tagLoving WivesVideo Chat Cuckold Pt. 02

Video Chat Cuckold Pt. 02


Pt. 02: Joe discovers the whereabouts of his wife, Kristy

Please note that this story contains subject matter related to cuckoldry, cheating wives, wife watching, voyeurism and group sex. If this subject matter offends you, then you have been fairly warned.

Finally, all characters in this story are of legal age and beyond.

Chapter One - Damning Evidence

I had just asked Bri about Derrick's whereabouts and she decided to prove to me where Kristi was located instead. What does Kristi have to do with Derrick?

Bri kept the camera phone viewpoint on herself while walking through the house. Her eyes were bright, her lips slightly parted, and her face was tinged pink from excitement. She had obviously been enjoying our play and would've likely continued if I had not kept asking questions.

I could tell by the scenery she passed, that she was headed down the main hallway that led to the bedrooms. As she approached the end of the hallway, I heard other background sounds coming through the phone speaker. I couldn't decipher them at first, but soon they grew louder. I was clearly hearing moans, gasps and other sex-related noises.

I was excited beyond measure and still not putting two and two together properly. Time seemed to slow as the anticipation grew exponentially. What seemed like an hour later, I saw the scenery over Bri's shoulder transition into the master bedroom.

My cock twitched in anticipation. My imagination had grasped onto the image of my Kristi, naked and waiting on the bed, for Bri and me. The sexual background noise was explained away by porn playing on the TV.

Oh fuck, I thought. One, or both, of my favorite fantasies were about to come true. Even being remote, I could live with that. It was a good start.

Looking back now, I realize that I should've seen it coming. The clues were all there and I chose not to see them. My mind just wasn't able to comprehend what I would soon be seeing.

Bri, still a little flushed and sexy as hell, smiled and said, "Are you ready to see my proof, Joe?"

Still ignorant, I answered eagerly, "Yes! Show me!"

It was one of those moments where your world shifts drastically on its axis. Figuratively, it was an extinction event. My world would never be the same.

When the view point changed, I was initially confused, because it didn't align with any of my expectations. My brain was ready to see one thing, but couldn't quickly process what was actually shown to it.

I did see Kristi on the bed and she was naked. In fact, she was on her knees and bent at the waist, giving me a perfect profile shot of her trim body. Her pale, freckled skin was blushed with excitement. Her small, perky breasts were heaving as she worked vigorously.

That is where the expectations ended. Abruptly.

There, lying on the bed and leaning against the headboard was Derrick. I noticed that his current pose nearly mirrored mine here at the hotel. The big difference, literally, was that my wife, Kristi, was between his legs and not mine. Also, she seemed to be determined to stuff his truly impressive cock into her petite mouth.

Yes, it was as big, or bigger, then reported.

His posture appeared to be semi-relaxed. He was obviously enjoying the ministrations, but not fighting off an orgasm.

Through my fog, I was impressed at his apparent stamina, because Kristi seemed to be giving his cock a very good workout.

I was speechless to the point that I could only stare, dumbfounded. A bright sparkling light caught my attention and I saw how her wedding ring set glittered in the light as she stroked his shaft with both hands.

She then removed her mouth from it, and began to alternate between noisily licking the shaft and pushing it as far into her throat as she could. In each repetition, she would push down until she gagged and then pull back off of him.

I guess my silence prompted a statement from Bri, who remained off camera. In a matter of fact tone, she stated, "I told you she wasn't with me."

Well, she wasn't a liar, but I still couldn't speak. My entire being was going through some kind of dramatic shift. I was crushed, angry and jealous. Concurrently, I was excited and turned on like never before. The various emotions were fighting for control of my mind and body.

Strangely enough, I had time to be completely envious of Derrick's cock. Believe me, I had never known envy like this before.

I had been in my share of locker rooms and gym showers. I have seen what other men carry around. Not with obvious stares and comparisons, but rather, just brief observations. Guys can't help but compare, because we like to know. I knew from those experiences that my cock, at least in the flaccid state, is above average length and girth. It is not huge by any means, but when hard, it's a good seven to seven and half inches long, and respectably thick.

Nonetheless, Derrick's was truly huge. It had to be at least eleven inches in length and so thick that the fingers on one of Kristi's tiny hands couldn't wrap all the way around it. Nevertheless, she did an admirable job of jacking him up and down two-handed to make up for that lack of grip.

All these images, thoughts and realizations fired off in my synapses in scant seconds. It seemed that I had been staring at this scene for much longer, so burned was it in my mind for now, and forever.

Finally, the winning part of my conflicting emotions won out and made its move, which furthermore surprised me.

You see, sometime during Bri's walk to the room, I had removed my hand from my cock so as not to over-stimulate myself for whatever I was about to see.

A lot of good that did me.

As the time-stretch snapped suddenly back to the present; untouched and without warning, a pulse surged through my cock. The result was that it began spurting rope after pungent rope of sperm all over me. Lamentably, I couldn't hold back the ecstatic groan that escaped my lips as I, literally, showered in my own jizz.

Worse yet, a millisecond before it occurred, Bri had turned the phone back around and our eyes met. She clearly saw my face transition to agonized ecstasy, followed by the first two squirts easily landing on my mouth.

An electricity was shared between us as I felt the hot, thick goo land on my chin and begin to drip and dangle before cascading to my chest. Which was, consequently, where the remaining spurts were currently splattering. Uncontrollably, my body remained rigid and continued to shudder for long moments before any of my senses would respond to me again.

Bri moaned, audibly, as she witnessed this very private and personal act. I was undone. The evidence was clear all over my face and chest. I had just had the largest orgasm of my life at the sight of my wife sucking another man's very impressive slab of meat. All, without touching myself.

Dumbly, I remained frozen. It never occurred to me to drop or move the phone.

Chapter Two - Hubby Exposed

Her eyes sparkled as she took in the scene displayed on the phone in her hand. Much more quickly than me, she recovered.

With a genuine laugh, she exclaimed, "Hey Derrick, Joe is here with us and just busted a nut watching Kristi suck your big fucking dick!"

As she spoke, she moved closer to them before continuing. "Oh my god, how much cum is that, Joe?! Look guys, it's all over his face even."

The viewpoint at my home changed, and I saw her flash the camera very close to first Derrick's and then Kristi's faces.

Derrick laughed and said, "Hey man! Glad you're enjoying the show!"

When Kristi's face appeared on the camera, her mouth was covering only his knob. Her cheeks were sunken in as she was sucking hard on this very sensitive part of the male anatomy. Our eyes met, and in hers I saw a conflicting image of guilt and excitement. On my face, I'm sure she saw embarrassment and sperm.

She stopped sucking Derrick's penis, but continued the two-fisted stroke, and addressed me for the first time. "Hi babe. I'm so sorry, but his cock is so fucking big and delicious. He caught me looking while we all danced. I was embarrassed at first, but he just smiled. Before I knew it, I had turned around and was grinding my ass against it while Bri sandwiched me into him. After feeling it press so hard against me, I just had to see it in person. Well... now, I can't resist it."

Still dumb, I couldn't interrupt as words continued to gush out of her mouth. It was as if she had a lot to say and couldn't pause for an answer. Seemingly, she felt that she had a very important task to complete.

With a placating tone, she carried on, "Did you like seeing Bri naked? She's fucking hot, right? She also admitted that she's hot for you and I told her to go for it. I told her to bring you back here to see us when she thought this might turn you on."

Her plumped lips then formed into an impish smile and finished with, "It looks like it does, and I'm so glad you're enjoying this as much as me."

For my part, I was still speechless. With the look of lust back on my wife's face and her accompanying words, I was unable to find any words of my own.

She took this as acquiescence and began slurping happily on his knob again. She continued to stare at me on the phone screen and even gave me a sexy wink before breaking eye-contact to push her head back down his shaft.

Again, I had time to notice more details about Derrick's cock. Besides being very thick, it was covered with long pronounced veins that stood out like edges on rebar. Most likely, those veins would feel like rock hard ridges as my wife's mouth tightened around it and sucked for all she was worth.

Of course, I had never said a word. Instead, I noticed that I had the taste of cum in my mouth. Apparently, sometime during the one-sided exchange with Kristi, I had licked my lips and began to savor my own ejaculate. All unconsciously.

Chapter Three - Not the Fantasy I Had Imagined. But...

Bri was back on the screen and saying something, but I had missed it, being so lost in the depths of my own depravity.

Finally, I managed to stammer, "Wh... what?"

She laughed and said, "I had no idea what a naughty boy you are! I like it! Let's find a good place for you to watch."

I'm sure this is how a stroke victim must feel. I couldn't talk plainly no matter how hard I tried. "Wat... watch?"

It really didn't matter what I said, because she was moving about the room paying no attention to me or my predicament.

After trying several locations for the phone, she eventually settled on a dresser that gave me an overall side view of the bed. The distance was actually just about right to capture mostly the bed and not much of the background scenery.

During the time she was seeking a location, the viewpoint would bounce around and I'd only catch glimpses of the action on the bed. Nonetheless, I could hear everything.

Derrick demanded, "That's it Kristi, now that Joe's into it, stop fucking around and suck my cock like you mean it. It's time to be the slut you know you are."

In response, I heard an increase in sucking and slurping noises. Brief moments later it stopped. I still heard the wet sounds of her stroking his cock.

In what could only be described as a purr, my wife responded, "Oh yes! I love your big cock, you bastard, I'm going to shove the entire thing down my cheating, married slut throat."

My wife and I do love dirty talk during sex, but it's usually about straight up fucking. Conversely, this was a new level for her. She was really getting into it, and relishing the slut wife role she was now playing.

I saw Bri smile at this last as she adjusted the phone into its final position. Before moving away, she looked into the phone one last time and seemed to scan me for a reaction.

I had nothing to give her. My brain still wasn't working well enough for me to provide input. She must have realized that, but also that I wasn't on the verge of death.

She smiled, winked into the camera lens and said, "Enjoy the show big boy. Maybe you can join us in person some time... Maybe..." She finished with a giggle.

As she headed into the direction of the bed, she purposefully stayed in front of the camera, partially blocking my view. I realized again how very hot she was, and the contrast between her and my wife.

Bri's form was less lean and more buxom. Not fat, just softer compared to my Kristi's marathoner body. Her ass was pleasingly plump and shaped like a perfect upside-down heart.

Fuck, and she knew how to move it. It was very intoxicating, as she swayed her hips and gave me a private show of her capabilities, while only providing brief glimpses of my wife in the background.

When she reached the bed, she looked back over her shoulder at me, gave me that minx-like smile, and then moved out of the way. Again, I could see Kristi seriously working on Derrick's cock. I couldn't believe how much of it she had gotten into her throat.

Granted, she's a great cock sucker and manages to deep throat me enthusiastically. Even so, this guy had a serious diameter advantage over me. Her dainty mouth was already stretched to capacity with just the head and top few inches of his shaft inside. She'd literally have to stretch her throat and take him almost into her stomach to deep throat him. I saw no way this was possible.

So focused was I on her oral skills, that it wasn't until she startled suddenly in surprise that I took in what else was happening. Bri had just slid onto the bed under Kristi and began licking her pale, completely shaven, pussy.

Kristi stopped sucking long enough to cry, "Oh fuck, yes! That feels so good girl," before renewing her attack on Derrick's cock.

Derrick's body language showed him tensing up as he urged them on, "Yeah baby, eat that pussy. It makes her suck me harder. You sluts are so hot and all mine."

Both woman moaned audibly.

Derrick looked in the direction of the camera with undisguised lust on his face. He waved before saying, "Dude, your wife can suck a fucking cock. I've been dreaming of this day for a while now. I'm so glad that Bri was able to set this up."

A setup? This raged through my mind, but my mouth wasn't ready for full words yet and only a croak was produced.

Derrick continued with a devilish grin, "Wish you could be here, but I guess that I'll just need to take care of both women tonight."

Visibly refocusing on Kristi, but for my benefit he spoke, "That's it slut, take it deep. I know I'm much bigger than your hubby, so it'll take practice, but I know you can get it deeper than that."

Kristi just made wet, nasty slurping noises as she worked him over. Her lower body writhed sexily as she now obviously ground hard against Bri's face. I recognized both the motion and look on her face. Both were indications she gives right before cumming for me.

Bri may or may not have sensed it coming too, but chose that time to scoot out from under her, denying the orgasm, and visibly disappointing Kristi.

Bri smacked her lips in satisfaction and sexily ran her tongue around the outside of her mouth; apparently, to gather and savor my wife's juices.

Then speaking, said, "I always knew that pussy would be sweet, but let me show you how good I've gotten at sucking this monster."

Looking at me with a nymph smile she finished, "Oh, and show Joe too, of course."

She purposely positioned herself on the bed opposite of my viewpoint, so I could see her face. She stared right at me through the phone as one of her hands joined both of Kristi's on Derrick's cock. Her fingers didn't quite make it all the way around it either, but I could see that there was plenty of room on his shaft for both sets of their hands.

As Bri visibly took control of her man's penis, Kristi removed her mouth and relinquished her custody of the beast.

Breaking eye contact with me, Bri immediately, and impressively, took him in her mouth and pressed down and down his length. She didn't quite get him all the way in, but she went much farther than Kristi could. Very little of his rod was still in view.

Derrick tensed as she held her position for a few moments before raising up and pushing back down quickly, which caused him to groan loudly.

"Oh yes baby," he said as Bri demonstrated her technique.

Regardless of where my feelings were going to end up, I realized that not only was it too late for me to stop any of this, but that I didn't want to stop it. I was watching the greatest porn in the world and with people I knew. Indeed, I was one demented fucker.

Kristi, like the good student and playing along in that little girl character said, "Yes, I see that I have work to do. It might take a few times to get it right, but I promise to do what it takes."

A few times? That resonated within me as the action continued.

Though she was paying attention to the lesson, I could tell that Kristi was not satisfied with being a passive observer. She proved me right as she lowered her upper body and started licking Derrick's big balls. The entire time, she kept her ass sticking high in the air.

My erection was again complete and painful. Frankly, I don't think it ever went down from my previous orgasm. I could only imagine the feeling of her tongue massaging my balls while my shaft was buried in Bri's throat. Derrick was a lucky mother fucker.

His face was now flushed, and his entire body was tensed. He was visibly struggling to hold out against the onslaught of multiple sensations being simultaneously performed on his manhood.

He began to really urge them on. "Yes sluts! That's it, make that big cock feel good. Keep going, keep... fucking... going."

I didn't think it was possible, but they noticeably redoubled their efforts. Both sucking and licking in double time. When Kristi sucked his big left testicle into her mouth, I knew there was no way the guy could hold back.

Again, I was right about body language, because that's when I saw Derrick's cock begin to spasm.

He exclaimed, "Get ready bitches, I'm about to cum!"

I assumed the girls would keep their positions, but was dumbfounded when Bri pulled off his cock. I thought she was trying to stop him from cumming, but knew it was too late. Also, she grabbed Kristi's hair and forcefully pulled her head from suckling his big testicles.

I still misunderstood. I thought she was trying to stop the event, but was soon enlightened to the truth.

As Kristi's head was raised, with her eyes flashing and mouth opened wide, Bri guided her back to his cock head. Comprehending the intent, Kristi's eyes sang out with hunger. She opened her mouth wider and engulfed Derrick's cock as his hose emitted the first burst of ejaculate.

I thought my last two orgasms had been impressive, but his cock was like a writhing snake as it didn't so much pulse, but jumped repeatedly.

Kristi appeared to struggle to hold onto it. It was like watching a rookie firefighter trying to keep hold of a firehose turned on full blast.

At the motion and rate it was convulsing, it looked like it could shoot a pint of cum in each jet. It just kept jerking, over and over again.

Kristi tried like a champ to catch it, but it just wasn't possible. After the first squirt, she gagged and started to pull off, but Bri, still grasping her hair tightly, held her on it and even pushed her down farther.

At first, I thought Kristi was going to struggle against Bri's forceful nature. Instead, it quickly became apparent that she was just struggling to slurp all his man seed into her tummy.

Her hands locked onto his thighs tightly and her stomach moved up and down rapidly like she was chugging a gallon of liquid. Which, conceivably, she might be.

Even with her herculean efforts, the amount of cum was just too much. It broke the seal her lips held on his shaft and poured down into his pubic region.

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