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Wife Joins In


I am a happily married man of 35. Me and my wife, Jill, have a satisfactory sex life but nothing too exciting as she is a little shy and does not seem to have a high sex drive. I sometimes wish she was a bit more daring but not enough to lead me astray or to be unhappy with my wife.

I am writing following a party we recently went to when I saw a new side to my wife, and I am hoping it may be the start of a more adventurous sex life for us. To begin with it was a party I did not want to go to. My wife is a teacher and it was one of her colleague's 30th birthday and we had been invited around for a meal. When we arrived it turned out we were last and in total there were 8 people at the party. As well as me and Jill there was her colleague David and his girlfriend Bekki (whose house the party was at). Another teacher Helen was there with her husband Ian and there were 2 young teaching assistants from the school who I had not met before called Sophie and Kelly. I was the eldest person there with Sophie the youngest at 22 and the others somewhere in between. I also think it is fair to say that we were a good looking group with the 3 men all in good shape and all the women pretty hot!!

We stood around drinking while David and Bekki got dinner ready and we were all getting on really well – much better than I had expected the evening to be. During dinner, probably helped by the amount of wine we were drinking – the conversation got quite naughty with various topics around fantasies, sexiest person on television, sexiest clothes people wear etc. etc. being discussed. I was very surprised at how much Jill was joining in with these conversations as she would normally have been very uncomfortable talking about sex in this way but maybe the combination of drink and the fact she was with people she knew well all helped. After the meal we remained sat around the table continuing to drink wine. The conversation was still on sexiest clothing and Ian asked me what my favourite type of ladies underwear was. I said that it had to be a thong and he quickly agreed. David said that he bet all the women around the table tonight were wearing thongs or g-strings as they always dressed up for nights out and Ian jokingly said we could ask them to prove it. Helen said that was a typical thing for him to say – just hoping for a free flash – but Bekki completely surprised me by saying that she wouldn't mind proving what she was wearing if the others were game. Sophie and Kelly quickly said they were up for it and Helen said that she would not be a party pooper. That left Jill who I fully expected to say no, but she looked at me and with a blushing face said that she was ready as well!

I was now starting to get excited for 2 reasons – firstly I was going to see 5 very sexy women lift their skirt up in front of me and secondly one of them was my wife who was about to show 2 other men what she had on under her skirt. I knew that was a very sexy stocking and suspender set with a tiny g-string because it had been hard keeping my hands off her as she got dressed earlier. It was agreed that us 3 men would sit in a line on the settee and the girls would take it in turns to stand in front of us, lift their skirt above their waist, and do a slow pirouette in front of us. They drew numbers to see who would go first and the order was:






Sophie was tall with long wavy blond hair and long legs, slim but with a nice pair of boobs. She had on quite a short skirt so did not have to pull it up very far and when she did all 3 of us men were looking very closely at the small white triangle covering her pussy. Her slow twirl revealed that she was indeed wearing a g-string and that she had a gorgeous pert bottom. I could feel my cock starting to get interested and by the way the other 2 guys were "adjusting" themselves I guessed that theirs were as well. As a pleasant finale Sophie gave the 3 of us a peck on the cheek and went back to the other girls. Helen was next. She was older than Sophie, in her 30's, with short dark hair, very pretty and a very petite figure. She was probably only just 5 feet tall and her dress touched the floor as she walked. She stood in front of us and very, very slowly pulled her dress up until she held it bunched above her waist. She had revealed a pair of black hold up stockings and a bright red pair of knickers which, as she turned around, proved to be a thong. Her bottom was also delightful, small and pert but with me desperately wanting to explore it further. She finished by kissing each of us on the lips, making each kiss last a little too long for a friendly peck.

Now it was Jill's turn. She was a couple of years younger than me, 5' 7" tall with curves in all the right places. Her blond hair was in a bob and although I say so myself she is very attractive. She stood in front of us and her face was flushed with what I thought looked like nervous excitement. I had remembered that her black g-string was almost transparent and unlike the girls before us we were going to be able to see that she had trimmed her blond pussy hair until there was just a thin strip up the middle. Her skirt was quite tight and she had to wriggle provocatively to get it above her waist and I could tell from the sharp intake of breath from Ian alongside me that he had seen how see-through Jill's panties were. She did not have to hold the skirt up as it was so tight and as she turned around she held her hands above her head which made her ample breasts push against her silky blouse. As she finished her pirouette she did not immediately pull her skirt down as I expected her to but she came over to kiss me. Her kiss was longer again that Helen and she allowed her tongue to slip between my lips as she kissed me. I expected this was just for me but as she kissed Ian next to me I saw her tongue exploring his mouth as well and as she did so she looked over at me and winked. Finally it was David's turn and he also got plenty of Jill's tongue, but he also put his hand on her sexy bum as they kissed which had the other girls cheering as they watched. I was amazed – here was my shy wife who did not really like sex too much acting like a stripper and seeming to be really enjoying myself. It had turned me on and a quick glance at the other guys made it obvious that they were erect as well.

Next came Bekki who was the birthday girl. She does not look as old as her 30 years and is a similar build to my wife but with a brunette bob rather than blond. Like all the other ladies she was extremely attractive and the 3 guys were looking forward to see if we were going to see 4 thongs out of 4. She invited her boyfriend, David to lift her skirt up for us, She was wearing a flared, gypsy style skirt which reached just below her knees and as David stood behind her and started to lift it up we were delighted to see she was wearing white stockings, held up by suspenders, which framed another very transparent pair of panties, this time white. Her black pussy hair showed very clearly through the material and was very sexy, and as she turned slowly around it was indeed a g-string she was wearing and her gorgeous bum was also delightful to see. With her back still towards us she gave David a long sexy kiss and as they broke off and David came to sit down his hard cock was clearly pushing against the front of his trousers. Bekki then came over to me, with her dress still pulled up around her waist, and she sat on my lap to give me a similarly long kiss with a lot of tongue. I could feel her bum cheeks sitting on my hard cock and I knew that she must be able to feel my cock pushing into her. She then gave Ian the same treatment and went to sit down.

Finally Kelly, who was dressed very similarly to her friend Sophie in a very short skirt, proceeded to show that we had been right and all the girls were wearing g-strings, Kelly also being made of plain white silk. Like her friend she had only recently left college and her young body and pert bottom were a real turn on to me. She gave us all a kiss and sat down and I wondered if that was to be the end of the sexy entertainment. Bekki was soon to put these thoughts out of my mind however as she said it was the girls turn now and each of the 3 men had to show them what underwear they were wearing. I went first and removed my shoes and socks before standing in front of the 5 girls and taking my trousers right off. My plain white boxers did little to conceal that my cock was still hard and the girls cheered as I pirouetted in front of them. As the girls had done I gave each of them a nice kiss, Jill being last, and she slowly rubbed my cock through my boxers as we kissed in full view of the other girls who cheered her on. The other guys gave a similar performance, Ian wearing briefs which emphasised his erection even more and David also wearing boxers. To my amazement Jill, my shy and retiring wife, also gave each of their cocks a stroke as they kissed her – I couldn't believe this was the same woman who usually was not very interested in sex!! The girls insisted that we didn't put our trousers back on so we sat back down in just our boxers & briefs.

So what next??? It was Helen who suggested we play a version of Postman's knock. The guys names were written on slips of paper and put in 1 "hat" (actually my shoe) and the girls in another. We would then pick 1 name out of each shoe and the couple had 5 minutes with each other 1 on 1. Unlike normal Postman's Knock however instead of the 2 people going out of the room they had to stand in the centre of everyone else (who would be sitting in a circle) and "perform". Sophie said that as there were 5 girls and 3 guys one of the girls would take it in turns to be put in the boy's shoe (although no-one would know which girl it was until they were pulled out). This was agreed and Bekki, with her eyes closed, transferred one of the slips of paper from one shoe to the other. The possibilities were, I am sure, known by everyone in that there was a 1 in 4 chance of 2 girls being drawn out with each other. I know that Jill had never shown any inclination to any "girl on girl" action. Indeed any time I had mentioned my fantasy of a threesome with another woman joining us she had appeared quite hurt.

As the birthday girl Bekki was given the job of drawing the first names out and it was quite disappointing that the first 2 names out were the married couple of Ian and Helen. They stood up together in the middle of the room with the rest of us forming a circle around them and started to have a long slow kiss. Bekki had provided a kitchen timer and set it at 5 minutes as Ian and Helen stood up and the rule was that as the timer went off whatever the couple were doing had to stop. It was quite voyeuristic watching another couple kiss and yet also a massive turn on. As they relaxed more into the kiss Ian's hand started to slide down Helen's back until he was cupping her bum and then very slowly he began to pull her dress up until we could all once again see her fantastically sexy arse. His fingers were stroking her bum cheeks and Helen's own hand was inside Ian's briefs stroking his bum in return. Ian was just starting to slide the zip on the back of Helen's dress down when the buzzer went to a collective groan from around the room. I had not realised how intense the atmosphere had got and my cock was straining at the front of my boxers. As Ian turned towards me to sit down I could see how massive he was – obviously very turned on – and he and Helen resumed their places to a round of applause.

The next names that Bekki drew out were Ian (again – lucky sod) and my own Jill. I was very excited at the prospect of seeing Jill kiss another man and although Jill looked a little apprehensive to be kissing another man in front of a room of people she soon relaxed into Ian's embrace and was eagerly kissing him. Ian had obviously learnt from his session with Helen and was very soon unzipping Jill's skirt – probably realising he would struggle to pull it up as it was so tight. It slid to the floor revealing Jill's long stocking clad legs and her firm bum which Ian was soon stroking with one hand while his other hand had slipped between them and was caressing Jill's right tit through her silky blouse. I was so busy watching my wife having her bum and tits simultaneously rubbed by another man that I had completely missed Jill's own hand slip down the front of Ian's briefs and start to stroke his cock. Ian let out quite a loud moan and I am sure he was close to coming when the buzzer went off. As Ian sat down there was an obvious damp patch on his briefs caused by the pre-cum leaking from his cock and as I looked across at Jill she looked at me with quite a worried look on her face. She admitted later that she was concerned I would be angry with her, but I winked at her and was actually very turned on by her performance.

The next 2 names out were Jill again but out of the man's shoe came Sophie. The already sexy atmosphere went up another notch as my wife and Sophie stood up together. It had been agreed that clothes taken off could not be put back so my wife was still in her stockings with her sexy thong clearly on show. The 2 girls were very tentative at first and I saw Sophie whisper in Jill's ear. Jill smiled and then the 2 girls began to kiss, little pecks at first but soon a full blown snog (Jill told me later that Sophie had just said let's go for it and give the men a show to remember and anyway she thought Jill was looking really sexy). I couldn't believe it as Jill unzipped Sophie's short skirt and let it fall to the floor revealing her tiny white g-string and the 2 girls were really well into their kiss. I had not noticed but Sophie had been unbuttoning Jill's blouse and this also fell to the floor so we could now see all her underwear – the matching bra only just managing to contain her ample boobs whose nipples were obviously very hard. Sophie's own t-shirt was halfway over her head when the buzzer went and we all cheered when instead of pulling it back down she let Jill finish taking it off to show us her own white half cut bra.

The 2 girls sat down to a loud round of applause and I am sure everyone in the room was tremendously turned on. It was obvious that as things progressed more clothing would be lost and it was only a matter of time before people started to get naked. Sophie's name was returned to the girls shoe and another girl transferred to the boys. The next 2 names then drawn out were Kelly from the girls and.....me!! I knew that everyone was going to get a turn but was still very nervous as I stood up with Kelly. Jill blew me a kiss as I glanced at her and I knew that she was cool with what was happening. As I mentioned earlier Kelly was young, with a tremendously sexy body. She was quieter than her friend Sophie but I was really looking forward to the next 5 minutes. Kelly's lips were beautifully soft and full and her mouth tasted fresh as our tongues entwined. I felt Kelly put her hands down the back of my boxers and was then amazed as she started to pull them right down. Soon I felt them slide down my legs and I kicked them off to a loud cheer, my erect cock sandwiched between our bodies. I retaliated by unzipping her skirt and letting it slip off and then pulling her t-shirt over her head – all the time not letting our kiss stop. My cock felt great rubbing against Kelly's bare stomach and her thin bra didn't stop me being able to feel her hard nipples brushing against my chest, even through my shirt. I had one hand on her firm bottom and she had just moved one hand towards my cock when the buzzer went off. I was so sad that the 5 minutes had sped by and as we broke apart she whispered that I had a gorgeous cock and hoped to be seeing more of it later. We sat down – my proud erection on show for all to see – but this just turned me on even more.

Our hosts David and Bekki had still not had a turn, and this was half put right when Bekki came out – but as this was from the man's shoe it was another girl she was drawn with, this time Helen. Helen had already had a turn with her husband but seeing her and Bekki begin to kiss was a great sight. Helen's zip was still halfway undone and it did not take long for Bekki to finish the job letting the dress fall to the floor revealing Helen's gorgeous petite body clad only in her black hold ups and matching red g-string and bra. Meanwhile Helen had not been idle and was soon unbuttoning Bekki's blouse and taking it off so we could see her white see-through bra, her dark nipples clearly visible. She then broke off from kissing Bekki and knelt in front of her to undo her skirt. As it slid down her legs Helen pulled Bekki towards her and started to kiss her pussy through the thin material of her thong. This had taken the game to another level and seeing Helen with her hand's on Bekki's bum kissing her pussy was amazing. Bekki closed her eyes and reached behind her to pull her thong off, obviously wanting Helen to have better access to her pussy. Just as we saw Helen's tongue begin to explore Bekki's pussy the buzzer went off – I don't know who was most upset, the audience or the 2 girls – but as Bekki sat down opposite me without her thong I had a great view if her pink slit, looking extremely wet!

Next I had my name pulled out first (poor David) and it was Bekki who had another turn straight away. As we stood up the possibilities were rushing through my mind – all I was wearing was my shirt whilst Bekki was just wearing her bra, stockings and suspenders. It didn't take us long to get into a full on kiss and whilst we did this I removed her bra as she took off my shirt. I stood back to take in her body which was amazing with her dark pussy framed by the white stockings and suspenders, and she just looked me in the eye and said, so that everyone could hear, "fuck me John"!!! I was so turned on that I didn't need telling twice and I lifted her up and let her wrap her legs around me. I then gently lowered her until my cock brushed her hot pussy and I felt her hand guide me into her wet hole. By chance as I slid in I was looking straight at Jill who was smiling and she mouthed "I love you" as Bekki and I started to fuck. We were both so turned on that before the buzzer went off we both came, in Bekki's case very loudly, and I shot what felt like gallons of spunk into Bekki's tight hole. As the buzzer went off we kissed gently and I lowered her to the floor – realising that my knees were shaking. I had just fucked another woman in front of her boyfriend and my wife and yet everyone was cool. As we sat back down I was amazed that my cock was still hard and I still felt extremely turned on and I noticed that Bekki and Jill, who were sitting next to each other, had a little cuddle.

I was pleased that at long last David's name came out next, together with Sophie. Sophie was in her white bra and g string and David began by giving her a long kiss with lots of tongues. He then knelt in front of Sophie to remove her g-string while Sophie took off her own bra. Her young body was gorgeous naked and she pushed David onto his back and quickly pulled his boxers off before kneeling above his rampant prick. She then lowered herself very slowly and we all watched as his cock was buried in her tight pussy. She began to ride him slowly letting his cock appear and disappear inside her and she was just cumming when the buzzer went, leaving David very hard and probably frustrated.

Next out it was the turn of another girlie show with Kelly drawn out together with Bekki. This was Bekki's 3rd turn, but as she pointed out it was her birthday, and after our fuck she was naked except for her white stockings and suspender belt. Kelly just had her bra and g-string on and within seconds these had gone revealing her shaven pussy and nice round tits. The girls kissed for a while, exploring each other with their hands, and then got onto the floor in a 69 position with Bekki on top. They were really lapping at each others pussy and at 1 time Kelly looked straight at me and said she was just loving the taste of my cum in her pussy. Both girls started to moan and then came within seconds of each other before the buzzer went off.

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