tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWorking at the Sperm Bank Ch. 09

Working at the Sperm Bank Ch. 09


As soon as she had spoken to Emma, Alyssa went over to her purse. Just in case something like this would happen, she had brought a pair of stockings. It was a pair of her usual fuck-stockings; stay-up, black, seamless and with a lace top. She took all her clothes off, revealing Kim's huge ass and shapely tits. Alyssa put the stockings on and immediately felt sexier than ever before. She went back to the bedroom, laid down in the bed and started rubbing her clit in excitement. After just a couple of minutes, Alyssa heard the TV go quiet as footsteps echoed through the apartment.

"Won't you look at this," someone eventually spoke.

Alyssa lifted her back form the bed to look at who had entered the room. She saw all five studs walking in through the door, and surrounding the bed. They were still naked and stroking their hard rods.

"Emma told me you were big," Alyssa moaned. "But I didn't expect them to be THIS big!"

She reached out to grab two of the cocks, and began jerking them off. Without needing any instructions, the black guy climbed onto the bed and sat on Alyssa's stomach. She leaned forward and started licking his dick. From what she could gather, his was clearly the longest.

"Can't wait to get me a piece of this Kardashian ass," Leo said and gave Alyssa's butt a slap. "Your asshole ready for some cock?"

Alyssa moaned in response, as she pushed the black guy's dick further and further down her throat. Without warning, Leo began pushing his cock against her asshole. Alyssa's breathing got heavier as he went deeper inside. When he was all the way in, she opened her mouth and screamed in pleasure.


Leo started humping as Alyssa resumed sucking the black guy's dick. Leo was big as well, without a doubt. Imagine having both of them penetrating her at once! As the idea struck her, Alyssa let go of his dick once again.

"Pull out, Leo."

He compiled and Alyssa stepped off the bed. As if he could read her mind, the black guy got on his back. Alyssa straddled his lap and guided his shaft inside her pussy. Not caring about the other four guys, she worked it all the way inside until she could sit on his lap. It almost hurt - but she knew her ass was on display. Alyssa, while sitting still, began rubbing her ass against the man's lap. When her pussy was stretched enough, she leaned forward and gestured for the rest of the guys to come closer.

"Leo, put your dick back inside my ass," she begged. "I want you two to fuck me at the same time."

Without saying a word, Leo pushed back inside her asshole. It was on the verge of painful, but Alyssa couldn't help but let out a deep moan. The black guy lifted her up and began fucking her slowly. Leo eventually joined, equally careful. Alyssa knew that this could hurt if she wasn't careful enough.

Suddenly, Alyssa felt a dick being slapped across her face. She had been too busy with the two long dicks inside her to remember pleasing the rest of the boys. Alyssa looked up to see Mike stroking his thick cock.

"Kim, you slut," he said. "Don't forget the rest of us."

Quite forcibly, he pushed his cock inside her mouth. As Alyssa grabbed the two remaining docks, he started facefucking her. The guys were all getting rougher and rougher, and it became hard for Alyssa to keep jerking off whoever wasn't fucking her. It was time to switch. Alyssa leaned back and gave the black guy a pat on the chest as a sign. Both he and Leo stopped and pulled out. Alyssa got off the bed, and bent over the side. Mike took place behind her. As per usual, she reached out to her sides and grabbed whatever cock she could reach. Someone was pushing their way inside her mouth as well.

"Pick a hole," she managed to tease Mike while getting her mouth stuffed with someone's dick.

He picked her pussy, and slid all the way in immediately. Knowing how stretched both her holes were, Mike fucked her hard from the start. It occurred to Alyssa how she was really being used as the boys' own fuck-toy. Her body was their playground, and they did whatever they wanted to it. The thought really turned her on - and the fact that she was experiencing all of this in the sexy body of Kim K made it all better.

All Alyssa could think about was the pleasure she felt, and how the room completely echoed with moans. Whoever wasn't being treated by Alyssa stood next to Mike and occasionally slapped her enormous ass.

"Time to switch," Phil said and tapped Mike on the shoulder.

Apparently, Alyssa hadn't been pleasing him at all. Mike pulled out and Phil quickly took his place. He grabbed her by the tits and pulled her up. He spun Alyssa around, gave her a quick kiss, and pushed her back down on the bed - this time on her back. Alyssa noticed how her stocking her curled up near the top, and straightened them out. Phil laughed and pushed inside her ass.

"Oh, fuck!" Alyssa screamed and grabbed hold of the bed, as if to brace herself. She hadn't been prepared at all.

Even though she wasn't ready at all, the rest of the guys surrounded her and began making demands. Alyssa did her best to please them.

Everything past this point was practically a blur for Alyssa. She vaguely noticed the guys carrying her around, bending her in all kinds of acrobatic ways, and occasionally swapping holes. Her mind didn't stop racing until they pulled her to the ground and aimed their cocks at her face.

"Can't believe it," Leo moaned. "We're about to fucking blast the second Kardashian today, guys!"

Alyssa closed her eyes and opened her mouth as she felt lines of cum spray across her face. Eventually, she looked down to see Kim's big boobs shiny from jizz. She ran her hand across her cheek and felt thick sperm getting stuck between her fingers. Whatever she could find, she put in her mouth and swallowed. Before she got the opportunity to thank them for giving her the fuck of her life, Leo lifted Alyssa by her hips.

"Hey!" she laughed and looked him in the eye.

"Just taking you to the bathroom," he panted, still catching his breath.

True to his promise, he carried her into the ensuite where Emma was just stepping out of the bath. Her perfect body was enhanced by the water.

"Hey, Leo," she said and walked over to him. "Your dick soft yet?"

Alyssa couldn't help but laugh. It was Emma's first day on the job, and she was already such a slut!

"Nah," he responded when he had set Alyssa down on the floor. "You wanna fuck?"

"Hell yeah."

Emma laid down on the carpet next to Alyssa, who had started licking herself clean as far as possible. Emma put her legs together and got on her side. Leo kneeled down in front of her and grabbed her ass.

"Almost as big as your sister," he joked before pushing inside.

Emma couldn't remember Leo's cock - but it was big. Not as long as the black guy's, but definitely thicker. It stretched her pussy to what felt like the brink of breaking. He fucked her hard for a few minutes, and Emma stared into his eyes the whole time. She honestly thought he was cute.

"I'm gonna cum, Khloe," he eventually moaned.

"Spray my face one last time, baby," she begged.

Leo immediately pulled out and scooted over to Emma's face. She grabbed his dick and aimed it at her mouth, while sticking her tongue out. His cum ended up in thick lines across both of her cheeks. A few dribbled ended up on her chin, and almost made it look like her face was absolutely covered. She gave Leo's cock a kiss before standing up again.

"Thanks, honey," she purred while straightening her hair out. "How'd it go, Alyssa?"

"You're such a slut," Alyssa panted, instead of responding to her question.

Emma looked down to see Alyssa with at least four fingers digging around her asshole.

"At least I didn't take anything in my pussy," Emma joked back.

She reached down between her legs to feel how her hole was doing. It was incredibly stretched from being hammered by thick dicks for thirty minutes straight, and Emma could almost fit her entire hand inside. That thought was enough to make her horny a third time.

"Feel my pussy, Alyssa. It's sooo fucking stretched!"

Alyssa took her free hand and reached up to Emma's hole. She tried a finger at a time, and eventually found out she could fit all five of her fingers inside what was once a tight hole. Emma purred in pleasure as she dug around.

"You relax for a bit more, and I'll go thank the dicks," Emma joked.

She remembered Leo was still in the room, and took his hand. It didn't take many seconds for his hands to yet again begin exploring Emma's body. He finally settled on keeping a hand on her butt as they walked to the TV room, where the boys had gathered in front of what looked like a game of football. As they saw Emma and Leo come into the room, they all cheered.

"Looks like someone got a second round in!" Phil shouted at Leo.

Emma had deliberately left his jizz on her face - it made her feel insanely hot and dirty. She was still naked, which added even more to the effect.

"I just wanted to thank you all for giving me and my sister the best fucks of our lives," she said.

"The pleasure's all ours," Mike responded. "How's Kim doing? She up for seconds like you?"

"Judging by what you did to her ass - she'll never be the same again," Emma joked. "You can see yourself out when you're ready."

Emma let go of Leo's hand and blew the boys a kiss each. As she walked out the room, she swayed her hips a little extra. She had never felt this confident before.

"One hell of a first day on the job, huh?" Alyssa said when Emma had come back to the ensuite bathroom.

She had gotten into the bathtub and was filling it up with water. From what Emma could see, she still had quite a few fingers inside her ass. It really must've been an awesome fuck.

"Uh-huh," Emma said and sat down on the toilet seat. "I loved every second of it, though."

"I did too," Alyssa responded. "You'll get used to it. I think it's the best job a slut could ever wish for."

"Can't help but agree."

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