tagErotic CouplingsWork Experience Ch. 02

Work Experience Ch. 02


The phone rang, which snapped me out of my reverie; I composed my self, went back to my desk and answered. It was reception to tell me that Jack Long the QC had arrived to discuss the brief.

"Send him up," I said and busied myself, organising the pile of documents on my desk ready to hand over to Jack. The door opened, and Kimberly ushered Jack into the room, she looked like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, but I could see Jack appraising her form.

"Hello Max, I'm glad to see you've been brightening up the décor around here." he said with a nod in Kimberley's direction.

She blushed slightly, and turned to Jack; "Would you like me to bring you some tea or coffee Mr Long?"

"I'll have cup or Earl Grey please, not too strong and with just a dash of milk, no sugar." he replied.

"And a coffee for you Mr Randy, just like before?" she gave me a sleigh wink as she said this. I nodded and she turned and left the room.

"Fine filly, you've got yourself there Max." I looked at him and laughed. "Take it easy Jack, she's just some work experience kid. Shall we sit and get down to business."

Jack's a tall good looking barrister, but like many QC's he's very patrician and inclined to pompousness, and not at all politically correct. He also has an eye for the ladies, and I wasn't about to let him get his hands on Kimberley, not yet anyway, I was concocting other plans for her myself.

Kimberley arrived with the drinks, and left us to our business. Jack and I discussed the case for about half and hour and then he got up to go. We walked out of my office together and down to reception where Kimberly was covering for the receptionist on her lunch break.

"Max tells me you want to be a Barrister young lady." said Jack, and turning to me continued: "Why don't you bring her over to the High Court later in the week, Max? I'm sure between us we could teach her a thing or two?" He was smirking the dirty bastard.

"That's a very kind offer Jack, I'll bear it in mind." I replied somewhat sarcastically.

I showed him to the door and he was gone. Turning back inside to Kimberly, I asked her to call the sandwich company and order me a couple of prawn mayonnaise sandwiches and something for herself, and then to bring them to my office when the receptionist returned from her lunch break.

"Janie's going out for lunch so it'll be a good time for us to continue your work experience training, if that's ok with you?" I said as seriously as I could.

"That's very kind of you Max, I'd enjoy that" she replied giving me one of her delicious naughty smiles.

I went back up to my office, to go through my diary with Janie.

"So what do you think of young Kimberley then Max?" Janie asked me, with out any edge to her voice as far as I could tell. "Did she do that filing for you as I asked?"

"Yes, she seems quite bright, and she actually seems interested in our work, which certainly makes a change. I've asked her to get me some sandwiches, and bring them up here when the receptionist gets back, and I know you have a lunch date, so you get off whenever you like, I'll hold the fort up here."

"Ok, Max, thanks, I will." She said giving me the faintest quizzical look. But I was poker faced and didn't respond except to say: "See you later then, enjoy your lunch." With that I went in to my office and closed the door.

I checked my small drinks fridge to make sure I had a couple of small bottles of champagne, and fixed myself a gin and tonic – after all, a man needs an aperitif, especially before the meal that I was contemplating, and sat down at my desk with my drink, idly flicking through a volume of erotic art that I'd recently purchased. Pretty soon, I heard Janie leave for lunch and then there was a knock on the door and Kimberley entered carrying the sandwiches nicely laid out on a tray.

"Pop the tray on the coffee table Kim, and take a seat, I'll join you in a sec." I left the book open on my desk at a pencil sketch of a man performing cunnilingus on a beautiful shaven pussy, his tongue tip lapping at the most gorgeous swollen clit, all the details of which were revealed in graphic detail. The picture reminded me of what Kim had shown me earlier and had given me inspiration for my hors d'oeuvre. I fetched the champagne from the fridge filled two flutes, and sat opposite Kim just as we had before.

"Cheers Kimberley, here's to your work experience." She giggled bashfully, which I thought was sweet and very sexy. I marvelled at how demure and innocent she could be despite what had occurred earlier on. I was going to enjoy having her as a pupil. We chatted idly, about her favourite things and friends at school. She told me how she loved dancing and performing arts, and I told her that she was indeed a great performer and that I could see how supple she was from dancing. She giggled, as the champagne seemed to go straight to her head. As she talked her thighs parted and I could see she had not replaced her thong, my prick started to stir once more. I asked about boyfriends, and she told me that the boys at school were rough and clumsy, only interested in satisfying themselves.

"Well we can't have that can we" I said "I've something to show you on my desk, come and see."

We stood and went over behind my desk. I sat and she stood beside me leaning over slightly to look at the open book which lay there.

"Oh my god Max. That's, so, so...horny," she gasped, and I could see her tremble slightly and go weak at the knees. "I've never seen anything so erotic."

I put my arm around her waist and pulled her closer, in front of me, and slid my hand down over her short skirt to her naked thighs. In one swift movement I cupped her pussy in my palm and she sat back on my lap, her legs spread wide apart. Softly I rubbed the ball of my thumb over her labia which was already soft and warm and moist. The sweet petals of her cunt opened willingly as my fingers explored their delicate folds slipping easily inside. She was tight and hot, her love canal gripped my middle finger as I pushed it deeper inside, sucking it into her velvety heat.

I lifted her to her feet, my hand still wrapped around her fanny, and turned her so she was sitting facing me on the edge of my desk. Then spreading her soft thighs wide apart, I bent my head and applied my tongue to her glistening slit. She fell back across the desk with a soft moan, and bucked her fanny against my mouth. She tasted like spiced honey, I was in heaven as I sucked her juicy cunt into my lips and licked along her labia until my tongue found the bud of her swollen clit, teasing it and sucking it. She was moaning softly, her knees bent up and spread wide giving me a clear view of her pink and swollen love hole. I slid two fingers inside her and hooked them round feeling for the soft pad of her special spot, never taking my lips from the throbbing bud of her clit.

"Oh yes, yes Max, yes, yes yes," she moaned, and I felt her cunt tighten on my fingers, contracting around them in a vice like grip and she started to shake as she climaxed. I removed my fingers and put my lips to her hole as her sweet pussy cum gushed into my mouth, drinking it in like nectar. After what seemed an age, the waves of her orgasm subsided and she relaxed, but I wasn't done with her yet. I stood between her gaping thighs feasting my eyes on the swollen flower of her woman hood, which was pink open and inviting. And I had to have her there and then.

I stood back slipped of my shoes and unbuttoned carefully letting my trousers fall to the floor and stepped out of them. Then fisting my rigid cock and pushing it down I stepped forward and rubbed my engorged head around her gleaming cunt, sliding it between her lips and over her clit so that her cherry pushed into my cum hole. Back and forth, I rubbed it, each time pushing it slightly further into her rosy recess, teasing my rim over between her petals. Kimberly began to stir once more, and I felt her legs wrap themselves around my back, pushing me deeper into her delicious cunt.

"Fuck me Max, take me now, fuck me, fuck me hard." She groaned and tightened the grip of her legs as I slid into her searing heat. She was so tight and hot I felt her stretch around my girth as I slid in my full length feeling my cock head bump against her womb. I paused savouring the delight of my throbbing shaft enveloped in her sweet young flesh. My hands felt for her breasts, undid her blouse and pushed her bra up and away from them. I squeezed both her nipples between fingers and thumbs, and rubbed them gently, as I slowly pulled back all the way so the rim of my purple cockhead, slipped between her lips once more, and then slipped back inside right up to the hilt once more.

I was trying to take my time but just as soon as I had thrust deep back inside her, I felt her legs tighten hard around my back, and her cunt grip my throbbing prick. Kimberley was cumming again and my cock was being sucked into her love hole by the ripples of her building orgasm. I slipped my hands back from her breasts and took her under the knees, lifting her arse off the desk spreading her wide, as I forced myself back and began to pound my rigid shaft mercilessly into her, banging her clit as I hammered into her juicy heat. Kimberley was writhing on the desk her hips bucking against me matching the rhythm of my stroke. My balls tightened and the force of my orgasm took over, huge spurts of cum shot out of my cock on each stroke, it seemed like I was cumming for ever, as I felt our hot juices mingle, and the warm gush of her cum on my balls, as we heaved and ground involuntarily against each other, consumed by an animal passion.

Slowly the waves subsided, and with my last ounce of strength I lifted her and sat back in my chair with her astride me, my softening prick still warm inside her, and we relaxed catching our breath. I kissed her neck as she cooed softly in my ear.

"Brrrrring brrrrrrrring, brrrrrrring brrrrrrrrring..."

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