=With zombie-like indifference, I inhaled the fumes from the bottle she was holding under my nose. The sharp smell made me jerk away, and the fog in my mind lifted. It was then that the fact that I was cold, stiff, and all tied up, became important to me.

"What the hell's going on here?" I said.

It didn't come out like that. It came out more like: "Wa ka kells gaging oa heer?"

That was the best I could do. My mouth was stretched wide open, and my tongue found two chunks of plastic clamped between my back molars. Even the slightest effort to close my mouth hurt my jaw like the dickens.

"What's going on? I'm just waiting for your head to clear so we can start our little party," she said in her husky voice.

Except for my bonds, I was totally naked in the chilly cabin. Sunlight made its way past the edges of the blinds covering every window, so I must have been trussed up like this all night. No wonder I was chilled to the bone.

The bed was so soft that I had to strain to lift my head. I made the effort, then dropped it back with disappointment. She'd made sure I wouldn't be going anywhere until she let me.

There were six leather straps on my body, two each on my wrists, thighs, and ankles. My hands were in a tight fitting sleeve that felt like silk, and the strap around my wrists kept me from pulling my hands out of it. The other end of the sleeve was attached to the straps around my thighs. I could move my elbows, but not enough to prop myself up. The straps around my ankles were attached to a shinny black tube made out of some kind of plastic. It held my legs wide apart and would require a lot of contorting work for me to even turn over.

I craned my neck so I could see what she was doing. She was wearing a pink, fuzzy sweater and a black skirt. I would have given my eyeteeth for that sweater right then.

She looked a lot better then she had the night before, and I groaned as I remembered how I'd treated her, especially in my present situation.

I've been living on unemployment checks and a monthly "donation" from a wealthy married woman who doesn't want her husband to know what I clean besides his pool.

It's not strictly blackmail. We'd cleared that up early on. When I'd made my original "business proposition," she'd told me what she'd be willing to pay. Anything over that and she'd make a tearful confession to her husband, and more than my pool cleaning contract would get broken. She'd even added a couple strings to the deal. The strings were something I wanted to do anyway, namely, make love to her every once and a while, and I've been collecting ever since. She's got twenty years on me, but she's a great fuck.

It's not a lot of money, so when I hit the town, I usually get tanked on the cheap stuff at home before hitting the scene.

I was feeling no pain when I hit that crazy joint last night. My eyes hadn't adjusted to the dim light when I spotted my first target.

"Mind if I join you?" I said as I slid into the booth next to her.

"Not a bit," she said, and gave me a big smile.

All the girls get a little moist when they get a gander of me. I'm one hot stud and I know it. I've checked the mirror often enough to know I've got the body every woman craves. Some of them try to hide it, some even pretend I'm some kind of boor, but I know better.

"This is the first time I've been to this place," I said, "Is it always this crowded?"

"I don't know," she said, "I'm just passing thru. It's listed in a book I have."

My eyes had adjusted and I wasn't as happy as when I sat down. The place was packed with hot looking girls, and there were so few men that a lot of them had to dance with each other.

I took another look at the girl next to me and was under-whelmed. It wasn't that she was all that bad; it was just that she just had some "Model" caliber competition.

"Maybe I'll catch up with you later," I said, interrupting something she was saying, and got up. She was still sitting with her mouth open when I spotted a knockout broad three tables away. Hay, if you're a first class stud, why shoot for the bronze?

She seemed a little hostile at first, and even looked at the girl I'd just left. When I turned to follow her gaze, the first girl looked at me, waved with her fingers, and smiled.

The knockout broad seemed to warm after that, and in no time she was teaching me a new drinking game. I was totally shit-faced before I got it figured out, and she was saying good-bye to me before I had a chance to make my play.

"Your place or mine," was all I could blurt out.

"I've got a shoot tomorrow," she said as she stood up, "but don't you worry. I think you're going to have all the sex you can handle."

I joined her laughter, though I didn't see what was so funny, and so did another fabulous looking girl who sidled up next to her. They were both still laughing as they walked arm and arm out of the bar.

"I think my place would be perfect," the first girl said over my shoulder, and started helping me out of my chair.

"Later, babe, I think I see something hot right over there," I said.

It was clear that I'd missed my mark when I found myself standing in the parking lot. I was trying to tell her how far off course we were, but she was pushing me into the back seat of a car and telling me to watch my feet.

I was able to get a quick nap while she drove, but I was still in bad shape when she helped me out. We were parked in front of a cool looking cabin in the middle of nowhere.

"This ought to get you ready," she said, once we were inside. She put a capsule in my mouth and made me wash it down with a little water.

"Nice bed," I said and tried to aim myself in its direction. The room started spinning wildly, and the last thing I remember were her arms around me, holding me up.

Now she's looking down at me with that foul smelling bottle still in her hand.

"Are all the gears working yet?" she said.

"Yes," I said, as best I could.

"Good," she said, "I was getting so horny I almost fucked you while you were out."

I enjoyed the puzzled look on his face as I put the salts away and went back to the bed. It was time to feed that "every man's dream" about being raped by a good-looking woman. It was all I could do to keep from getting the giggles at what I had in store for him.

"You don't seem to be ready," I said, stroking his flaccid cock.

"I'm freezing," he tried to say. My jaw spreader made it hard for him to talk, but I had more important things I wanted to do with his mouth than listen to his stupid prattle.

"Poor baby," I said, and slowly took my sweater off.

I spread it over his chest and then played with my tits. I have fabulous tits. I ought to; I paid enough for them.

I rubbed my tits over his cock and balls once I had by bra off, and his dick stirred to life. I used my hands to bring him to full attention, and then put a couple of cock rings on him so I wouldn't have to worry about him going soft. I wouldn't be using his cock for anything, but I like seeing my virgins with a hard-on when I fuck them.

I gave him a slow, sexy strip tease. His dick was throbbing by the time I got down to my panties. I turned my back to him and slowly worked my panties down my legs. I squatted down below his line of sight before I turned and made the proper adjustments before standing again. My hands covered what he thought he wanted to see as I stood touching the bed with my legs.

"You've got a beautiful ass," I cooed to him. His mouth couldn't smile, but his eyes did.

"And I love your mouth."

His breathing was getting faster, and I could almost see his visions of me bouncing on his average sized cock. He was probably proud of his equipment, but he wouldn't be for long.

"Surprise," I said, taking my hands away and opening my legs far enough to let my cock and balls spring forward.

I wish I'd taped the expressions that cycled over his face. How could a face with its mouth wide open be so expressive? There was shock, of course, bewilderment, confusion, a constant checking of my boobs and face, then back to my cock. There were a lot of expressions, and many variations of each one, but the one that was a long time coming was understanding.

"You've got a cock," he said.

He must have stood in the "body" line twice and skipped the "brain" line completely.

"Very good," I said, patting his cheek and getting on the bed, "and guess where I'm going to put my cock."

Finally, after all those clues at the gay bar, and more than a few here, he started to understand what he'd gotten himself into.

"No!" he wailed as I put one knee on the other side of his head. He also twisted his head to the side.

Unlike most she-males, I didn't go thru all this because I wanted to be a girl. I simply have this thing for strait guys. Wearing this body, I can take my pick of strait guys. My medicine cabinet makes sure I don't have any trouble turning the tables on them, and best of all, boys don't go sobbing to the police.

Some of the hormones I take make it harder to get an erection than it used to be, but they are fine-tuning the dose and that shouldn't be a problem much longer. In the meantime, it's not as much of a problem as you'd think.

"You can't do this," he was snarling as I turned his face up, "you'll never get away with it," he added as I dangled my rather large, but still flaccid cock over his open mouth, "I'll kill arggh . ."

His mouth felt warm and moist on my dick, and he tried to get my dick back out by exhaling forcefully thru his mouth.

"Aren't you sweet," I said, lowering myself a little more, "you're trying to give me a blow job, aren't you?"

He was still trying to talk, and I could feel the vibrations on my cock.

This has become my favorite part. Once I get an erection, everything seems to move too quickly. This is a peaceful time of sensual pleasure. The warmth of the inside of his mouth, once my cock fills it, is a big part. You can't imagine how good the simple warmth of a reluctant man's mouth can feel. That thing they do with their tongues is delightful too. This one had a powerful tongue, and wasn't figuring out that it would not be possible to push my dick out with it. He kept massaging my meat with it while I moaned with pleasure.

All to soon, his wonderful mouth was more than my hormone treatments could counter. The head of my dick hit the back of his throat and he gagged. After that, my excitement accelerated. Each time he gagged, my dick went down the hot sheath of his throat as he buried his nose in my belly. He couldn't stop himself from gagging, and all I had to do was hold his head strait while he went up and down my hardening cock.

It went on much longer than I had any right to expect, and I knew I wouldn't last long enough to wring all the pleasure out of him that there was. I was going to come, and there was nothing I could do to stop or slow it down.

I hooked my fingers under each side of his jaw and laid face down. My crotch buried his head in the soft featherbed, and I fucked his mouth with long, hard strokes while the rest of his body thrashed wildly.

I came with three powerful thrusts, and several little after-squirts. On each of the cum-thrusts, I went deep into his throat and held it there an extra beat. Even this short pause didn't slow the active sensations on my cock. If anything, his struggles became more frantic when my full weight pressed down on his face, and every desperate movement on his part became an electric shock of pleasure for my great shaft. It felt like I'd come in gallons, and from the gurgling underneath me, I must have put a good load into him.

He was still coughing and spitting five minutes later as I lay on my back, tickling my breasts and trying to catch my breath.

"That was wonderful," I said, stroking his hair, "was it good for you?"

". Uck," he said. I think he was trying to say "fuck," but his voice was horse, and of course, his mouth was still wide open.

"I'm starving," I said, "how about you?"

He was making noises as I rummaged around the refrigerator, but I couldn't tell if he was saying "yes," or "no."

"I wonder why she left a box of shredded wheat in the refrigerator?" I said, checking the box. It was shredded wheat, all right.

"Do you like shredded wheat? No, wait, what am I thinking? You can't eat anything like this; you can't chew." I laughed and shook my head, "We'll have to settle for eggs."

I fried two eggs, over easy, for myself; and cracked two eggs into a glass for him.

"Get a good breath," I told him as I held his head in my lap, "and try to swallow them as soon as you can."

I carefully poured the first one into his mouth and put my hand over his mouth until he got it down. He got the second one down faster than the first, and his breakfast was taken care of.

I'd be ready to pop his anal cherry soon, but I wanted to wait a little longer. I got a book I'd been reading, then put him into the position that always adds to my reading enjoyment. This consists of flipping him onto his belly, then lifting his head and sliding my ass under it. I then lay on my belly reading while he struggles to keep his nose and mouth out of the dank valley between my ass cheeks.

The deck is stacked against him in this little game. With their necks bent back that way, it's very easy to work them into my crack without ever having to use my hands. This guy was so easy, I had him breathing my anal vapors before I found where I'd left off in my book.

It's hard to breath with your face buried in a fleshy rump like mine, and this guys efforts were making it hard for me to keep my mind on my book. First, his hot breath on such a sensitive spot was giving me goose bumps. Plus, the farty noises he made when my soft flesh blocked his exhales, made my anus tighten up with the tingles. Add to that the suction when my flesh replaced the air he was trying to get in, and the wild wiggles as he sought oxygen, and you can understand how this could improve even the driest reading.

I knew it was time to put the book down when I caught myself reading the same sentence for the third time. That, and the fact that I was moaning, tweaking my nipples, and had a raging hard-on, convinced me it was time to mount my little boy toy.

"Mama's ready," I said, pulling him up to the center of the bed.

"No, please," he said. All the bravado was gone from his voice, and he was pleading.

"It's a whole new kind of sex," I whispered in his ear as I laid on his back, "you're going to learn to love it."

He wiggled as I rubbed oil into his ass, and I was amazed at how tight his ass hole gripped the single finger I worked into it. I have a little purple bottle that makes them loosen up some of those muscles down there if you hold it under their noses. He didn't like the smell, so I had to hold his head down while I held it for him to breath.

"Try to relax," I said as I slid the head of my dick up and down the crack of his ass, "when it starts to hurt, push instead of trying to tighten up. It won't be half as bad that way."

He was squawking like crazy, and I didn't have the head of my dick in yet. I pulled out and used even more oil. I also gave him an extra shot of my special purple bottle.

"You're a virgin, honey. It's always a little uncomfortable the first time."

He was panting like crazy, so I stroked his hair and gently kissed his cheek.

I could feel his anus stretching this time, and his firm circle of flesh soon held the head of my dick.

It was wonderful. All the money I'd spent, the operations, the pain, they were all made worthwhile by the feel of his tight virgin ass holding my cock in its firm grasp.

His powerful body was as hard as a rock, every muscle bulging, every pour oozing sweat, every ounce of his strength useless against the huge dick invading his body.

I didn't force it in, not yet. I just left it were it was and savored the feeling. It would be a long time before all of my shaft would be inside him, but getting there was half the fun.

"Getting better?" I asked.

"It hurts," he said in a soft, high voice.

"I know, baby. I'm trying to be gentle. You're very tight, you know."

He nodded that he knew, and plaintive little sounds escaped his lips as he panted.

"Ready for a little more?" I said.

"No more, please," he whined

"Just a little more. It won't be so bad, I promise," I said.

He whimpered and waited for me to thrust into him, but I only moved myself in and out of him in tiny thrusts. I was only using the play in his ass hole, without forcing any more penetration.

"That's not so bad, is it?" I said.


I increased the depth of my stroke, just enough to penetrate him further. He stiffened up and I went back to using the play of his flesh.

I couldn't go on like this much longer. The tightness of his ass was milking me, and if I didn't get his ass ready for me soon, I'd tear it up when the floodgates opened.

I pressed as deep as I could without tearing anything; and held it there with pressure. His voice went up two octaves and he was pleading for me to wait.

"I'd better get more oil in there," I said.

I reached for the oil bottle, and pretended I was pulling my dick out. Timing is important in this maneuver. If he thinks you're going to pull your dick out of his ass, and he feels it starting to pull out, he relaxes all those muscles in there. At exactly the right moment, I slid my entire cock into him.

He let out with a big gasp, but there was no cry of pain. He had a lung-full of air, and was only using a bit of it in shallow gasps, but that's what guys do when something so big is filling their insides.

"That's it, sweetheart. I'm all the way in," I said.

His eyes went to their corners so he could look at me behind him, and he continued to pant.

The soft sheath of his insides held every part of my cock, and I slowly started moving it in and out.

His head dropped to the bed, and he buried his face in the soft feathers. I held his muscular shoulders as I arched my back, pulling my dick back, and then sank back into him. I kept the rhythm deliberate, only increasing how far back I pulled my cock before I plunged into him again.

I use a very expensive German lubricant, so there was no danger of the well going dry before I finished pumping.

The slow rhythm I was trying to maintain couldn't last forever. The creaking of the bed made me realize I wasn't fucking him gently any more. I use a lot of hip when I get like this. With the length of my cock, I can arch my back a lot without worrying about it falling out, and curve my back when I plunge in. In and out, faster and faster, my whole body tingled with the oncoming orgasm when he did something that made it absolutely perfect.

He raised his ass.

I know it doesn't sound like much, but it is. He wasn't just surrendering to me; he was offering his ass for my enjoyment.

It was hard to hear his moans, muffled in the featherbed as they were, but I could hear them. I turned his head so I could kiss him, and he kissed me back!

"It's hard to kiss in this position," I said, wistfully, "but when I fuck you next time, we'll do it face to face."

He nodded his head.

I started coming, and watched the hair on his head bounce each time I slammed into him.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah," he said as I planted my seed deep in his bowels.

I had three more days to enjoy my little toy, and when I had him sucking my dick and spreading his ass cheeks voluntarily, I'd flip the switch Mrs. Wainwright had told me to flip. The hidden camcorders were set up to record eighteen hours of our fun and games, and she plans to play with herself while she watches them. Her husband had gotten rid of his mistress, after confessing his infidelity, and she felt it was only right to rid herself of this leach. When she shows him these tapes, his blackmailing days will be over.

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