Was a beautiful spring day so I thought I would get to work on my tan so I headed out to the pool with everything I needed for a quiet afternoon. Laying there reading my book feeling the sun's rays heat my skin up but that was nothing compared to way the book getting me aroused. As the characters in my book were in the heat of passion my own libido was in full swing. I slowly slid my hand across my breast, the soft touch of my hand I could feel how stiff my nipples were. The more I read the lower my hand went, slowly like a lioness stalking her prey my hand slipped into my bikini. My fingers found my clit, pressing down ever so easy as they glided across it. I slight gasp as a finger fell into my pussy, so moist I could feel myself getting wetter. My finger touching my special spot I pushed in deeper, burying my finger deep in me.

Dropping my book in need of my other hand, I quickly pulled down my bottom piece. Feeling the suns warm rays on me, I added a second finger. My fingers working my pussy over, I freed my breasts from their restraints. The warm sunshine and the cool breeze had my nipples hard; gently I squeezed one then the other. Forgetting where I was and indulging in my own pleasure I heard voices, turning my head I saw two men on the other side of the fence and I could tell they were enjoying what they were seeing. I gave them a stare then went back to my business, after a few moments of putting on a show I looked backed at them and motioned them over.

They quickly came over the fence and rushed over to me. The blonde hair guy kneeled down next to me and planted a soft kiss on my lips, his friend had other plans on his mind and I was happy that they were the same as mine and his tongue when straight to my swollen clit and gave it a good lashing. I reached down and grabbed his head and pushed his face into my pussy, with his long brown hair fully in my grasp I worked his tongue all over my pussy. Blonde had strip down and offered his cock to me, I began to lick the head and suck on it. After a few minutes of sucking his cock I needed to fuck and I was going to fuck these two guys into submission. I pushed blonde away and stood up I kissed the dark haired man then bent down to suck his cock.

Blonde came up from behind and entered my pussy sliding in me I felt him burry his cock all the way in me. Sucking one cock and fucking another was a fantasy of mine for the longest time and now it was no longer fantasy but reality. I could feel my pussy tightening on his cock as I started to cum. Without a pause he banged my pussy till I came, with that I had to have his friends larger cock in me. I pushed blonde out and stood up kissing my dark haired lover and said to him it's your turn to fuck me. He spun me around and bent me over and quickly began to fuck my pussy, once again I took blonde's cock in my mouth but this time my cum was all over it and I sucked it clean.

His large cock filled my pussy and was nice to have it in me feeling it hit the deepest area of my pussy. While sucking on blonde I was rubbing my clit and could feel myself ready to orgasm again, and he must have felt it to as he fucked me harder and then I came again. I sat down on the edge of my seat and had both men standing in front of me watching them stroke their cocks, listening to them as they told me they were going to cum. I leaned forward with my mouth open and waiting to catch their cum and just as my dark haired lover began to cum; I was startled by the phone ringing reaching over and seeing who it was and to my surprise it was Jenny.

She was in town and wanted to know if I was available for lunch, I asked when you getting here and with a sexy voice she replied in 10 minutes. With a grin I got up out of my bath and dried off to get ready for lunch, I always love special delivery lunches and Jenny is delicious. It is amazing what a person can fantasize about, in dreams you can become anything.


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