tagBDSMWife to a Xelian Warrior

Wife to a Xelian Warrior


As Tara awoke she groaned loudly to herself, twisting her body in the sheets, her legs tangled. Throwing out her arms wide, she yawned and arched back her neck like a cat. Torren her betrothed, was now her husband...As a married woman she smiled to herself, eyes still closed, unaware of the feral gaze trained on her from the arch of the open door way. She was sore, between her legs. Her husband had been riding her like a horse, only a few hours before. She smelt the heady scent of her own sex as she inhaled deeply. His bed smelt differently to hers. Batting her hands uselessly at the risen sun, she mashed her face into his pillow. She wished he had not had to rise so early for his morning drills. It was criminal he had to leave his bride, and she smiled to herself as she thought of how she would berate his commander and friend Jorvais. Unlike Damian, he was a real gentleman. Tara shuddered as memories of an unspoken night, where she was stolen and impaled before them...

"My bride would surely not stay abed the entire day..." Torren smiled as she turned suddenly to him.

"It is you, my husband that does your bride the discourtesy of leaving it." She smiled saucily up at him as he came to her side and then knelt to become eye level with her.

Tara propped herself up on the pillows and rested her head on her arm. She smiled at the affection on his face and traced a hand lovingly over his strong square jaw. "You look tired my love."

"It seems that my presence had not been needed nor expected this morning. Truth be known I have suffered greatly since I was torn from your warmth this morning..." Torrens' face became grave and etched with an emotion Tara could not identify.

"What did they do to you?" Tara suddenly sat up, her eyes filled with fury and concern. "I swear to the Mother, if Jorvais saw you mistreated I will deal him an unspeakable retribution!"

"I am blessed to have a wife who would so readily defend my honour." Torren could not carry on his charade and his mouth quirked at the corner in mirth. Tara narrowed her eyes and hit him with all the force she could muster with a pillow behind her. Torrens eyes blackened, and her stomach clenched. A moment later Torren leapt upon her and had her pinned arms outstretched beneath him.

"I am displeased Wife..." He nuzzled her neck with hot lips, and rasping breaths. "More punishment? So soon?" Tara's voice was barely a whisper. All play had vanished, and only searing lust was left. Torren felt her pulse quickening beneath his exploring tongue, and grinned to himself. His wife was indeed a match for him. He had thought it would take at least a season of induction to his more carnal tastes to have her consent, but it seemed she needed exactly that intensity from him.

He sprang away from her, and then yanked the white bed sheets clean away from her naked form, and then he was upon her once more. Except this time, instead of landing between her parted legs, he easily tossed her onto her front and held her there. Tara groaned wantonly as dawning spread through her mind.

His battle worn hand, rubbed over her upturned backside firmly. Tara didn't dare say a word, she was too excited and nervous to know what to say or do. Torren was fully attired in his uniform. On his legs he wore black leather trousers with prominent seems down the front. He nudged his knee between her legs, and had her spread them wide. Next he reached forward and gently tweaked her dangling nipples playfully. His hand grazed over he exposed tummy and felt the flutter of nervous flesh beneath it. He thought of simply taking her like this. Unfastening his hardening sock and sliding it into her tight wet hole, but instead he observed her silence and compliant position. If he was not mistaken, his new wife was assuming a prone and submissive position for him.

His hand met with the soft warmth of her pert bottom with a sharp smack. Tara let out a surprised yelp, but did not try to move, or buck in resistance. He gave her another one, this time on the other cheek a little harder. The soft keening sound she made sent all the blood in his body straight to his dick, making him lengthen and thicken impossibly. Torren carefully freed his cock, and then began smacking her apple smooth behind with his large calloused palms. The swots, and smacks, and slaps came at indeterminate speeds, and times. Every moment a new smack made contact with her bottom and for a split second his huge hand cupped her bottom, she shook with need. Very soon her behind became heated, but more unexpectedly for her was the sensation of her own juices flowing freely down her legs. Just then he ran a hand down between her thighs. Still he had kept their silent truce, but Tara began to tremble.

"Are you still sore from last night?" He enquired after her welfare.

"Yes." Unprepared for the question, she hadn't thought to lie. Even now she ached for him. The sting on her two ripe globes melded with the ache inside. Add the pulsing in her clit, Tara was curling her toes and balling her hands into fists. Torren looked at the state of her bottom, and felt a savage need for completion. If she was still sore from his work from the night before he would save it for later in the day.

Tara turned to him when he left the bed, she eyed him with alarm until she saw him stand by the side of the bed, with an enormous jutting erection pointed straight at her. He didn't say anything but told her with his eyes what he desired from her. Tara was immensely curious about what he would taste like, she had never performed for a man in this way. He had been her only partner, and she knew if he had thought otherwise after she'd assured him of her virginity she would have not been given a divorce but she would have been given a serious problem. She felt powerful as she looked at him then. Wanton and aching, the carnality of the situation emboldened her tongue enough for what she said next without thinking...

"Do you want me to suckle on your magnificent cock dear husband?" She arched her an eyebrow and smiled wickedly up at him.

She didn't realise that she was baiting and testing him. She kneeled on the bed, and pushed her breasts together. Next she looked down at his cock, and then swept her eyes up to his and licked her lips. Torren could not believe this was the same woman who had wedded him the last morning.

"What if I want you to suckle on me first?" Tara yelped with laughter, when he pounced on her once more.

"Do you want me to smack you again for teasing me?" He watched her swallow and grinned down at her. "Truly you are the only woman who could ensnare my heart, and sing to my soul." Tara couldn't respond, he had not said he had loved her only that he had desired her enough to keep her from any other man. This though...

He moved down her body pushed one thigh to the side and captured the other over his shoulder. He gave her one last heart wrenching grin, and then began assaulting her clitoris with his tongue. Tara bucked but could do no more than wriggle as he held her securely like a vice. His tongue slid under her clitoris, to her weeping opening and gave her a little teasing prod, and then he scooped up her juices like and spoon and swallowed. His senses heightened as his carnality took over. He needed to hear her beg, and chant his name in his ears. Nothing less from her, would he accept.

Tara lay there upon her back, convulsing with ecstasy. Torren slid two fingers into her well used pussy and began to tickle her inside. Once his tongue resumed it's unyielding attack on her clit, a tsunami of feeling was building in her. Tara scraped her nails over Torrens scalp absent-mindedly, unaware of what her caresses were doing to his warriors libido. A few more seconds, and an extra probing finger in her bottom, sent Tara into the stratosphere. She sobbed his name, again and again clutching his face to her pussy. Torren milked every last vestige of pleasure from her, as she continued to milk his fingers with her pussy. He knew he may regret fucking her pussy now, but he could stand it no longer. He angled his cock and shoved into her quivering hole.

Tara wept with exhaustion, and convulsed helplessly as he setan unstoppable insistent rhythm within her. He worked himself to the very brink, and held himself there with thoughts with incredible self control until he felt her again twitching and spasm inside her clenching pussy. As Tara climaxed again for the final time, she thought she was losing consciousness, but slowly she came back to her body. She was sprawled like a starfish cradling her husband to her chest, both of them breathing hard.

"Forgive me." He said after a long while, as he lay on his side, with his head upon her breath.

"For what?" Tara laughed.

"You will understand in a few hours, your heavenly tight pussy will ache from my bruising treatment."

"Then it is simple. You must tend to me again, like you just did." They both laughed until Torren pulled her mouth to his in an erotic kiss.

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