tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhile Courting Our Demons Ch. 01

While Courting Our Demons Ch. 01



Once upon a time, I was normal. I worked full-time at a bookstore, had great friends and a rich life. I was soon-to-be-married; all in all, I was working happily toward my dreams.

I didn't know that sometimes nightmares come to fruit first. Or, in my case, fantasies- my worst, most twisted secret imaginings that escaped the depths of my mind and came alive one day, snatching me from reality and plummeting me into what anyone else would call a nightmare. Because of that, I had to become a nightmare, in the name of survival. And let me tell you, I think I was a pretty vicious one: A maelstrom of insanity and terror in a pretty little dress. I told them I was brutally honest when the opportunity arose. I'm telling you now.

It was like any other day, partly cloudy and warm, when my world changed. Now, I'm not the same. I likely never will be, and that's okay. I don't know if I was even meant to stay how I was. I can do so much more now, and will.

I was walking home from work. Late afternoon, pretty balmy out; I was strolling along with my earphones in and thinking about nothing much when it all happened. I was stopped by a guy- skinny dude, grungy shorts and "Halo" tee, with shaggy hair. I saw him holding his phone and looking worried. I took my earbud out of one ear and felt a weird flutter in my gut. My hand instinctively clasped onto the front left pocket of my purse.

"Hey, I'm really lost and I won't have my GPS after a couple minutes. Do you know how to get to Beech Lane from here?" Wary but at least nice enough to answer, I responded:

"Sorry I'm not really good with street directions. But if you walk right up this road there's a Sheetz that has outlets and a cafe where you could charge up and get your bearings. You can't miss it." I made to leave, but he caught me by the purse strap.

"Wait!" he said. Immediately my red flags went up. I glowered at the guy.

"Let go of me," I growled. "I don't appreciate strangers putting their hands on me."

"But- I really need help!" the guy said, tugging back as I tugged away. "C'mon can't you just be fucking nice?" he snapped, actually somehow irritated with me. Maybe it was just him panicking.

"I was being nice, now you're pissing me off," I snarled back. "Let go of me before I break something on you." I wrenched my body out of the guy's grasp and advanced, fisting my right hand. It sent him back a couple steps as he saw the anger in my expression. But then, he grinned, looking past me, and a shiver crept up my spine. I began to turn, but it was already too late. They'd taken advantage of my single-minded focus on the asshole to creep up on me. Everything went dark as something was thrown over my head, cutting off my sight. I felt a pair of arms bear-hug me around the middle, pinioning me at the elbows. Rearing my weight back into my attacker, I began lashing out with my legs furiously, but they could see where I was and I couldn't see them. Before I knew it, somebody seized my thrashing ankles and shot forward, between my legs. His hard bulge met my open crotch, and I gasped. At least I had stockings on and he wasn't touching me or easily able to get into my panties! I kicked at the back of the body but my blows seemed ineffective, and despite my efforts, the two guys wrangled me backward, into a waiting vehicle. I could tell by the light filtering through the covering over my face, and by the effort they put into getting me through the door. It happened so fucking fast.

My body met the slightly plush floor of a large empty space, and it was dark in there, like a windowless van. Probably was. Fuck. Quickly I began to assess my situation mentally. I intended to survive it, no matter what the cost. That meant knowing when to struggle and knowing when to conserve what energy I had. I was outnumbered, and clearly my attackers had planned this out, deciding to jump me in a low-visibility area while I was distracted. The arms around me let go as I landed on the floor, and the one between my legs crawled in after me and leaned forward to pin me. The door (a sliding one, I could tell by the sound) slammed shut to my right, and I felt the asshole between my legs start laughing and dry humping me.

"God that was easier than I thought it would be," one of them said. My arms got hoisted upward quickly. I tried to wriggle out, but the one holding me bent my wrist painfully until I yelped and fell still. Something cold and metal, handcuffs I thought, snapped around my wrists one at a time. When they were secured I pulled against them. They were anchored to something. I cursed.

I heard a loud banging ahead of me as one of them slapped his palm against the divider wall separating the front from the back. The engine roared through the van and we started moving. I could hear two voices in the back with me, which meant there were at least three stupid bastards abducting me in the afternoon. These were some ballsy motherfuckers, and my blood boiled. Arms secured and still pinned, I kicked like hell to try and prevent my ankles from being strapped in too, but basically I did it to show them I was still capable of struggling. Being flat on my back with my head covered and my wrists locked up, it was already too late to get free. I knew I would have to bide my time.

"Hey make sure he's got the music up pretty good," said one of them, when my ankles were wrestled down, one guy on each, and finally also cuffed, spread with my knees bent out. "If she squeals we need something to drown it out." The speaker was close to my head and I angled my covered face toward him. It was getting hard to breathe, but I knew if I panicked things would be worse. I forced myself to stay calm.

"Yoo ssck muvvrfkrs rr goinn to pyy fr thss!" I shouted, muffled by the bag or whatever over my face. My meaning, evidently, was clear enough, because they started chuckling, and I felt a hand fall on my right breast. He began to squeeze tightly, paining me with his grip, and I choked, sucking air through my teeth. My legs were locked apart, and though I was wearing opaque purple stockings, there were only two thin layers between them and my pussy. I pulled against my bonds as the touch roamed into the neckline of my tee shirt. Fingers delved into the cup of my bra and I gasped, pulling taut.

"Don't be like that, baby," the groper cooed. A murmuring at the divider wall told me the second guy locked in the back was passing along the message about the music to the driver. Seconds later, the song came up; something with a really heavy baseline.

"Bsstrd!" I grunted. The fingers in my bra found my nipple and started rubbing it in circular motions. A hot streak of sensation bolted from my peak to my cunt. God, fuck me. Why did I have to find something like this... arousing? These sick fuckers couldn't know this about me, could they?

I thrashed against my molester, rabid with hate and fury. The second guy came back, and put his hands on my thighs.

"God pull up her fucking shirt already, I want to see those huge tits she's got." The guy behind my head released my boob, and obliged. I shrieked angrily as the cloth covering me from their gazes went up and bunched in my armpits. My body writhed, but it obviously did me no good. My purse, still on its shoulder strap, had fallen to my left side. With a grunt he pulled my bra up too, and my huge heavy breasts fell out and were left naked to their hands and eyes. Both of them grabbed at the same time.

"Fuck they are so soft and so big," said the one guy, next to my head. His voice was higher than the other, and somewhat nicer to listen to. The other guy was rougher and gruffer. "Better than I thought." The twin touches sent a ripple all through me and I couldn't help but still, strangling my cries. Crude asshole's free hand cupped right over my mound and rubbed where my clit was hidden beneath thin cotton. A smothered yelp fled my lips. "They bounce back no matter what you do to them, too," he said.

"What do you think I noticed first?" Smooth talker replied. "She wears these tops and shit that just hug and push 'em right into your face." If I could have glared at him, I would have. I'd been wearing a tight shirt and my biggest bra that day too. The fondling went on unabated as I lay there spread out. Crude asshole's fingers started digging through the material of my stockings to find my hole. Once he did he pushed aggressively into the opening as far as he could, earning a string of cursing from me and a few wild bucks of my hips. Clearly he was eager to get something else stuck in me.

"Do we have to wait until we get there or can we soften her up now?" he said, grunting in pleasure as he continued groping. I was starting to lose my mind in the utter helplessness of my situation and the combined efforts of their hands on me.

"We're gonna be driving a while, and when we stop we're rotating, remember? Make use while she's fresh and then you can let C have his turn. She's gotta get used to everything we can give her." Crude laughed gratingly and climbed over my body. I shuddered beneath him as he got between my legs and fell onto my naked breasts. His mouth came down readily on my left nipple and he started sucking with impatient ferocity. The slurping noises he made churned my gut, and I shook violently beneath him, trying to thrash my chest from side to side. Smooth's hands came down to my shoulders, holding me in place. "Be a good little girl and I'll take that bag off your head," he crooned into my ear, before moving down to nip my neck. Immediately goosebumps rose beneath his breath and his mouth. He bit and kissed down to my collar. Then his fingers moved onto it. He turned it around, bringing the buckle up. I felt him poke at the tag. "'Master's Pet', huh? Not anymore." He began undoing the buckle.

"Noo! No no no!" I cried, the meaning of that word quite clear. Crude was slobbering on my other nipple, groping with one hand and plunging down to my skirt with the other.

"Don't worry," Smooth told me in what I presumed he thought was a soothing voice. "I already bought you a nice new collar, with our tag to mark you as ours. You'll be just as happy wearing our collar, won't you?"

"BSSTRD!" I howled.

"You'll get used to it, I promise." Despite my heaving insults and wriggling, he undid the buckle of my collar and pulled it off me, casting it aside into the van. I heard it strike metal and clatter to a rest somewhere in the bowels of the vehicle. While he was ripping my anchor away, leaving me feeling even more exposed than just having my tits out, crude asshole tugged my skirt up, hovering over me, and worked his hands into my stockings in order to pull them down.

Now I was really pissed. I was bound, being stripped, outnumbered, and fucking hell was I ever wet. While crude was busy exposing my goddamn vulva smooth talker went back to my breasts. Evidently he didn't have this collar he'd supposedly bought, or he was waiting to put it around my neck. His casual news had told me at least a little bit more about my attackers. They'd watched me, planning this, and they intended to keep me. I had one ray of hope, and it was that they weren't going to cut my throat where I lay when they were done. It was enough to keep me from whimpering and going slack altogether when they found out what kind of freak I really was. Smooth's hands were all up in my tits, tweaking and plucking my nips as he alternated sucking them hard, when crude finally got my legs and snatch bare and crawled between. His fingers probed my slit immediately.

"Fucking hell, she's soaked!" He sounded like a kid in line to see Santa who's just been told the jolly old fat man has a special treat for him. Three digits plunged deep inside me and began questing around for buried treasure. I warbled out a moan as he filled my slick pussy and rubbed around, targeting my g-spot as he did.

"Of course she is," smooth replied flippantly, giving up his nursing infant routine to talk. "Why wouldn't a sweet little submissive be soaking wet for her Masters? The way she talks I know she's a proper naughty girlie, hot and horny." Right on cue, my cunt sent a gush of fresh juice surging right around the asshole's fingers. Laughing nastily, he fingered me hard. It felt so good I couldn't even protest. Instead I squealed and thrashed with the motion of his hand.

"She wants it bad, M," crude said.

"So give it to her," his buddy, the ringleader (I suspected), told him. At that point my nipples were like pebbles and my cunt was ready to receive. I had not much choice. What choice I did mull in my mind, over and over, was in what order to kill them.

Crude asshole took his fingers out of my snatch and I heard him shift to his knees, then undo his belt and fly. At that point, 'M' resumed slathering my tits with his saliva and began to creep one hand down my body. His friend got between my legs at last, and positioned himself with some effort. I felt his thighs fill and spread mine painfully, and let out one last, wordless screech of hate and indignation as the warm, dripping cock-head met my pussy.

I arched my back and screamed as the sizeable dick this bastard was lucky enough to get plunged all the way to the bottom. Oh my god he's inside me. My thoughts turned bleak and muddled. He began to move, drawing himself out and slamming home. Stars popped in my eyes. Fuck fuck fuck oh my god I'm actually being raped. My body shuddered and for a few minutes as he fucked me, hard and deep and well, for an asshole, I wasn't sure if I was asleep or awake. It was like a dream or a fantasy I'd have and not my real fucking life. The cock didn't stop, and I let myself break. Better to break now than later- Opportunity would eventually favor me. When they finally drop their guard, I would pounce.

M's fingers crept all the way down to my twat (just above where his accomplice was making a beast of both of us in my hole) and sought my clitoris, laughing against my tit as he found his target and rubbed it. The feeling brought me right out of my funk and made me gasp.

"Noo!" I shouted. "Not thrr, dn't tuch mh thrr!" The one place I thought they'd ignore. The one thing I didn't want them to claim. Above me, the unlettered one was thrusting away, filling me up rather nicely and hammering right into my g-spot, grunting away in his pleasure. I know there were no condoms involved either; guess M doesn't mind going second.

"Aww, she doesn't want me to stroke her wild," M said. "Wonder why that is? Poor princess doesn't think her new Masters will be nice to her?" Suddenly light and vision returned to my world. It took a minute or two to adjust to the restoration of my sight, but soon I could see- M next to me, on his knees, and his friend on top of me, fucking away. It was grabby phone guy, as I suspected. The sight of him rutting above me ramped my arousal up a further notch.

"She feels so good, M!" the other one panted. He had shaggy brown hair, I saw, and a bit of a neckbeard. "You gonna make her cum while I fuck her?" His dick was making me dizzy, and he showed no signs of slowing anytime soon. I wrenched at my bonds, frustrated at my powerlessness, frustrated by how much I liked what they were doing to me. M chuckled. When I finally studied him, I almost choked. He was easily the most beautiful man I had ever seen. Crystal fucking blue eyes, like Caribbean seas, a build that screamed 'prince charming', and these radiant golden tousles of hair that fell just to his shoulders in loose rings- the sight of him stunned me for a solid minute before my senses kicked back in.

"Let me go!" I panted. "Just... let me go..." my hips tilted upward, allowing my rapist a better angle and more depth in my pussy. I think they could hear it in my voice and see it in my expression. They both grinned like Cheshires.

"Sorry sweetie," M told me sympathetically, casually stroking my clit now, causing me to seethe. "We put a lot of time and effort into this plan, and you don't know what you're in for yet. You're not going anywhere."

"You're our fucktoy now," the asshole told me gleefully, grabbing my hips so he had better leverage to rape me. I couldn't help it. I moaned loudly, assailed with all the sensation they piled on me. Even the moving nature of the van added a vibration through my body that intensified the thrusts. His cock was thick and long, too, and he was fucking me hard. It was so good I couldn't see straight.

"Ahhh! Oh, fuck!" I cried, shutting my eyes to them. M's face remained imprinted on my memory. His mouth fell to my tits again while his hand worked me higher into pleasure. A coil of need began to tighten inside me, and spasms of muscle clamped around the dick invading my body.

"How's my cock feel, slutgirl? You look like it feels so good. I'm fucking the shit out of you and you're going to cum on me," he told me in a series of breathless bursts. "Good little girl will get to cum a lot for us. You'll see." Oh god he's raping me and it feels so good I'm going to cum on his dick they're going to make me cum oh fuck I'm gonna cum! My body tightened up bit by bit, M's fingers running furiously back and forth across my clit. The other one, still without an initial, pounded me ruthlessly, and I wanted nothing more than to howl at him to fill me up with his hot sticky seed until I overflowed. I was mentally begging him to rape me more, rape me harder, when I felt myself cresting.

"Ohh, FUCK!" Pleasure seized my every nerve, and the combined efforts of all their stimulation paid off in spades. I started convulsing, and my cunt exploded into a flurry of contractions. "AHH! AH AH AH AHHHHHH!"

Asshole was delighted.

"Fuck, she's cumming! She's so tight I feel it all over my dick!" He plowed against my g-spot again, and I went cross-eyed. Pleasure seared me in a wave of radiating warmth and I got even wetter than before. My cunt welcomed my rapist in with open lips. And there was not a single goddamn fucking thing I could do to stop it.

My orgasm was still rolling, with M still stroking it out of me, when his nameless sidekick gritted his teeth, nearing his peak.

"In her or on her, M?" he growled out.

"In her. I want all of our cum to mix inside her to make our bond complete. Spray your jizz deep." The one between my legs just nodded, and in a few moments he lost himself to the release of his sperm. I felt him convulse inside me, his naked cock giving up his liquid essence into my greedy quim. I screamed out my agony and ecstasy, feeling the extra liquid pumped into me and still coming down from the pleasure. When asshole finally fell on me, panting, it took him another two minutes at least just to pick his head up.

"You have a magnificent pussy, little girl," he croaked in appreciation. "I'll never get sick of shooting my cum into your hole." Then, before I could hurl every insult I knew at him, he slipped his mouth onto mine and took advantage of my parted lips (mid-plosive) to sneak his tongue inside. The kiss caught me by surprise and then by pleasure. Apparently, not only was he a good fuck he could curl my toes with his mouth, too! Once he pulled out (leaving thick cum to drip out of my cunt) and rolled off me to sprawl satisfied on the floor of the rocking, starting, stopping, every-so-often-turning van, M popped up in his place.

"My turn," he said sweetly. His cock was already out, and it met my hole with teasing slowness.

"Why... Why are you doing this to me...?" I asked as he slowly pressed inside, stretching me to accommodate himself. I didn't want to blubber it, but I was almost there. He was trying to break me down.

"Because I need you baby, we all do," he said simply, and pushed himself to the bottom of me. I gave a sob as he drove deep inside; he was in no rush to add to the sperm cocktail all of them were going to make in me. His cock met the bottom of my pussy and he just stayed there, planted all the way in my hole. He leaned in, and claimed my mouth. I gasped, but he devoured it. His tongue snaked between my lips, tangling with mine, taking me over. His kiss and his touch were tender, like a lover's.

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