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When Opportunity Knocks...


My name is Patrick. I am a 32-year-old man living in the suburbs in the Midwest. This story is 100% true. Only the names have been changed.

It all started a few months back. I had been attracted to my sister in law Anne for what seemed like an eternity. We got along great, and whenever she is around we tend to gravitate towards one another. Not only was I physically attracted to her, there was a strong emotional connection between us. As far as sister in laws go, I couldn't have done much better. Anne and I had also done our share of flirting over the years. Well, maybe I had done a lot of flirting with Anne, with her being kind enough to not take offense.

Anne is one of those women that can take your breath away with just a smile. She is strikingly beautiful, much like her sister, my wife Ranae. They both have gorgeous faces, with high cheekbones, great smiles, and eyes that can melt the heart of the strongest man. They also both have beautiful, long flowing hair, which is a real turn-on for me. That however, is where the similarities end.

Ranae is twenty-nine years old, five foot seven, with a great body, nice ass, and mouthwatering D cup tits topped with large pink nipples. She has light brown hair and blue eyes that remind you of a pool of water.

Anne is four years younger at twenty-five, five three, a little slimmer than Ranae with a cute rear and a perky set of B cup breasts and small little nipples that stand out like pencil erasers. She has dirty blonde hair and the deepest brown eyes I have ever seen.

Ranae and Anne also differ greatly in their personalities. Ranae is somewhat shy and reserved, and is very discreet when talking about all things sexual. She only talks dirty in bed, and even then it usually takes her a few drinks to get her really opened up. Anne however, is much more open, with a devil may care attitude when it comes to discussing her sex life. She'll tell you anything you want to know, and a few things that you probably didn't.

Hearing all of her stories of her sex life with my brother in law Gene, who is a really great guy, is one of the things that make Anne so hot to me. While Ranae and I enjoy a great sex life, it was always such a turn-on to hear about these two doing things that to me seemed unbelievable. Anal sex, sex in public places, letting Gene cum in her mouth while giving him head. These were all things that seemed routine to them.

It was while having one of these conversations that I learned that Gene and Anne occasionally do a little swinging. As you can imagine, the idea of Gene being willing to share this incredibly beautiful woman with another man sent my imagination racing. At the time, there is nothing I could have wanted more than to proposition them right there, but my common sense and my desire to not be divorced kept my mouth shut. That's not to say that since that time that the whole idea of it has not become one of my regular fantasies. It was however, a fantasy that until recently I'd had to keep to myself. A few years ago, Ranae took notice of my attraction to her younger sister, and made me promise that if I were ever to cheat on her, it would be with anyone else but Anne. It was a promise I figured I'd have no trouble keeping. The odds were slim the opportunity would ever present itself anyways. My brother in law Gene is in the Air Force, and for the past few years, they have lived at a couple of different bases, none of which were within five hundred miles of where we live. As such, we saw each other only a couple of times a year on Christmas or some other holiday. I tried to put the thought of it out of my mind. It was all just a fantasy, and never likely to happen.

Fate however, has a way of presenting opportunities when you least expect it. This past spring, my father-in-law invited the whole family up north to a big celebration of his parent's sixtieth wedding anniversary. His family would be coming in from all over the country, and it sounded like a great time. There would be lots of people there that we hadn't seen in years. After Ranae and I agreed to go, I found out that my sister in law would also be making the trip. Her husband Gene was overseas at the time, so he wouldn't be there, which was disappointing, but it would be good to get to spend some time with Anne and my two young nephews. We all arrived at the hotel first thing Friday morning, after a ten-hour overnight drive through a wonderful snowstorm. You've got to love Wisconsin weather in the spring. We all checked into our rooms, and I'll admit to being disappointed when I found out that our rooms were at opposite ends of the hotel. It would be Ranae and myself, along with our two sons in one room, with Anne and my in laws and her two sons in another.

Within a couple of hours of our kids running the halls, from one end of the hotel to the other, we all decided it would be a good idea to try to get rooms a little closer together. We were in luck. The hotel had two adjoining rooms at the end of the second floor, the type with the door between the two rooms. After we were all settled in it was time for Ranae and I to get a nap. Our kids would be leaving with my mother and father in law to go visit relatives so we could get a little quiet time. I was dead tired after being up all night driving, but not so tired that I didn't hit Ranae up for a quickie before our nap. After we got a chance to rest, we got up and went to get a bite to eat. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, with us spending a lot of time catching up with people we hadn't seen in ages.

On Saturday, we all got up and drove to the town where my father in law grew up, as this was where the anniversary party was to be held. When we arrived at the banquet hall, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was an open bar. In short order I had downed several Jack and Cokes, and was starting to feel pretty good. I was also finding myself flirting pretty openly with Anne. In the state that I was in, I couldn't be sure what her reaction to my advances were, but at that point I was just enjoying her company. We had a great meal, and there were many touching moments with stories relating to the anniversary couple's early years of marriage.

With the party winding down, it was decided that we were going back to our hotel, where most of the family was staying, to continue with the festivities. Ranae and I, along with Anne decided that a nice dip in the indoor pool would be great after the long day we'd had, and the kids were certainly not going to object. My mother and father in law went off to join some other relatives in another area of the hotel, while the rest of us went to go change into our swimming attire.

As luck would have it, Ranae and the kids were ready to head to the pool within minutes of us reaching the hotel, so I told them to go ahead and I would catch up. As I was changing into my swim trunks, I could hear my nephews running along after them leaving Anne alone in her room.

In my somewhat still intoxicated state, this was an opportunity too good to pass up. As I knocked on the door that connected the two rooms, my heart was racing at the possibilities of some alone time with my stunning sister in law. As I mentioned before, Anne is not the shy type, and she opened the door while still getting her bikini on. At that moment, seeing her standing there in the doorway half dressed, looking as beautiful as I had ever seen her, it was intoxicating. I didn't care what the consequences were. I had to give it a shot. I wrapped my arms around her soft shoulders and began to kiss her gently on the neck. As she closed her eyes, the look on her face sent tremors through every part of my body. My hands began to roam over her velvet skin and had soon made their way around to her wonderful backside and inside of her bikini bottoms, where my fingers found a completely shaved, wet pussy and an already hardening clit. It was more than I could take. I had to taste her. As I pulled her bikini bottoms down I dove into her love box like a starving man, and was rewarded with a taste as sweet as honey. I could have kept licking her pussy forever, but I was soon brought out of my fog by the sound of Ranae's voice talking right outside the door and the words "Patrick stop! Ranae is coming" coming out of Anne's mouth. With this sudden jolt of reality, I set about getting back into my room and trying to not look too guilty.

Alone in my room, I felt guilty at having betrayed Ranae's trust. I'd never done anything like this before. I also felt more than a little nervous thinking about what Anne's reaction would be when I saw her again. What if it had been a mistake? What if Anne, the woman that I'd fantasized about for years and someone that I truly cared about hated me? What if Anne told Ranae? Oh God, I could lose my marriage, my children, everything over one indiscretion. Why was I so stupid? What would Gene say? I had taken advantage of his wife while he was away defending our country. My mind was reeling over the possibilities of what could happen, but I also was trying to come to grips with the fact that one of my greatest fantasies had just become a reality.

To my great relief, after I took a short walk outside to get over my immediate fear, I came back to find both sisters acting completely normal. Ranae was having a good time visiting with family, and Anne smiled at me as if to let me know everything was fine. I spent the rest of the evening trying to avoid thinking about what had just happened, and turned in to bed early. I didn't get much sleep that night, tossing and turning all night trying to avoid punching a hole in the bed with the raging hard on that I was sporting.

The following morning it was time for us to go home, and all of us said our goodbyes and loaded up into our cars for the long trip ahead. While still feeling a bit awkward over what had transpired, I couldn't get Anne out of my head. All through the following days and weeks I kept thinking about what had happened, and fantasized about the opportunity to see Anne again.

My wish came true a few months later, when Ranae told me that Gene was coming home from Iraq, and he and Anne and their sons would be coming to visit us for a few days. I looked forward to seeing them all again, and tried to put all thoughts of what had happened previously out of my mind. As hard as I tried, I still could not suppress the memories of what had happened in that hotel room.

Ranae and I spent the following few days getting everything ready for their stay. We were both looking forward to having them come and stay with us, and we wanted to make sure that everything was ready for their arrival.

The big day finally came and I have to admit, it was wonderful to have them home. Gene and I unloaded their truck and took everything up to their room, and settled down to have a few beers while the kids played and the women got all caught up on whatever women get caught up on. Everyone was pretty tired at that point, so we all went to bed shortly after. On the second night they were home, after we had grilled some burgers and the kids went to bed, Gene suggested that we all get into the hot tub. Not being one to argue with a good idea, I readily agreed. The water felt great, and a few drinks later, Gene and I somehow convinced the girls that hot tubs were much more fun without clothing. Gene and I were certainly enjoying this, although it wasn't doing much for keeping those old feelings I had for Anne buried. I don't think it was doing much for keeping any desires Gene may have had for Ranae under wraps either. Soon enough, Ranae was sitting in Genes lap, and he had two handfuls of her beautiful breasts. It was my turn at that point to focus my attention on Anne.

As I played with her tender little nipples, my manhood began to swell with desire. My hand found it's way down to Anne's velvet soft pussy lips, and I began stroking her clit with my fingers. After a few of minutes of this, Ranae said she was going inside for bed, with Gene saying he needed to use the bathroom and following right behind. After they went inside, Anne seemed a bit uncomfortable, so we decided to go in as well. Gene and Ranae were nowhere to be seen, and I had a creeping suspicion that Gene was trying to do more than use the restroom.

At that point I turned my attention back to Anne. She looked beautiful standing there with nothing but a towel on, her hair still wet from the hot tub. All the feeling I had been trying to suppress flooded back to me. I couldn't resist and immediately cupped her perfect little ass in my palms and dropped down between her silky smooth thighs to enjoy her liquid heaven. After only a few moments we were interrupted by the sounds of our spouses returning downstairs. It seems Gene had struck out for the time being, and therefore so had I.

After the ladies had headed upstairs, Gene told me that he was surprised that I hadn't succeeded in getting any further with Anne. It was apparent that we both would have liked to see things go a little further than they did, but on that night it was not meant to be. I decided to head off to bed since it was getting pretty late. Ranae was still awake when I got there, so I decided to try my luck with her. The results were much better than I had had with Anne. Her pussy was so wet that I knew that what had happened earlier had gotten her aroused, so I asked her what she was thinking. She told me that she wouldn't mind if anything happened between the four of us, as long as we were all OK with it. She just didn't want anyone to have any hard feelings. I assured her that Gene and I had already had this discussion and that if anything did happen, we would all be fine with it. Secretly, my mind was going crazy. I had just gotten permission from Ranae to make love to her sister. This was unbelievable! The next couple of days we didn't see much of Gene and Anne. They had other family they needed to go see while they were in town, so life returned pretty much back to normal for the time being. On the last night before Gene and Anne were scheduled to go home, we had Ranae and Anne's mother and stepfather over for dinner, along with one of Gene's high school buddies and his wife. Gene cooked us some great steaks and we all had a really good time. After dinner, no one was quite ready to call it quits, so Ranae and Anne's stepfather agreed to watch the kids so we could all go out and play pool and have a few drinks.

I spent a good part of the evening flirting shamelessly with Anne, and Gene was doing likewise with Ranae. After all, we all knew this would be the last night we would be together for some time. By the time one a.m. rolled around, we were all feeling pretty good and decided it was time to go home. Once we got there, Ranae went off to our room to get ready for bed. Gene gave me a sly grin and headed off to follow her.

I had other ideas on my mind, and decided it was time to go check on Anne. She had gone off to the bathroom to get changed for bed, and I thought she might need a little help. I walked right up to her and gave her a big hug. It felt so good to hold her in my arms that I could have stayed there forever. After a few moments of this I began to kiss her neck, while my hands worked their way around to begin kneading her perfect ass. This had the intended affect, and Anne closed her eyes and began to make some of the most delicious noises I have ever heard.

We worked our way over to the counter, where Anne removed her shirt to give me better access to her hard nipples, which I readily accepted into my hungry mouth. By this time, my hands had found their way to her waiting pussy, which was already becoming quite wet. As I pulled her pants off my fingers continued their assault on her ever-hardening clit, which had her grinding her ass into the countertop. I then switched back to kissing her shoulders and neck. When I looked into her eyes, there was a fire there that I had never seen before. The look of desire on her face will be forever etched into my memory.

Eventually my mouth found hers, and I enjoyed one of the most passionate kisses I have ever experienced. Our tongues darted back and forth like wild animals performing a primal mating dance. At this point, neither of us could wait any longer, and we both fought to free my swollen member from its confines in my shorts. As Anne guided my shaft into her own private piece of heaven, I thought my head would explode. After all this time, this was actually happening. I began with long slow strokes, but the silky heat of her love nest was too much to bear and soon I was pounding away for all that I was worth. Within minutes she was clamping down on my hips with her legs, trying to pull me deeper inside of her and digging her nails into my back. When she threw her head back against the mirror and began making the noises of her own impending orgasm, I knew it was over for me. I came for what seemed like an eternity.

Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me, and at that moment I felt a connection to Anne that I had never felt with her before. When we were done, I held her for a few moments, knowing that I may never be lucky enough to hold her like this again, and just enjoying being close to her.

We opened the door to the outside world, and then I thought about Ranae and Gene. What was going on in my bedroom? I had my answer a couple minutes later when Gene came out with a big shit eating grin on his face and saying he was going to go smoke a cigarette. I turns out that Ranae was putting up a bit of resistance to his advances until they heard the noises coming from the bathroom. After that, she gave in pretty quickly.

The next day Gene and Anne and my nephews went back home, and we miss them. After they were gone Ranae and I had a chance to talk about what had happened. She wanted to hear every detail about what Anne and I had done, and I was more than happy to oblige. It turns out that she was just as turned on by what had happened as I was. She said she couldn't wait for it to happen again, but next time, she wants to watch.

Hmmmm.....it sounds like it's time to plan a trip to visit Anne and Gene.

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