tagInterracial LoveWhitewash League Ch. 02

Whitewash League Ch. 02


"Breaking news. Chaos in Ebony City. After the release of the number one criminal in the history of the city, riots and crime waves have spread across the peaceful city. Breeding gangs are running amok and the police are doing nothing about it," the beautiful TV anchor reports.

"Police are impotent to respond to the increased crime wave from migrant whites into the city from the neighboring prefecture. The Chief of Police, Synthia von Skylar, responded that their hands are tied due to new pro-immigration laws enacted recently by the new mayor. These new progressive, pro-diversity legislations have made it a hate crime to arrest, or even attempt to arrest, immigrants based on their cultural practices," the scrawny male reporter states.

"More on this story later," the black female anchor cuts in. "Up next, the introduction of our newest diversity channel, the Cracker Breeding Channel. Preparation has been completed to bring more diverse content to our loyal audience. On the Cracker Breeding Channel, we'll be teaching you the benefits of breeding with our new immigrant population and also to teach you how to check and shed your black privilege. It is important that we, as a privileged society, give back to those who have been historically unfortunate. Therefore it is with extreme joy that I can announce I'll be leaving this program to become lead anchor of the CBC Nightly News."

"Wonderful announcement," the black man said. "I couldn't be happier for you. Can you give us any details of the type of content that will be featured on the channel?"

"Firstly, we'll be teaching aspiring mothers how to handle breeding with white men, and the differing types of white men flooding our streets. We have to teach acceptance and harmony with our new citizens. Opening our wombs, in addition to our homes, is the first step. We'll also be running programming on cultural appropriation and the hurt it causes our new, ethnically diverse families. And of course there will be the news segments, heavily featuring positive stories of our immigrant population. Other stations are only focusing on the negatives which does nothing to help ease their acclimation into our society, and only promotes negative stereotypes. They might be hypersexual, horse hung beasts, but they have hopes and dreams just like the rest of us."

"It sounds like the new channel will enrich our culture and make us better," the black anchor said. "And this new channel begins operation tomorrow, correct?"

"Yes, tomorrow at 9 am is our inaugural broadcast on channel 69 of the network. I'll be reporting live from in front of the studio, meeting and greeting people on the street to get their reaction. Live, no filters, whatever happens, happens."

"Aren't you worried you might be the target of a rape gang?"

"Not at all. In fact, I welcome any one to approach me to open an honest dialogue about the new laws and legislations put into practice by our newly elected, progressive mayor. I've been a big supporter of hers since she ran last year in the open elections."

The program continued on for the next hour, changing topics to the mayor's progressive policies, the release of the city's most notorious criminal, and the fate of two of the city's most beloved heroines. When it was over, the black anchor woman snuck away to her dressing room to freshen her makeup and powder her nose.

"Cassie!" a black man called out, clipboard in hand. "You've got five minutes before you're on again. Don't forget."

Cassie nodded and walked off. There was a new vibe in the studio. It felt happier after the new diversity quotas were put into place. None of the new hires had arrived yet, still going through internal training, but the new channel was to be staffed fifty/fifty, blacks and whites. Complete racial equality. Before Cassie got hired as a news anchor, she had done many years of activism in the hopes of making the city less racist against its minority residents. Many years she fought against the patriarchy and black supremacist structural inequalities in the system that hurt, devalued and dehumanized those looking for a better life for their family.

Sitting in her chair, makeup in hand, the woman smiled and nodded at her reflection.

"It is a hard job but someone has to do it!"


"I'm Cassie Whitehead coming to you live from outside the Cracker Breeding Channel studios. Today is a great day, not just for our news organization but for our wonderful city."

All around the front of the building was a legion of protestors and supporters of the new, controversial channel. Not everyone in the city was as welcoming and diverse as she was. Some saw it as a plight against their city, that flooding the streets with unneeded immigrants would bankrupt the treasury and increase crime. The SJWs and leftists in the media shouted them down with accusations of racism and sexism.

"Are you happy with the new diversity laws, sir?" Cassie asked a white man holding a picket sign that said 'White Lives Matter'.

"I sure am, missy. I'm as Ebonese as this city. My family has lived here for centuries. I'm finally happy to have a government that respects all cultures," he said, openly groping the news reporter.

Her large tits were pawed at through her expensive business suit. Cassie simply smiled and nodded as the man continued.

"Just because I have a different culture and a different shade of skin doesn't make me less human now, does it?" he said, fiddling with the zipper of his pants. "All cultures and peoples are equal after all."

Cassie stood there, motionless as another pair of hands pulled her skirt up to show off her ghetto booty. It was thick but still firm. The second man molested it, rubbing his fingers all over the dark butt. Cassie did her best to hold in a moan as her juices began to drip at experiencing this cultural exchange first hand. She put the microphone in front of another protester.

"Do you think this government can keep the legislation in place or will the rise of an alt-right party force them to tone down the scope?" she asked.

The first man had his cock out, openly jerking off in front of her. His giant cracker cock was caught by the camera. The entire scene was being played out live on city TV for anyone to watch. He took her free hand and placed it on his thick manmeat. She didn't need to be forced to jerk him off. The news anchor was intimately familiar with cracker culture and customs.

"I think the mayor is a woman of action. I've never seen anyone in touch with the cracker community as she is. I've voted for her. Even if everything is not passed, one or two changes will make a big difference and make us born and bred citizens feel like real citizens at last. Our lives do matter."

The second man had his thick cock out as well, hot-dogging the news reporter's black ass. The thick meat slid all along her buns as if they were genetically designed for each other. Precum dripped out of the tip, coating the ebony skin with a delicious coating of ivory gloss.

"Do you have any comments about the new breeding laws introduced in the city?" she asked, pointing the microphone in front of a scrawny black man.

At this point the second white man was openly fucking her tight ass. No love for the pussy, just using her backdoor with all his precum as lubrication. Cassie tried her best to stifle moans of pleasure as she was being used like a fucktoy in this cultural exchange. One cock in her ass, one being jerked off, and another now prodding into her open, willing mouth. All legal. All excitedly welcomed as the new poster girl for progressive politics.

"I think it is shameful. Our pure race will be tainted by introducing such people into our society," the black man said, holding up a picket sign. "She is not my mayor. I didn't vote for her. If she is so high up on progressivism she should be married to a white man, but she ain't. Just another hypocritical politician trying to keep its citizenry down."

Cassie tried to nod but the pipe-thick cock made it impossible. She barely was able to spit shine the head. Her pussy was on fire as the three men had their way with her. Other crackers in the crowd had their cocks out, openly stroking them off. Her eyes lit up as she saw how long and thick they were. They extended to their knees and looked so yummy. This was her job, after all, getting to the meat of a story. All those oppressed crackers needing reparations for such poor treatment by previous administrations.

Cassie could hear moans behind her as one of the black women in the crowd had her dress ripped open. The woman didn't seem to mind it as five white cocks were slapped onto her face, her body squatting down in the perfect position for oral servitude. Eager hands gripped each cock as she sucked on a third. A few seconds on each pipe before rotating to another, like a cocksucking conveyor belt. Cassie didn't realize the black protestor was still talking.

"These new diversity laws will be the end of us. Nothing good can come from mixed children," he said.

A flood of semen filled her asshole as the white man came hard. Quickly he was replaced with another white man, just as thick and hung. What Cassie forgot to mention when the news broadcast went live was they were co-operating with a breeding rally. All the white men assembled were there for one reason and that was to breed every single black woman white. They were going to whitewash their wombs with so much cracker cum that the children popping out would be as white as snow. All legal, all government sanctioned by the new mayor's diversity laws.

All black women at the event were fair game to be used as a breeder for any white man present. A hard white cock was the only requirement to entry into their cunts. The word no was not allowed in the designated area in and around the news studio. It had been broadcast for a week ahead of time for those who wanted to be bred to show up in force, and for those who did not to know to stay away.

Some of the protestors did not get the hint. They screamed and cried rape but the assembled police on hand to keep the peace did nothing. Everyone knew the rules. Being ignorant of them was not a shield to the consequences. Of course not every black woman was fucked. Even crackers had standards.

Some of the assembled women were movie stars and models, all happily progressive in their politics. They were flocked around first, gangbanged air tight. One of the more adventurous girls took two cocks in her cunt, which was special considering how thick the men were. She'd be ruined for anything less than a cracker cock. Another model tried to deep throat one man's two foot cock, only to get a quarter inside before the gag reflex kicked in.

A few women looked on in anger. Jealousy produced their anger. They were fat, ugly, out-of-shape whales that even the lower class crackers wouldn't even touch. Even though Cassie was being double-penetrated, she took the cock from her mouth long enough to stay professional and ask one of those women a question.

"How does it feel to be here at this momentous day of diversity in action?" Cassie asked.

The women looked shocked and angry.

"Why are you subjecting yourself to such vile treatment? You're a race traitor and should burn for that. All the crackers should be thrown out of the city, back across the river to where they belong. They have their own city, their own culture, and most importantly their own women to breed. They don't need to be breeding us out of existence."

"But some say diversity is our strength. Wouldn't breeding diversity be the logical next step?"

The woman's face contorted in more anger. It hit a nerve. In the giant orgy being filmed live on city TV, she and a few others were without a cock. No fucks were literally given to them. Off they stomped, knowing any angry shouts would be drowned out in the sea of orgasmic delight as some of the other women were not as professional as Cassie. Still, the black men looked on like cuckolds, allowing their women to be used and bred by the cracker immigrants.

With no one else to interview, Cassie looked directly into the camera still pointing at her.

"The rally is looking to be a big success as many of the immigrants to the city have taken to grace us with their own cultural norms. This is a live broadcast so if any black women, or their male allies, want to come down to show their support there is more than enough room for them."

Jizz dripped down the news reporter's face as a half-dozen men showered her beautiful ebony body. Large lineups of men waited, stroking themselves off to the women allowing themselves to be bred. Thirty women were there in total, from the aforementioned progressive actresses and models to conservative, black supremacist activists who chose to ignore the breeding warnings, to just normal, average women feeling that being a white breeder would spice their life up.

"Fuck me harder, studs!" one woman shouted out. "I don't want any cracker cock left hard. Just ram it in me, white boys," she demanded.

Cassie tapped one of the men fucking her and pointed to the other woman, giving him the sign to allow her to move spots. With ease he lifted her up into the air, cock rammed into her cunt so deep that the outline of it could be viewed on the television screen. Within microphone range, she was sat back down doggie style, fucked relentlessly as she put the microphone in the woman's face.

"Miss Brooks, Theresa Brooks, may I ask why you've chosen to be here today?"

"Isn't it obvious? I've been the spokeswoman for cultural diversity for years. I wouldn't miss this event for anything. I'm not one of those elitists that only talk the talk. I walk the walk," she proudly stated. "I'm not leaving here until every white cock is drained and limp. That is a promise."

"Crackers are known for their superior stamina, size, and semen deposits. Don't you think you might be here a long time with a statement like that?"

Theresa did not have an opportunity to answer before a man shoved his cock down her throat to deposit another one of those superior loads. She coughed and hacked up the thick liquid, letting it pool beneath her on the hard ground.

"I said it and I'll own it," she commented quickly, as yet another cock interrupted the interview.


As the orgy continued, an interested party looked on from the comfort of her bed at home. Laying around the bed were a half-dozen white men, unconscious. Dried semen covered various parts of their body. At the center of them was a stunningly beautiful woman. Slim waist, large tits, model face, and covered in wet and dry spunk. Casually she fingered her cunt for any large globs of cracker cum to suck off her ebony fingers. The woman picked up a cell phone and dialed a special number.

"von Skylar, it's the mayor. Yes, I know you don't like to be interrupted this time of day during your special meetings. I wanted to thank you for the shipment of illegals to my estate. Oh, all of them were fine, especially the fat one. Biggest cracker cock I've ever seen on a man. It looks like we were correct in choosing Miss Whitehead for the new anchor seat and face of our special channel. I want you to send out a feeler to The Massa. If he is done breeding the super niggers, he might be interested in joining our diversity program."

Casually, she stroked the cock of one of the unconscious men, trying to get his cock back to full mast. She literally fucked them unconscious the past few hours but her needy cunt couldn't be quenched. A side-effect from her college days in Cracker City University as an exchange student.

"No, I don't think we're moving too fast. So far the female demographic has been happy with the new policies. Fertility rates has been at an all-time low in the city. A lot of these women want children, healthy, strong, virile children. We're only giving them what they want. It just so happens the hardest, thickest, most fertile cocks are from across the river."

Having finally gotten the cock hard again, she lowered herself on it, letting the gigantic sexual organ fill the void in her pussy. Like a drug addict, the woman needed to feel a thick white cock in at least one of her holes or else she felt the effects of severe withdrawal.

"By the way, Plan C is going to be postponed for the time being. We don't need to incorporate drastic measures if Plan A and B prove fruitful...Yes, I know you were looking forward to that plan but we need to think of the bigger picture."

The ebony beauty moved her hips, grinding into the thick cock. Her body felt alive, fresh, more womanly as she continued to milk the man dry for round number unknown. It was hours of fucking. She thought six men would be enough to satiate her desires and cravings but it was too few. She'd have to get a few more white men to pick up the slack for these moments of interlude.

"I'll call you tomorrow. Let me know what The Massa says. Bribe him, fuck him, I don't care how, just convince him to join us."

After the mayor turned off the cellphone, one of the men stirred to life, groaning from extreme exhaustion.

"Looks like you're awake for another round," she commented, reaching over to stroke the man's cock. "Sometimes it is good to be the queen."


"Fuck...fuck...fuck...more...please more, Massa," Oreo Girl screamed out as the colossal cock completely gaped out the black beauty's asshole.

The Massa pulled it free, admiring how wide open the cave appeared. Swishing some saliva between his cheeks, he spat down into the void. The entire time Oreo Girl used both hands to pull her ass open wider. Wonder Negress looked on, dirtily fingering her sloppy cunt. It was leaking fresh jizz from her new owner and lover.

"Break her, Massa, put that Negress in her proper place. Make her scream for you so loud that the neighbours will get jealous."

"No one lives by for miles," he replied.

"I know. That's my point."

"Ram me harder, Massa. I can take it. My body can handle the massive shaft between your legs. I've been a good girl, putting your son as top priority," she whimpered in lust. "Can my ass taste your magnificent cock again, please?"

Her face was a mess. Dried and fresh cum covered various parts of her, whitewashing the ebony skin clean. After their first encounter with The Massa, the superheroine duo felt unclean. They needed his superior cock to tame their primal, maternal urges and wash out any shame they had for being attracted to such a bestial man. No doubt he'd breed others even though they were freely, willingly available for all his desires.

"Owwww, my head..." a young voice squeaked from under a pile of dirty blankets.

Stumbling up to sore knees, the young heroine rubbed the stardust from her eyes. She saw The Massa continue his assault on Oreo Girl's ass.

"The Massa! I'll save you, Oreo Girl!" Ebony Angel exclaimed.

Before she could even do a silly heroine pose, Wonder Negress yanked her hair to force the eighteen year-old into open, awaiting arms.

"Not so fast, rookie. You've been a bad girl for not following directions."

"Wonder Negress? But why? Owww...my hair! Can't you see Oreo Girl is being defiled by that filthy cracker brute?"

"Been going on for an hour."

"Mind control. It must be. What did you do to my idols, you...you beast!" she called out.


"Don't talk to our Massa like that, nigger whore," Wonder Negress commanded, sternly.

She reached down and began fingering the girl's pussy, feeling the spunk deposit left inside from the previous day's events.

"He let you live to bear host to his offspring. You're going to be a good breeding cow for him. Such a fine body with fine genetics to breed a superior, ivory line," Wonder Negress cooed.

"Never! Let go of me. Get a hold of yourself, Valerie!"

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