tagLoving WivesWife Secretly Fucks Her Son's Friend Ch. 03

Wife Secretly Fucks Her Son's Friend Ch. 03


After a while I decided to let Joyce in on secretly recording her sex charades with all those young guys, Joyce was floored that I knew about it all and had said nothing to her.

We talked awhile and I told her that watching her suck these young guys' cocks and letting them fuck her really turned me on and would she be willing to fuck for me on camera again but this time I would set every thing up and who she could fuck.

Joyce loved the idea of me being involved with her acting out her desires and fantasies, So a few weeks later I came to her with an idea to take her on my next business trip and she would be a potential client having dinner with us guys.

Joyce could flirt with them and if she wanted to take it to the next level she could do what ever she wanted.

We arrived on our trip and that night at dinner she showed up a little later in a very short white dress that looked like it was poured over her, She wasn't wearing any panty's nor a bra and the four guys at the table with me mouths dropped when she walked up.

Tim introduced me as another possible client and that I would be joining them for the evening they each said sat right down here, So I sat between two men and we began to talk.

It wasn't long before they started flirting with me, Tommy and Jake whom I was sitting next to was starting to place their hands on my legs and when I didn't object they got braver and slid their hands up my leg till I felt a hand slipping between my legs so when I opened my legs Tommy's fingers found my bare pussy and his fingers wasted no time finding my clit and he rubbed it till I was about to explode then Jake found his way to my wet pussy to.

Tim could see that they were playing with my pussy under the table from my facial expressions and asked me if I had brought any papers that we could look at over the meeting, I told him that I had left them in the room that I could go get them if he would like.

Tommy and Jake said they would walk her to her room to watch out for her, Joyce said that would be nice of them and they walked off not knowing that I had set up a camera in our room in case she went back and I was not there to catch any action, When they got to the room they stepped inside and closed the door.

Joyce told them how hot they had gotten her at the table and did they want to finish what they started, With that she pulled her dress up over her waist to show her nice round bottom as she bent over the bed, Tommy and Jake jerked there pants down and Jake entered her pussy as Tommy jumped on the bed and guided her mouth onto his hard cock.

They each fucked her pussy and fucked her hot mouth before they each deposited there loads in her mouth, When they got back to the table I knew she had fucked them by the look on their faces.

Bill and Steve looked like they knew what happened to when they offered to go with her to her room the next time, Joyce smiled and said all of us could go after dinner if you would like so every one finished eating and headed to Joyce's room.

When we all got there she closed the door behind us and said she wanted to suck each cock and when she got them good and hard she wanted each guy to fuck her hard, With that all the guys striped down and Joyce had slipped out of her dress by this time and was completely naked, She went to her knees and took Bills cock in her mouth sucking it like a pro, Licking his shaft and balls before taking his whole cock down her throat then she went to Steve's cock licking and sucking while she gave me and Jake a hand job at the same time.

The sight of my wife sucking these guys dicks in front of me got me so turned on by the time she took my cock in her mouth I shoot my load down her throat and she milked every drop of cum out of me before she quite sucking.

Tommy pulled her over to the bed and placed her on her hands and knees, Bill rubbed his cock up and down her wet slit before sliding his meat inside her pussy as Steve took his place next to her head as she alternated back and forth sucking his cock and Tommy's cock while Jake squeezed on her breast and played with her nipples, I sat back rubbing my own cock while watching my wife getting fucked and sucking two cocks only feet from me.

After a few minutes they would switch up and then she got on top of Tommy and told Steve to put his cock in her ass while Tommy fucked her pussy, I sat there watching as Joyce took a cock in her ass and in her pussy while sucking another with her mouth.

My dick jumped back to attention from watching that and she told me to bring my cock over so she could suck it while she got fucked from the other two cocks.

She was moaning loud as her ass and pussy was getting filled by two cocks and she was also sucking on three cocks back and forth, Before the night was over Joyce had gotten fucked by five guys two times each in her pussy and ass also she let each guy cum in her mouth every time they shoot there loads which added up to about to about twenty loads of jiz she swallowed that night.

That was the first night and we all got together again the next night for another fuck fest with my wife again. Watching a video of her fucking and sucking on other guys cocks is nothing compared to sitting a few feet away while she is looking at me with her big brown eyes as three or more guys is fucking her ass or pussy or both while she sucks a cock in front of me.

The look on Joyce's face as she looks at me as she takes a facial of cum or opens her mouth up and lets the guys shoot there loads on her tongue and in her mouth is priceless.

I love watching my little slut wife in action, She is so hot!!

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by Anonymous

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by 26thNC01/19/19

So many stories

So many stories about nothing. By nobody. By no one. Garbage.

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by Anonymous09/14/18

☆☆☆☆ (3.8/5 = 76%)

Unapologetically pornographic.


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by Anonymous02/17/18

This mess is like watching paint dry

The husband is a worthless sissy. No emotions at all. Just another empty story.

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