tagBDSMWe Meet Over The Internet

We Meet Over The Internet


This is a true, she does this when she wants, I am happy that she wants it just as much as I do. I like to know if there other true people out there who do the same thing? Kisses Licks Sub_poopet to MzT.


We meet over the internet; it was a strange relationship that had developed over time.

Her profile stated she was a new Domme and mine was that of a male sub, it began as just talking about our marriages and how things had become routine, we had both been married a number of years and if either of our spouses found out thing would not go well for either of us. We found that we had many similar ideas that we had brought up to our spouses over the years, all of them had been rejected no matter how it was presented.

Ma'am had been reading on the topic of cuckolds. A term that peeked her interest, she loves to get fucked heavy and hard by her husband, she is multi-orgasmic and there are days she can not get fucked enough to fill her cravings. No matter how long or hard he fucks her, no matter how many times he spends his hot load in to her wet quivering pussy she is by no means done – she almost always wants more.

Ma'am and I had been chatting online and seeing each other for several years when one day I received an instance message from her. It was late at night and the message was very direct and to the point. "Get your ass over to our meeting spot now." Well everyone was in bed at my place so I responded with a simple "yes Ma'am" and shut down my computer. I then got in to my van and drove to our meeting spot. She was there waiting for me. She got out of her car she had on her long black coat and a pair of simple slipper type heels she walked over to my van, opened the side door, and got in the back telling me to get my ass back there now. I didn't waste anytime; I turned off the van and moved as quickly as I could to the back of the van. She was lying on her back with her head resting on a cushion that I kept back there. She had unbuttoned her coat and I could see all she had on was her black lace bra and black silky panties. I quickly got in the back and closed the door.

I could see the wet spot on her panties, she then snapped her fingers and told me to assume my position and pointed to her cunt. Now I am thinking she is just major horny like she always is and I gladly assume my position. She has spread her legs wide and as I crawl over to her, she grabs my head and guides me to her cunt. She tells me to sniff her cunt and calls me panty boy. As she pushes me into her silky cover cunt I inhale her musky scent, however, notice there is something different, there was an extra scent that I did not recognize.

I feel her body quiver and I know she just had a small orgasm; she loves the way I inhale her, feeling my breath on her inner tights, moving in to her covered mound. I can tell that her sex drive is in overdrive and although her scent was stronger than normal, I continue to inhale and snuffle at her. She has control forcing my face as she rubs my nose in the moist spot, and then moves my head up and down, using my nose like a mini cock to touch her clitty. She moans with delight and pulls her panties aside. I can see her labia's major and minor were swollen with blood, she was excited and her body showed it. There was a white substance around the gaping hole of her cunt, and on her panties, I could see why her scent was stronger. She just been fucked hard by her husband, her cunt was still stretched out from his large cock. I am guessing probably within the last hour or so even.

She order me on my back straddles my face, listen to me she says, you better clean my cunt good and maybe you might get a reward for doing a good job. She had removed her coat and panties and before I could protest, she sat on my face. She was panting and I could hear the sexual excitement in her voice as she said, Eat me mother fucker you promised me you would now eat my freshly fucked cunt. I want you to eat my cunt that is full of cum, suck it all out. I want you to gobble up all of my hubby's hot cum and make me nice and clean.

The odor was stronger and her juices were thicker, his cum mixed with her, I lapped her cunt good and hard, I licked the outer cunt lips to the inners and rammed my tongue into her fucked hole as deep as I could, she had a major orgasm I could feel her tummy contract with every lick I gave her. She began to move her hips, sliding up and down my face saying! "That good you cunt/cum eating slut clean my mans hot cum from my cunt. Suck my cunt hole clean; eat my dirty cumed filled cunt! That's it panty boy, eat it, eat it good. As I lapped deeper into her hole, she came even harder

Then she moved forward and demanded that I rim her ass hole. She called me her slut boy and demanded that I clean her crack because she knew her cum overflowed from her cunt and covered her ass. The taste of their mixed cum was strange yet Ma'am could see by my cock that I was getting excited and enjoying the whole experience. She noticed that I had started playing with my cock, and told me to knock it off because she wasn't done with me yet. She was riding my face hard and giving my tongue quite a work out. She then demanded that I lick her rose bud clean, as I licked her I could hear her again exclaim, OH Gawd, oh gawd, as she orgasmed again, this time ending with a screamed moan as her body convulsed in the major orgasm that she craves.

After a few moment, Ma'am moves off of my face and looks at me and smiles then says, not bad panty boy. She reaches over and finds her dirty panties, then grips my nuts as she places her dirty cum filled panties over my face. She then tells me to lick her panties clean. She has started stroking my cock and playing with my balls. She tells me again to lick her panties clean and calls me her cum eating slut boy. I began to lick her panties, the cum is thick, and I can taste her husbands cum mixed with hers, I know it is what she desires me to do so know that I must to please her. She watches wide eyed, knowing the exact power she has over me, she is still stroking my cock and it feels so good. She then tells me to lie down and says that she is going to suck my cock, she sucks me her mouth feels wonderful, she again moves her cunt over my face an has me eat her while she continues the assault on my throbbing cock. She then stops sucking on me and tells me to start masturbating but says that I am not cum; I am to tap her leg when I am ready. She is gliding her cunt over my lips and tongue again and she asks if I understand and I nod my head yes, it does not take long, I taped her leg and she quickly lowers her lips to my cock and sucks my cum into her mouth as I finally find the release I crave. However I find that my surprises for the night are not over as she spins around kisses me dumping my cum into my mouth. She commands me to drink my cum and calls me her nasty little slut boy, I swallow it willingly and she strokes the side of my face and tells me I am a good boy. She then grabs her coat and panties and climbs out of the van telling me that she was off to bed now and that my job was finished and to get myself home. She then gets in her car, blows me a kiss, and drives away.

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