tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhile Courting Our Demons Ch. 00

While Courting Our Demons Ch. 00



Take three dudes different in every way, bond 'em together by unbreakable brotherhood, and then try to mix in enough romance to go around that won't split them up. Sound difficult? Yeah. It is. Especially when having three wives and separate lives just won't cut it for lifelong buddies M, C, and R. Their dream is to share themselves and their home with that certain special someone... The special someone who could share herself with all three. She's gonna have her hands full with their kinks and cravings. She's gotta give them all at least a kid each. And she's got to want all three, despite the variation in their looks and behavior. Next to impossible. That didn't stop them wishing and waiting for their perfect little girl.


The years seem to pass faster and faster, and casual sex is never enough when you want the white picket fence and brood of rugrats to fill your days. Just when the trio thinks they'll never find a woman to take them on, it appears fate is merciful, and drops temptation in their path in a feisty, curvy-as-hell package. This temptation, though, could lead them into ruin. They want her. She's forbidden fruit. So what happens when three decently ordinary guys make one insanely bad decision out of desperation and fear they'll never find their 'one'?

They play my game. And if they lose, they stand to lose it all. Small price to pay for my freedom.

WARNING: This novel contains extremely graphic scenes of polyamorous sex, rape, and some violence. Harsh language within. This work is classified as 'dark erotica'. Contents are triple x-treme, and absolutely not for sensitive readers.

While Courting Our Demons

As told by M, C, R, and J


"...The love scenes she writes are really good, but all her heroines are damsels in the distress. It drives me crazy! Why do they always have to be damsels in distress?" My head shot up. I hate that too.

When I heard the tail end of this conversation in a bookstore I was visiting, it was all I could do not to whip around and barrel right in. As the warm sounds of feminine laughter rose up I rotated myself smoothly, examining the shelf of books in front of me as if I hadn't overheard anything at all. There were two women standing in front of the erotic fiction, one older woman with a small shopping cart, and one young, maybe twenties-thirties chick wearing a store lanyard around her neck. My heart suddenly thumped, and I couldn't help but wonder.

The women talked, and I listened, my fingertips just running along the spines of books. The girl was animatedly ranting about passive heroines in erotic fiction, demanding well-rounded characters and plots not built on clichés and melodrama. The woman she was helping found this amusing and engaging and they talked of their favorites as I pretended to browse, feeling desire and respect for the sweet little thing rise. My person of interest was a bit on the short side, brunette, curvy and busty as hell, dressed in the cutest little floaty pink skirt over green stockings, her pixie-style top showing a nice tease of cleavage. Not a lot, I guess because she was working, but enough to say "Oh yes, there's more." She had a spray of faux flowers in her hair. Green and pale pink, the whole ensemble, except for her glasses. Pretty girl. It was a fight keeping myself decent in the aisle. I was caught debating what to say to casually pop into this conversation when my girl turned her attention my way.

"Finding everything okay, sir?" she asked me, her voice polite and sweet. I turned my head, taking the sight of her in. Her shopper was holding a book, reading the back cover.

"Um, yeah," I stammered, trying to look like I'd been lost in thought. "But, hey! Could you recommend something good, and... romantic?" I asked on a whim, smiling with all my charm. She grinned in return.

"I think I know something." She tottered off to the far end of the shelves in the fiction aisle and it gave me time to compose. Putting swagger and handsome irresistibility into my step, I followed. She bent, pulled a black-and-white softcover book off a shelf and handed it to me. I read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern on the cover.

"It's beautifully written and an excellent take on a love story," she told me, smiling. She left before I even said thank you. I bought the book, took it home and read it in three days. She was, of course, right about the book. Afterward I was smitten.

My first taste of her, and I hadn't had nearly enough.


When my buddy came home strung out of his mind with excitement, I should've put the brakes on right then and there, but I had no way of knowing where this would lead. There wasn't exactly a memo when I woke up that day, and I am nowhere near fucking psychic. My "oh shit" alarm didn't even go off until it was already much too late.

"Guys! Guys!" he shouted, charging into the living room where I was watching football. Browns-Ravens. It shouldn't surprise you which team was losing. I paused the TV and looked at my long-time best friend. His sun-blond hair was wild all around his face, and he was so excited about something his cheeks were red.

"Whoa dude, calm down." I held up a palm. "Take a breath before you pass out." He laughed.

"Fine, fine. Where's-?"

"In his room, on some kind of raid, I think." I watched my bro as he pulled his phone out of his pocket.

"I'm going to get him. Big damn news! Check out these photos I took while I snag our third Musketeer and tell me you do not think I've struck gold." Curious now, I held my palm open and he shoved the phone in my hand. He pranced off in a hurry, leaving me alone with whatever he'd found. On his screen was this woman- some curvy little brunette with a lush fucking body and this pink-and-green outfit that made her look like a woodland fairy. In the picture she was standing on tip-toes to reach the top of a shelf, her hand either putting a book on or pulling one off, I couldn't tell. But I saw a generous ass and a huge pair of tits I could only term 'melons' as my brain switched from football to fucking. Her hair curled lightly around her shoulders, pink flowers in the mane, and I got a vision of myself gripping it while her sweet tiny mouth wrapped my dick. And that ass... I could fill my hands with that ass and there'd be more. Bet she'd redden up nicely.

Absorbed, I flipped through the pics, all taken from a distance and at weird angles. Clearly my friend had been taking these on the sly. Not like him to be shy with girls he was interested in. Another pic had her on the floor, concentrating on a bottom shelf, her skirt hiked up as her green-stockinged legs were bent at her side. Beautiful. Just as the guys walked in and up to the couch where I was sitting, I noticed a band of green around her throat. A dark head suddenly appeared next to me, on my left, and the golden one at the right.

"Who the fuck is that?" said my other brother, the last of our trio. "How goddamn cute is she?" Each of them came around and sat with me.

"Flip back to the first one," blue eyes was telling me.

"She is cute as hell," I said. "Where was this?"

"One of the bookstores I make the rounds at every so often," he told us. "She works there. Isn't she perfect?"

"Oh my god, look at those tits!" our crude friend moaned. "Look at that ass! And fucking hell she has style."

"I knew you'd like her," blondy grinned, and turned to me. "So? Did you think about what I hope you thought about?"

"I could see her on her knees before me, naked and ready to take my cock and my palm, yeah," I answered casually, letting the phone go so our buddy could flip through the pics. "She's fucking adorable. Bet she's soft under you, too." I leaned back, relaxing, and went back to my game.

"C'mon man, don't you know what this means to me? To us?" The remote got yanked out of my hand and the TV went off.

"Hey!" I started, but when I looked at the two of them, my ire died. I was getting puppy eyes. "Alright, just come out with it then."

"I think she might be 'the one', guys," he said seriously, and our friend gasped.

"What! Did you ask her out yet?" Blondy shook his head.

"Not yet, but I'm going to. I'm going to go back there and find out more about her and I am going to make this work. I have such a strong feeling about her, it's crazy." My eyebrows rose.

"'The one', huh? You think this chick could be our woman?" For years he'd been trying to sell us both on this wild dream that we could find a woman to love- one woman, for all three of us. One woman who wouldn't break us up. "Did you even talk to her?" My buddy blushed.

"Not much..." he admitted, "but she's special, I know she is. I'm going to find out more about her but I swear to you both, we're gonna make our move. I mean, look at her! She hits both of you in the groin, right?" Our third nodded emphatically, and I rolled my eyes, but agreed.

"Yeah, she's the kind of girl I'd go for." I leaned over and pointed to her throat. "Find out about this and we'll go from there."

"I'm fucking in," my youngest adopted 'bro' said. "I can't resist a pretty girl with dynamite style like that."

Grinning wide, my best friend wrapped an arm around me and reached as far as he could to touch our bro on the shoulder.

"I'm really hoping our wait is over, guys," he said happily.

Looking back on that day now, I curse myself. Why the fuck did I look at those pictures? Why did I have to say she was cute? But I couldn't have known... And I've never been able to refuse that handsome bastard anything.


I knew shit was bad when my hunky bro came home with a pint of ice cream. Now, see, most guys would stomp around and slam things when they're upset, but not this guy. He slinks around so quiet sometimes you don't even know he's there until you turn around and see that face all twisted up in agony. That's what happened to me when I was checking out my casserole in the oven. One second it was just me in the kitchen, eyeballing dinner for signs of being done, and when I turned around, there he was with a plastic grocery bag, and out of it came the ice cream. He'd already gotten the spoon, and his pretty face was a mess.

"Hey there pal," I started, easing toward him. "Dinner's almost done, what's going on...?" he turned such a pained look at me it froze my tongue, and he viciously yanked the lid off the container and plunged his spoon into it.

"This is dinner," he said spitefully, and then shoveled a huge bite of pretzely, peanut-buttery vanilla dessert into his mouth. I took a step back. Something was up. My casserole could stand another couple minutes in the oven. I needed back-up, and there was only one man for the job.

"Ok dude, you enjoy that... I'll just go get the big guy, ok?" I told him with false cheer. He ignored me and kept eating while tears threatened behind his baby blues. I backed out of the kitchen and practically sprinted for the one motherfucker who could always get through when our pretty boy got depressed. When I reached his door I slammed my fist into the wood. "Dude! You need to get out here right fucking now! We have a code Ben & Jerry's!" Behind the door I heard a sudden scramble and my biggest bro burst out of the door. Bastard lumbered out wide-eyed, which was interesting to see considering I had to look up at him as he looked down. He's like a foot and a half taller than I am and three times my width. I'm like a toothpick next to him. Fucker. But that wasn't important at the moment.

"What flavor?" he asked me seriously.

"Chubby Hubby," I answered, and he cursed.

"That's the one he won't touch unless something seriously bad happens," the big guy said. "This is nuclear. Let's go." We set back off for the kitchen immediately. Our bro was still bent over his pint, definitely crying by then. I went to the oven while macho man went over to our boy and sat next to him. Dinner looked perfect now, golden-brown and bubbly, but my attention became focused on the guys behind me while I turned off the oven and pulled dinner out to cool.

"What happened, man? You have a shoot tomorrow and you never chance your weight before a shoot!"

"I don't fucking care!" I heard him smother a sob with more ice cream.

"What happened?" I turned around to see the big guy with his hands on our friend, on the shoulders. Tears were actually falling into the fucking pint. My bro sniffled and practically threw himself into his best friend's chest. We're all tight fucking friends but the two of them really have something deep.

"Our girl!" he sobbed. "Our fucking princess!" I sucked in a breath.

"Did she actually turn you down?" Big guy said, kinda shocked. Hell, it would be a shocker if a chick ever refused to go out with the prettiest man that I think has ever lived. The blond one shook his head.

"No!" he choked a bit, and I handed him a napkin so he could blow his nose. "I didn't even get to ask her out. It's so much worse!"

"What, is she gay or something?" I asked, just trying to lighten the mood.

"No, damn it! She's taken. Engaged! She's already got a fucking Master!"

"Ohhh," I said, understanding why he was so devastated. Damn though, it was the hardest I'd ever seen him take not getting a chance with a girl he liked.

"Alright, yeah, that sucks, dude," our big bro answered, trying to soothe him. "I know it hurts but it's not like she rejected you. There's got to be loads of girls out there. We're not sad old fuckers all in our fifties and single, c'mon."

"You don't get it," our heart wailed. "She was the one, I know it. I feel it in every part of my soul! How could we be too late? HOW?" His fist slammed down on the table, and right after he went back to the frozen treat. Like half the pint was gone already. "The chokers she always wears, they're collars. I heard her talking to her coworker. Your hunch was right. She's submissive."

Big guy made a disappointed humming noise in his throat.

"She would have been a good fit for us, bro, but sometimes life doesn't work out," I said softly, not even dishing up our tuna-noodle dinner yet. "We hate seeing you like this. Hell, dude, why does this one hurt so bad?" Blondy sniffled and shoveled another bite of ice cream in his mouth before replying.

"You guys don't get it," he said soberly. "I've spent months doing intel on her, and every time I was near her I could feel her heart like an ache in my bones. That sweet little thing is made of love, and she's a perfect match for all of us. We've never seen a better girl to be our wife. I need her, damn it! She's the fucking one!" Like a rioting toddler he continued spitefully eating his ice cream, and refused to be cheered up for the rest of the night. When not even big bro could make him see reason, we both gave up and ate our food in tense silence. We'd never seen him so fucking unhappy.

Maybe I shouldn't have gone online to see if we could steal her heart for my utterly depressed friend, but nothing was fucking working, even days later. I didn't know what else to do. I'm a fucking introvert and I live mostly in virtual reality, and I hadn't yet run across a problem the Internet couldn't fix. Once the idea was planted, it grew out of control. I even codenamed the plan we eventually developed as "Audrey II". Seemed funny at the time... Shoulda seen the end coming.

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English isn't my mother tongue,...

But even I notice your love for language. Maybe you're even as much love for English as I have my love for German.

"her pixie-style top showing a nice tease of cleavage"

got me hooked... I'm going onmore...

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Your team currently stands at 0-16, so clearly your taste is questionable. ;)

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