tagLoving WivesVideo Chat Cuckold Pt. 04

Video Chat Cuckold Pt. 04


Please note that this story contains subject matter related to cuckoldry, cheating wives, wife watching, voyeurism and group sex. If this subject matter offends you, then you have been fairly warned.

Finally, all characters in this story are of legal age and beyond.


Chapter One - Understanding, but Not Dawning

This chapter switches back to Joe's viewpoint.

Smiling devilishly now, she said, "Now you get it, don't you Joe? You see, I now know your wife is kinkier than, even I, expected. She willingly jumped right into her big cock slut role. By fuck, she even somehow managed to not only take all his dick into that itsy bitsy pussy of hers, but she fucking loved it. She's a god damn freak.

"Better yet, the rougher we treated her, the more she loved it. Even more, the filthier the names we used to degrade her, the crazier she got for more. She fucking blew us both away."

With a wink she continued, "It gets better Joe, because you responded much better than I expected too. I had no idea you have a submissive, voyeuristic streak either, but you sure as hell do."

I reddened with embarrassment that my wife's best friend would know all these things. She was right though, because the more embarrassed I got, the faster I stroked.

Carrying on, she said, "I think that means we can have a good arrangement between us two couples. She can keep Derrick and his desires happy, while I keep his love. Kristi is obviously in love with you, but also craves things you have not—and cannot - give her.

"But in truth, I think you and I might be very compatible in the sex department. We could all have a lot of fun. I cannot wait to get my hands on your cock."

Wrapping it up, she completed with, "Like I said, I had intentions of arranging that tonight, but you got snowed in, so... well, it looks like it's only going to be us three this weekend."

I gulped, "This weekend? I won't be home until next Friday." For some reason, it made me stroke faster.

I think she noticed, because her smile got more mischievous as she responded, "Yes, Joe. Derrick and I are going to see what your wife is capable of. We're going to push the little submissive slut and see what she's willing to do to satisfy my man's needs. I think with you in your long-distance role, she'll be more likely to go along. Besides, you know you loved it and want more. I can still see the cum drying on your chin."

I had the urge to wipe my chin, but I wasn't willing to drop either the phone or my cock to do so. Excitedly, I pressed for more. "What other things have you girls talked about that would make you think she wants all these things?"

Conspiratorially, she rejoined, "Oh Joe, we've talked about too many things to even tell you them all in one sitting. Like I said, we got very close during my divorce. Some of what we discussed got us so hot that it bordered on naughtiness."

She winked and followed up with, "Of course, she was never unfaithful to you. However, we did ummm... play it pretty close with each other a time or two. One or both of us always broke it off before anything too inappropriate occurred. For instance, before tonight, we've never gotten naked or had any kind of sex. You saw how she reacted when I fingered her pussy. Though, truthfully, it's not the first time we've kissed. Mmmm, that was fun."

An image hit me. It was of a tentative, friendly, kiss between them that turns into something nearly out of control. I groaned loudly.

Batting her sexy eyes as they bore into me, she stated, "I have to admit that I've been setting the stage and angling our conversations for a few days now to gauge her interest. Needless to say, tonight was the fruition that work."

Abruptly, she perked up as if hearing something that I couldn't. She listened intently for a moment and spoke, "Oh, I think I hear them going at again. Should we check it out?"

Without awaiting a response, she popped up from the sofa and we made the trip back to the room. As we approached, the vocals again indicated that they were, indeed, going at it again.

This time, I knew what to expect and waited with anticipation for the scene to materialize. Bri entered the room and turned the phone so I could see too.

My breath caught in my throat.

Kristi was on her hands and knees as Derrick fucked her doggy style. He was tensed up as he hammered my sweet little wife like a jackhammer against reinforced concrete.

Her small tits were bouncing frenetically as she met him thrust for thrust. That look of ecstasy again vibrant on her face.

Apparently, in response to a question Derrick had asked, Kristi was practically shrieking, "Yes, yes, yes! I'm yours! I'm your slut! I'll do anything for you! Joe will have to fucking live with it! Just, please god, don't stop fucking me! Please, fuck, make me cum again! I've never cum so much before! You make me cum so much better than Joe!"

Her proclamation both hurt me, and drove me to jack off faster.

Bri closed the distance. I saw her hand enter the camera viewpoint as she reached out and snatched Kristi's hair. She pulled it back hard, so they were face to face. Consequently, that brought the phone camera, and me, face to face with Kristi too.

Bri spoke to her with command authority, "That's a good whore. Joe heard you and knows you want to be our little fuck slut."

Kristi didn't even pause to reconsider her previous claims. Grunting between words, she reacted, "I don't care, I don't fucking care, you and Derrick own my body now. I'm sorry Joe, but that's the way it is. I... can't... get... enough... of..."

No more words came out as she took a huge gulp of air and then gave a euphoric wail.

Another huge orgasm washed over her body as she yelled Derrick's name along with a long stream of expletives. This time, she didn't lockup or stop to enjoy it. Instead, she threw herself back against him repeatedly as she fucked her way through it.

Bri released her hair, laughed heartily and said, "Good girl, very good girl. Joe is hesitant, but onboard. Derrick, I think you can make that call you want."

Derrick muttered, "oh yessss," but I don't think Kristi was even listening any more.

For myself, I was mesmerized at the animalistic fucking taking place between my wife and Derrick. Therefore, I nearly missed the queue that Bri had just given.

The strangeness of her tone and the placement of the word 'call' in her statement, brought me back to the present. I queried, "Call? What call?"

Still from off-screen, but with an obvious smirk as indicated by in her tone, Bri replied, "Oh, you'll find out."

Again, in motion, the viewpoint changed as Bri crawled onto the bed and spread her legs before my wife's face. Gripping Kristi's hair and pulling it harshly, she forced my wife to slow down her own frantic fucking. As Derrick continued unabated, Bri guided my wife's mouth to her trimmed pussy. Submissively, Kristi complied and buried her face into her best friend's vagina.

Through the sounds of bodies colliding, I heard my wife slurping away.

My hand was a blur on my tortured cock, but I didn't care.

Bri kept the phone viewpoint angled at my wife's face and intoned, "Suck that cunt baby. Every orgasm I've had tonight has been by my own hand and now it's time for you to show your appreciation to me for introducing you to huge cock."

Complying with a, "Yes ma'am, yes baby, I'm going to suck your gorgeous cunt until you cover my face with your cream," Kristi tackled the demand like a champ.

Especially, considering the fact that Derrick's motions made it impossible for her to maintain a steady position between Bri's legs.

Bri though, seemed to be enjoying it just fine as she moaned and encouraged her along.

My frenzied stroking was about to lead to another orgasm when the phone flipped back around to show only Bri's face. With a somewhat distracted look and breathing heavily, she addressed me. "Sorry Joe, but I need to focus here, and this phone is about to die anyway. Too bad you're stuck in Denver. Talk soon."

With that, the screen went blank.

Chapter Two - Self Reflection

I was taken aback. I was crushed that I was now disconnected from the scenes that had been presented to me.

I looked at the clock and realized that it was now 3:00am. I didn't have to work again until Monday, so that wasn't an issue, but I was amazed at how completely I had lost track of time.

I tried to text and call back Kristi's phone, but to no avail. I called and got voicemail immediately. The phone either had a dead battery or was powered off. Furthermore, I didn't have either Bri's or Derrick's contact information to call them. I was completed fucked.

My cock was a sticky mess and very sore to the touch. Accordingly, I decided to take another shower and spend some quality time self-analyzing my reactions to everything that had happened. Starting the water and giving it time to warm up, I began thinking hard.

I really couldn't deny that some deep and dark part of me really loved seeing my wife being used by another man. Fuck, let's call it what it is, I was just cuckolded. Worse yet, I was cuckolded and loved it.

Evidently, the agonizing pain that ripped me asunder at the sight of my wife's infidelity, also fed some sick, degenerate portion of my psyche.

I recalled the last scene on the phone. The one where my wife, Kristi, was submissively servicing Bri's pussy, while Bri's boyfriend, Derrick, fucked my wife doggy style. In my mind's eye, I clearly saw the rippling of the skin on her ass as she threw herself back into Derrick's oncoming thrusts. He had to be getting that entire monster into her at that angle and she was loving every minute of it, as was proven by the shouts of joy and devotion she gave him.

The video session was disconnected before it got any further, but I was positive that Derrick had pumped more of his jizz into my wife's womb.

At this moment, the biggest surprise was how angry I was about being left out. I was more upset over that than the betrayal.

I blamed the phone battery, but I knew that Bri or Derrick could've called me back. Instead, Bri was torturing me. She suspected I had a somewhat submissive streak myself, and was playing with me. The purpose of the relentless teasing had to be control. She knew that being cutoff would make me willing to do whatever she wanted, just so I could be involved again.

She was right too. Shit, I was just as hooked as my wife.

Entering the shower, the hot water hit my seemingly permanent erection and stung like a bitch. Fuck it, I decided that I didn't need more self-reflection. Staring at my hardened prick, the evidence was clear. The jury didn't even need to deliberate to declare me guilty as sin.

I finished the shower, and headed back to bed. As impossible as it sounds, I tried to forget it all and distract myself with other things. I focused on work, hobbies, counting sheep; I tried them all. It was the only way I could survive minute to minute.

Of course, I ultimately failed. Eventually, I did finally drift into a fitful sleep. In it, I encountered a dreamscape where my wife was violated repeatedly in various ways over a long duration of time. In all of them, she loved it and I was delegated to the role of long-distance spectator.

In truth, the dreams were pretty close to reality.

I awoke with a start and felt my cock spasm rhythmically as wetness soaked my sheets and clung to my privates. Fuck, I had just cum again. My nightmare was actually a wet dream. If my subconscious loved this so much, who was I to argue?

I glanced at the clock and it read 6:03am. What felt like forever in my dream, was in reality, only a couple hours.

I checked my phone and no missed calls or messages were listed. I tried to call Kristi's phone again and it went straight to voicemail.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," I muttered. Not knowing what was happening between my wife, Bri and Derrick at that moment was killing me.

Whatever the situation, I was awake for good now and again determined to get this off my mind. What was happening at home was beyond my control.

Then, a thought hit me. It was out of my control unless I could get home today.

I scrambled for the remote and powered on the TV to check the news. Damn, my unfortunate luck continued. The winter storm was still in full swing and flights were still being canceled. The glimmer of hope that I might make it home this weekend was gone.

I wadded the bed linens into a tight ball, ensuring my indiscretions were safely hidden in the middle, and dropped them on the floor for housekeeping to pick up later. I then showered, yet again, and went downstairs to have a long, empty, breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

On my way back to my room, I dropped by the hotel's gift shop and purchased a six pack of beer. Yeah, it was early, but... just fuck it.

It wasn't even 8:00am when I cracked the first beer open and decided to work on my laundry in the provided guest facilities. Two guzzled beers later and I enjoyed the mindless tasks as I separated laundry, purchased detergent, and made the number of trips between room and laundry machines required to get it all completed. While waiting between loads, I drank beer and did my best to focus on equally mindless TV programming.

By a little after 1:00pm, I was mildly buzzed and putting the last of my clean laundry away. That's when my phone chimed with a text.

Chapter Three - Texting Is Talking Too

It was from Kristi's phone. "Good morning love."

At this point, I knew better than to assume it was her, so I sent back, "Is this Kristi... or Bri?"

A selfie of Kristi with a mock pouty face popped into the text window. Her face was clean of makeup - and anything else - and her hair was slightly mussed like she had just rolled out of bed. God, she was adorable. My heart beat faster with excitement and love for her.

The accompanying text said simply, "It's me handsome."

I knew it could be any picture from her phone, provided by Bri or anyone else, but really didn't see the reason for subterfuge at this point. Ergo, I just took it as fact that it was my wife on the other side of the connection.

I mistakenly skipped the frivolities and quickly got to the point. I'd had all six beers in the past few hours and had been kept waiting long enough. "What happened? Do you still have 'company'?"

"I think you know what happened, and no, they left a little while ago. My phone was dead, so I slept while it charged."

Her reply seemed snarky, but I ignored it the best I could. It was likely due to my own curt questioning. I wanted to type all the right things, and my fingers were shaky and challenged as I tapped out the words, "Fuck, I do know. I'm confused at my feelings."

I watched the screen with dread awaiting her next text. She was all business with, "Bri told me that you loved it. Tell me that isn't true."

I paused and let the response form in my head. It didn't take long for me to decide that honesty was the best policy.

My heart twisted, and I blushed in embarrassment as I laid out the truth in text. "Yes, it is true. I'm a fucking sick puppy. It was hard on me in some ways, but in other ways I was enraptured by it. On one hand, I'm ashamed of myself. On the other hand... well, I want more. Fuck..."

Her reply was a smiley face emoji.

I just laid my heart bare and her reply was a smiley face emoji? What the fuck did that mean?

I skipped over any smart-ass stuff I had to say, and instead, typed out, "That is okay with you?"

I hesitated for a few moments after typing the words, pondering. Then I finally hit the button to send it.

I waited as the reply indicator lasted for a few minutes of typing from her side. She was either having trouble answering, forming the words, or she was sending me a novel. I didn't know which I preferred, but hoped it contained the same level of honesty that I had provided.

Temporarily lost in my thoughts, I was startled slightly when it finally arrived, dragging me back to the present. Her reply took up the entire phone screen length and more.

I started reading at the first sentence. "I'm sorry, but yes. Honestly, the entire experience rocked my world."

I gulped loudly, steeled myself and kept reading.

"I didn't plan this to happen and at no time ever thought of anything like this occurring. Even during our kinkiest fantasy play, babe. Hell, if I had ever considered it, I wouldn't have dreamed that someone could control me so thoroughly as Bri, or that I could even take something as big as Derrick's cock inside of me. Especially, after Bri told me that she couldn't take it all. Though, I had admitted to her in the past that I was curious about being really stretched. She knew that about me, at least."

Somehow, I felt better at the revelation that this was never her intent. Regardless of the outcome, she didn't seek it out. Strangely, I could see her side of it. Hell, before I was exposed to it, I had no idea how I would be impacted by the event. All these thoughts occurred within a second and I refocused on her very long text.

"And it did fucking hurt at first, of course, but the pain was amazing, and it triggered something inside of me. You were watching when I came that first time, right? OMG. I had to feel more of it. I had to take him all. It was a challenge to me. Like those marathons we run. I was determined to not only succeed, but to get better at it. When he somehow finally got that beast inside me, well, I felt like I had won something. But it didn't end there. I found that I was now lost too, lost to desire for his big penis. Even now, after being fucked silly by him several times and cumming so many more times, I cannot control my craving and desire for that monster between his legs. I love you very much and you cannot be replaced, but in my heart and mind, I know I will do anything to please Bri and Derrick, so I can have more. Together, they fulfill a physical need I didn't know I had. There it is, I've said it."

It was the text's end, so I started to type back. Though, before I could begin, I saw the indicator showed that she was typing a follow-up. I paused and waited for it.

She brought it back around to Bri and then dropped the bombshell.

"Bri said she talked to you about it. It is okay with me if you fuck her too. It is only fair, I suppose. Do you like her body? Her big boobs and trimmed pussy? I admit, it makes me jealous. But... Ummm... I don't know how else to say this, so I'll just say it. Derrick and Bri kind of own my body now. Soooo... whatever either of them wants, they get. It might change over time, but for now, I can't help myself. I'm perpetually ready to be used by them. Yes, I said it, used."

I looked away from the phone screen and then looked back to ensure what I thought I read was actually what was printed there. Three things flew out at me, like I was at a 3D movie and an arrow had just flown off the screen and at my face.

She's jealous of Bri and me? She's owned? She wants to be used?

Moreover, I couldn't believe the blatantly honest conversation we were having over text. I guess sometimes it's easier to type than to talk. It makes it less personal, I suppose. I don't really know.

Though truly, I don't know what shocked me more, the fact that she had the nerve to be jealous about me fucking Bri in the future, or the admission that they now owned her and could use her as they wish.

I couldn't shake that part of her text and opted to jump in and tackle it. Trying to keep the mood light, I quickly typed, "Owned? Literally or figuratively? LOL"

She replied with another smiley face and said, "Figuratively stupid. That is the term they used, and I submitted too. She told you I was a closet submissive, right?"

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