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Working Stiff


Some might describe us as a traditional couple with traditional roles. My wife stays at home and keeps the house; I go to work to pay the bills.

Our sex life is a little less traditional.

I get up weekday mornings and get ready for work. She lays in bed watching me get ready, her nighty sliding up her thighs and waist as she twists and writhes in our bed. She openly masterbates as the clock nears the time I must leave our home to be on time to work to earn our living. I tie my tie to the rhythm of the wet sounds her favorite dildo makes thrusting into and out of her wet pussy. As I brush my teeth, she moans and fingers her clit.

She expects a kiss every morning before I leave. Rock hard and out of time, I lean in and press my lips against hers. Every time I press my lips to her lips, I can smell her excitement wafting up from her cunt.

She hears the door close, cums and springs up ready for her day. Her daily morning masterbation ritual completes, she heads to her gym to work her sexy body out, hits the showers, gets dressed, and is made up ready for a day of adventure. As I sit at work, I often wonder what she is doing.

I try calling, no answer.

I try texting, no answer.

Is she avoiding me?

Does she know what she does makes me want her more?

Is this a sick game she loves to play?

My mind wanders all day as I sit at this desk and do paperwork. My mind goes to a place where she has me on all fours, my balls banded tight, my hands secured to the bedpost. I am at her mercy; my balls live or die but by her grace. My heart starts to pound more and more as my mind starts to fantasize. She has me tied to punish me, but for what? I would ask, but the ring gag she has placed in my mouth prevents any talk at all.

I try to please my mistress. I work 60 hour weeks and bring her my paycheck. Not because I want to, but because she demands it and I want to do as she demands.

As she cups my very sensitive balls, I fear the pain that is to come and yet a little bit of me desires every ounce of pain that she gives to me. My heart starts to pound even harder now, sweat from my brow starts to drop, and the pain begins.

She loves the cat o' nine tails I gave her for her birthday a few years back. Every hit comes with a ferocious sting and has a lasting sensation. My moans and grunts have no effect on her. There is no hope she will relieve my aching cock anytime soon. As the pain and punishment worsen, she becomes more aroused. I know this is the most passionate time we will spend together.

She takes me from the bed and with a collar around my neck, she walks me to a cage/kennel. There, I will stay until she returns from her night out with James. He has been her fuck buddy for two years now. Everytime she gets excited or needs to fuck, she puts me in my cage and puts on her nicest dress. Of course, she has on no panties nor a bra. This isn't a date of any kind, more of a fuck fest; at least that's what she tells me when she returns to let me out. I can smell him on her thighs and pussy. Sometimes I smell him on her ass. She has never allowed me in her ass. In two years, she hasn't allowed me in her at all.

I open my eyes and my dick starts to get hard as she unlocks the door to my cage. She has been gone for a long time, but I am unsure of how much time has passed. His smell on her is stronger today than days past. She's sore; I can tell. Her walk is different, and she keeps sliding her hand down to her pussy.

When she comes back from a lover, when a lover has used her, she is always distant, hazy and messy. She leads me to the bed and places me on my back. She keeps the dress on and pulls it up to sit on my face.

She says, "You know your job."

And so I begin. I stick my tounge out from the ring gag and begin to lick her wet, swollen, pussy. She allows me that privilege, the privilege of cleaning her sex and licking her soreness. This time her pussy is very wet, very sore, and very sensitive. She makes it clear that I will be there for some time. I will be there until the swelling goes down and there is no sign of his lust. I am so hard and so honored to get this chance.

The last time she went out she left the same way but came back and instantly took a shower. I didn't know why until she told me that I hadn't tongue fucked her very well the time before that and my punishment was that I couldn't taste her used pussy after her night out. I went to bed very sore and felt the blue balls all the next day.

This night was different. Her pussy was so wet, and she had his smell on her pussy and ass. After I had clean, kissed, and licked for nearly an hour she said that her tits were sore and needed attention too. I could smell him on her there too. He was all over her body, and I barely get to touch her.

Was this what she planned today while I was hard at work? She mentioned seeing James again but didn't mention when.

All day, I sent texts and made calls, but no answer. Was she out with James? Was he the one I smelt so strongly on her ass and pussy? My dick started to get hard, and my mind began to race. The time rolled by like a pebble in honey. Finally, quitting time rolled around, and I was the first out the door. I raced home at quitting time to see if she was there. As I turned the corner to drive up, I noticed a vehicle I hadn't seen before. Was it a friend, family, or James?

It was parked where I would normally park, so I had to park in the street and walk up. All the while, my heart raced, my forehead dripped with sweat, and my dick got rock hard.

I slide the key in the door knob and that simple action makes my dick even harder. The lock unlocks and I walked slowly inside. No one greets me, no one in the kitchen, no one in the livingroom. Where is she and the mystery driver? Upstairs my fears heightens as I approach the bedroom door. Nothing! What is going on? Finally, a noise from the basement.

The door opens slowly as I am nervous that I might disrupt what I am sure is not anything that I am to be included in. I can't keep my nerves too much longer as moans and grunts come from around the corner where I just finished up a six month project making a guest bedroom with her favorite toys; a St. Andrew's cross, a wooden horse, and a bondage bed. I finally make it down the stairs and get a peek around the corner. All I can see is his ass and her legs wrapped around him. He is fucking her so hard that she can't keep a hold of him.

I know how good it feels to fuck her. I fucked her for the six years before her new hobby. Her pussy was so tight. Her drive was insane. We would fuck for hours and then rest, but only because I needed the rest; she was always ready to go again.. After about an hour, she'd climb on top and fuck me. My body was worn out and ragged when she would finish with me. I had no complaints. My sex life was exceptional. My buddies would complain about their wives not fucking them for days or even weeks and I couldn't stop my wife. I never had to. I couldn't even if I wanted to.

It's at this moment my dick starts to leak, my breathing is heavier, and my heart is bounding. My hand goes to grab the door handle when I grab at the handle only to push the door and it squeaks. Damn! A week ago she told me to grease the door. Was this the reason why? I look back up only to see that my noise doesn't bother him at all. In fact, he is fucking her even harder and faster. I glance over to her to see her blushed red cheeks and wide eyes looking at me. She cuts a smile at me. She doesn't stop. Her legs stretched out and around his waist to help with his thrusts. She breaks eye contact with me long enough to smile and command a harder pounding. In the last few years our sex if any hasn't been this hot and rough. My dick continues to leak while I watch her get fucked. My anxiousness and uncertainty have become excitement and arousal. I can't help but to turn away ever once in awhile as she is fucked harder and longer than I can remember fucking her. I can't resist but touch my cock from the outside of my pants.

I am rock hard, leaking on my dress pants as a panic rushes over me. Will she notice my precum on my pants? She has warned me not to please myself unless in her presence or without it being a reward. But then again, the last time I got a reward was many years ago.

A silence fills the room and I rush my eyes to her. She is cumming! Her back is arched, her big tits are flopping up and down, and her silent moans have become loud crawls. He doesn't let up. She grabs at his hair and back and makes him go deeper. He asks her if he may cum. She simply replies that he will wait until she is done. He can feel her tight pussy close even tighter around his cock and he knows he is about to blow his load.

My cock is now beyond any erection I have ever had. My wife is being fucked harder and rougher than I have ever fucked her. She is forcing this him to fuck her harder and deeper and knows I am watching. Suddenly, he asks once again for permission to cum inside her. My nerves are shocked. I wait what seems like forever for her to answer and with a loving voice she says, cum into my wet, swollen pussy. Without a second thought he unloads his cum inside her. He can't stop thrusting back and forth into her. He hunches over to kiss her sweet lips and run his fingers through her hair. I see her legs tighten more so now around his and they both start to moan louder. I can't believe it! She has cummed again. I have never been able to make her cum twice. They have fucked so hard and for so long and now they cum together.

He finally pulls out of her swollen pussy with his cock dangling above her quim still dripping cum. When he flops down next to her, I instantly see that her pussy is swollen and red. His cum is leaking out of her. She is smiling and rubbing her pussy. She leans over to him and whispers in his ear. He gets up and goes into the bathroom. Seconds later, the shower starts. She lays there for a few more seconds rubbing her sore looking pussy and then waves me to come to her. My heart jumps. I walk in the room slowly and quietly. She leans up and tells me to kneel down on the floor between her legs. I can smell her sex on the way down. I glance down and see just how swollen and hot her pussy is. I get inches from her pussy when she grabs my face and tells me to clean her. My mouth instantly dries up. I can't speak, can't swallow, can't breathe. My heart begins to race, my dick begins to leak and all I want is to fuck her.

She commands my face right between her thighs. I smell her; I smell him. I lean in and once my tongue touches her pussy; I can't resist but to lick, suck, and eat that swollen, sore, hot pussy. She leans back down on the bed and grabs the back of my head. I can taste her. I love the way she taste. My dick starts leaking even more. I'm embarrassed at how much I love cleaning her used pussy. I can't stop licking her. I start to taste him even more now and she knows this because i resist a little but she forces me to continue. After what seemed like five or more minutes, she lifts my head to tell me to get in my cage. She walks into the bathroom and stays in there until they both come out after thirty/forty minutes. Her hair is wet. Both of their bodies are dripping wet. They were in the shower together! My heart races. We never have taken a shower together. She loves her time alone in the shower.

She goes into the closet and slips into a sexy lingerie that I got her for her birthday. I thought I would get her a sexy gown to wear on her birthday night and I'd get to fuck her. She just put it away. This is the first time I've seen it...or have seen it on her. She goes to get into our bed and he is there waiting. Before she gets into the bed, she throws a sheet over my cage. I can't see anything. I hear her get into bed and he says she looks so sexy in her nighty. The same nighty I bought her for me. With a sore cock and broken ego, I resign myself to imagine they won't fuck again or even stay in our bed for the night.

Was I in this cage because I didn't please her? Am I in this cage because she prefers him over me? After all that excitement I wonder if I can jerk off to her being fucked. I reached down only to remember the cock cage she put on me this morning. Damn! My cock is hard and sore. No release for me. I lay down in hopes she will allow me in our bed soon... I had fallen asleep sometime shortly after being placed in my cage. And now I awake to her moans coming from beyond the dark sheet covering my cage.

I struggle to clear my mind of any pleasure she may be experiencing with another man. I hear her moans and growns and now my dick grows. Damn this cock cage! My cock is sore from the night before and now the pain returns once her noises continue to grow louder and louder. I hear him now too. His breathing is getting heavier and he tells her that her pussy feels so good. She tells him to fuck harder. A moment of silence comes across the house. Did they hear me breathing? Are they finished? All of a sudden, she screams out, "oh, fuck me hard!" I exhale long enough to hear them fucking louder and faster.

She stops panting long enough to tell him that I don't fuck this good. As he tells her that he is about to cum she says that she wants it in her mouth. My dick swells and I begin to cum in my pants. I have never been able to cum in her mouth let alone have her suck me even close to cumming. I hear him panting and moaning louder and tells her to take it deep. I begin to rub my straining cock through my pants and know that if I am caught like this, I will never be able to fuck her or even share my bed with her.

The last time something like this happened was when she had a few friends over and I was the one serving everyone much like a waiter or busboy. She invited a couple over and a guy friend. I guess I was the "third" wheel. She was all over this guy and the other couple seemed not to even care. After a long night of drinks and laughs, the couple left and she and this guy stayed in the living room for a long time while I cleaned up. I came back from the kitchen and saw that they were kissing and patting each other. She had her hand on his cock and he had his hand up her dress. The fact that I was there didn't seem to bother or affect anything they were doing. I got instantly excited and my dick began to leak. My breathing became heavy and she opened her eyes and moved around his kissing her neck to look at me and say, go to the cage.

The cage is exactly what you think it is. It's kept in the basement and has a ragged blanket in the bottom. She neglected to put my cock cage on that night and once I saw her being kissed and fingered I got excited and became aroused. That's why I can't be caught peeking in on her and this time.

She screams out that his cock is so huge and feels so damn good. I remember once upon a time when she would say those words that I knew she was enjoying herself and cumming as well. I had to disappear before she caught me. I ran to the garage and thought that I'd sit in the car until he left. Then I would walk inside as if I had just pulled up. That works!

After about half an hour I hear and see nothing. Did he leave out the front door without me hearing? Was she waiting for me to open the door only to punish me? I'll wait a little longer. An hour goes by and still nothing.

Finally, I walk inside to a very quiet house. Okay, maybe he left. I'll walk upstairs and greet my wife as if nothing happened. As i approach the top of the stairs, the shower is running. Okay, she's getting cleaned up from her afternoon. I peek inside the bathroom to see her being fucked in my shower. The shower door is to the right and our mirror to the left. I can see that her face and tits are pressed against the shower door. Instantly, I get hard. He gets to fuck her again!

I can't take my eyes off the shower. Now her back is against the door and his hands are down by her waist. He gets to taste her pussy too! She tells him to pull her leg up over his shoulder and lick deeper. I think he does because her moaning gets louder. The whole bathroom is fogging up. I can't keep my heart from bursting through my chest. She has been fucked in my bed and now my shower. After a few more minutes she must have orgasmed because she tells him to finish and join her in the bedroom. I rush to get out of the room before she caught me. I rushed down the stairs and into the garage to the car before she notices me.

My heart is bounding, my breathing is heavy, and my cock still hard. The garage door opens to my wife standing there in her sexy lingerie that I bought her. She comes to the car door and opens it. She instantly feels my chest and kisses me on the cheek and asks if I enjoyed what I saw. My words must've been mute because nothing came out. I was shocked to learn that she knew the whole time. She takes me by my tie and leads me into the house. She opens the basement door and tells me to get to my cage. I begin to beg to stay upstairs but my request is ignored.

I make it to my cage and contemplate locking myself in or going back upstairs to see what she is doing. It only takes a second for me to crawl into my cage and lock it behind me. Only a few minutes go by before the door is opened. I hear two pairs of footsteps. She walks around the corner with him right behind. The spare bed is across the room. She tells him to stay there. She walks over to me and tells me to undress. In the cramped cage not much room to do such a thing. She smiles as I wiggle and struggle to undress to her satisfaction. Finally, my clothes are off. She tells me to watch and learn.

She walks over to the bed and straddles him. They begin to fuck infront of me. He doesn't look the least bit uncomfortable or hesitant. He grabs her ass and lifts her up and down over his cock. A rage comes over me and yet my dick begins to grow. She stops him only to turn towards me. Again, the straddles him and begins to pounce up and down on to his cock. This time, he grabs her very nice and firm tits. My dick begins to grow harder. The anger that was there is now a distant feeling. I begin to feel a slight jealousy over the guy fucking my wife, in my bed, shower, and now blatantly in front of me. She begins to moan, sweat, and rocking up against his cock even faster. She tells him to grab her hair, squeeze her tits, and finger her pussy. All this and have me watch! She has never had me do any of this with her. My dick is now leaking.

After fucking cowgirl style to what seemed like forever, she stops and tells him to fuck her ass. I begin to stroke my cock. My wildest dream is to fuck her tight little ass. He climbs in behind her and slowly slides inside her. She begins to moan. She loves it. Her back arches for him, her hair flies from the front to the back and she begins to rock harder and faster onto his cock. She is loving this. He grabs at her waist and forces more of his cock deeper inside her and she moans louder. He begins to moan too. They have both done this before and both enjoy it alot. She makes one last thrust onto his cock and screams out.

She falls back onto her back and from across the room I can see her leaking. Her pussy is swollen, red, and leaking. She reaches down to touch her pussy with one hand and with her other hand touches her ass. Its then I notice he begins to leak out of her ass. He came inside her ass. She never allows me the privilege of fucking her ass. She gets up as he falls down on the bad next to her and she walks over to my cage and squats down. Her legs wide open for me to see her pussy swollen red and hot. She tells me to suck one finger. I can tell that is her. She allows me to taste her all the time but only after she has been fucked. After I finish sucking that finger, she offers the other finger. I hesitate but she gives that look and I oblige. I can instantly taste him. He had fucked my wife in my bed, my shower, and in front of me filling her with his cum everytime. Now she sits bare ass atop the cage and tells me to lick her sore swollen pussy. I don't hesitate. As much as she has been fucked she still tastes good. She has a sweet sensual taste to her.

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