tagBDSMWith Strings Attached Ch. 11

With Strings Attached Ch. 11


Alice dutifully went about cleaning and preparing the house for Christmas dinner, per her mother's insistence, while dressed for the occasion. Alice timidly obeyed in a blurry haze as she went about her chores just as she had since she was informed, by Nicole, that she would be joining her family for Christmas dinner. Now the charade would fully enter her family life, the one thing she was trying to protect when she entered into this relationship.

In keeping with the holiday spirit Nicole decided that it would be exciting if everyone dressed festively for the occasion, a suggestion Alice's mother loved and embraced fully. Even though Alice told her mother that Nicole was bringing an outfit for her to wear, or costume in Nicole's words, her mother insisted that she still dress in a festive manner for the arrival of her girlfriend. Giving in, Alice had donned her old red and green ballet costume. Originally bought for a Christmas ballet performance several years ago, the dress still fit her now taller frame. The body lace of the outfit, snug when she was younger, now fit like a glove and left her belly button exposed. The flared skirt that used to hang by her knees now ended very high on her thighs. Due to the no panty rule and the fact that the tops of her stockings would be on display Alice wore nothing under the dress with only a pair of her mother's red high heeled shoes on her feet. While festive in nature the outfit was definitely not appropriate for casual wear and Alice felt more like an erotic show piece than dressed for a formal family dinner. Alice now went about fixing the dinning room table for the feast making sure that neither her mother nor father was around as she bent over the table exposing her naked ass.

Her sexiness seemed to match that of her mother, who dressed in a red satin blouse unbuttoned low to reveal her cleavage and the green satin bra she wore beneath. A green satin pencil skirt clung tightly to her ass and hips before ending at the knees; a long slit up the back allowed for a flirty view of her stocking covered legs and knee high black leather boots. Her father on the other hand was able to get away with just wearing his red Christmas sweater and a pair of black pants, leaving the girls to look sexy for their guest.

As much as Alice hated being teased and hearing about her mother's lesbian past she did not like the idea of her mother shifting her attention and friendliness to her girlfriend Nicole, in effect making her mother an ally of her unwanted lover. Now not only was her mother talking openly with Nicole about their relationship, but socializing as well. It seems that while she was starting her affair with her "sister", Nicole was Christmas shopping with her mother, getting to know each other and bonding. So much so that Nicole had become her mother's go to source for information about her and their relationship, leading her mother to believe that Nicole's interpretation was what she wanted and desired. Alice's aversion to talking about her social life with her mother had created a window of opportunity for Nicole. A window Nicole exploited and used to her advantage, and in Alice's mind yet another battle over the course of the relationship had been lost.

Alice had stood in stunned horror as Nicole described in detail their shopping trip and how she was invited to spend Christmas with her family as their guest of honor. So distracted was she, that she robotically described her date with April in full detail, without understating parts of the story as she originally planned. Even pointing out the two wrapped presents April gave her for Nicole and her parents, which Nicole took for safe keeping.

Armed with her new knowledge about her daughter and her special relationship, Alice's mother made sure Alice acted and behaved to make her lover happy. The ringing of the door bell brought Alice out of the daze as her mother shouted for her to come to the front door.

Janet had been anticipating this moment ever since she went shopping with Nicole. The young girl had awakened desires that had been simmering within her for years and which had now found an outlet through her daughter's girlfriend. At first she felt depraved thinking about the girl who was having sexual relations with her daughter. But after she was told that Alice was actually out on a date with another girl while they were shopping, things started to change. At first her motherly instincts kicked in and she became worried about what her daughter was doing. However as Nicole calmly explained their agreement and how Alice was behaving, her fantasies found an outlet. If both Alice and Nicole were okay with them flirting with other women why couldn't she flirt with Nicole, a girl who seemed to enjoy her attention. It was all very different than with her husband. Being together for almost twenty years had made things between them stale and Janet felt she was the one who had to initiate things with her husband who seemed happy with the status quo.

With that reasoning she felt she had the green light and a new rapport developed between the two, one much more sexual and forbidden. Once home Janet ran straight to her bedroom, not even bothering to remove her purchases from the car, and brought herself to one of the most intense orgasms she had in years.

From that moment on Janet could not get Nicole out of her mind and keeping her constantly wet, having to change her panties once already today. Knowing her first impression had impressed Nicole and not wanting Nicole to loose interest, Janet wanted to make sure she kept the momentum going. After Nicole suggested they dress festively for dinner Janet quickly agreed, thinking how she would love to see Nicole in one of the outfits she was hinting at.

Wanting to please Nicole, and remain in her favor, Janet went about preparing for the evening with even more attention that she would have for a date night with her husband. Janet carefully choose her outfit to make sure she looked sexy but not over the top. Her cleavage was very noticeable in the tight blouse, displayed to its best advantage in a push-up bra and the tight skirt showed off her ass and legs without exposing them. She knew she looked good but she wanted to make sure Nicole continued to have a good impression and that is where her daughter came in.

Upon hearing of their little dress up games and how her daughter wanted to look pleasing to her girlfriend, Janet felt she had the right the make sure Alice stayed within the rules. Remembering the ballet outfit Alice wore for a performance several years ago and how sexy she thought the dancers looked, Janet thought it would give Nicole the perfect impression. After checking herself in the mirror to make sure nothing was awry she inspected Alice one last time before turning to open the door. She simply assumed Alice's nervous look was because she too wanted to impress.

Alice felt humiliated standing in front of the door, put on display for her girlfriend by her mother. Just as she did when Nicole dressed her for April she felt that her own mother had prepared her as a gift to her girlfriend. And as her mother opened the door Alice looked out at a smiling Nicole wearing a pair of green leggings, a large red sweatshirt and the pendant holding her hymen, arms loaded with presents and two garment bags.

"Merry Christmas!" announced Nicole as she walked through the door.

"Merry Christmas to you too," replied Janet in a sultry voice and kiss her on the cheek. "I'm glad you are able to join us for Christmas, Alice never invites anyone special to join our family."

"Well I'm glad I was able to be her first," answered Nicole with a smile on her face. Looking over her girlfriend Nicole was happy to see that not only had Alice dressed sexy for her arrival but also in a festive way.

"Merry Christmas my dear," whispered Nicole as she leaned in to give her lover a kiss.

""Merry Christmas, Nicole," croaked Alice after the kiss, "thank you for coming."

"Oh, I would not have missed it for anything," replied Nicole handing Alice the two garment bags. "And I must say you look fantastic, Janet,"

"Thank you Nicole," giggle Janet the complement sending a tingle from her pussy to her belly. "Peter, take these presents and put them under the tree. I have to finish getting dinner ready so why don't you girls relax. Alice can get you anything you need."

"Thank you Janet," replied Nicole. "But Alice and I still need to get dressed so if you will excuse us we will go up to Alice's room and get ready."

"Of course dear," gushed Janet, "You girls run along and get ready, I'll call you when everything is ready."

After entering Alice's bedroom Nicole closed the door and slowly walked around a very nervous Alice, her eyes scanning the beauty before her. "You look very sexy in that outfit," purred Nicole," why haven't I seen it before?"

"It's actually one of my old ballet outfits mistress," squeaked Alice as she felt Nicole's cold hand run across her bear ass. "We keep them in the guest room closet and I guess I thought of them more as mementos than clothes."

"Well we will have to go through them later, won't we puppet?" grinned Nicole.

"Yes mistress," replied Alice knowing Nicole would soon take full advantage of her new knowledge. Alice really didn't think of her old ballet costumes as clothes and mentally kicked herself for mentioning them. Now she would have to model her old practice and performance outfits. A shiver ran through Alice as she thought about Nicole's reaction to seeing her dressed in her black swan tutu or worse her harem costume from the Nutcracker, or her tutu patterned after a French maid's uniform.

"Do one of those ballet spins for me," order Nicole.

Mindlessly Alice lifted her arms above her head and standing on her toes did a quick spin for her lover. Continuing her performance Alice came to a stop facing Nicole and slowly lowered her arms until her hands were clasped together in front of her skirt.

"Lovely," purred Nicole as she ran her fingers across the front of Alice's chest. "You are truly a thing of beauty." Bending forward her lips were soon brushing against Alice's, who's lips instinctively parted as both woman began to greedily kiss each other.

There lips worked hard against each other, Alice following Nicole's lead as their tongues danced. Nicole's hand grabbing the back of Alice's head ensuring she was unable to break the passionate kiss while the other wandered under her skirt to cup her exposed ass.

Alice's hands slowly worked their way up between their joined bodies as an attempt to hold off Nicole and keep her hardened nipples from rubbing against her aggressor. But as her hands reached Nicole's breasts they slid around to twin orbs filling her hands and Nicole's nipples pressing into her palms. Unable to break the kiss Alice simply squirmed under Nicole's assault, hands gripping Nicole's breasts as Nicole's hand ran up the crack of her ass.

After what seemed like an eternity Nicole finally released Alice as they pulled apart for air. Breathing heavily Nicole hands moved up Alice's back and slowly pulled the zipper down.

"Take off the tutu," order Nicole as she walked over to where she had dropped the garment bags.

Still recovering from the kiss Alice slowly did as she was told. Standing naked before her girlfriend, Alice watched anxiously as Nicole opened the two bags, waiting to see what she was expected to wear to dinner with her family. Ever since her mother invited Nicole to join the family for there Christmas dinner, Alice had been on edge as to what Nicole would do, or worse what Nicole would have her do in front of her parents.

"What do you think, puppet," announced Nicole as she held up a red velvet Santa dress identical to the one April wore for their date.

Stunned Alice could only stare are the costume, the memories of her night with April flooding her mind. "It looks very nice mistress," stammered Alice

"Nice! I was going for sexy," replied Nicole. Inwardly Nicole could not help but smile. Alice described the dress to her when she told her about her date with April. She remembered how Alice noticed how it hugged April's body and how nicely her breasts and ass looked in it. When she had dinner with April the next day she was surprised to see that April actually wore the same dress for their affair. Even though the night ended very differently Nicole had to agree that the dress did look good. Now with her in the dress Alice would associate any feeling or memories of the night with her as well.

"I'm sorry mistress," replied Alice. "You are right it is a very sexy dress."

"Now help me undress, puppet," order Nicole. "It is time you learned how to dress your mistress, like a proper lady's maid."

Not wanting to push Nicole, and have her push back in the presence in her parents, Alice grabbed the bottom of Nicole shirt and began to lift it up Nicole's body. With Nicole's arms raised Alice pulled the shirt over her head. Now Alice was face to face with Nicole's bra encased C cup breasts. Even though she had seen Nicole's naked breasts many times in the past few weeks this was the first time she was able to get a close up view of them without Nicole watching.

Mesmerized Alice could not help but stare, they were so soft and large, so much more mature than her own A cup breasts. A slight cough from Nicole brought Alice out of her daze and her eyes quickly jerked upward to look into Nicole's smiling face. She had been so caught up I looking at Nicole's breasts she did not notice the resistance from the shirt disappeared and revealed Nicole's face. Her startled expression from checking out Nicole's chest was met with a giggle from Nicole.

"Lovely aren't they?" whispered Nicole as she pulled the shirt from the hands of the embarrassed girl.

When Alice didn't respond Nicole put her finger under the still blushing girl's chin to get her to make eye contact.

"I asked you a question, puppet," purred Nicole as her other hand moved up and began play with the top edge of her bra. "It's OK to stare at my body, or the body of any other woman for that matter, in fact I'd be disappointed if you didn't. But when I ask you a question I expect an answer."

"Sorry mistress," stammered Alice as her eyes kept being drawn to Nicole's figure, just as she planned. Cheeks flush and face pale Alice could not believe that she had been caught looking at another woman breasts; the fact that they were the breasts of her girlfriend and lover that she was undressing while completely naked herself only heightened her embarrassment. "They are very beautiful and I wish mine were more like them."

"Puppet you should not be ashamed," replied Nicole taking Alice's hands in hers. "While your body is not as developed as others, it does give you a look of innocence that is intoxicating." Nicole had become obsessed with the look of reluctance and innocence that Alice projected and was determined to do everything in her power to make sure it remained and even intensified. "And it's understandable that you are drawn to more mature bodies, such as mine," continued Nicole as be brought up Alice's hands and placed them on her breasts. "So long as you obey me you will get to see them and play with them. All I ask is that you worship them as they deserve to be."

"Yes mistress," murmured Alice. Internally she did not want to feel up another girl but she felt she had no choice after being caught looking. Her eyes once again focused on Nicole's breasts, partly so she did not have to look at Nicole's face, and partly because she now had an excuse to. Slowly her hands began to caress and explore the two orbs just as Nicole had been doing moments earlier.

"Mmmm very good puppet," stated Nicole. "Now take my bra off so you can get a better look."

With a gulp Alice closed her eyes and pressed her cheek against Nicole's collar bone as she reached for the bra clasp. Alice stayed frozen in place with her head against Nicole's body and her arms resting on Nicole's back as the bra fell to the floor, afraid of what she would need to do now that Nicole's breasts were free.

"Excellent, puppet," purred Nicole as she wrapped a hand around Alice and began stroking her hair thinking Alice wanted to hug and place her face close to her freed breasts. "You are a very obedient girl, and obedience gets rewarded. I want you to kiss each nipple to show your admiration for them and then I want you to remove my shoes and kiss each foot. After that I want you to remove my leggings and plant a kiss on my panties at your favorite spot and after you remove my panties I want you to worship me in the way you have been taught. Now hurry puppet as we still have to get dressed and we don't want to keep your mother waiting."

Alice held back a shudder as she pulled her hands from around Nicole's back and pulled her face from Nicole's chest to look at the two orbs before her eyes. Closing her eyes she leaned forward and planted a soft kiss of Nicole's hardened left nipple and then her right. Having to pleasure Nicole was bad enough and this new routine was humiliating to her, but the last thing she wanted to do was start a fight with her parents just downstairs so she slowly lowered herself down Nicole's body and knelt before her.

Taking off Nicole's shoe she lowered herself to until her nose came in contact with the top of her foot and planted another soft kiss. Quickly repeating the process with Nicole's other foot Alice reached up and slid down her leggings, revealing her soft and perfect legs and her mound covered in red panties, wet from her arousal.

Nicole let out a soft moan as she felt Alice's lips press against the front of her panties. Feeling her panties being pulled down her legs Nicole had to fight to keep herself from ordering Alice to hurry up and waited for Alice remove the garment and return her face to her now exposed and very wet vagina. As Alice knelt before her eyes looking up and her breath gently blowing through her pubic hair, Nicole could wait no longer and, grabbing Alice by the hair, pulled her forward until Alice's nose was nestled firmly between her lips and started to grind herself against her face.

Nicole's level of aggressiveness surprised Alice as she tried to delay the inevitable. Alice knew Nicole was very aroused as soon as she removed her pants and saw the large wet stain on the front of her panties. As she knelt in front of her lover she could smell Nicole's strong aroma and her mind nervously thought of having to kiss the wet underwear. Leggings removed Alice slowly moved back up the small of Nicole's arousal getting stronger the closer she got. Reaching her target Alice closed her eyes and felt her nose touch the damp cloth just before her lips.

With a slight shiver Alice quickly pulled back and had to fight to urge to wipe the sent off of the tip of her nose and lips. Taking hold of the sides of the panties Alice slowly worked them over Nicole's hips, trying to look erotic but more importantly as a delay tactic. As the panties pulled away from Nicole's hips the full smell of Nicole's arousal filled the room as Nicole's glistening pubic hairs came into view. Alice hated it when Nicole was so wet as trying to pleasure her girlfriend became a very messy endeavor.

Now as she held Nicole's panties for her to step out of Alice knew that she could not hold off the act much longer and was at least happy that with Nicole's level of arousal it would not take very long to get her off. Raising back up and taking one last look into Nicole's eyes she was surprised when Nicole pushed her face into her crotch effectively sealing her nose and mouth within her vaginal lips. As Nicole started to grind her hips Alice felt she had no choice but to start licking, the smell and taste the only thing filling her senses. Alice felt a sense of relief as Nicole began to shudder and the flow from her vagina increased signaling that Nicole just had her orgasm and she would soon be free.

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