Words on Skin


Richard might be the family brains but Lizzie, bless her, had always better under pressure. She smirked and snaked her arm out, then pushed the little button on the knob of the bathroom door to lock it.

"I'm in here, Mom," she said loudly. "Just having some trouble with breakfast. Too much pineapple, I think."

"You're not throwing up are you? Is it morning sickness? Are you pregnant?"

His sister rolled her eyes at him. "Why is that everybody's first thought?" she whispered.

He shrugged, keeping quiet.

"No, Mom. I'm not pregnant." Then Lizzie's eyes took on an evil gleam. "At least... not yet anyway."

His sister humped against him, driving herself further onto his cock. Somehow, despite his complete terror, he was still hard. He didn't move as Lizzie humped up again and ground herself against him smoothly.

"You sure you're all right, Lizzie? You sound funny."

"Uh huh... I'm good." Her lips pursed appreciatively as she carefully pumped herself fully on his shaft. Oh god, his sister was enjoying this.

"In fact, I think I'm feeling better already, Mom."

"Good. Good. Where's Richie, honey?"

"Oh, he's around here somewhere."

"Down at the beach?"

"Maybe." Lizzie answered dully, losing focus as she silently fucked herself on him and her pleasure mounted. She hadn't cum yet and she needed to get off desperately. Her little tongue slipped out to the corner of her mouth in concentration and the adorable sight made Richard groan softly.

"His bathing suit is right here on the floor, though."

"Uh, he's got more than one, Mom. He's not running around naked, I promise." Lizzie rolled her eyes and kept using her brother's cock hungrily.

"I certainly hope not."

Richard was going out of his mind. Jesus, this was insane. His sister was fucking him a dozen feet from our mother with less than two inches of pine door between them. There was more adrenaline in his bloodstream than water at this point. His fear and arousal twisted and piled on top of each other. He couldn't hold out against it for long. He looked down at his sister.

Liz knew the signs by now.

"Don't you dare," she threatened softly, glaring up at him.

"Cum inside you? Not on the pill?" he whispered back.

"No, I mean cum before me. Of course, I'm on the pill."

Their mother interrupted from outside. "You still okay, Lizzie? Were you talking to me?"

"Yeah, I'm okay." his sister called back. "I was just... uh... just... practicing my wedding vows."

Richard's mouth fell open in amazement at his sister's outrageous answer.

She grinned up at him but her own depravity got the best of her. She couldn't hold it together and she burst into giggles. The laughing fit made her stop screwing herself up into him.

"You're wicked," he gasped quietly, taking over and thrusting gently in and out of her drooling, overheated little pussy.

"Marriage isn't funny honey. I hope you're taking this seriously."

"Sorry, Mom. I am," his sister sighed. She nibbled her lip for a moment and did some first rate thinking under the circumstances.

"Hey Mom? You know, there's a whole bunch of stores down in town that are having some kind of sidewalk sale today. There's tons of pretty sarongs and stuff. Why don't you walk around down there for awhile while I get sorted out?"

"Well, I could use some more beach clothes. Sure you're going to be okay?"

"Yeah," Lizzie answer came as a moan as her brother pushed her legs up and hooked them over his shoulders. From this angle, he could just brush the bottom of his sister's vagina again and from her eager nods he could tell it's what she needed.

"Okay, I'll be back in time for lunch. Hope you feel better."

"Already... feeling... better," Liz cooed as her brother sank fully inside her over and over. "Have fun, Mom."

They continued quietly humping for another minute.

"Okay, she's long gone now," his sister looked up at him, "quit messing around. I need you to fuck me like you mean it. You've been cautious in my ass and I appreciate it but this is not my ass. I've missed having a guy just go crazy on top of me. Do it. Take me. Please."

He bore down on her again and she groaned gratefully as he pistoned his full length in and out of her sucking wet depths.

"That's it Scooter... uh huh... fuck your wicked... little sister. Ugh."

"Sis...?" his telltale warning came again.

"Don't you dare..."

"Brothers ... come first," he gasped apologetically.

"Not... what that means... bastard," she complained as she quickly slid a hand down to her clit and started rubbing herself, racing to cum before he gave out.

He won again. He didn't mean to. He tried to hold out. But being in his sister's pussy for the first time and barely avoiding getting caught doing it and just looking down at her tiny tight young body twisting and wiggling beneath him - it was all too much.

He came. Fortunately, Lizzie was right behind him. He felt her insides squeezing him rhythmically and it was almost impossible but he managed to jerk himself out of her to let his cum jet up onto her belly and breasts. Ropes of thick, white semen crisscrossed her body by the time he was finished.

"Shower?" he looked down at her, still gasping.

"Definitely," she snickered, admiring the sticky mess he'd made of her.

They stepped in and shampooed and soaped each other sloppily, laughing as they coated each other in lather. The giggling came to an abrupt stop when Lizzie turned her back to him and bent herself over at the waist.

"Up for more booty practice?" Lizzie looked back at him hopefully, "Believe it or not, I'm still a little frisky."

"Hmmm... I think I need to recharge. My last orgasm was a doozy. But, if you want, I could..."

"You could what?" Her eyebrows knit together in a cute way.

He spun her to face him again and pressed her slender body back against the tile. He slid down to his knees in front of her and kissed her at her stomach. He marveled at the large, keyhole space between her slender thighs before nuzzling her smoothly shaven mound. He'd been thinking about getting his mouth on her since she'd pointed out her hairlessness while standing in the kitchen in her underwear.

"Really?" she smiled down at him.

"Sure, why not? We've done just about everything else."

"Okay, I will take you up on this. Since you're offering." She shifted and spread her legs then laced her fingers through his hair and pulled him to her.

He gently, tenderly ate his sister there in the shower as the water streamed down on them. She was right. She was frisky again. Her little button was swollen and hard already. He teased her a little, exploring the silky softness of her folds with his tongue. She was sweet and tart and musky all at the same time.

He settled into a steady licking at her pebble-like clitoris and she whimpered and pulled her brother into herself urgently. He stroked her long sleek thighs as he lapped at her baby soft slit. Minutes later, her orgasm wracked her body. She dug her fingernails into his shoulder and moaned his name over and over, "Scooter, Scooter, Scooter." Each time she said it, the pitch of her voice rose until it cracked and she squealed softly, breath hissing through her little lips.

When she'd finished and started breathing again, he rested his cheek against one of her thighs, letting her shake out her final twitches of satisfaction.

"You know," she looked down at him finally, "if I had any idea you were so good at that, I would have climbed up onto your face in the middle of the night years ago."

"Bummer huh?" he smirked up at her.

They were watching TV by the time their mother came back. They had lunch together and it was back to being a regular family again. Richard was uncharacteristically quiet but Lizzie seemed to slip back into her old role easily.

It was harder for him. He kept glancing at his sister. She was dressed innocently in shorts and a t-shirt but she was still beautiful. Still sexy. He wanted her in a way a brother just shouldn't. This was going to be difficult.

Lizzie seemed to sense his discomfort. She distracted their mother with hours of girl talk and he was grateful.

By the time they'd eaten their dinner, played a few rounds of cards and said their goodnights, Richard was practically sulking. He flopped onto his bed and laid there, listening to the waves outside.

He tried to get his sister's beautiful naked body out of his head. She was getting married soon. This thing, whatever it was, that they'd shared was over. One last big experiment for Lizzie. A final fling.

*~*~* Part IX *~*~*

He didn't remember falling asleep. He only realized that he was asleep when he woke up. It was the middle of the night and a familiar finger was tracing along his back in the dark. It shook nervously.

"Imu. Not getting married."

His stomach rolled and his heart soared. "What?" he rolled over to look up at the faint outline of his sister in the thin light.

"Shhhh... c'mon let's go down to the beach. We need to talk and I don't want to wake Mom up."

He felt her weight disappear from the mattress.

When he made his way through the house silently and onto the sand, he could see his sister looking out at the sea. Even this far away, he could tell she was naked. Naked and gorgeous in the light of the slim moon that bounced off the ocean.

As he walked closer, she turned sideways and he saw her in profile. The round pert breasts atop the thin line of her body. Her nipples were long and hard in the cool night air. Her hair trailed behind her in the light breeze. It made his heart ache.

As much as he wanted to stand there and stare, he needed answers more.

But when he reached her, she didn't want to talk yet. He could tell by the way she pressed herself against him and pulled his arms around her.

"Scooter, be with me... one more time? Please? I'll never ask you for anything else ever again I promise. Then... then I'll tell you what you need to know."

She fell to her knees in the sand in front of him and pulled his half-hard cock into her mouth. She bobbed up and down on him lovingly, sucking and licking as she did it. She used everything she'd ever learned to please him, to make him as hard as possible. If he was angry with her later, this might be their last time.

When he'd swollen as large as he'd ever been, she turned and fell onto her hands and knees in the sand. She hunched her tiny ass in circles.

"Like this, I've wanted it like this with you too. Ever since you started calling me dog-girl. Is that silly? Come fuck me Scooter. Come fuck your little dingo sister."

He fell to his own knees behind her and palmed each of her firm miniature cheeks in his hands, spreading them. He moved up closer and slid his drooling tip up and down between each of her entrances, teasing.

"Where?" he asked softly.

She wriggled just as eagerly at both, "If only you had two of those things Scooter. I want you everywhere at the same time. I really don't care where you fuck me anymore, everything feels good with you," she was looking back over her shoulder at him tenderly.

He made his decision, slipping down and popping himself into her pussy. He hadn't cum there yet. Hadn't staked his claim there. Damn you, Chip.

"Oh Lizzie," he moaned as they merged. The night air was cool and she was nervous, it meant she was only half-wet and the extra friction was delicious for them both.

"I know, me too, Scooter. This is perfect. Fuck me. Please. I've dreamed of this. Waited for it. Prayed for it. Your dick in me just like this. Filling me up. Feel me getting wetter for you already now? I'm dripping, Scooter. It's running down my leg."

They fell silent as he drove himself into her over and over, their bodies smacking. She let him have his fun for awhile, let him ravage her clasping, hungry vagina.

"Slower for me Scooter? Slower and deeper. I want to cum for you just like this," she groaned.

He watched her lower her shoulders and rest one of them in the sand. Her hands slid under her and one stroked his swaying balls. Her fingers were so warm and soft. She teased him by scratching gently at his delicate skin with her nails. Her other hand found her clit. He could feel the walls of her pussy snap tighter and hotter around him as she played with herself.

They fucked gleefully, shamelessly in the sand until they could barely fight the urge to cum anymore.

For the first time it was Lizzie that hissed her warning, "Oh my god, Scooter."

"Me too," he grunted.

That night for the very first time, his sister came first. He managed it somehow. He fought off the perfection of her body long enough to satisfy the beautiful girl in front of him. But he wasn't far behind. Halfway through her gigantic peak, she felt him start spurting his hot cum inside her. The timing couldn't have been better, it nudged her climax higher, pushed it deeper inside her, made everything better.

She had to bite her own lip to keep from screaming out the joy she wanted to. Their mother wasn't far away enough for her to risk yelling out at the top of her lungs.

They stayed still for a few moments until Richard eased himself out of her. He watched as she let herself fall flat onto her stomach on the sand. He stretched out on top of her to keep her warm against the cool evening air.

His erection never softened. She fidgeted slightly until it was trapped between her ass cheeks and she gave it a few tender squeezes with her taut buns.

She didn't know how to say what she needed to. Not out loud anyway. And her brother was behind her so she couldn't write it on his skin.

So with a shaky hand she reached out and wrote it out on the sand.

"There is no Chip."

It took a moment for him to realize she'd written something. When he read it he went from confused to angry.

"Jesus Christ, Lizzie! What the fuck is the matter with you?!"

"I know. I know," she started crying under him, "shhh.. please don't wake Mom up. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I lied to both of you. Especially to you. I... I just got all wrapped up in wanting you. It was... it was the chase, Richard. Watching and wanting you."

"Chasing me? Is that what this is all about?!" He was hurt now too. He was just another thing for her to win. Another trophy.

"No, not just... look I'm sorry. So incredibly, deeply sorry. You don't deserve to be treated like I treated you. I don't know if I can ever make this up to you," she tentatively pressed her ass back against him to test and see if he was still hard in the crease there.

The steely shaft she felt gave her some small hope.

"Scooter, for the rest of our lives I will let you fuck me wherever, whenever, and however you want. I'm yours. To use as you please. Your little fucktoy. Call me anytime day or night and I'll come to you. Or just show up on my door. Anything you ask."

She started hunching up against him and he pressed down into her, humping into her asscrack.

"I'm serious, Scooter. My body will be my apology," she murmured as she felt him steer his tip to her tiny back door.

She arched her ass up willingly, "Do you... do you want my ass now?"

"Yes," he said through clenched teeth.

He pressed firmly and she held still as the stretching and the straining started. It was wrong and nasty and wonderful. Just the way she'd hoped.

"You can bring another girl with you if you want Scooter. I'll let her watch while you fuck me in the ass. She'll never have to take you that way. I'll do it for her. You'll never have to sodomize another woman again."

He sank steadily into the impossibly tight ass his sister willingly offered. Her tiny rectum pulsed, greedily swallowing his shaft and his rage at the same time. He held himself still to let her relax. In the quiet, he could feel her little heart racing, hear her small quick breaths.

"Shhh," he finally said softly, "no other girls, Lizzie."

"Oh god, this is good," she grunted with her face pressed sideways into the beach as he pulled out of her ass and pressed back in carefully. He started to ream her barely used backdoor. The firm sand beneath them didn't give way at all as he drilled down into her. It meant her brother was reaching deeper than he'd ever been.

"I want your dick in my ass like this every day. I want you behind me, spreading my tiny cheeks and pressing inside me. I want to feel this full, this stuffed, with cock. Your cock. Fuck me, Scooter. Fuck my ass until I can't walk tomorrow. I'll curl up on the couch and remember this all day. We'll get rid of Mom again for a few hours and you can fuck it more. Your cum will make it feel better. Then I'll suck you hard and you can do my ass again. We'll keep doing it until I can't get you hard anymore."

Her voice was husky now, "Please? Please tell me you like this too? Tell me you like fucking your little sister's tiny asshole as much as it likes being stuffed by your wonderful cock. I'm sorry I lied."

His sister's insanely perverted talk, the tight, gripping heat of her rectum, the sleek adolescent body she submitted for his pleasure without reservation or complaint -- it was too much.

He erupted, growling from his chest in a bestial way that he'd never experienced before. His orgasm came from somewhere deep, primal and basic. As his body unloaded into the little blonde teen beneath him that he'd known his entire life, it brought an incredible sense of satisfaction.

Lizzie was his now. In every way. He collapsed, dazed, on top of her.

As his head slowly cleared, he realized that she was masturbating beneath him, excited again by the near-merciless screwing he'd inflicted on her inexperienced hole.

He nipped gently at the back of her neck and started sawing his still mostly hard shaft in and out of her tender cum-slicked ass.

"Cum for me again, Lizzie? You can do it honey," he coaxed.

"Muh," she moaned weakly into the sand and jilled herself more quickly.

"I want to feel you cum with my cock in your ass for the first time. Brother's come first right, Lizzie? Let me be the first one to feel it. The very first time your body admits how much it loves to be taken this way. Let me feel the squeezing. The clutching. The wrenching of your tiny ass on me. Do it, sis. Do it for me. Cum."

While he urged her on, Richard drew a knee up beneath him and leaned onto it. It made just enough room for his hand to slide beneath him.

His sister was already panting raggedly as her orgasm hurdled towards her. His fingers found her vacant pussy that was dripping onto the sand. He slid his fingers up and down her lips then pressed two to her entrance, tighter now because her ass was straining around his shaft.

She gasped and arched her hips up eagerly though, craving the new touch. She mewled softly and her hand worked at her clit while his fingers gingerly sank inside her. She shuddered. It felt so much tighter with him buried in her ass. He worked his fingers in and out softly in time with his cock and Lizzie shuddered under him.

It was like nothing Lizzie had ever dreamed of much less felt. Her brother's cock crammed inside her back there. Now his fingers up front too. Her little hand was flying back and forth across her clit. Even the way her body was pressed down into the cool sand. Its roughness made everything feel real. She wasn't dreaming this.

The orgasm she'd first felt building when her brother was savaging her backdoor now swelled beyond rational proportion. What looked wonderful before now looked terrifying. Even brave little Lizzie knew that some waves are too big to ride.

"Scooter," she said weakly. She needed him to stop for just a minute. Let her catch her breath. Reset and try again when she was calmer.

But the complicated words she needed wouldn't come.

"...richie..." she managed dizzily. She couldn't think. There wasn't enough time now anyway. Not enough energy either. The undertow of the orgasm was sucking at her insides, dragging her down. Her vision narrowed to two tunnels.

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