What Is My Daughter Doing? Ch. 03


He then began pulling out and alternating between her ass and cunt. Two different sensations, but both very good. Soon he gave in to lust completely, and alternated between his wife's ass and cunt, and his daughter's loving mouth.

It was during this time that he just closed his eyes and let his daughter guide his cock to whichever hole she desired. He then got another idea. He had been completely faithful to his wife for 25 years and had in that time never cheated on her. However, he had wondered about fucking another pussy during that time. And here he had his chance.

She had already fucked up, and he was already letting his daughter suck his cock. Why shouldn't he enjoy that tight little pussy of hers?

The thought alone was almost enough to make him cum. Could he do it though? It was only a little further.

He was jolted from his reverie, by the loud moans of Aaron unloading somewhere on his daughter's other end. He opened his eyes to watch and looked at his daughter.

She was staring directly into his eyes. Oh shit! Sometime while enjoying the sensations, he had neglected to keep her down where she couldn't see!

He was currently stroking in and out of his wife's ass and Amy was looking directly at him. When she saw the horror in his eyes, she simply smiled at him.

She smiled, and went back to licking Erica's pussy! Matt was amazed. She knew it was him and was enjoying it!

Soon, his daughter guided his cock back into her mom's cunt and after a few strokes she took it into her mouth.

There his beautiful daughter was, fully accepting of his cock and smiling at him!

"Finish off in her ass," Amy said. "I know you want to. You haven't gotten to yet."

She guided him back into Erica's ass and did her best to lick his cock while it was in the out position. "Fuck her ass hard, she loves it hard. When you're done, I'm going to clean up your cock and make sure you stay hard. Then I want you to fuck me too."

It was very noticeable that Amy wanted to say the word "Daddy" several times, but refrained. Matt couldn't believe it. His daughter wanted to fuck him and she was keeping it a secret from her mom!

Amy continued to encourage Matt, and begged him to fuck her when he was done. It was all too much for him and soon, he cock was ready to spurt cum. He slammed it all the way home into Erica's ass, and stayed in place for 30 seconds while it unloaded.

When he pulled out, Amy attacked it. She alternately slurped his cock and licked his balls. He was afraid that he would have to rest for while, but instead found that his cock was still ready to go.

Amy looked him straight in the eye and mouthed the words, "Fuck me daddy."

That was all Matt needed to see. No one had replaced Aaron yet and he slid into place behind his daughter. He wondered if his wife would recognize his cock from her position, or if it would just be another blur in the experience. He moved up close and very quickly so she didn't get too good of a look and plopped his balls on her mouth. She immediately started sucking them individually, he fed her his cock. From the position, she couldn't see anything but his cock, balls, and ass. He was sure that he was safe for a while longer.

He focused on the prize. His daughter's ass was in the air and inches from his cock. She wanted him to fuck her, and she was right there waiting. He enjoyed the view for a few minutes while his wife unknowingly serviced her husband's penis. Soon, she'd have a front row seat to him fucking their daughter.

"Fuck! That cock is big!" came Erica's voice from below. "My Amy really wants that in her pussy. Put it in please!"

With that, his wife, still unknowing, guided her husband's cock to their daughter's waiting pussy lips.

Even being fucked multiple times this evening, his daughter's cunt was incredibly tight around his over sized cock.

As he began to enter her, she let go of the cock she was sucking and yelled, "Oh fuck! Give that fucker to me!"

He didn't waste any time sinking it in. He finally bottomed out and couldn't belief how tight it was. He began a steady rhythm of stroking his cock in and out of his daughter's cunt. Amy could barely concentrate on the cock in her face due to the sensations, and soon Bobby moved to fucking Erica's pussy instead.

As Matt was fucking Amy, Erica was alternating between licking his daughter's cunt, and his balls as they went past. It was absolutely the most incredible feeling that he had ever experienced.

He continued to stroke his big meat into his daughter and picked up the pace. Soon he was slamming her forward with each stroke. Soon the secret was broken.

"Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me!" Came screeching out of Amy's mouth.

Shit! Matt was busted, but he wasn't stopping now. He continued to fuck his daughter. Now the secret was out, Matt was fine with it.

"You're making Daddy's cock feel so good baby! Your pussy is so tight. Do you want Daddy to wear it out!?"

"Yes Daddy yes!"

Matt was sure Erica had heard the exchange and now knew he was there. He wasn't sure what he expected, but was determined to finish off in Amy's pussy.

Suddenly from underneath him he heard, "Matt! I knew that was your cock! Fuck her honey, fuck her! Daddy's little girl needs a lot of cock and you can give it to her!"

She immediately doubled her efforts to lick his balls as they went flying by.

Though he never wanted it to end, soon it had too. Amy's pussy was the tightest he'd had since his wife and he were first married, and with the things his wife was doing while he fucked his daughter, he just couldn't hold off any longer.

He didn't know how it happened, but his third orgasm of the night was the hardest. He unloaded spurt after spurt of cum into his daughter's cunt. As soon as it fell free of her cunt, his wife began slurping on it to get any remnants. Amy stood up and faced her dad. She grabbed him and they kissed passionately. Erica, not to be left out scooted down the foot stool and got her head between her daughter's legs. Matt's cum was oozing out and Erica was determined to eat it all. She alternated between Matt's cock and Amy's cunt as dad and daughter kissed above. Amy pushed on her dad's chest and he stepped back. She quickly bent over and started sucking on his spent cock.

Erica extricated herself from her position and stood up. The move straightened Amy up and Matt's cock started twitching again when he discovered her intentions. Erica parted her lips slightly, and Matt could see that her mouth was full of his cum. She grabbed Amy by the face and kissed her.

Soon the two women were swapping the cum of the main man in their life.

After a couple of minutes, they both walked to Matt, and took turns kissing him. "Welcome home honey" "Welcome home daddy."

"Thank you girls. You know how to make a guy feel welcome."

Matt turned to the boys. "Okay boys, I'm done for awhile. How much have you guys got left?"

A couple of them were worn out and done, but others needed just a little bit more.

"Take care of them girls, I'm going to grab a shower. When you're done with these guys, send them home and come to bed... Both of you."

The girls giggled and as Matt climbed the stairs, he heard the noises of sex continue.

The End.

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More parts please :)

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by Anonymous09/11/17

Good but

I've never fully enjoyed stories where the wife will do anything and everything for strangers, that she has always refused to do for her husband first. Matt should have been first in his wifes ass, notmore...

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Great stuff

Loved this story, more please!

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