tagLoving WivesVideo Chat Cuckold Pt. 01

Video Chat Cuckold Pt. 01


Please note that this story contains subject matter related to cuckoldry, cheating wives, wife watching, voyeurism and group sex. If this subject matter offends you, then you have been fairly warned.

Finally, all characters in this story are of legal age and beyond.

Chapter One - Flight Cancelation

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" I muttered harshly under my breath as I watched the status of my homeward bound flight change from delayed to canceled.

I finished with a final, "FUCK!" This last one loud enough to be heard by those around me. Not that they cared, because they were experiencing the same feelings as me. We were all now stuck in Denver.

I travel to Denver regularly for work and during this particular week, it was hit by an unexpectedly harsh snow storm. It was Friday and I had to be back in Denver on Monday for work. It looked like I was going to end up staying the weekend.

I dialed my wife, Kristi, to let her know the worst had happened. Realistically, we had both been mentally preparing for this news for the last few hours. Ergo, besides the disappointment we both felt, the conversation went well. I travel a lot for work, so sometimes, it is what it is.

Kristi let me off the hook gently, her sweet voice matching perfectly with her pale, sparsely freckled face, green eyes and long auburn hair. We had been married for 10 years and her beauty still made my jaw drop on a regular basis. Though honestly, at five feet four inches in height and 115 pounds, there are a lot of jaws dropping when she enters a room. We're both long-distance runners so are both fit and trim people who enjoy a very active life.

As I rolled my carry-on out to the ground transportation area, I pondered on how I was doubly disappointed. This was due to the fact that I was going to miss our plans tonight with our friends, Sabrina and Derrick.

In truth, Sabrina, who we call Bri, was Kristi's friend. They had met in college and became fast friends.

About a year previous, Bri had gone through a messy divorce. My Kristi, already a good friend, had been there for her through it all. This led to them becoming even closer and consequently, quite inseparable.

In the past couple months, Bri had met and begun dating Derrick. Neither Kristi nor I knew him previously, but he is a great guy and has many of the same interests as me. While I travel extensively, Derrick works local to the city in which we all live. He and I are about the same height, right at six feet, though I'm a little leaner due to my running habit.

It was a happy coincidence that we got along great, because we two couples had begun to hang out together quite often.

My wife, Kristi, and Bri are somewhat polar opposites. While Kristi is softer spoken and has a certain air of naivety about her, Bri is more forceful and brash. Nevertheless, they somehow make it work for them and the combination somehow meshes well when they are together.

Physically, Bri is a bit larger than Kristi. She's about five feet eight inches in height and while heavier than Kristi, it's just respective to the height difference. Additionally, while Kristi's breasts are closer to an A cup size, Bri's are pushing the limits of a C cup.

While I much prefer my Kristi, and truly adore her smaller breasts, the contrasting eye candy provided by Bri is always a win in my book. I knew Derrick felt the same way, because I had caught him eyeing my Kristi up and down a few times. I didn't fault him for it and was sure he had probably caught my wandering gaze on more than one occasion. What can I say, we're just a couple of lucky sons of bitches.

During these thoughts, I had moved to the shuttle area and decided that I'd better start using my brain power for getting to my hotel. While thinking of the two girls was entertaining, it would just lead me down the path of being hopelessly horny, which wouldn't help me at all in my current predicament.

I reflected later that I had needed that brain power, because it took me nearly two hours of waiting and shuttle travel to get to my hotel, which was only a few miles from the airport.

As I stood in line to get checked into my hotel, I grumbled to myself about how Denver should be able to handle snow better than this. I, as always, was very nice to the lady at the front desk as I checked into my room. The folks at the front desk can make your life great, or make it less than pleasant. I prefer to hedge my bets.

With the travel and room all settled, the only plan in my immediate future involved a lot of beer.

After entering my room, I texted Kristi, letting her know I was safe and warm again. A few minutes later, she called me via video chat, so we could talk.

We were both disheartened about me not getting home, but understood it was the nature of traveling jobs that this type of thing would happen from time to time. We dismissed the situation and instead spent our time catching up on the events of the day.

While we spoke, I was really enjoying her beautiful smile and bare shoulders presented to me. There was something about a freckled red head that really got my motor running, and my wife was the perfect specimen in that regard.

As our conversation continued, the phone dipped a little low one time and I noticed she was only wearing a towel. Apparently, she had called me fresh from the shower. I decided to see how badly she wanted to cheer me up.

Smiling devilishly and with a glint in my eye, I broached the subject. "Hey baby, drop that towel and give a man a show."

Rolling her eyes dramatically and laughing, she asked, "Which man? You?"

Even as she said the words, she angled the phone lens slowly up and down, giving me a view of her scantily clad body.

My cock began to stiffen, and I growled as I said, "Oh yeah baby. If I were home right now, I'd rip that towel away and fuck you silly."

Giggling girlishly and giving me a full on, exaggerated cheerleader wink, she replied, "Mmmm, I could use that. I've been so horny all week." Then, changing to a pouty face, she continued, "and now I have to make it another week too. Boo hoo." She punctuated the statement with a long drawn out sigh of disappointment.

My cock was now pushing painfully against my jeans. I leveled an authoritative gaze at her and said, "Show me how horny you are baby."

Smiling again, her eyes twinkling, she propped her phone on her makeup table and slowly stood. Using her left hand, she began to twirl her long auburn tresses. I watched as her right hand ever so slowly slipped down the length of the towel and dipped under the lower edge, obviously touching her pussy.

Eyes glistening with mischief, she let out a long moan before saying, "Like this baby?"

I dragged out a long, "yeeessss," as I fumbled with my trousers.

As I set my cock free and made contact with it, she sat back down and retrieved her phone from its position.

With a look of regret and a sorrowful tone, she said, "I'm sorry love, but Bri and Derrick will be here to pick me up in an hour and I have to get ready. To be continued, okay?"

I sighed loudly and dropped my cock. "You and me both have regrets baby. I'm going to be hard all night."

She playfully pursed her lips and in a mocking tone said, "Well keep it in your pants buddy and I'll take care of you later."

I stroked my chin as if in thought and said with mock sincerity, "I'll do my best and make sure you're ready to keep your word."

Then, more to change the subject then to actually retrieve information, I focused on something else. "Is the plan still dinner and dancing?"

"I think so," she replied, "is that okay?"

"Absolutely, have fun. I'm just going to grab some dinner and watch some TV. I'll be around, so feel free to text or send me naughty pics." I gave her the mock sincere look again and added, "Remember, if you dance with strangers, make sure you let them squeeze your ass. They love that and it's only polite." I said the last with a naughty wink.

She gave me an equally mocking look of irritation before saying, "You are such a naughty, naughty, horn dog. Down boy."

Both of us finally laughing, we said our goodbyes and dropped the session. An hour wasn't much time for my Kristi to get ready to go anyplace, so I knew she needed every minute.

For the next couple of hours, I went about the business of eating in the hotel restaurant, drinking beer, watching TV and figuring out when I was going to do laundry. This wasn't a typical activity for me while traveling, but since I would have to wear the same clothes for a second week straight, it had to happen.

I didn't bother Kristi, because I didn't want her to have to spend her night texting back and forth to keep me company. As always though, she didn't disappoint and sent the occasional text to check-in. In particular, there were various selfies she sent. Damn, she was hot.

The most recent selfie included Bri and Derrick. In it, they were all smiling and obviously having a good time. I had a moment where I thought what a lucky bastard Derrick was to have two beautiful women in his company tonight.

Honestly, that thought led me down a train of thought that made me horny again. On the thought train, I pictured me being out with both of them by myself. I let my imagination momentarily run wild and fantasized about the three of us back at Kristi's and my house, and winding up in a tangle of sweat, limbs and sexual satisfaction.

I had to derail that train quickly though, and it took every bit of self-control I had to not stroke myself to an orgasm. It wouldn't be the first time I had that fantasy and it was indeed one of my favorites.

From my peripheral experience with Bri, I figured that she would likely be much more aggressive in the sex department. Therefore, my fantasy usually revolved around her taking control and getting what she wanted, while Kristi and I both fed her needs. In return, we were well taken care of.

Kristi and I often share past experiences and fantasies, which keep our sex life very active and interesting. However, I am smart enough to never share the particulars of this fantasy or my next favorite with Kristi. Any fantasies shared are always impersonal and never include names of people we know - past lovers excluded, of course.

My second favorite fantasy involved Kristi and Bri having a lesbian experience. Sometimes, it just happened while we were all together and they let me watch. Most times though, I came home early from work and caught them together. I never interrupted them in this fantasy. I played the voyeur. I stayed hidden to watch and enjoy.

I caught myself. There I was on that damn train again. I forced myself to cool down. In truth, the girls never showed any indication that either had lesbian or bisexual tendencies. This was just my private dream.

Little did I know how much my life was about to change.

Chapter Two - He's Got A What?

Fortunately, I had brought my handy dandy TV streaming device and connected it to the hotel TV. This provided me with unlimited entertainment options to keep myself occupied. I had just hit play on the show I was watching when Kristi sent me another selfie of her and Bri at the club.

In the selfie, the girls clung together and had their lips lightly pressed together in a kiss. Obviously, it was for show and not for real, but I loved it and immediately deposited it into my mental spank bank. Its caption said, "I'm a little buzzed and horny as fuck. I can't wait to chat with you later."

I quickly typed, "That photo is HOT! I'm worked up too and waiting for you. Don't let any horny guys lure you into their vans! LOL."

She replied with an eye-roll emoji and, "Dirty boy. I'll do my best not to fall into temptation, though it does sound fun at this moment. ;-)" She then continued, "Bri won't let me anyway. I told her I was buzzed and horny, so she's going to take care of me."

I knew nothing was implied, but there was a tug inside my jeans and I gulped at her use of, 'take care of me.' Of course, I knew that my thoughts were much different than Kristi's.

I sent an ambiguous reply that would fit both our meanings. "Okay, ensure she takes very good care of you."

I was completely satisfied with how that would fit into my fantasy world without alerting her to my nefarious purposes. I actually chuckled out loud at the thought.

A couple minutes later, my phone chimed again. I know how Kristi is when she's buzzed, so in my mind, I saw her giggling as she typed.

Maybe she was giggling and maybe she wasn't, but I wasn't remotely expecting the content of the text. "Bri says she's horny too and she's going to need some of Derrick's big cock soon. I think that means we'll be leaving before long and then we can take care of each other."

I found myself in the interesting position of having my buzzed wife giving me intimate details about another woman. One who I had fantasized her with. Also, I was intrigued by the comment about Derrick having a big cock. What was that about? Big? How big? Bigger than me?

I crafted a reply and read it through a couple times to ensure it wasn't worded in a way that might scare her away from the conversation. "Well, I'm glad everyone is horny then. That gets me taken care of sooner. Did Bri really tell you that about his cock? That's graphic. Girls share weird shit with other girls. LOL."

She didn't give me any new information in her response. "Uh huh. You know she can be direct. LOL."

I watched as another incoming text was being typed. I found myself horny and eager for what was to come. My heart leapt into my throat when it finally showed up.

"I asked her WTF girl?! She said that Derrick has the biggest cock she's ever seen. She can't really take it all, but she lets him try. You know me, I could only blush and giggle. Now, I can't keep from looking at his crotch to see if she's lying. I'm a bad girl!"

I typed back, "LOL. Well, I imagine it's hard not to look now that you've been told. It's like when your one friend told us about her boob job, if we'd never paid attention before, now we had to look!"

Her reply said, "That explains it! Bri and I are going to dance, I need to get this out of my mind, or I'll get busted by Derrick trying to sneak a peek. LOL."

I didn't want to let her go. In fact, I wanted to spend some quality time getting intel on Bri while Kristi was being open. Unfortunately, I knew that I shouldn't push it, so simply replied with, "Okay, have fun!"

Seriously, I didn't know what to think. My fantasy factory was working overtime producing multiple variations of previous fantasies. I just couldn't take it any longer and slowly caressed my cock thinking of Bri blowing Derrick's supposed huge cock.

I could see her alternately wrapping her big breasts around it and bobbing her mouth up and down his big shaft. Her drool was dripping down his length as she sucked him feverishly. The image could only be described as... delicious.

With such vivid imagery, I stroked slowly, but with no intention of cumming. In fact, I felt very much in control, and no orgasm was impending.

Unbidden, however, my imagination threw me a curve ball and introduced another variable into the situation. Out of nowhere, the camera in my mind zoomed out from the sight of Bri pleasuring Derrick's big cock and added the view of my beautiful Kristi.

She was not inactive. Instead, she was sitting in a chair a short distance away from the action and watching it all intently. Additionally, her short skirt was bunched around her waist, and her legs were splayed open as she finger-fucked her sweet snatch fast and hard.

There was no such thing as control over orgasm when this image leapt into my mind. My cock went from pleasant pleasure to overload. Simply stated, I exploded all over myself.

I gasped, jerked and groaned loudly as my cock continually spurted rope after sticky rope of thick ejaculate. They were all powerful, but the first two jets were so strong that some actually landed on my chin. The rest covered me from chest to stomach. I was a mess and just couldn't believe how that image had hit me.

Lying back and breathing heavily, I was able to partially cool down from this unexpected, but fantastic release. I stumbled to the bathroom and cleaned myself up while trying to put the images out of my mind.

Clean-up completed, I tried to refocus on watching more TV, but the imagery prevailed. I knew that Kristi would be home soon and then we could spend some video chat time together. I smiled as I realized that my cock was already stirring again. I felt safe in the knowledge that I would have no problem performing for her when she was ready.

About 30 minutes or so later, I was getting antsy when Kristi texted again. "That was fun, wish you were here! Kristi and I dirty danced and then Derrick joined in. OMG I think I felt his package. It was either that or he carries a flashlight in his pocket. LOL. We're heading home now. I love you!"

I felt a strange tug at my heart when I read that my lovely, faithful wife had made contact with another man's penis. I'm sure it was harmless. Also, it couldn't be the first time, because we had all danced before. I think it was just more noticeable to her - and me - now that its possibly larger than normal size had been called to her attention.

Either way, I felt a surge of jealousy and anger directed at Derrick for the first time ever. Simultaneously, I also felt a surge of blood flow through my prick as it moved from semi erect to fully erect again.

I spoke aloud to my penis, "What the fuck is your deal?!"

Realizing that I had not replied to Kristi yet, I quickly typed, "I love you too! Talk to you soon."

Chapter Three - The Wait

Then, began another interminable waiting period. I knew it would take at least 30 minutes for them to drop Kristi off at home and say their goodbyes. From there, she might freshen up, grab a glass of wine, shower, or any other number of things before contacting me. Especially, since we had plans to pleasure each other via video chat. As our private joke went, she'd want to look her best just in case the NSA was watching.

I took that time to grab a shower and get comfortable for bed. I spent extra time in the shower. The feeling of my hand slipping up and down the slick soapy length of my cock always brought me to full attention. I ensured I was ready for whatever transpired between Kristi and me.

"No worries there," I said aloud to myself with a grin. I just hoped that I could lead her back to the conversation about Bri. Though, she has a good tolerance to alcohol, so I knew she was likely to be cold sober by the time we spoke.

When an hour passed, I began to wonder if everything was alright. I checked my phone to ensure I had not somehow missed a text or call. I didn't want to act like a worry wart, so didn't react the way I was tempted to, which was to call her. There were many reasons it could be taking longer.

When it had been a full ninety minutes, I couldn't take it anymore and sent a text asking, "Is everything okay, did you make it home yet? Get distracted and still at the club?"

Fifteen minutes later, I still had no response, so I tried to call. The phone rang several times before going to voicemail, so I knew that her phone was powered on. I didn't leave a voicemail and sent another text instead, "Hello, are you all right? I'm getting worried."

About ten minutes later, with no reply, I was really getting scared as we were hitting almost two full hours after our last contact. This was very unusual, and I worried about an automobile accident.

I was about to call again when the phone vibrated in my hands with an incoming video chat from Kristi's number.

Immediate relief flooded me. Everything was all right. I sighed heavily before answering the call, prepared to greet my wife with a smile. Instead, I was greeted by Bri's smiling face.

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