tagBDSMWe Meet Over The Internet Ch. 02

We Meet Over The Internet Ch. 02


I received an e-mail stating I was to meet her at the rock pit not too far from her husband's work and her home. I met her at the location at the time I was told and instead of her telling me to get into the back of the van as I thought she would she got into the front seat. She tossed a cell phone at me and told me that I was not aloud to call her or any one else. She would call when she wanted my attention.

She starts to wiggle a bit in the front seat, I wasn't sure what she was doing at first and then I could see that she had hiked her skirt up and reviled her pink see through panties. She turned in her seat and put one foot on the edge of my seat burying her toes under my leg. I had a strait shot, clear view of those sheer panties of hers. I could see a wet spot in the front where her pussy has been secreting her neuter. Her scent was light. Her scent is like a pheromone to me and I am helpless like a moth drawn to flame.

She started to speak, then her cell phone rang. "SSShhhhh" she said, glancing at the caller ID on the front of the phone, "it my big cocked husband."

Her voice is happy and gay as she talked to him. All the while, she kept running her index finger over her panty covered cunt lips. Her panties where getting wetter with every stroke of her digit. "Oh what a naughty boy you are" she said to him. "You're going to do what with my hole? Oh baby that sounds hot!" As she hung up with him, I noticed her breathing was a little raspy and that her wet spot had grown to over twice the size it was when she first exposed her pink panties to my hungry eyes.

She looked up at me smiling and said, "Well sissy I was going to let you my sniff my wet cunt. Tease ya a bit, but that was hubby and that nice thick cocked man just told me that I was to get my ass home, strip down naked and be waiting for him when he gets there. He has promised me that he was going to fuck my tight ass cunt until I can't walk strait for a week. I am so fucking wet and horny I may have to start without him." She laughs, and then says, "And when he dumps his cum in me I will be wetter still, my cunt will be full of his man juices, his cum will fill me to overflowing and then he will fuck me some more."

She takes her foot down off my seat and turns towards the door, reaching for the door handle and I start to try and speak. She turns and looks at me, her eyes bore into my face. I can't believe she is going to get out and leave me hanging again. I don't say a word and she get out of the van, as she closes the door she says, "Bitch, you better learn the functions of that phone! Now fuck off!"

She gets in her car and drives away. I sit there for a few minutes totally dumbfounded. Her scent still fills my nostrils and my senses are reeling. Then the cell phone she gave me rang, it startled me so much I almost dropped it. I answer with a quite "Hello?" it was her. I hear her voice soft and sensual, "Oh by the way I know you are off work for the rest of the day and tomorrow. Your ass better be available for me when I call. I am going to go home now and be fucked like crazy, rammed into that bed with his big thick cock. His cock is so big and thick - a real man's cock, nothing like yours of course that wimpy little nub you call your manhood, he is going to fuck me until my eyes want to pop out of my head. I know that I will be full of cum, and slut you better come running if I call." Then there was silence on the phone, she had hung up on me, just like she got out of the van and left me sitting there like a lost puppy not knowing what to do or where to go. After a few minutes, I shook my head, started the van, and started for home.

It felt like 3 hours passed. Then I could feel a vibration in my pocket, it startled me at first and then remembered I had put the cell phone Ma'am had given me in my pocket so that I wouldn't accidentally miss a call. The phone made a slight buzzing sound and there was a little icon on the face saying I had a text message. I opened the message and found that it was a picture. I couldn't believe it; Ma'am had sent me a picture of her freshly fucked gaping hole. I could see the glossy sheen of her wetness and his cum. Her hairy bush looked like it was matted and I was surprised to see the size of hole. I thought to myself, "Man, his cock must be as thick as a damn horse." The phone started to vibrate again, this time there was text to Madam's message, "He went to go pee, look at the mess you are going to have to clean up." Short and sweet, Madam's never does pull any punches with me. My cock stirs, not knowing why. I sit there for a few minutes flipping back and forth between the picture and the text wondering how I got into this style of relationship.

About two hours later my pocket started vibrating again. I quickly grabbed the phone and found Ma'am had sent me another text message. This one was just as short and to the point as the last one. "Get in your van now and wait at our meeting place."

I felt more than compelled to do what she wanted. I grabbed my coat and keys and all but ran for the doors. I was lucky I didn't get a speeding ticket in my rush to get to the designated meeting place. My cock seemed to have a mind of it's own and kept twitching as in my mind's eye I could see the picture Ma'am had sent me. I thought about her cunt with hers and her husbands cum dripping out of it and her hairy bush that looked like it had cum spattered all over it. I pressed the accelerator a bit harder.

When I got to the parking lot, I was relieved to see that I had gotten there before Ma'am had. Last time I kept her waiting she had tortured me for what seemed like hours and then I had not been allowed to cum for almost two weeks. I quickly turned off the van and made my way to the back of the van. I made sure everything was cleaned and in it's proper place and put the curtains up so that just in case someone drove past they would not be able to see into the van at all.

I saw her headlights pulled up beside the van, heard the engine turn off and then her door open and close. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and my mind wirling in anticipation. Then the van door opened and there she stood, she was wearing a different skirt than she had earlier, this one shorter and as she got in, I could see the panties that covered her ass. They were silky scarlet red. I wet my lips and gulped.

She turned to me and grabbed my chin. She almost snarls at me and says, "I hope your hungry fagot. He dumped 3 loads into me, I am past sopping wet." She looked into my eyes and my nostril flared as I inhaled deeply. The scent filled my senses and my head reeled. It wasn't her normal scent and I knew why, and my head spun at what was happening.

I knew she could read my expression, she knew what I was thinking and there wasn't anything I could do to stop it. A smile spread across her face and she leaned in and licked my face. Holding my face in her hands, she ran her tongue up the side of my cheek and to the edge of my ear. I could hear her breathing and saw the deep cleavage of her breast as she leaned into me. Her voice was raspy as she asked me if I wanted her pussy. All I could do is nod my head. Her scent and her presence had turned me speechless. This woman like no other had a power over me that I could not deny or explain. She slowly ran her tongue around the edge of my ear, now pressing her firm breasts against me. I can feel her nipples hardening against me and have to clench my hands into fist at my side to keep from reaching up and filling my hands with Ma'am's glorious breasts. Ma'am nips my ear lobe and then leans back and says "that's too bad bitch, because I have plans for your ass tonight and you are not getting my pussy yet. You have a lot more clean-up to do." She turns around, bends over and thrusts her ass towards my face, and says, "Look at my panties! Look what he did, he leaked all the way past my ass hole." My eyes get as big as saucers, Ma'am's red silk panties are inches from my face and I can see the wet areas because the fabric is wetter there. Ma'am's voice is a bit shriller now as she grabs a handful of my hair and says, "This needs to be cleaned-up. Now start sniffing that crack." She forces my head to her ass and says, "Inhale me bitch! Can you smell him?"

I could tell she was just fucked not to long ago. She continues to pull my hair rubbing my face in her ass. I could smell his cum there the scent similar to mine. "Yes Madam," is all I could say. She pulls me tighter still into her ass rubbing my head up and down as she grinds her hips. I can hear Ma'am. She is asking me questions, "Do you like that bitch", "mmmmmm such a good little slut, you want it don't ya bitch" not expecting an answer she continues to run my face in her ass. She releases my hair for just a moment to reach back and pull her panties aside. Her rose bud is covered in their nectar, "Rim me bitch, you know the way I like it, you know that I love the way your tongue feels on my ass" My thong begins to lick the crack of her ass, his cum is there, it seems to be everywhere. I keep asking myself, "what am I doing", but I can not help myself, I am like a crazed madman, I keep licking and licking and when I hear her moan as my tongue trails up to her ass hole and I rim it I seemed to be spurred on even more. I hear Ma'am panting and she yells to me, "Fucks that feels fantastic, keep licking me you filthy whore, that's it lick it, lick all of his cum off my ass." "Now fuck my ass you filthy little bitch, fuck my ass with your tongue and she thrust back to impaled herself on my tongue. The more I rimmed her the louder she got. "Ya bitch lick my ass clean of his cum. Man your nasty little slut, licking my hole like that. Your just a cum slut like me. Eat that ass hole out slut, lick me clean." The nastier she talked the more she began to shutter then I heard her moan and cry out as she cam, I continued to tongue her rose bud and I could feel her ass hole shutter as she came again. I continued to rim her ass, slower now like a gentle caress. I heard her almost purr in delight and then she moved away from my tongue and let her panties slip back into place. She turned to me and I started to lean towards her hoping for a kiss. I knew I had pleased her and hoped that she would reward me with some of her affection. She grabbed my face again and snarled, "You nasty little slut you have just finished eating out my ass. You little fucker do not even try and kiss me. My cunt needs to be pampered now, a smooth touch, he fucked me so hard my pussy hurts. Now get on your back."

I do as I am told and she removes her panties. "What this I see" she says, "ahh I cannot have this" she makes a tsk tsk sound and I can see a string of cum from her cunt lips to cotton patch of her panties. She tosses the panties into my face and tells me to "do your deed". I inhale the scent, then start to lick and suck the cum right out of it. I can taste her fresh cum from my rimming. Her nectar is like an aphrodisiac to me and I enthusiastically do as I am requested. She grins at me, tells me I am a good boy, and runs her hand down my cheek. She then removes the panties from my hands and moves to straddle my head. I can see her pubic hairs all matted and it looks as if her swollen pussy lips are actually sealed closed by the cum that has dried there. "Good boy" she purrs, "now get my aching cunt". I kiss her closed pussy lips and she grabs my hair. "Not yet pet, begin with licking my matted cunt hairs then, and only then, when I say you can you can deflower my well used hole. I began to kiss more of her then began to suck and lick on her matted cunt hair. The scent and taste was there, I know behind the sealed lips is her cum, and her mans cum ready to be cleaned out. I hear a clicking sound and realize she has pulled out her camera. She had begun to snap pictures of the task at hand. She would take two or three then look at them. I was not sure if she came or not but I was sure by the gyrations of her hips and the sound of her breathing she was going into lust overload. The ability and power to see what she had control over and the addition of the sense of sight seemed to truly excite her. She was able to see what was being done to her. Her matted hairs sprang back to life as my saliva frees them from their matted prison, from the flash of the camera her hair shines as if it just was washed. Fuck, I can only imagine what she is seeing and I continue to lick and taste that salty taste, what a complete total cum slut tart I have become.

She purrs again and says, "Damn that feels good." She readjusts a bit, "Now stop and listen", "take just the tip of the tongue, just the tip and dart it in and out at the very bottom of my cunt, then I want you to lick upwards, opening my lips slowly. Do you understand?" I nod and stick my tongue out and she readjusts a bit more and then I hear her moan as my tongue touches just the base of her cunt. I dart in and out flicking just the base and then slowly flick my tongue upwards. I hear Ma'am moan and continue to flick her swollen sensitive lips. Ma'am presses herself against my tongue a bit more and as I flick up again my tongue breaks the seal. Each slow lap travels higher and higher up her cunt lips and I continue to dart my tongue in between her cum covered lips. The new sensation has Ma'am panting and as the orgasm builds inside of her hips rocked on my eager and willing tongue. She came with a growl and continued to buck and ride my face. She hissed at me and told me that her husband had fucked her for a long time that afternoon and that she was surprised at how big he had gotten and how at one point she thought two men were fucking her at once. I continue my assault on her pussy, the saltiness of their cum running down my throat as I lap it up out of her cunt. She told me how her cunt had griped that shaft and every stroke was harder than the one before. After his first cum she had thought he would be finished it was so great but then she felt him swell up again inside of her and then he really started pounding her pussy. I run my tongue up the inner side of her labia's and suck in her lips, I hear her moan as she continues to tell me house her kept thrusting in and out of her like a maniac until his hot load exploded inside of her. She said she could feel his cock bathing the inner walls, coating them with his seed. She said it made her feel alive and he seemed to be like a teenager again with his enthusiasm and stamina. She then told me how his cock did those mini-cum, and how he continued to squirt inside of her and how she milked his cock with her Cagle muscles. I can feel her cunt spasm as I continue to lick her, in and out, my tongue seems to have a mind of it's own, Ma'am's hips gyrating against them. She laughs now as she tells me how she was exhausted after the second fucking and was shocked when her husband grabbed her by her hips and started to turn her over. She said that he ordered her up on her hands and knees and then came up behind her and rammed his huge cock back into her pussy and started fucking her doggie style. She said that he had fucked her so long and hard she thought she would pass out. She was panting again now, I could tell she was getting ready to have another orgasm but she continued to tell me about her afternoon and I continued to feast on her swollen lips and drink from her gapping hole. As I kept lapping, I imagined his cum and hers merged and running out of her onto my waiting tongue. The salty taste of her mixed with the spicy taste of him was unique and somehow exciting. I could feel my cock spring to life as I continued to service Ma'am and listen to her tale.

, the one last past in me, ahhh that must be what I feel escaping me know, lap it up, lick his cum out, mmmmmmmm feel good do not drop any of his cum. Swallow the whole load, I feel you shiver and shake again. Fuck I cumming again, fuck , fuck, eat me. Mmmmmmmm fucking a good job bitch. Eat those succulent juices Out. I taste her pure cum now, I know she will want more lately, she always does.

Oh slut by the way, I made contact with Reggie, humm hate to tell you this, But you should see these pictures on my Camera. When hubby called and I got home. Well his lunch make him sick. Sooo there I was looking at these pictures of Reggie Big blk cock in her tight wet white hole. Over 200 pic in different angles, hole being used and abused more than hubby.

See bitch you should be careful what ya ask for. Now take this SD card home and look at them all.

Now put my panties back on me I going home.

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