tagExhibitionist & VoyeurVenus Ascending Pt. 11

Venus Ascending Pt. 11


Chapter 30

Lisa's time alone hiding in the loft was more torturous than anything she's been through before. She had always been used to doing things on her own and doing whatever it took to survive, but John changed all that. As long as she knew she was by herself she didn't seem to be lonely or stressed. Her time with John had changed everything.

Being alone was not okay anymore, she needed John with her. She didn't care what else happened, but she needed to sense his warmth, hear his heart beating his chest and feel his eyes making love to her. She didn't want to be alone anymore and hiding alone in the loft was eating at her very soul. Lisa made a promise to herself, to always be at John's side no matter what the peril. She knew where she belonged now. While she waited, she donned his robe, enveloping herself in his scent and his warmth.

When he got back to "Sinful" John had a quick meeting with the manager and made sure all the preparations were in place. John and the manager walked around the display window looking at the setup and John found several things that needed to be modified. John envisioned Lisa's form on full display in the window, and it filled him with fire. He thanked the manager for all the preparation and left to meet with his slave and bride. After day dreaming about her in the window, he was eager to feel her in his arms.

Lisa was pacing like a nervous cat waiting for him. John hurriedly explained that when they had not done the first show at the Medieval room, they had been forced into a penalty. This show was the payment for that penalty. It was another demonstration of the bondage products and sex toys available at the store, with Lisa as the live mannequin. John told her that he didn't want to do this, but engineering preparations wouldn't be in place until midnight and they were still vulnerable.

It was a very dangerous time and they needed to be extra careful. At this time the only people they can trust is each other. John told her how scared he was for her and the success of the revolution. There were hundreds of variables and while he thought he had most of the problems covered there were always other problems. He was afraid that people were going to die tonight and it would be his fault.

He lay down for a few minutes with his mind still in a whirl. Lisa came over, opened her robe and covered him with her silky skin as she slowly started kissing over his entire face. It didn't take long before he had completely forgotten everything else except his woman in his arms. He wrapped his arms around her and rolled over so that he was on top of her and looked into those brilliant, sparkling, and loving eyes. That is all it seems to take anymore and after looking into her eyes he knew everything would be okay in the end.

John caressed her face and she lovingly nuzzled into his hand. Lisa slipped deeper into his grasp, rubbing her body against his as their eyes made love. She felt like a contented kitten as she wriggled against and snuggled into his body. John swore he heard Lisa purr as she preened against him. He was the reason she didn't feel alone anymore. Her life before had been all about her and her career. Now she didn't even seem to exist if his arms were not around her.

John knew how she felt. At this very moment with Lisa in his arms all of his worries and problems went away, it was just them. "Thank you my baby, without you in my arms I would be going crazy right now. Your love makes everything worthwhile and thanks for loving me the way you do. You're completely unselfish love gives me the strength to move forward and do what needs to be done. I love you, my baby and my wife."

John looked into her eyes and saw them glistening with 100 different emotions. He could see lust, trust, passion, belief, along with some fear and anxiety, but all of them really boiled down to love. Her teeth grabbed his ear lobe and she sucked it into his mouth as she mumbled, "You are my master, and I love you my husband. You have done so much for me and you are always here when I need you. Now its my turn. I will always be the beacon to bring you home and the warmth to erase all your troubles. Our love saves each other and when we are together we are home."

They held each other close feeling the love and warmth of their skin calming and soothing their doubts until 6:30 arrived. Then they reluctantly got up, with Lisa retying the sash on her robe as they began making preparations for the show downstairs. As they got ready to go downstairs they paused one more time, and gave each other long loving looks and light kisses before walking down the stairs.

John had just seen the arrangement a few minutes ago, but it somehow seemed different with Lisa by his side. All of his original plans came back in a rush as they stepped into the platform behind the display window. Despite everything else that was going on he felt a rush of excitement and anticipation. He looked over at Lisa, and she was having much the same reaction.

She looked at the closed curtains which she knew soon be open with an audience beyond watching as her master take what belongs to him. As John stared hungrily her, she looked at the device in the middle of the display platform and imagined herself strapped to the apparatus. She felt her breath start to quicken and catch in her throat. The knowledge and anticipation of what was coming created knots in her belly. Her nipples throbbed and hardened, with her legs trembling and pussy weeping as she ached to feel her master's touch.

Lisa looked around at all the toys she knew he was going to use on her and on a visceral level she trembled. However, this was not about toys; it was about two souls sharing their heavenly union. It was about two strong-willed people gracefully sharing their power with bond that was uniquely theirs. Her every thought, emotion, and feeling included John, and that was when she knew he had claimed her.

Tonight was about Lisa who finds her strength not only in embracing her femininity, but revealing it to the man she calls master. It was about John who is secure in his masculinity and strong enough to fight for his woman's heart and soul. When their two spirits met, the skies exploded in perfect splendor with fiery passion raining from the heavens.

Lisa looked over at John and saw the loving heat in his gaze. It was easy for her to give him the gift of her submission. She was a strong woman and knew her true submission could never be forced, but only given. It comes from deep inside her only when she's ready to obey without question. Right now she wanted nothing more than to give her love, body, and submission to this man that she loves so deeply. He had made love to her heart and mind, now her body can't live without his touch

Lisa looked back at the apparatus awaiting her and felt the throbbing between her legs. The anticipation, gasping breaths and the fiery passion in her core gave testament to one simple truth. She needed him. She wanted him to own her, to take her, break her and hurt her, all while loving and protecting her. Theirs was a bond like no other, powerful and strong, yet tender and demanding.

Lisa stripped off her robe letting it cascade to the floor behind her. She felt his eyes sweep over her exposed skin and she trembled inside. Lisa felt an irresistible urge to let him know that she completely belongs to him. She fell to her knees, cast her eyes downward and lifted her hands for binding. In a soft passionate whisper she said, "I am yours and I will always be yours. I will always obey my master, not because I am forced to, but because I want to. Please master, bind me, take me, use me, and once again show the world that I belong to you."

John knelt in front of Lisa and put his finger under her chin lifting it so their eyes met. With emotion thick in his voice he said, "You are the perfect woman and too delicious for words. You are my wife now and you don't have to do this, so if you don't want to, tell me now to stop. You are my love and you mean something very important to me, so tell me to stop because I won't be able to stop once I start."

John's lips slowly closed the distance between hers until he hungrily took her lower lip in his teeth. He ravenously devoured her mouth in a gluttonous kiss taking from her what he wanted. Lisa's whole body shook with the power of his passion, and her eyes closed with the exquisite promise of his kiss. As their lips parted, Lisa gasps trying to catch her breath, but she stayed in her slave presentation position.

John watched Lisa quiver and shake as she stayed in position. He saw goose bumps all over her body with little tremors rippling beneath her skin. All of these things only made his hunger soar, but he gave her one last chance, "Tell me to stop, or else I will take what I want."

Lisa lifted her eyes looking in his with the love and passion plain for everyone to see. She licked her lips nervously then held her hands higher saying, "Never stop master. Take what is yours. I have given myself to you, so use me anyway you want. Take me master, and please never stop!"

John reached over and grabbed the length of soft, cotton rope and bound her hands together with the dominant tenderness. As he wrapped the rope tightly around her wrists, as he stared into the luminous eyes of the woman who was giving him greatest gift she had to give. Her wise strength opened herself, letting him reach inside her as she surrendered her mind and body. She invited complete intimacy, knowing she runs the risk of being harmed, but she trusted him enough to run the risk.

John felt humbled and even a little unworthy of this spectacular gift. Her eyes looked at him with bottomless love and he knew it was his responsibility to treasure her, respect and protect her with his last dying breath. He had a lump in his throat with the magnitude of her freely given gift. They were bound together with love and trust, knowing that they are the only bindings that will truly hold.

With their eyes still locked in a loving gaze, John stood, pulling on her hands so that Lisa would rise with him. John held her bound hands in one hand while his other lovingly stroked her face. She felt incredible love pouring from his eyes as his hand left her face trailing lightly down her body. Her adoring gaze turned to a blazing, loving inferno as his fingers gripped her nipple in a passionate squeeze. It was only a quick squeeze, but for a moment her breath was locked in her throat just before a whimper escaped her lips. His hand continued down her form until it settled in the small of her back and he guided her towards the waiting apparatus.

What was sitting in the middle of the display area was a pole with a support bar roughly 3 feet from the ground. The cross bar could be adjusted up or down, depending on the height of its victim. On the support bar was mounted a Sybian vibrator with a dildo attachment and extreme clit stimulators. The Sybian provides extreme stimulation, especially to the clit area. It has been known to give women their very first orgasm or make women multi-orgasmic. John wondered since Lisa is already multi-orgasmic, what might this due to her.

Lisa had never seen one of these contraptions, but it still sent shivers through her already inflamed core. She had the feeling that this was going to be another one of those nights that he elevated her passion to previously unimagined heights. As she glanced between his hungry eyes and the device in front of her, the prospect of the night to come, had her body quivering frantically. Then she remembered the window behind her and she became impatient to have him devastate her body in front of an audience.

She knew what John could do to her, very soon she knew he would be playing her body like a Stradivarius. She would somehow be strapped to this device, naked in front of an audience and tormented the point of tortuously delayed orgasm. The thought of what was to come made her knees quiver and she sagged in his grasp. Her imagination went even further as she imagined her master making her cum uncontrollably and her knees gave out completely. Fortunately, John was holding her arms tightly as she began to slide to the floor.

She twisted in his arms as he pulled her to his body and he held her as she lay her head on his chest. She was quivering in his arms as she looked up at him with unwavering love and now a lot of fiery lust. Between excited gasps she whispered, "Master you've taught me so much over the last months, things I never dreamed or imagined. You've done things I didn't think my body was capable of, but you knew. You've always known how far I could go and what my body could take."

"Your love overwhelms me until my body can't do without you. I know you're going to push me to the edge again tonight, but I want you to know I will make you proud. I love you master and I will always be yours. Thank you for making me yours and leading me down this path."

John looked at her knowing that the possibilities of the night were already starting to overwhelm her. He gave a sly smile as he was already making love to her with just a single caress or seeing her thoughts through her eyes. By accepting only the very best from her, he had earned the gift of her submission, and she had found empowerment by yielding him. Her submission was a gift that had to be earned through passion, trust and empathy.

John stroked her head with his free hand, his eyes blazing with passionate intensity and said, "Your submission is a perfect and beautiful gift. You are giving me your wide open heart and mind as a measure of your trust. You also willingly give me your body without embarrassment or shame. I have accepted the gift and the obligation to respect, love, and honor your sacrifice, by protecting you from all harm."

"Deep inside you I see passion that fights to come to life like a flower searching for sunlight. You keep your heart and craving well hidden, but the seeds of your passion can only be seen by someone that loves you. As your master, I thirst to bring your desire into the sunlight and watch it blossom in a spectacular unbridled display."

"In those moments, when all pretense has vanished and all that's left is your intense joy; that's when I love you the most. There are times to just to make love, but I know you, and I know you want the audience to know that you belong to me. So tonight we are going to let the audience know that you belong to me and you are my property."

Lisa trembled, feeling the heat from his eyes pouring into her trembling heart. The needful anticipation was almost more than she could bear. Her whole body shook with anticipation of what was to come. She longed for him to just rip her clothes off and stuff himself inside her. The eagerness was almost too much and she showed him the desperate heat through her eyes.

Lisa had always felt exotically powerful when she was nude on stage dancing controlling every eye in the room. However, all that paled in comparison to the power she felt as she gave her heart and body to John. It was a powerful feeling to release complete control to someone else. She could tell John felt the power contained in her gift. With the fire in his eyes he told her he was going to take her, and make her feel things that others only dreamed of.

John lowered the support bar with the Sybian and helped Lisa stand over the bar facing the pole. He began sliding the support bar up until the dildo contacted Lisa's already soaked pussy lips. He wiggled it through her juicy lips to lubricate the dildo and began to slowly slide inside her. Once it was completely embedded in her and her clit was in contact with the stimulators, he raised the bar a little bit more until only Lisa's toes were touching the floor. Only then did he lock the bar in place.

He took her bound wrists and attached the rope to a hook on the pole far above her head. She was stretched taut with her toes leaving the ground. He worried her nipples with his fingers and when they were fully engorged or hard as a rock, then he attached a nipple clamp to her nipple. Lisa took a long shuttering breath as the pain threatened to take her breath away. John wrapped the nipple clamp chain around the pole then attached the other clamp to her remaining nipple.

With every step Lisa felt her body's need escalate. The first was when her cunt was filled with the dildo and next when her clit was firmly pressed against the stimulators. Finally, as the nipple clamps crushed her already throbbing nipples, Lisa felt the desperate yearning built inside her. This was what Lisa wanted. She wanted John to show everyone that she belongs to him. Lisa wanted him to drive her crazy, make her feel things she never dreamed of. She wanted him to dominate her, pulling the fire from inside her, making her give herself to him before he finally took her. John had her fully attached the apparatus and stood back appraising her tantalizing form.

By way of a demonstration, he gave Lisa a little swat on her tush and as she jerked away the chain held fast and her nipples received a hard yank. Lisa squealed and whimpered just before she said, "Oh master, I see the genius of this. The vibrators and dildo will drive me crazy, causing me to writhe and jerk, which will in turn cause the nipple clamps to tug on my nipples. That will in turn cause me to push back on the stimulators, resulting in more tugs on my nipples. Oh master, I love you so, and you are a virtuoso with the way you play my body."

John watched Lisa's squirm on the apparatus and a devious smile crossed his face. He gave her a teasing kiss while his hands caressed her taut belly. His fingers stalked down to her clit and up to her breasts trailing erotic fire and everywhere they went. Her mouth opened and closed with facial twitches revealing her erotic agony. John watched her face intently as her fiery bliss began to blossom like a seedling reaching for the sun.

John took one more thing from his pocket and watched her eyes widen as he began to work a medium-sized jeweled butt plug through her sphincter. As the plug slipped inside her John saw a shudder ripple through her body and she softly moaned his name. He hadn't really started, yet her eyes were already glazed with her blissful thousand yard stare.

Lisa felt like she was on fire with a raw ache in her belly. Her nipples throbbed inside the clamps and despite not being turned on, the vibrator tickled her clit. Now her master had filled her pussy and ass and she reveled with the fire was building inside her. However, what was really driving her crazy was the anticipation of things yet to come.

The more he looked at her and the more he casually caressed her, the more her anxiety built. He was slow and methodical as he touched her, caressed her and continued his anticipatory torment. He slowly kissed down her face snapping her out of her lusty daze. The glint in his eyes and the lopsided smile on his face told her he was just getting started and she trembled at the thought of where he was going to take her.

She lovingly looked back at this man who can take her to heaven with just a touch. Right now he was making love to her mind, but her body throbbed and ached for him to take it further. Her head shook back and forth trying to gain control of her desperate needy body. Her whimpers and moans were like music to his ears. Her passionate whispers of, "Oh Master, Oh please Master," only made the music that much sweeter.

John looked at this incredible woman whose passion soared to unimaginable heights when he touched her and he felt omnipotent. With his other hand he wove his hand in her hair and pulled her head back so he could look into her passion ridden face. In a lusty growl he said, "The way you respond to me makes me feel like a God. You have given me the power to love you the way I do and the power to drive you insane with ecstasy. I love you my baby."

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