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Work Experience


It was about 9.30 in the morning, and I’d come into chambers early to finish a brief for a QC who was due in court that afternoon. It was a fairly boring fraud case, but the sort of stuff that runs and runs and pays the bills, anyway, I was nearly done and desperate for a cup of coffee, so I picked up the phone and called my secretary:

“Oh Janie – good morning – nice of you to make it to work this morning.”

“Cut the sarcasm Max, just because you had to come in at sparrow’s fart – after that liquid lunch you had with your journo mates in the Wig and Pen yesterday afternoon, no need to give me a hard time OK. Talk about a conflict of interests!”

“Ok, enough already Janie – just remember who’s boss around here, you, OK.”

“That’s better, Max, now what can I do you for?”

“Gasping for a coffee Janie, get one of the juniors, to bring me one in will you, strong and sweet – I need it, and I’ve a pile of filing to do too.”

“Well all the juniors are busy Max – running your errands, but we’ve got some work experience kid just come in – will that do.”

“Well I suppose so, but I hope it’s not some pimply oik like the last one we had, dyslexic to boot.”

“Do you want your coffee Max?” “Ok, Ok just get on with it will you.”

I put the phone down – “getting way above her station that girl”, I said to myself, but in truth Janie was great and very attractive, but she was my wife’s best friend and the best secretary I’d ever had to boot, so I wasn’t going to mess that up, beside as a general rule, it’s best not to shit on one’s own doorstep so to speak.

I sat back to read the last of the affidavits in the brief and waited for some spotty youth to bring me my coffee. God, work experience heaven help us, every kid we’d had so far had been a total no hoper, we only kept it up because the head of chambers was a governor at the local school, just doing his bit for the community.

There was a knock at the door, and I said ‘come in’ with out looking up.

“Excuse me Mr. Randy, Janie asked me to bring you some coffee, black with two sugars, is that OK?”

I looked up somewhat surprised to hear a sweet young female voice. My surprise didn’t end there. She was gorgeous, shoulder length dark haired with blue eyes and a nice taut athletic frame. I caught myself from staring; nevertheless I’m sure she noticed the lustful smile that momentarily spread across my lips.

“ Yes, that’s fine.” I said. “ Just put it down here on my desk.”

She walked into the office, closing the door behind her, and placed the mug of coffee in front of me. I looked her up and down. She was wearing a blue blazer and school skirt, which was evidently far too short and tight to be school regulation, and matching long socks. Mmmm I thought, some how school uniforms are such a turn on. I noticed that her white blouse was also stretched tight over her firm breasts, and I could see the outline of a thin black bra with a hint of nipple poking through. I looked up at her face and saw that she was blushing, having noticed the intensity with which I’d scrutinised her. I’m a lawyer, I can’t help it – I have to have an eye for detail.

“So you’re here for work experience, are you? What’s your name?” I said looking her directly in the eye.

“Kimberley, Mr Randy. Yes, I’ll be here for a week, I’m really looking forward to it, because I want to read law at University next year.”

“Well Kimberley, welcome to Hampton, Randy and Partners. And you can call me Max, by the way, everybody else does, if not something far worse. I must say you make a refreshing change from the usual uninspired youth we have through here on work experience.”

She giggled sexily and smiled back at me: “Janie said you had some filing for me to do, would you like me to start now? I’ve nothing else to do and Janie said that she was popping out to the bank and wouldn’t be back for an hour or so.”

“Yes, that’d be great, you see those two piles of brief’s on the floor by the filing cabinets.” I said, pointing across the room. “Well the one on the left is cases pending and the one on the right is completed cases. Just file them alphabetically in the respective cabinets. Ok? The names of the clients are written clearly on the cover of each brief.”

“Sounds easy enough.” she said, as she turned and walked over to stacks of briefs.

I watched her behind as she walked, she had a nice perky arse too, and her hips swayed gently as she walked. When she reached the filing cabinets on the office wall, instead of crouching down to pick up the first file, she just bent straight over. My mouth gaped open in surprise and lust as I saw her skirt rise up her thighs to reveal the moons of her naked bottom cheeks and just a glimpse of a delightful keyhole between her legs, barely covered by a black thong. My cock sprang to life and I had to adjust my pants under my desk. I sipped my coffee and couldn’t take my eyes of her. I had a slight hangover and that always makes me hornier than hell anyway.

“She must be doing this deliberately.” I thought to myself, “She can’t be that naïve, that she doesn’t realise that she’s giving me a show.”

I picked up my coffee and a copy of Law Magazine that was lying on my desk and went over to sit in one of the two easy chairs by a coffee table that I keep for reading and discussions with my partner and clients. She was making short work of the filing, and repeating the same movement each time. I tried to pretend I was reading the magazine but I couldn’t take my eyes off her sweet arse.

Finally she turned and looked back at me, as I dropped the mag into my lap to cover the swelling in my trousers.

“All done Mr Randy, eh I mean Max, got anything else for me to do?”

“Not just now,” I said, “Why don’t you come and sit over here, opposite me and tell me about yourself, and why you want to be a lawyer?” I pointed to the easy chair across from me. “And take off your blazer if you like, we’re actually pretty informal around here despite appearances to the contrary.”

She slipped off her blazer, hung it on the coat stand and sat down opposite me, some what demurely pulling down her skirt as she did. I thought privately that this was a bit futile as I’d already seen her delicious arse, and the skirt rode up any way to the tops of her thighs, but for now she kept her knees together, so I was spared further excitement in that department although I now had a delightful view of her firm round breasts, and I could swear that her nipples were even more prominent than before.

“So tell me, what kind of law would you like to practice, and what do you hope to get out of your time here?” I said looking at her seriously.

She started to tell me how she hoped to be a criminal barrister and was studying English, philosophy and drama at “A” level, and that she hoped she would learn something from me about how solicitors prepare a case for court. As she talked her legs parted and although I tried to pay attention to her and focus on her face my gaze was pulled magnetically up her skirt. I could see the outline of her pussy through the thin fabric of her thong, which was stretched tight revealing the folds of her cunt lips.

She stopped talking, which broke my reverie, and I looked up to see that she’d noticed me staring up her skirt.

“Do you like what you see?” she said, looking me boldly in the eye, with a naughty smile on her face.

“Eh hmm, well yes I do.” I replied, as matter of factly as I could, and I stood up to go and lock the office door.

“mmm I can see that” she said, looking down at the big bulge of my erection, “would you like me to show you more?”

I said nothing but, turned the key in the door and returned to my chair, adjusting my cock in my pants as I did so. With that she pulled up her skirt and in a single swift movement removed her thong, and spread her legs wide apart. I feasted my eyes on the sweetest bare pussy I’d ever seen. Her lips were thin but pouting, and her cunt glistened with her juices. She was obviously turned on and enjoying the effect she was having on me.

Slowly she lowered her hands between her legs and began softly caressing her thighs. Running her finger tips up and down, just barely touching the folds of her labia with each stroke. Gradually she worked her fingers further into her lips, spreading them wide so that the bump of her clit was visible. She raised one hand to her mouth and licked the tip of her index finger, before lowering it again and applying it to her clit. Delicately she rubbed her fingertip back and forth on the hood of her clit until I could see her little cherry, pink, sweet, swollen and proud.

I was transfixed and started rubbing my cock though my trousers, but it was too hard and too big for comfort, so I unbuttoned my fly and my rigid shaft, sprang out through the fly of my shorts. Slowly and lightly I stroked my cock, never taking my eyes off the show that she was giving me. I’ve a bigger than average cock, not too long, but thick with a clean circumcised head which was throbbing already, as I was so turned on, watching Kimberley masturbate before me. Her eyes widened and she moaned softly as she gazed at my purple helmet, which was by now fully engorged, with my finger and thumb ringing it. The sight of the pre-cum glistening on my pulsating tip, seemed to turn her on even more, and she plunged two fingers deep into her cunt, which was now dripping with juices. Faster and deeper she pumped her fingers inside her, until throwing her head back she began to groan like a wildcat and tremble, her thighs quivering tight against her fingers. I could hear her fingers slurping in her love hole, and I watched in awe, squeezing my shaft hard, as with a final violent tremor she came, squirting love juice all over her hand.

For a few seconds she fell back into her chair as the tension of orgasm subsided and she relaxed. I was stroking – still slowly, savouring every minute of this glorious scene. She seemed to come to, as though waking from a dream, and looking down at my hand, which was now pumping my shaft rather faster, said:

“Here Max, let me help you with that.”

She knelt on the floor in front of me, grasped my waistband and pulled my trousers and pants to my ankles. Cupping my balls in her left hand she circled my pulsating cock with her right and started to wank me, her hand slipping smoothly up and down still lubricated with her cunt juice. Then looking me in the eye she lowered her lips to my cock head, sucking it hard and darting her tongue into my cumhole as she did so. I was in ecstasy and felt my balls tighten and the cum start to rise from the base of my shaft. I moaned, warning her that I was about to cum. Instead of pulling back she sucked my full length into her mouth, so my tip was bumping against the back of her throat, and she slid her fingers between my legs massaging my prostate. This was too much and I started to buck my hips, grabbing the back of her head as I pumped my engorged cock ever deeper and harder into her hot mouth. At every stroke she took more of me inside her, sucking me harder, until with a blinding flash in my brain, my cock exploded inside her, spurting streams of hot creamy cum into her mouth. She sucked me in drinking my cum, never faltering, milking every last drop of my seed with her succulent lips.

I collapsed back in the chair and as I softened in her mouth, she began to lick my shaft lovingly, careful cleaning around my glans with her tongue, making sure that she swallowed every trace of my enormous orgasm.

“Stand up” she said, “look at the time, Janie will be back soon.”

I complied, struggling to my feet, as she efficiently pulled up my trousers, carefully put my cock away in my pants and buttoned my fly. She turned bent over to pick up her thong, giving my one last glimpse of her glorious pink cunt in the process, slipped the thong into her skirt pocket, smoothed her skirt down over her thighs and pecked me on cheek and said:

“I think I’m going to enjoy working under you Max, if that’s all for now Sir, I think it’s time for my tea break.” and with that she turned, popped on her blazer, and looking just like miss innocent, headed for the door and was gone. All I could do was stare after her open mouthed, wondering whether it was all a dream.

End of part one.

To be continued……

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