tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhile Courting Our Demons Ch. 09

While Courting Our Demons Ch. 09



On my way home, I grabbed some drive-through and ate in the in the car without really tasting it. My blood was a river of fire, and every mile I got closer to the house was another surge to my dick. Everything. She. Did. Kept me guessing, kept me itching to break in and pick her apart, dismantle and rearrange her head, until she was just the goddamn fucking broken, quietly obedient sex toy I'd assumed she'd become before this got started. If she had been what I expected, this could all be so neat and orderly. But my luck (apparently) was such that instead, I'd been served a woman who set my body on fire and made me yearn to win her submission.

It was dangerous ground. I didn't just want her to be that broken doll I could spank and fuck without emotion, and leave without a glance back. I wanted her surrender, her willing surrender, and it cemented the certain knowledge of my sexuality. I'd danced around it a long time. I'd read books, did online research, even tapped into a couple of BDSM novels, but never had I actually indulged. Never had I tried to find a submissive chick to experiment with, or acknowledged my own needs. Couldn't run from it any more. I was Dominant, with a healthy streak of sadism, and I knew for a fact that right now, there was a submissive woman tied to a bed waiting for me, and she wanted me. My knuckles were white on the steering wheel as I clenched involuntarily.

There was a woman who found me hot, tied to a bed completely helpless, waiting for the kind of debauched, rough sex only I could give her. Right now. My dick was so fucking hard by the time I got back to the house I thought my fly was going to pop open.

M hadn't locked or re-alarmed the door behind him, and I marched right inside, listening briefly for the guys. Their voices floated out of the living room.

"...should be home any minute. He's gonna lose his shit when he sees her!"

"I really hope so. You saw how alike the two of them are, right?"

"Fucking hell yes. She even thinks so. I can't wait to watch the sparks fly."

I entered the den just in time to see R finish this sentence, his wiry figure sprawled out on the couch. M was seated in our recliner with a book in his lap, and both of them took notice of me immediately. I wasn't hard to miss.

"She's ready, then?" I growled out, the tension so obvious in my voice and body.

"Exactly as per your orders, C," R said, grinning. He looked and sounded super chill. It was a first.

"Perfect," I said. "Before I go in I want the full run-down of everything she did and said today." R started, breaking down their morning and the little adventure outside, right up to their MarioKart marathon when M got home. My buddy took it from there, telling me about their conversation and oral session, through dinner. Both of them had gotten some interesting intel out of her. R's especially was the first bit of my mission tonight. Besides relieving my cock in her I was going to learn everything I wanted about the abuse she'd been through. R's discovery this morning was eye-opening. I'd never heard of something like that before. Rape fantasies and fetishes? Yeah, that shit was common. Submissive masochists? Of course. But a woman who'd come out of sexual abuse and harassment with a craving for it? Never. And that was straight-up horrifying.

"...and then we got her ready, and came out here to wait for you," M finished up. "She looks so sexy in what she picked out." His face told me more than he was saying. "I think she's gonna surprise you, bro."

"Be warned, C, she's already getting into your head," R told me, in sort of a lazy gloat. "She's at least as smart as you."

"I am willing to say she might be smarter," I responded. "Look at how she's plotted all her moves. Look at how she's treated each of you alone, and us together. There is not a single thing she does or says that is not calculated to take any kind of advantage she can find. And I think she knows exactly which one of us is the biggest threat to her." The guys both looked at me and nodded. I hadn't intended to start that way, but as they say, the best laid plans...

"Go get her, dude," M said, blatantly gesturing at the front of my jeans. "You need this. You've been fighting against it for too long."

"She is totally at your mercy right now, C, just waiting for your cock and the beast you keep locked up inside you. Go fuck your slave, damn it." R's finger jabbed at the wall, toward the bedrooms. They both knew how long I'd suppressed my urges. And they both knew I couldn't do it anymore, not with that lush, helpless body laid out for me. I nodded.

"Interrogate, and then fuck senseless," I informed them both, turning on my heel. They whistled and applauded heartily as I left and headed for my room.

Before I could work her over and break her down until she begged for my cock, I needed some things. One of those things was in my room for safekeeping. Just a few weeks before we were set to jump her, I'd gotten deliberately drunk and ordered some fetish gear online for the first time. Beautiful, hand-made floggers in a few sizes, textures, colors and weights, gags, anal toys, a paddle, a crop, and a few sensory toys designed more for teasing than straight-up pain. As far as my sadism went I knew I liked all kinds of spanking but there was so much more I didn't know I might have a taste for. Like needles and knives. Electro-play, fire-play, bullwhips... So much territory to map out. But I was starting with the riding crop.

I retrieved the black leather tool and brought it with me to her room. Most everything else I needed was already in the storage drawers under her bed. I opened the door slowly, wondering if a draft might alert her to my arrival. The total sensory deprivation was intended to drive her deep into her own head, but I didn't know until I approached whether she'd gone down or not. I watched her intently as I entered, but she did not react. I closed the door behind me, and walked carefully to the bed. J was dressed in feminine, revealing black and red lingerie that did nothing to inhibit my access or view of her body and I salivated. The outfit was chosen well, and I saw why R had said she was already in my head. By putting nothing but a few scraps of sheer, lacy material on herself she was acknowledging the control I'd take and the body I was going to own very shortly.

My first act was to delve into the supplies, pulling the storage out as gently as I could. There was no whimpering or straining at the cuffs; she was totally placid, possibly even asleep. Wholly unaware of the fact that I was there. I smiled. Good. I wanted her to wake with my hands on her and know she was helpless until I decided it was time for her not to be. For my tools, I pulled out an incredibly expensive rechargeable vibrator that would 'thrust' itself in her and buzz her clit with an extension, a set of vibrating anal beads, lube, and that small purple vibe I'd used on her last night. Those few things, my crop, and my hands were all I was going to need.

I laid everything down on the bed and bent over to stroke my hand up J's thigh, toward her pussy. She startled, coming alive immediately, and I knew she hadn't been asleep, just zoned out as I'd intended. A moan rumbled in her throat and smothered in the panties wadded in her mouth. I watched her breasts tighten and swell, her nipples poking out, and I pushed my fingertip just under the crotch of her panties. Wet. Just as I assumed she'd be. J gurgled, her hips bucking as I traced the rim of her opening. I didn't dip inside, but I did pull the thong into the crook of her pelvis so I could see her pussy, dripping and puffy, her smell rising up to send another pulse of need to my sensitive dick. She was so musky and hot, and I knew I could spear her and fuck her right now without a problem. But that wasn't my goal, yet. I was going to make her beg me to be raped. Then I planned on raping her, getting the other two to rape her, then rape her again when my erection came back. She'd only given me a four or a five earlier on the soreness scale; well, I wanted her at a ten or eleven. I wanted to hear her tell us tomorrow she was too sore so I could rub her face in it. But first...

I took the anal beads and lubed them, then lifted her hips so I could insert them smoothly into the ass I'd plugged up just that morning. The beads penetrated her like a dream and I put them as deep as I could until she really squealed. Then I let her ass drop back to the bed and grabbed the big vibe. I inserted that, positioned it to catch her clit, and switched it on, then the beads. Both of them started buzzing away in her orifices and J began screaming into her gag. Now I climbed into the bed fully, straddled her stomach and let her feel my rock-hard bulge as I came down with my hands around her head.

First I removed the earplugs with one hand.

"Hello, J," I said to her sweetly, grinding myself into her without fully crushing her with my weight. She groaned some kind of response, shivering beneath me. I licked her neck and she thrashed upward. "I've been waiting for this all day, and I've been this hard on and off since I left this morning." Slowly I unzipped my jeans and let myself pop out. The tip of my head was leaking watery pre-cum, and I lowered my cock to her bare stomach to smear her with my fluid. She gasped, muffled, as I stroked my erection against her. I ripped her tits out of the babydoll negligee she was wearing and sucked them both, hard, without breaking contact on her belly. Then I thrust against her softness, growling as I brought my mouth back to her ear. "Your choice of outfit pleases me. Seems you were a good girl today. That's why I'm going to let these toys I stuffed in your holes make you come before I rape you tonight." She gave another, longer moan, and a dry sob. "While we're waiting for the toys to get you there, I've got to entertain myself a little."

Finally I pulled off her and stood back on the floor, taking up my crop. I began dragging the tip of it up and down her body. She stiffened, feeling the leather, knowing what was to come. I finally reached over and pulled the wadded panties out of her mouth. She took a deep breath and swallowed, trying to refresh her mouth, I thought.

"Thirsty?" I asked, still in the same saccharine tone of voice.

"Yes, Master C," she croaked, all raspy. I smiled.

"Let me see if I can help you with that," I answered silkily, and came to kneel by her head, resting the crop on her leg. "Open up." My order fell, and she parted her lips some, but not enough for what I had in mind. "All the way, J," I commanded, and she did. Then I pushed my tongue down into the bottom of my mouth and generated a bunch of spit. I let it all well up in my mouth, and got above her. I brought my lips close to hers and then let go of the pool of warm saliva, right into her mouth.

Surprised, J choked and swallowed against it, sputtering as I watched my spit disappear down her throat. Her face turned bright red beneath me. I petted the side of her head, just so fucking pleased with myself. I could abuse and humiliate her as much as I wanted, and every reaction kept me fully aroused.

"Better?" I asked, in the same tone as I'd had since I greeted her.

"Y-yes, Master C," she muttered, clearly embarrassed and aroused.

"How's your cunt? Is the vibrator working you up?" I stroked her body with the crop again.

"S-some," she stammered. "It's not quite enough to get me there." I reached down and wiggled the pussy vibe so it was seated better inside her.

"A long, slow burn sounds good to me, slave. You've got a lot to answer for, today. While we're waiting for you to cum, I've got questions, and I've got this." I brought the crop down on her thigh for the first time, only a little hard, and she cried out. I then rubbed the spot I'd just struck with the head of the crop gently. "Ready to tell me what I want to know?" I whapped her again, on the upper part of the same thigh. She seethed. Then sighed.

"Yes, Master." Her voice was resigned to her fate. I left her eyes covered and her body helpless. I stood up.

"Good." Taking my place beside the bed, I ran the leather down her calf. "The guys tell me you've had at least three more orgasms since I left today."

"That is true, Master C."

"Then you've been spoiled well. Time for a little pain as well as pleasure." I struck her other thigh and she howled a little. "Besides the story you told R this morning, I'm going to make you recount every single incident of molestation, abuse, harassment and miscellaneous sexual violence you can remember. Sound good?" J whimpered.

"Chronologically, or as I recall them, Master?" she answered, and my eyebrows rose in surprise. Once again, she didn't hesitate to rise to my orders.

"Let's say chronological," I answered, "since you started off by telling R about your back, we should continue with your childhood."

"Yes sir." J took a deep breath. "I guess the best place to start is around the same time. There's so many small things that add up to not very nice conclusions, and I'll tell you now that my memories of my childhood are very scattered. I don't remember much of my life up until middle school and high school."

"So?" I asked, curious where she was going with this.

"So I don't even know if I can trust my own memories," she said flatly. "I think I was a very naïve and trusting little girl, inherently submissive without knowing it, and that's why I was targeted. There was one guy I distinctly remember, and it's because I was in a class with him in high school and he full-on smacked me on the ass in the middle of the class, in front of everybody, once. I don't know why, and I only remember the slap, but I also think him, and his brother, were the guys who would do stuff to me on the bus. But again, I don't remember being touched by any of them... Just weird little things that don't make sense unless you're talking about the context of molestation." I furrowed my brow.

"What did you do when he slapped your ass?" I asked, trailing the crop over her breasts. I couldn't wait to see her pain reactions when I struck them.

"Nothing," she almost laughed, bitterly. "I was bent over my work when he did it, in my own world, and when he hit me I just kind of gasped, turned around, and then went back to my work like nothing had happened." I frowned. That didn't sound like the same woman who had stood in front of us this morning and told us we were a bunch of rapists.

"Why?" I asked, incredulous. "I feel like the J I know would have punched that guy in the face." Despite the fact that all her punches on us had been verbal.

"I wasn't the same person back then. It took me a long time to get the confidence and outrage I have now. Hell, I didn't even know I was 'submissive' until college." I brought the head of the crop down to her pubic mound and gave her a light slap. She hissed. It wasn't enough to really hurt, just surprise her.

"Interesting," I told her, "but not about your childhood. Take it back to the bus, and that guy. What do you remember?" I tapped the crop lightly against her mound. "While you answer my questions I'm going to strike you. Make sure it doesn't distract you too much."

"Y-yes, Master." She sighed. "What I remember is scattered. My earliest memory of the guy is him making funny faces and noises on the bus, and me laughing. Then asking him about it later and him denying it."

"Hmm." Not too telling, yet. "Continue."

"There were other small things. Once, some of the boys shoved some kind of porn magazine in my face. A centerfold with a woman spread out. I think she was covered, but I don't remember it well. And why would they do that to me? I have no memory of anything after that. What if they were showing me the picture because they wanted me to spread my legs like hers were?" I could hear the frustration in her voice. The agony. My crop came down on her inner thigh. "And... there was this one time..." she breathed hard- "that I just remember 'waking up' into this moment where I was on the bus, approaching my stop, and this boy, I think the other guy's brother, was telling me he was going to blow up my house and kill my family. I remember thinking, why would he say that? What had I done to deserve such a threat?" Again, I frowned, the crop skittering over her legs. Added all together, it did sound like she'd been groomed, abused, and threatened afterward... All things that kids often experienced during sex abuse.

"And you don't remember any touching? Nothing?" I tried to stay gentle, because I wasn't judging her or blaming her. My purpose with this 'interrogation' was to try and figure out her claim to R, that she'd been through so much shit she'd come to fetishize it all. Because if she liked the shit we put her through, how could she be scared? And then the power was hers, not ours...

"Not from them." She intoned ambiguously. "There was one last thing I can't explain. I remember getting home one day so exhausted I went right to my room and passed out. I don't know why I was so tired. It only happened that one time. My mother even said she was screaming for me when she got home and thought I hadn't come home at all because I was so deeply asleep." I flicked her thighs lightly, one then the other, from pelvis to knees.

"So with all these big gaping holes in your memory, you can only guess what happened to you, and when you put all that together it seems to point to one logical conclusion," I said, switching my attention to her calves. She moaned, writhing, and I paused to grab the vibe in her pussy and hold it steady so it worked her clit better.

"Yeah, Master." She croaked. "And it would put something else into perspective." Her hips bucked against the toy thrusting itself into her.

"What's that?" She sucked a hard breath, hesitating as the toy worked her up. I let it go and her hips fell and she groaned. I gave her a whack on the belly. Her softness jiggled with the impact. "Tell me," I growled.

"There was a girl!" she hissed. "Used to be babysat at this woman's house- she had a daughter older than I was. We spent a lot of time together, especially after my siblings were born. I was older then." My eyebrows rose. So she had siblings. "The girl- she was friends with those boys. M-maybe they told her stuff about what they did. Maybe the one I remember most did it to her first." I finally raised the head of the crop to her breasts, left one first, and used the leather to stroke her nipple back and forth. She stiffened.

"What happened?" My voice turned guttural.

"She- she-" J caught her breath, bucking from the toy and my nipple stimulation, "she got a washcloth, and... we took turns, putting it over our crotches... mimicking oral sex on each other." J swallowed hard. "Oh my god it makes sense," she suddenly gasped. "I remember her doing it because I'm not submissive to women, and I didn't hit subspace..." I used the crop to tap her nipple, just a little harder each time, for a few seconds. "Holy shit I didn't even think of that before..." she gasped as my strikes ended with a firm slap on her tit. Her body bucked.

"How close are you?" I demanded to know.

"Getting there!" she choked. I lurched for the vibrator in her pussy and turned it off. She groaned in frustration and wilted.

"You're not submissive to women, just men? But you're into women? Are you bi?" I asked, the implication there. M and R would be interested to hear this.

"I'm pan," she answered, breathily. I switched the crop to her other tit and began repeating the pattern. Pan? What the hell did that mean?

"You're going to have to explain that," I said, rubbing her.

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