Wife Gets Pregnant


We got transferred before Ann started showing and without anyone there knowing that she was pregnant. As for me, I would get a hard on each and every time that I got near her, and especially when I fucked her just knowing that I was fucking my wife while she was caring another man's baby, and just maybe, a black man's baby. I had a continuous hard on over the next seven months.

When it got to the point that I couldn't fuck her any more, I would whack off thinking about who's baby that she was caring. All during that time, I could tell that Ann was very concerned about the outcome of it all and was worried about what, or who the baby would look like and what effect it would have on our lives.

At this point, I decided that I would put her mind at ease somewhat. I told her that I knew she was worried about it, and that I knew about her affairs and it was ok. I told her that if it would make her feel better she could go some place else to have the baby and if necessary we could tell everyone that we adopted the baby. Well, Ann opted not to do that since we were there for a short tour anyway and did not get to know very many people.

Show time: Well, during those days the daddy waited in the waiting room. The nurse wheeled the fine looking, all white baby boy by me and stopped briefly for me to look ant my new-born son. I then proceeded to see my wife. She immediately asked me, with a great big smile, if I saw the baby. I told her yes, kissed her, smiled, and said “I think it looks like Ken.”

She said, "You are such a wonderful and kind husband!"

This covers about nine years of a twenty six year marriage. Accordingly, this story could possibly be continued for a couple more chapters. I would be open for suggestions along that line. Thank you for reading it and please don’t forget to vote.

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