tagLoving WivesWeight Loss Incentives Ch. 01

Weight Loss Incentives Ch. 01



I've gained way too much weight. That much is a given. My health has deteriorated to the point where I feel that the extra pounds are definitely crippling my quality of life. I told my wife I was going to have to do something to lose the weight.

Now, you'd think with an incredible wife and 4 amazing kids I would have plenty of incentive to do whatever it takes to get rid of the pounds. I've bought every diet book and exercise machine known to man. Lord knows I've tried but I just haven't stuck to my diet and exercise plans like I should have.

So my wife Stephanie and I talked about it and I suggested that perhaps she could come up some incentives to reach certain weight benchmarks. She immediately got a huge smile on her face and said she would love to do it! She knew exactly what I meant by incentives and loves to plan sexual adventures.

We've been married almost 25 years and have enjoyed many a seduction and sex game. We've played a few truth or dare games, publicly flashed each other, and even put masks on and made a video. We've just introduced some "toys" into our intimate times and continue to find ways to keep our sex live fresh.

We were both quite shy when we were first married but we've grown much bolder as the years have gone by. I should probably put some of our adventures down on paper but for now am going to focus on the weight loss story.

Anyway, Stephanie is the sexiest thing on earth as far as I'm concerned. She maintains a figure that has curves in all the right places, an ass to die for, and is definite MILF material. Her breasts are a fairly firm 36C and I'm getting her to show them off more and more. Lately we've frequented a few nude beaches and my once reserved wife has bared all on more than one occasion.

I'm starting at 257 pounds and am aiming for 200. We decided I'd have my first benchmark at 250 and she would come up with incentives for every 5 pounds after that. She also decided that she was only going to reveal what my rewards will be one at a time. However, she assured me each will get nastier and more daring as we go along. She also says she already knows what the last one will be and it will blow my mind.

The night we discussed the incentive program we ended up naked in bed and had some of the best sex ever. She was so wet the minute we finished talking, I was able to bring her to orgasm by hand in a matter of minutes. Then I slipped my cock inside her and she had 2 more orgasms quickly. If this is how it was going to be just talking about her incentive program I couldn't wait to get to some serious weight loss work. When she had come down from her orgasmic bliss a bit I asked what making it to 250 would earn me. She said I'd get the greatest lap dance of my life.

250 reached

This morning I tipped the scales at 249. I informed Stephanie and a mischievous smile crossed her face. She told me to get ready for a date the next evening.

The following evening at 10:00 pm the kids were in bed and she came to our room. She took a bath, came out with a towel around her, and told me to leave for 10 minutes or so. I went outside and felt like a teenage boy on his first car date.

After while I was invited back in to our room, now transformed into our private dance room. An empty chair beckoned me in the middle of the room. I sat down and stated that I was ready to to observe the "sensual moves of the most beautiful woman in the world." Some soft rock music started and out stepped a vision of loveliness dressed in all black. She began to dance in front of me, bending over every once and awhile to brush my lap with her hair.

Then she put the end of a tie in my mouth. It was wrapped around her and as she spun away from me the robe fell open revealing a sexy black teddie. Her breasts were spilling over the top and she kept teasing me by waving them in my face and burying my nose between them. She encouraged me to touch her and I eagerly rubbed my hands up and down her body.

Every once and awhile she turned away from me to seductively swing her hips in front of me. Finally she bent to the ground and the teddie rose up and revealed those beautiful butt cheeks. What did I see between them? A thin black strip from the thong she was wearing. The more she bent over I could see between her legs and those labial lips that have given me so much pleasure for so long came into view.

She stood up and once again I was given a belt to pull on. As she twirled away from me the belt fell off her and the teddie opened in the front. She quickly slipped it off as those glorious tits popped free begging to be sucked. And suck I did. I took one nipple and then the other in my mouth and twirled my tongue around each one. Sucking on those tits has always been a favorite of mine as it usually elicits soft moans from her.

Suckly Stephanie combined with the fact she was sitting on my lap and grinding her sex onto my cock just about drove me to orgasm right then and there. She turned her back and leaned against me making my cock ache to spring free and enter her. Finally we could take this no more. I asked if the rules allowed me to ravage her and she replied indeed they did!

I ripped her thong from her body, carried her to bed, and buried my face between her legs. She came so fast and so hard I could barely slurp up her juices fast enough. She kept her hands on the back of my head and came three times while pulling me in so hard I could barely breathe. But what a way to suffocate! Finally she released her grip and I dove on top of her and made love to her until we both exploded together in one last orgasm.

She told me she could hardly wait until I reach 245. She said she wasn't going to tell me all that would happen but that it would involve shaving! Hmmmmm........stayed tuned for the next installment.

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