading her juices all over her, he could now insert the tip of his head into her ass. As soon as he would put it inside her, he would again take it out and put it back into her pussy. Lubricating his cock and moving it back over her clit, he continued this till she told him she was getting very close to cumming. He asked her if she ever had been fucked in her ass before?

She replied. "No, never, but what your doing feels wonderful. Please, don't stop."

He continued his motions and could feel her pussy begin to tighten up. He didn't want her to cum just yet. He wanted to press himself inside her fully. He took hi cock head and pressed it into her ass once again. He continued this going further inside each time. Finally, he was inside her all the way and began to pump his cock in and out of her ass.

She told him "I'm going to cum."

All of a sudden he stopped and took his cock out. Taking his cock and pushed all the way inside of her pussy, once inside her tight wet pussy he pressed hard trying to lift her pussy in the air with his cock. Doing this he could feel her begin to shutter around his cock making him want to release. She was grabbing her breasts and screaming aloud now as he thrashed his cock harder and harder.

The orgasm she had lasted the entire time he was thrusting inside. Never had she ever had an orgasm last longer than a few minutes. This one was lasting over ten minutes now, telling him to fuck her harder and harder.

Not to stop, he was finding it too much to hold back any longer. He thrashed one more time, releasing his load, one, two, three and finally the fourth. He laid her next to him on his bed. Starring at her beautiful breasts and she starred at his beautiful cock that was still hard.

Smiling at him, she climbed on top of him and began to lick him from the top of his head to the small of his head. She asked him. "Care to make a bet?"

He replied. "Carrie I thought you didn't like to gamble?"

"Oh, I don't gamble on things aren't a sure thing!" She replied. Laughing she began to ride his cock until the light of the morning began to break through the curtains. Loving the feel of his cock inside her, they both came again. Feeling exhausted she said to him. "I better get back to my room and shower."

"What will you tell Sean if he's there? He asked.

"I'll tell him I felt brave and took on a for sure bet and won hands down." She replied with a satifying smile.


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