tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhile Courting Our Demons Ch. 02

While Courting Our Demons Ch. 02



When I lay gasping against my raw throat, M sat up, sniggering madly through his closed lips as he wiped them on the back of his hand. Oh God, the collar of his shirt was soaked through from catching the wave of my cunt mixed with their leftover semen.

"Welcome to your new home," M said warmly, spreading his hands to indicate the room. "Now you get to meet your new Masters, and we get to meet our pet. We've been waiting for this a while, love."

"I'm honored, I'm sure," I snorted out. But I trembled, and they smiled, surrounding me, pinning me. All I had was sarcasm, and they knew it. For the most part I planned on watching, waiting, anticipating. They wouldn't all be around to keep me down forever. I just had to keep my fucking wits about me and make my stance on everything clear. At the end, at least no one would be able to say I wasn't honest.

R and C kept me close, and I was in no hurry to try and make them move. My options here were limited.

"We all will need time to adjust to this, baby." M hummed, probably thinking that I was just emotional because that's what the ladies were like, and that he could fuck all my perceived daddy issues away. "Right now, we have to show you what we're offering and get to know the little girl we're going to take care of together. We won't let you go, but we won't hurt you either, will we, boys?" The other two grinned.

"Not gonna put a single mark on my pretty little cum slut," R sing-songed. "Just pretty panties."

"I will." C leaned over me as he spoke. "I'm going to mark that ass of yours and you'll beg me for it."

"What they both mean," M chuckled, "is that we each want to play with our girl how we like, but since we all have to share, we're going to play nice." Blondy stroked my thighs. "You won't want to leave us, baby. I promise." I'm sure he thought he was gentling me, making me more receptive to his touch. He was the 'straight man', I reasoned. The one who would chiefly "handle" me until they thought they had control. "We want you to give us a chance." Hands touched me all over.

"Oh, of course! How rational! I should give my rapists a chance to prove how nicely they can keep me captive!" I hissed, without moving. My whole body shook with rage, but it was impotent for the most part. M's smile faded and he looked me over with a touch of hurt in his eyes. I pressed my mouth in incredulity and glared. "Oh no, Romeo. You don't get to abduct me, rape me, and then expect me to play house. I don't care how much you planned and prepared to take me. I'm still your fucking victim."

"I know that, baby." To my surprise, he sighed, and cast a glance to each of his friends. "But what woman would want the three of us?"

"What? Are you kidding?" I snapped, half-laughing. "You think there's no kinky bitch out there who would love this? You realize erotica is full of multiple men relationships, right? Fuck, I read one where this chick was a werewolf coming into heat who had to fuck eleven guys before she mated permanently with two of them!" The stress, frustration, absurdity and helplessness of my situation finally hit me, and I lost control of my laughter. I giggled helplessly, my body thrashing against them. "I mean, Jesus fucking Christ, you could have found me online when I was looking for a Master!" My laughter continued. M's sadness broke.

"So... You could be ours?" he said, brightening up.

"I could have," I emphasized, still bucking a little bit as I both chuckled and sobbed. M picked up the corners of his mouth again.

"And you still could," he responded. "I know women just want good dick, baby. Even if we had to steal you, we can give you the best dick you ever had. Just give us a chance, ok?"

"It's gonna have to be some really good dick," I forced out sardonically, trying to break my fit. Now they all grinned.

"From the way you were screaming as you came on me, I think we already proved what we can do," R teased. The guys began to shift. M came up to my head, swapping with C. Both of them took their new post quickly.

"We've barely warmed up, slut," C grunted, pulling my legs apart so he could crawl between them and re-pin me. He ground the bulge in his jeans against my bare pussy and I could only shudder against him. "You will call me Master C. I'm going to use you rough and you're going to love it. When I make you come, it will be devastating. I'll redden your ass and fuck you hard, and you'll scream my name when I want you to. I'm going to tie you up and hold you down and you will never be on top of me. Do you understand me?" He leered down at me, and I watched M crawl closer to my torso. He got into position to help R keep my arms useless. I nodded weakly, still heaving without voice. My chest was wracked with sobs of frustration, my emotional state crashing in on me.

"Whatever you say, buddy," I gurgled weakly. I didn't want to be there anymore. I closed my eyes and slackened. They might as well use my body and let me sleep. I could regroup in the morning. If I broke now, they'd think I was a pushover. Maybe they'd be disappointed I put up such a lame fight, but if I broke myself into pieces now, I could refashion them later, and I would be stronger. It would take more and more to rebreak me, night after night. I wouldn't let them win, couldn't- out of pure spite.

A hard slap came down across my left tit.

"Ahhh!" I howled, my hips bucking upward.

"Answer me right." C growled, raising his hand above my breasts.

"I understand, Master C," I answered back, without energy or anger. Surprised, he pulled back, posing upright on his knees. He frowned, and gave my right breast a slap too, though not as hard.

"That was for denying me my fun," he told me. Then he looked at his friends. "Get me that new vibrator we bought. We charged it, right?" R nodded.

"You fucking bet we did." M took control of my upper body as R scrambled away, raided the bedside nightstand, and returned with a slim purple vibe. He handed it to C who immediately turned it on to a high, steady setting. I began to wriggle helplessly but weakly. I hadn't enough energy to thrash my nervousness out the way I wanted to, but I couldn't prevent my body from reacting.

"I like the fear on your face," C sneered. He set the vibrator onto my clit.

"Ohh God!" I cried out, my cunt immediately responding despite how much I ached. The result of M's tongue work hadn't even faded and my cunt twitched hard before he even started moving the damn thing over me. "Ooooh fuuuck!" I pushed my hips upward, gyrating against C's action. I started to fall down into subspace. Through sheer fatigue alone they were taking possession of my body.

"Tell me how you want me to use this vibrator to make you come, you little slut." He dug it into my most sensitive flesh.

"C-circles," I gasped, tightening up against M and R, "make... little circles on my..." I faltered.

"On your what?" C demanded. "Say it."

"C-clitoris, Master C." He slapped my breast again, sending a spike of pain into my pleasure, and my cunt gushed.

"Tell us all of it." As he pressed further, asserting his dominance, I warbled a moan.

"Rub little circles on my clitoris, please, Master C," I choked out through my teeth. The persistent buzz and pressure had taken me most of the way there.

"Good slave," he growled in a somehow sweet, soothing way. "I think actions speak louder than words with this one, guys. Look at her right now." He began stroking me in circles and I clenched my eyes and howled. My peak began climbing almost as soon as he started doing what I told him.

"She talks big, but the second we start fucking her, she melts," M observed wryly. "Like a goddamn dream."

"Look at her nipples," C said, pointing with his free hand. "They're like pebbles. Her cunt's gushing with every word. After she cums get some fucking water into her before I take her." R jumped up to find a bottled water from a stash they apparently had in the room. I only half-paid attention to their conversation. At this point I was at their mercy and operating under 'speak when spoken to'. I felt my orgasm cresting and tightened up in M's arms. He seemed to notice.

"She's going to come, C. See how she tightens up?"

"Perfect. When you cum, little slut, you will tell us, and I expect to hear you scream my name." Breathless and wound tightly, I only nodded to show my comprehension. A few minutes of growing tenser and tenser later, I felt the transition from pleasure to climax and my pussy prepared to let go.

"Ohh fuck I'm going to come Master C I'm cumming!" The climax broke over me and my pussy started pulsing wildly around its emptiness. C chuckled, staring down at my spread crotch as he watched my juices spill and my vagina spasm.

"God, look at that," he hummed, pleased with himself. "You would turn this down, you slut? I think not." I yowled, screaming his title over and over as my pussy exploded; eventually winding down. When it was over I was limp, breathing raggedly. I felt a straw touch my lower lip.

"Drink, baby." M said, lifting the back of my head. I gulped down a good amount of the bottle gratefully, my throat parched. It felt like all the moisture had left my body through my cunt. "Good girl," he soothed me, "good girl." M stroked my head. Fucking bastard. Their three-party harmony was going to wreck me.

When C was satisfied, he leaned forward, eyes gleaming.

"Flip her. Now." The boys moved to action abruptly, startling me out of my stupor. I was turned onto my belly, and M and R shifted to hold my arms, one each, across their laps. My left cheek touched the naked bed, and I could breathe. C grabbed my skirt and tore it off at last. He grabbed the stockings/panties on the way, and the other two pulled off my shirt and undid my bra. My purse was already on the nightstand; I didn't even realize they'd taken it off. I was naked to them- body now, soon-to-be soul. They would soon know the blackest depths of me. This was nothing.

I felt C's hands running up my ankles and calves until he rested them on my rather full ass.

"A lot here for me to redden," the serious one proclaimed, gripping me tightly. I flinched.

"Wouldn't you all rather have a prettier, skinnier, quieter bitch than me?" I croaked. C's palms came down upon my ass savagely and I yelped.

"A little extra padding is what I want in a slut," C said, running his hands across the prints he'd made. "A smaller girl wouldn't fit me and wouldn't be able to take as much punishment as I suspect you can."

"Oh baby, don't be so negative about yourself," M scolded me. "You're a pretty little busty girl and we think you're perfect just how you are." He ruffled my hair affectionately with his hand. C began bringing his palms down on my ass, over and over, stinging me with increasing fervor. I moaned choppily and relaxed into the spanking. The burning strikes sent heat all the way into my womb. I couldn't deny they all held streaks (or seemed to) of natural Dominance... Perhaps that's what the three of them were. Undereducated, desperate Dominant men struggling to find themselves and understand their needs and urges. I almost laughed from the irony considering my own struggle. Lying there helpless, I began approaching a fit of sheer madness. Pain, humiliation, degradation, rape and restraint are all major aspects of my kink, and they were hitting every single one all at once. They used my body against me. They took what they wanted without my consent.

Too bad for them I cannot fear what arouses me. I was not afraid of them, and I never would be. I am always my own worst enemy.

"Babyslut is perfectly pretty," R said, rubbing my reddened flesh after C left off. "Just wait until you see all the pictures I take. You'll never believe you're ugly again." M continued to cradle my head as he lay down to be nearer to me.

"I know our culture puts a lot of pressure on girls to be thin and made up, but we don't care about that shit, baby," he said to me, like the 'good boyfriend' he was pretending to be. "We want you thick and soft and horny just as you are." His coddling was really getting on my fucking nerves. I opened my mouth to say something in return when C spoke suddenly.

"Wait. Why did you ask that, slut? You don't give a shit how you look to other people." My surprised gasp made M look at me in confusion. "You picked a smarter bitch than I thought, M. This has become interesting." C shot forward, finally diving onto my body and seizing my hair from behind. His hard bulge pressed right into the cleft of my ass. "Answer the question."

"I'm also curious to hear this," M said, bringing himself up on one elbow.

"I asked that to see how you would react, Masters," I replied with schoolgirl simpering. "Isn't it obvious?" C gripped close to my scalp and pulled.

"What did our reaction tell you?" he growled, tugging my head while crushing me into the mattress. I hissed, my body bucking (or trying to) beneath him.

"Something..." I choked out. "Not enough for more than theories. Master C." Moving himself to the side enough to expose my thigh, C reached down and slapped the side of my leg hard enough to make me cry out loud.

"Don't hold back your answers when I ask you a question!" He slapped me again. I let go a dry sob beneath him.

"You act like I'm supposed to be your girlfriend! I am NOT your fucking girlfriend! I'm trying to figure out why the hell you didn't just go look for a polyamorous kinky submissive live-in girlfriend! Why abduct ME?" I shouted hoarsely at them. I turned my head to M. "And STOP treating me like some insecure, helpless bimbo!" To my great shock, C let go of my hair, picked himself up a bit, and began roaring with laughter. He shook bodily on top of me as he belted out loud. M sat back up, his face glowing, his mouth flat in embarrassment. R kind of stared, aghast at the picture before him.

"Seriously, M," C said, still shaking with fading laughter. "You're trying way too hard, man, and the girl here knows it. But don't take it badly. She's not going to let us forget what we're doing to her, and she doesn't know what we're all about yet. Just relax." I let my head rest again, as my neck was hurting, and the big stoic rapist covered me fully with his body again. "M's going to tell you all about us, and you'll find out amlittle bit about each of us as we fuck you tonight. Mostly, we'll ask you things we want to know and we want your straight answers. If you don't cooperate nice, I'm going to spank your ass crimson. Understand, slut?"

"Yes, Master C." I sighed.

"You loved it though, didn't you?" I couldn't see it, but, I knew his hand was hovering above my flesh, waiting for me to bite out some vitriolic response.

"Yes Master C," I answered in a half sob. He finally lifted himself off me partially, to undo his pants.

"Let's get naked, boys. The best way to get close is skin to skin." M and R held me down while C stripped, after which he got back on top of me to both fuck me on my belly and keep me imprisoned. The other two stripped and threw their clothes onto the floor. I was covered and surrounded by naked male flesh and my whole body cried in a kind of perverse joy. My arms were extended above my head and both the other two boys picked a hand and pulled it into their laps. Each of them curled my fingers around their erect cocks and I let them. I gripped them and let them use my hands to stroke themselves. C positioned himself, slipping his cock into my hole as he angled my hips. When he thrust into me deep, his mouth came down close to my right ear. "You're understandably pissed off about this. But... you're unbelievably aroused by this, too." He started thrusting, and I wailed aloud. "Why? Why? Tell us and we'll tell you why you're here."

"I don't know! I don't know!" I screamed out, my pussy hot and swollen, my body crying for more more more more more. "Feels so good! So good to be uuuuused!" Sobs tore out of me as he took me hard and deep. His cock rammed into me with the steady mechanical rhythm of a train. Tears drenched the sheets beneath me.

"Why are you crying like that?" M said anxiously.

"Am I- hurting you, slut?" C grunted, not stopping.

"Noooooo!" I wept. "I do that during sex!" Sobs took me again. He was overwhelming me with his dick and wearing down my barriers.

"Because it feels good?" C asked.

"Y-yes! And because... it's overpowering... and I don't cry easy!" My sobs continued to wrack me, and tears poured onto the bedspread. Submission is my nature. I have given it in the past, to different men, and to myself. What I gave these guys was not the same as I had given the Master I chose, the one whose collar they'd stripped from me. The submission I was showing them as they did this to me was for myself. I let them drive me to tears because I had no choice. The release would only help me, in the end, and none of them would ever know they did not truly have control.

"So this is like a catharsis- for you?" C continued, fucking me hard.

"Yes!" I howled. "Exactly!"

"Interesting." M said, thrusting his hips slightly, letting my hand stroke him so rigid. "You're a complex little girl." If his pride was still stinging from my chastisement, he didn't show it. "We picked you because of me, baby. I saw you in your store and liked how cute you were right away. But it was more than that. I saw how sweet and helpful you were, and how you laughed and smiled when people got to talking with you about stuff you were interested in. And... I saw this depth in you, so fast. The way you talked about books really hit me." My moans quieted as M started telling me the story, but C did not let up his fucking to make sure I listened. "I wanted you. So I started coming in to watch you and try and figure out who you were. That's how I recognized your collar, and found out you were into erotica and BDSM. See, I was going to ask you out, until I figured out you were already taken. That wasn't good enough for me, though. I still wanted you."

"M showed us pictures he took of you on the sly," R said, using his hand to grip over mine on his cock. "Cute little girl. You like to wear lots of pretty dresses and shit too. My god what a fucking rack you have," he laughed. "I liked the look of you too."

"The second I saw the curve of your ass I wanted to smack it," C said. "You redden up real nice." C ramped his pace up, running his hands down my thighs as he drove himself toward climax.

"We all agreed you would be ours, baby. No matter what, you looked like a perfect fit for all of us, and we wanted you. So we decided what we had to do, and planned how we would take you."

"But you don't really know me," I sobbed. "You just did this based on what I looked like and how I acted at work!"

"We got lucky," C growled against my ear, before he bit me. I howled, and allowed it to smother in the bed. "We want to know all your kinks and turn-ons, you slutty bitch."

"Look in a mirror," I panted. He struck my g-spot, and I yelped.

"I'm serious," C growled.

"So am I!" I snapped back. "I can cross 'ravaged by Viking' off my fantasy list now!" C chuckled in my ear, and gripped my hips tightly.

"I'm Celtic, not Nordic," he told me, suddenly amused.

"Figures," I answered beneath him, "Even better." He fucked me hard and furious for a solid few minutes. I sang his praises with four letter words and unabashed moans. Then, he slowed again, and nipped my neck.

"Do you like role play and costumes, babyslut?" R asked me eagerly.

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