tagLesbian SexWake Up!

Wake Up!


"Wake up, sleepy head."

My eyes slowly opened allowing me to look up at my roommate Amy. Ignoring her, I let my heavy eyelids fell down under their weight as I attempted to fall back asleep. It was Saturday morning and I told her earlier in the week we can go shopping down at the mall this weekend, which in reality, meant we dressed up, did some window shopping and maybe purchased a latte. I had a hell of week with midterms and today was the first day I could sleep in. The mall can wait.

"Wake up," she demanded again.

I just mumbled, not wanting to be disturbed.

WOMP! My eyes immediately opened, but only wide enough to glare at Amy. She was on top of me, straddling my waist with each leg on each side and holding a pillow above her head, poised for another blow. My restful sleep was abruptly brought to halt and I was not happy. In fact, not only was I not happy, I wanted vengeance.

Her arms were raised and her back arched stretching the thin fabric of her nightie was stretched across her breasts; with two small bumps revealing the location of her nipples. Seeing this gave me an idea. My hands sprung out and my fingers grabbed, pinched and twisted her nipples in a painful "titty-twister." Amy immediately dropped her arms knocking my hands away as the pillow tumbled off to the side. I lay there with a smirk on my face as she massaged her breasts trying to relieve the pain I had just inflicted on her. A moment later, she lifted her nightie to her shoulders, exposing her breasts and looked down at them to see if there was any sign of visible injury.

Looking at me she said, "That hurt! You hurt my boobs."

I gave her a disapproving look, given that I was raised by a doctor for a father and nurse for mother and always referred to human anatomy by its proper name and found most slang terms inappropriate.

She sat there caressing her nipples. "You hurt my nipples."

"So what do you want me to do?" I said sarcastically, "Kiss them to make them feel better?"

She had a blank expression for a moment, then added "Yes!" as she leaned forward and fell on me. Now in a kneeling position with her hands on the pillow above my head, her ample breasts hung down and draped both sides of my face with my nose and mouth in the valley in between.

Now Amy and I are roommates and best friends, but that's not to say that we don't compete against each other. Both of us are continually engaged in a friendly rivalry regardless of the endeavor. The subtle battle has been to our mutual benefit--after all, there's nothing like a little competition to bring the best in someone. Like most women, we subtly compete in dress on formal occasions, but also found that trying to best the other in school boosted our grades.

I'm sure Amy expected me to freak out when smothered by her breasts, but I wasn't about to give her the satisfaction of trying to escape her assault. Instead, I did the opposite of what she expected. As I lay there with the insides of her pale white breasts against my cheeks and my nose an inch away from her sternum, I decided to freak her out, by rolling my head over, opening my mouth and closing it over the pink nipple of her left breast. Of course, if I had wanted to be mean, I could have bit her, but this was all in fun and games.

With her breast in my mouth I waited for Amy to react, but to my surprise she didn't do anything at all. I then began to suck on it slightly, trying to draw it into my mouth. My then tongue swirled around against her skin until I found her nipple, then I began to flick it back and forth, running the tip of my tongue around her areola and the bud that protruded from its center. Amy let out a deep sigh, but didn't say anything or move. I flicked her nipple back and forth with my tongue and I could feel it getting hard and growing slightly longer. Amy's next breath was more subtle, but came from her open mouth. Clearly, she was enjoying my breast sucking and seeing that I was now in control, wasn't about to let up. I reached up with my hand and gently grabbed her breast, pulling it away from my mouth as my lips slowly closed around her areola and then latched on to her nipple, stretching it out as it slid between my lips. Amy's breathing was heavy now as my suckling was starting to turn her on. Looking up, I could see that her areola, wet with my saliva, had bumps and her dark pink nipple was hard and erect. I opened my mouth and again flicked her nipple and circled it with my tongue. My other hand reached up and grabbed her other breast and I began to run the tips of my fingers over her other nipple, gently messaging it.

Amy shrugged her shoulders so her nightie fell off around her hands, causing her ample breasts to jiggle. She was now totally naked and hovering over me. Her knees parted and she lowered herself down against my stomach and began rotating her hips around, then sideways, then up and down as she searched in vain for some stimulation to her loins. I continued working on her breasts as her pelvic movements went from gentle rocking to rhythmic thrusts against my torso. Her breathing increased and I could feel her crotch grind against me, sliding my nightie around. Sensing her frustration, I released the grasp on her breast and slid my hand down my side, then worked it across my stomach and under her lower abdomen, My hand worked its way down, open towards her, prompting her to move slightly up to meet my hand between her legs. In doing so, she pulled her breast from my mouth as I felt her two puffy lips on her mound and the cleft in between. She returned her chest over my head, but shifted slightly so that I could now suck on her other nipple.

Her pubic hair ran across my fingers as they felt their way along her outer lips. I curved the tip of my middle finger up and she shifted a little so that it rested on her clitoris. A tiny bump now ground against my finger and her breathing became deeper and quicker. I continued to suck on her breast, giving it a thorough tongue treatment while trying to hold it in my mouth with my hand. She ground herself against my hand and began to moan. "Oh my God, Ohhhh." Her sounds grew louder nearly into a scream as she climaxed in an orgasm. Her hips spasmmed a few times, then stopped. Exhausted, she slid down a little, then collapsed on top of me with her head next to mine, breathing heavily into my ear.

I sat there for a moment, taking in what just happened: my roommate and friend laying on me naked, having just had an orgasm. I pulled my hand out from under her and placed my hands over her back. My fingers now slowly ran over her skin, caressing her back which was now covered in a light bead of perspiration. It had been a while since I held anyone close like this. The warmth of her naked body pressing against mine, especially our breasts, began to stir erotic feelings in me.

After a few moments, Amy slowly turned her head and brought her cheek against mine. She gently pressed her lips to my cheek and did so again and again as she slowly kissed her way towards my mouth. As soon as our lips met her tongue slipped between mine and penetrated my mouth. My hands moved up and down her back holding her body tight against mine as adrenaline, endorphins and excitement began to flow through my body. My hands moved down her back to rest on her hips. I always admired her hips and now I was holding it in my hands, holding it tightly and spreading her cheeks apart as we continued to tongue wrestle.

She kissed her way down, dragging her lips over my chin and down to my neck. I raised my chin to give her better access and she began to lick and lightly suck my throat, arousing me even more. She pulled away and sat up on my stomach. Her breasts were firm, pointed upward slightly and her nipples were hard and still glistening with my saliva. My hands fell away and she reached over for my right hand. As she stared into my eyes, she brought my hand to her chin and moved my fingers across her mouth. My middle finger crossed her lips and passed under her nose, filling her nostrils with her scent, she lowered my finger so its tip was against her lips, then opened her mouth and drew my finger inside, sucking on it and slowly sliding it into her mouth. With her eyes still fixed on me, she sucked and tongued my finger as if it were a phallus, then slowly pulled it out of her mouth and between her sunken cheeks. She lowered her mouth to mine and thrust in her tongue, giving me the sweet and bitter taste of her sex. I wrapped my tongue around hers pursuing more of her flavor which sent waves of excitement through my body. My stomach fluttered and the eroticism of tasting another woman hit my nipples and clit like a lightning bolt, making both hard. I wanted more. I wanted to taste her. I needed to taste her.

As if reading my mind, she rose again and from a straddling position looked down at me. "I want you to eat me," she said as she slid forward on her knees towards my head. I looked down at the triangular patch of short dark hair and could see her moist labia protruding below. Sliding both legs over my arms, she straddled my neck and I could feel the heat coming and musky scent emanating from her groin. I moved towards her slightly and she shifted her knees outward to lower herself to my mouth. My tongue stuck out to touch her pink labia. I moved my tongue up and down a few times over the strips of her soft flesh. Wanting more, Amy reached down with both hands, placing her fingers on either side of her wrinkled folds and spread her sticky lips apart. They snapped open revealing her wet pink flesh and a swollen clit protruding from under its hood. Slowly, I pushed my tongue out and Amy thrust forward to meet it. Amy made another long and deep sigh as my tongue rode upwards and touched her clit. Unsure of what to do, I moved my tongue around in circles, with her clit in the middle, then flicked it side to side. She began to rock her hips back and forth so that my tongue now slid along the length of her slit between her lips from her clit and vaginal opening. I looked up seeing the under sides of breasts and her nipples jutting out and upward bouncing as she moved back and forth. Amy let go of her lips and grabbed my wrists, bringing my hands to her breasts and held them there for a moment, her hands on mine, squeezing my hands. I watched her breasts jiggle as my hands kneaded and caressed them while I ran the tips of my fingers over her areolas and flicked her nipples back and forth.

My tongue ran up and down her slit between her labia as her warm white bitter sweet juice trickled over my taste buds on their way into my mouth. Licking up and down, I found that the opening to her vagina tasted the sweetest and I began to run my tongue over the little depression that was its entrance, trying to enter it to get more of the flavor from the fluid inside. I tried forcing my tongue in but was unable to push it through her orifice until Amy's fingers spread her lips further apart, opening her vagina slightly. I wiggled my tongue inside her, releasing a sweet white syrup that oozed out over my tongue. Evidently, Amy needed more attention to her clit so she moved back slightly, bringing the little bud against my tongue. She slid her hips back and forth over my mouth as she rode my face until finally, in a cry of ecstasy, her hips spasmed in another orgasm as I tried to keep the tip of my tongue franticly dancing on and around her clit. At the end of her orgasm, she moved forward so my tongue was no longer working on her super sensitive clit, but in doing so, placed her opening right above my mouth. I stuck my tongue forward and it easily slid it back into her wet hole, opened slightly but recharged with juices from her orgasm. I wiggled my tongue in and around and retracted my tongue back into my mouth so I could drink her liquid. I then began to run my tongue all over her lips, outside and around her vagina, licking up all of her tasty wetness.

Amy lifted herself off my face as I tried chasing her vagina with my mouth. She bent over to kiss me but instead of another tongue penetration, she kissed around my lips and face, licking my lips, chin and cleaning my cheeks of her juices, then finally swept her tongue back into my mouth so we could both savor her taste.

She rose back and said, "Now it's my turn," as she threw the covers off me. I was wearing a nightie and lifted my hips off the bed so I could pull it up and over my head. In doing so, I moved my legs and could feel the wetness in between. Amy bent down and with her arms outstretched pushed my legs apart as her lips touched my labia. She gently pulled my lips apart with her fingers and run her tongue up and down in between, sending me to a level of sexual excitement I have never before experienced. Amy ran the top of her tongue between my vagina and clit then danced the tip of her tongue on my clit. It felt so good and I wanted more. I wanted her mouth to engorge me. I reached down with both hands under my hips and tried to pull my lips and cheeks apart so that I could open myself up to her more. Finding that my legs could not spread any wider, I brought my knees up to my chest and held them with my hands. Then my hands slid down to my inner thighs and my fingers spread apart my lips while holding my legs back at the same time.

Meanwhile, Amy was digging in with her tongue, mostly working on my clit. After just a few moments, I could feel the pressure in my loins build with an approaching orgasm, but it passed too quickly and I needed more. Amy kept busy working her tongue back and forth between my vagina and clit and I had two orgasms back to back. The second time, my hips spasmed and thrust so much that Amy couldn't hold her head between my legs.

As I laid there in orgasmic bliss trying to catch my breath, I watched Amy wipe my juices off her face.

"Let's do each other," she said.

I looked at her puzzled, not knowing what she meant.

"In a 69 position," she elaborated. "You get on the bottom."

I laid down and then she said, "No, the other way."

Again, I looked at her quizzically and she said, "Put your butt here," as she patted her hand on the mattress where my pillow went. "Rest your feet on the headboard."

I did as she said and found my legs were spread far apart. She then grabbed a pillow and said, "lift your butt up." I did so and she folded the pillow in half and placed it under my hips, raising them higher and making my loins more readily available.

Amy climbed over me and until her head was even with my vagina and hers will mine. She adjusted her knees forward as to spread her lips apart for me as much as she could as I brought my arms behind her legs. Amy lowered her mouth to my awaiting clit and began eagerly licking me once more. I tried lifting my head to lick her, but she was still too high so I gently pressed Amy's legs outward. Amy complied and slid her legs apart until her labia were firmly pressed against my lips. Using the tips of my fingers, I spread her labia and vagina open and watched another trickle of her white juice run down her slit, over her clit as I ran my tongue up to catch it. My tongue flicked from her hole to her clit then back down and into her vaginal opening. Her cheeks were spread apart as far as they could and I could clearly see her anus right above my nose.

Meanwhile, Amy's tongue and lips were stimulating me while I was being thoroughly turned on by eating her out. Never in my life had I ever felt such sexual pleasure, simultaneously giving and receiving erotic thrills I never knew existed. Nor could I ever have imagined doing this with another woman, which seemed to turn me on even more. Within minutes my clit and vagina swelled and shook with another orgasm. Amy followed moments later as her hips ground on my face and I watched her vagina and anus move in and out with the pulsations of her pelvic muscles. Knowing that her clit would once more be too sensitive for my tongue, my fingers pulled her lips apart until her vagina opened and I drilled my tongue inside. I licked the walls of her vagina as some of her warm liquid trickled down my chin.

Amy stopped running her tongue between my legs and raised her head slightly. I felt her fingers between my lips, then a finger press against my vaginal opening until it slid inside. She slid her finger in and out a couple of times, then I felt it pressing forward as she found my G-Spot and pressed against it, sending me to a new level of pleasure. She continued working her finger over my G-Spot, applying pressure as she lowered her mouth and sucked on my clit, driving me mad. Within moments, I could feel the heat and pressure build between my legs as yet another orgasm shuttered through my body.

I temporarily stopped licking her as I came, but quickly resumed. I tried following her lead as I brought my finger to her vaginal opening and applied pressure. My finger easily slid inside her warm and wet vagina and I felt for her G-spot. I could feel and thick or firm area on the front of her vaginal wall and pressed down on it. Amy returned with a sigh and rocked her hips, letting me know I found the right place. I returned to running my tongue over her clit while fingering her with the index finger of my right hand. Using my left hand, I worked my fingers between her hips and into her wide open crack. Spreading my hand wide with the tips of my fingers pressed again her skin, I massaged her crack from her vagina to the top of her hips. She backed against my hand, putting pressure against it as I pressed my hand harder against her as the finger on my other hand worked on her G-spot. My middle finger felt a soft spot in her crack. Realizing it was placed on her anus, I moved it around, massaging the outside of her hole as it sank in slightly. She began to moan letting me know she was thoroughly enjoying my finger and pressed it further, until it slide inside.

With a finger in each hole and my tongue running all over her clit, she rocked back and forth across my face. Our bodies were now sliding over each other lubricated with sweat and our rock hard nipples were rubbing against each other's torsos. Her rhythm increased and she lifted her head. I could feel her vagina tighten around my finger as her breathing drew heavy. Again, she began a moan which escalated into a scream and once more I watched her vagina and anus convulse and felt them squeeze around my fingers.

Amy rolled off me as my fingers slid out of her. She plopped on her back with her arms above her head and legs spread, then closed her eyes as her breasts rose and fell with each deep breath.

I turned around and moved next to her body, shiny and glistening with perspiration and blotched with red areas from a heat rash. Her hair was wet around her forward and her public hair was soaked with her juices. I moved next to her and ran my hand over her left breast and gently caressed the nipple, still erect from her orgasm, I noticed that my finger that pulled out of her vagina was coated with her white sticky fluid and I rubbed it against her nipple, wiping some of it on her nub, then kissed and licked it off her. I wiped some on her right nipple and licked it off, before sucking my finger clean.

She rolled over towards me as I ran my arm under her waist, pulling her towards me as we began a long passionate kiss. Our tongues darted in and out of our mouths to lick each others' juice from our cheeks and chins. Our legs and arms became intertwined sliding around as our breasts ground against each other sending more pleasure when our erect nipples collided and rubbed together. After several minutes, our mouths separated and the two of us lay next to each with our bodies intertwined. Now thoroughly spent, we closed our eyes and I finally returned to deep and restful sleep.

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by roverone08/05/18

WOW! fabulous detailed writing...

VERY hot 1st time...and they're roommates, so can easily continue their playing

5 and a fave, certainly going to check out some more of your stories

tho their 'white' honey also gave me pause...

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